Canelo's HYPED Reaction To Beating Billy Joe Saunders, Calls Out Caleb Plant

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May 8, 2021 -- Canelo vs. Saunders from AT\u0026T Stadium in Arlington, Texas

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May 8, 2021




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Comments 0
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 9 hours ago
I’m a little confused. He can understand the English but then answers in Spanish?
SalsaCHapina Dance Company
Man el sentimiento q le da cuando le pregunta del record es inexplicable lo mucho que se refleja y edy dandole consuelo como diciendo es lo q mereces y te has ganado con sudor y dedicación y lágrimas y se ve q agradece de corazón por su humildad ya q se ve q se le quiebra la voz
Amanda Teese
Amanda Teese 2 days ago
G.O.A.T Canelo long may he reign BJS may he disappear into oblivion the vile pos
jorge castaneda
jorge castaneda 2 days ago
2:20 this is the first time I hear a boxing croud cheer for the trainer!
George Alvarado
George Alvarado 2 days ago
Viva la razzzzzaaaaaaa
Gary Telly
Gary Telly 2 days ago
Chris Maddox had Saunders ahead! He's an idiot
El ouasrhiri
El ouasrhiri 3 days ago
I'm Moroccan and I'm proud of being Mexican.
2022 grifon
2022 grifon 3 days ago
Canelo was born in Mexico but his entire family is Irish. He has Irish blood in his veins. Long live Ireland.
SALADINO 5 days ago
Bryan Selander
Bryan Selander 5 days ago
Who’s here after Brandon Moreno won the strap?
Iman Gianan
Iman Gianan 6 days ago
I want 70,000 people screaming st me too ☹️
JustShadyy 6 days ago
After reading these comments I just feel like inviting everyone for some carne and chelas
Space Force
Space Force 7 days ago
I’m English and Canelo made me proud to be English. RULE BRITANNIA EMPIRE!!!!!
SALADINO 7 days ago
The translator 100 % accurate.
Hugo Espinoza
Hugo Espinoza 7 days ago
I’m a bot but canelo makes me proud to be Mexican.
Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle 7 days ago
The Irish fought with the Mexicans in the American/ Mexican War . No doubt he has Irish roots .
Anson Critchlow
Anson Critchlow 8 days ago
Saunders did nick some rounds!!
Jesse Nunez
Jesse Nunez 8 days ago
don't let this distract you from the fact that chris mannix had BJS winning right before he was mutilated
Sergio Blanco
Sergio Blanco 9 days ago
Why do they keep using that horrible translator
Scott Brady
Scott Brady 9 days ago
it will all change soon, no belt alvarez
Hector De La Cruz
Hector De La Cruz 10 days ago
Canelo choked up at then end when he was thanking his fans . That crowd went crazy
Mark Vega
Mark Vega 13 days ago
Orgulloso de ser mexicano
Rosejane31 Alta
Rosejane31 Alta 13 days ago
I love how canelo is making all of us Mexicans feel so proud. He’s carrying us.💀
Pablo Quiroa
Pablo Quiroa 14 days ago
I got chill by his emotional silence, Amazing A champ been that is been followed and love by thousands and thousands. Viva Mexico Cabrones!!
D Ham
D Ham 14 days ago
Funny how Canelo never speaks the Charlo name 🤔
Wavves909 10 days ago
He’s going for all the belts
Miguel Gallegos
Miguel Gallegos 16 days ago
crei que era irlandes, hasta que vi la bandera Mejicana...
EBG1222 17 days ago
Canelo watched BJS's video on how to hit women, and applied it against him!
Hector Carreon
Hector Carreon 17 days ago
MEXICO 🇲🇽 ❤💯
Eris Sanis
Eris Sanis 18 days ago
Handwraps should not be allowed to be made so solid....
Stella Benitez-Soto
Todo muy bonito pero lo que hecha ha perder ese cabron comentarista que tiene dazon. Imaginense que en el octavo round tenia ganando a sanders por tres puntos mas . De donde saco esos puntos. Deberian quitarlo poner al guien con much mas criterio.
Reynaldo De jesus
Reynaldo De jesus 18 days ago
Ahuevo que si "VIVA MÉXICO CABRONES"🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽😎😎💪💪👊
TG PI 19 days ago
Canelo broke his will with those body shots! Love him or hate him...they keep lining them up and like bowling pins...he keeps knocking them down!
geovany rios
geovany rios 19 days ago
We the face of boxing 🇲🇽
Canelo literally hit him so hard saunders came off his feet.
Ivan Barron
Ivan Barron 19 days ago
Ivan Barron
Ivan Barron 19 days ago
4:10 😩
joe nice
joe nice 19 days ago
Bryan Soto
Bryan Soto 20 days ago
“I’m coming my friend” 👏
jorge gandara
jorge gandara 20 days ago
Canelo el #1
J Ramiro
J Ramiro 21 day ago
Le Falto la cancion "Traigo La Sangre Caliente" y seleccionar su proximo rival despues de la cancion. Ingon!
ray sanchez
ray sanchez 21 day ago
amazing guy and his trainers
jose R
jose R 22 days ago
CANELO FACED A VERY HARD TIME THAT NIGHT .................., TRYING TO CARRY ALL THE BELTS , and sanders faced the shame , with his chick broken as well His BIG MOUTH !!some people don't leran the lesson,, is classic on the North Americans fighters OPEN THEIR MOUTH BEFORE TIME AND HERE WE SEE THE RESULTS!! never get fun of another people cause you may be the next Sanders!!
hector morales
hector morales 22 days ago
great English by canelo. proud to be a boxing fan.
Jassiel Herrera
Jassiel Herrera 22 days ago
Thanelo Alvarez is the GOAT.
Geno Batchelor
Geno Batchelor 23 days ago
"Viva Mexico cabrooooneeeessss " I got goose bumps
David Saputra
David Saputra 23 days ago
No judge cover book biliy
Hdz 94
Hdz 94 23 days ago
The pause when the crowd cheered choked him up the love he feeds off of the people us Mexicans have heart that others don’t !!!
SqPro P218
SqPro P218 24 days ago
What you doing fighting these lil people fight ggg
Johnny Cabral
Johnny Cabral 24 days ago
Daner winde
Daner winde 24 days ago
Canelo doesn't have to say anything, we know from his performances he is only there for 3 reason's #1 to make history in Mexico's honor #2 make his trainers/coaches proud of what they've help build & accomplish #3 putting on an epic performance/show for his fans Mexican or American alike; always entertaining-fights thanks Canelo for being an inspiration..
chris landeros
chris landeros 24 days ago
they need to use his “ viva Mexico cabrones “
Cuini Conejito
Cuini Conejito 25 days ago
Pobre 💩 infeliz
817IVEN 25 days ago
Canelo's holding all those belts like me trying to bring in all the groceries at once😂💯
Sophia Azhiev
Sophia Azhiev 25 days ago
"I'm the brit slayer!" Crowd goes wild 😛🤪
David spqr
David spqr 25 days ago
glad for him!
Bryan Herrera
Bryan Herrera 25 days ago
Israel Servin
Israel Servin 25 days ago
SALADINO 26 days ago
In the entire world only Chris Manix had SAUNDERS WINNING THE FIGHT.
Brad Pizarro
Brad Pizarro 26 days ago
Im chilean and proud to be mexican :v
Challey 27 days ago
His father Mayweather should be PROUD.
Michael Emph
Michael Emph 27 days ago
Plant vs Alvarez ppv should be titled ENDGAME
coronavirus 2020
coronavirus 2020 27 days ago
Y luego ay idiotas que dicen que a canelo lo odian 🤣🤭 serán unos cuantos trolls que están todo el día en RUvid jodiendo o unos cuantos seudo periodistas como pilatti y faitelson que más bien son heiters con micrófono la prueba ay está rompiendo récord de asistencia y todos gritaban canelo canelo
2V Twin Turbiskies
2V Twin Turbiskies 27 days ago
dallas tx my city 214
Anson Critchlow
Anson Critchlow 28 days ago
Knowones gonna beat this kid..... He made mincemeat out of anything britain has had to throw and him...... And im british!!
Anson Critchlow
Anson Critchlow 28 days ago
Lol haha Saul Canelo Alverez...... The real gypsy king.... He looks more like a gypsy than fury and Saunders...... Canelo the irish mexican!!
bengolfs1 28 days ago
Chris Mannix should have told Canelo he had Saunders up by 3 points just to see what would have happened.
Paco Guaji
Paco Guaji 28 days ago
Una ves más. For all ya haters.
abel rodriguez
abel rodriguez 28 days ago
Vivvaaa MÉXICO 🇲🇽!!!!!!!!!!
Clips 29 days ago
Im from Timbuktu but im proud to be Mexican that night!
Lokote Rangel
Lokote Rangel 29 days ago
Im Coming My Friend...Free Tacos And Tamles For Canelo Fans And Cold Modelos...Viva Mexico Cabrones Canelo Gave Me Chills When He Said It
Pito Parado
Pito Parado 29 days ago
Jajajajajaj Mexico land of champions
Pito Parado
Pito Parado 29 days ago
He broke his cheek
Juan Pérez
Juan Pérez Month ago
canelo born to box okay england boys
Jose Cedillo
Jose Cedillo Month ago
Arriba Mi Canelo!!! Que Diosito te siga bendiciendo a ti y a tu Familia con un infinidad de triunfos!
Elder Garcia
Elder Garcia Month ago
Living legend No more Doubt
Jmustan03 Month ago
"Broke his cheek"..... 🤣🤣🤣
Jj Lll
Jj Lll Month ago
Canelo is awesome!
Silver Assassin
Silver Assassin Month ago
I think Canelo now can at least draw Floyd mayweather
Bun Sophearum
Bun Sophearum Month ago
70 thousands people
Rob Alvarado
Rob Alvarado Month ago
Trompudo este camarón
chanito canuto
chanito canuto Month ago
I respect canelo , he is a successful man , it’s just hard to be a fan when there is not real opponents that can put him to work and truly show what he is capable of doing.
Dedulce G
Dedulce G Month ago
Biggest humiliation in worlds sport history,second Maidana/broner.
Rude Valluco
Rude Valluco Month ago
It’s sad that some Mexicans actually don’t like him but other people from other countries do...Humble asf...TEAM CANELO
Alejandro C
Alejandro C Month ago
Those are the most insecure mofos bro true is most Mexicans like myself feel proud of him all the way!!
J B Month ago
Ingrid Lopez
Ingrid Lopez Month ago
Eso canelo
Aman jha.!
Aman jha.! Month ago
4:14 man that felt like a storm coming ....
E A Month ago
C. Plant will be lucky to get 2 million guaranteed. He has no fan base and doesn’t bring views on his name alone. He made $750,000.00 vs Truax. Billy Joe got 2.5 mill guaranteed and total 5 mill after sales views etc AND Billy Joe has a huge UK fan base! Caleb Plant is out of his mind or is trying to duck.
TKD T-Bird
TKD T-Bird Month ago
One eye billy cant fight
TKD T-Bird
TKD T-Bird Month ago
Looks like one eye Billy's career is over
Juan Pérez
Juan Pérez Month ago
mexicanote al grito de guerra , Dios bendiga nuestra Republica Mexicana
Slow Grind
Slow Grind Month ago
I’m Black but right now, I’m a proud Mexican 🇲🇽
JCM JCM Month ago
“I am coming my friend” 😂
MrBigbird209 Month ago
Y tf is there so many belts in boxing 😂😂
FEL Arcade
FEL Arcade Month ago
Canelo is the king
Anly Guillen
Anly Guillen Month ago
I am a mix Mexican and I am a cabron 100%
David Castillo
David Castillo Month ago
Viva Mexico cabrones pinche Canelo es un orgullo echale ganas cabron!!!
Billay Dasilva
Billay Dasilva Month ago
You vs benavides Canelo .
Flashzoom 13
Flashzoom 13 Month ago
R we just gonna ignore how the guy said vIvA MeXiCo MoFoS?😂
Jesus Castillo
Jesus Castillo Month ago
Canelo collecting the infinity stones