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Mythical Chef Josh is ready to cook breakfast in bed with all the leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate! GMMore #1484
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Comments 100
SixRaven Eight
SixRaven Eight 9 hours ago
no love for the ms
mshmsh Saad
mshmsh Saad 7 days ago
Josh is so fast that's fun lol And he is excited.I think there is one chasing him
Gianna Andrea
Gianna Andrea Month ago
i wish josh would cook me breakfast in bed
No Akomplice
No Akomplice Month ago
Don’t let that hook nosed yid talk to you like that Link.
Kirsten Bergstrom
I haven't laughed so hard at a More in ages. The aggressive cooking/teasing from Josh, the bafflement from Rhett and Link, and the Crew dying in the background.
Cromlaoch Month ago
I dropped my garlic toast :\
Albino Cadillac
Albino Cadillac 2 months ago
Josh telling Link to be quiet made me DIE!!!
sam Brandon
sam Brandon 2 months ago
i don't think the mustache works well on josh personally
suga kookies
suga kookies 2 months ago
Y'all really out bere hating on Josh because of a bit
Sammy Jenkins
Sammy Jenkins 2 months ago
jeeze...disrespecting your boss outright eh? amazing that anyone could think that's ok to do, even if they say it was a "bit", yeah right.. how high up your own butt do you have to be to think you can act this way? this was definitely not a skit judging by Link and Rhett's reactions, but sure.., good cover Josh.
MizzNijna 2 months ago
Best more ever!
K C 2 months ago
Did he snort a giant line before this skit or..? This whole scene was just very odd.
Emiliano Andrade
Emiliano Andrade 2 months ago
The Waffle was the best part
Destiny 2 months ago
Really off putting, honestly this could have been a good video if not for josh speeding through everything, Josh has got to go :/
Homie Milk
Homie Milk 2 months ago
Destiny i mean... i thought it was funny?
Yonekuni Madarame
Yonekuni Madarame 2 months ago
I am Josh everytime Link is being annoying; which is all the time.
maxie fuqua
maxie fuqua 2 months ago
3 peeps in a pancake sounds like it would be a children's picture book about the importance of sharing.
Aitawna Bennett
Aitawna Bennett 2 months ago
Why is josh in such a bad mood
Jamie Standen
Jamie Standen 2 months ago
Gay for a Day Watch a gay person for half or so of a day and see a gay life style
Leonard Trio
Leonard Trio 2 months ago
The peep omelette looks like a toothache just waiting to happen!
Wolf Cub
Wolf Cub 2 months ago
Josh honey are you okay? Why are you in such a hurry Why are you assaulting chocolate Do you need to talk?
hamilton euzarraga
hamilton euzarraga 2 months ago
That moustache though.
Lucy Rose
Lucy Rose 2 months ago
how have some of you got this far watching GMM and can’t tell that josh is doing a bit and joking???? I can’t with these comments
Carl Malone
Carl Malone 2 months ago
Makes eggy peep poop.
Sam Chilton
Sam Chilton 2 months ago
Josh, mate, you have a bit of chocolate.. right.. there. Nope, you missed a bit.
~MiChJeSu22~ 2 months ago
1:21 what the heck Link 😂😂
Bucki 2 months ago
Since you guys are technically food critics you should get someone pro like Gordon Ramsey on your show...😉
andrea_20306 3 months ago
I love Josh 💜
Courtney Batchelor
Courtney Batchelor 3 months ago
It was a bit, check out Josh's twitter if you're wondering
ApLLo vSmile
ApLLo vSmile 3 months ago
He looks so Creepy to me with a Mustache
Shikha Rawat
Shikha Rawat 3 months ago
Love Josh as a part of the GMM Crew 🙌
Emilia Josefina Westerlund
That was an awkward episode...
Ja' Crispy
Ja' Crispy 3 months ago
Josh is so hilarious 😂
Good Hunter
Good Hunter 3 months ago
I can't believe a lot of people here are actually taking this seriously. If this was an actual issue, I don't think they would have posted the video up. Not to mention, so many of you are getting offended by this. If this offended you, I don't think there is anything that won't offend you. The lot of you need to stop being snowflakes
caboom559 3 months ago
Been watching gmm for years and years, always my go to when I feel anxious. This is the first time it's ever caused my anxiety, Josh's clumsy rushing 😯
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat 3 months ago
This is the first time seeing Josh and i already dont like him. I would tell him that hes done. Maybe warn him if he makes a prob like that on camera in public again, i would fire him. But if hes purposely doing that, then ok, well played.
Hunny Bunny
Hunny Bunny 3 months ago
If this was something that they didn’t like or want to happen they wouldn’t have uploaded it. Like??????? It’s a comedy show??????with comedy bits???? Maybe calm down and stop being angry about absolutely nothing.
ragingfiip 3 months ago
Based on my many interactions with people on coke, Josh seems like he's on coke in this episode....
MaleckaInes 3 months ago
Josh ❤️
MaleckaInes 3 months ago
Best GMMore EVER!!!!
Darryle Moore II
Darryle Moore II 3 months ago
This is my favorite GMMore episode.
Fubs_the_queen 1996
Fubs_the_queen 1996 3 months ago
I’ve never seen a man move so fast.
Alex Rayne
Alex Rayne 3 months ago
What’s with josh😂 it’s scaring me and giving me the most anxiety😂😂😂😂
phantom of nothing
phantom of nothing 3 months ago
coked out josh doesnt realize they are his bosses. who wants less josh because I do.
MR PORTFOLIO 3 months ago
Bit ignorant that Josh guy eh
Ghost Hippie
Ghost Hippie 3 months ago
I think the chef's on coke.
davenjon734 3 months ago
Peep is clearly for oxygenation everyone knows that it raises your functional residual capacity
julialovesptx 3 months ago
I love this lol
Llew KaMiamos
Llew KaMiamos 3 months ago
I don't think that Link likes not being the one in charge and calling the shots.
Alondra Cortes
Alondra Cortes 3 months ago
Absolute gold gmmore, top of the line Josh's comedy 💕🤣🤣🤣
Mackenzie 3 months ago
I try to remind myself that a lot of these commenters are just kids but like,,,, if you are “heartbroken” or “anxious” about this episode then you need a reality check. Chill out guys, it’s a bit, and it was funny
GiggleBush 3 months ago
It was at this moment noticed 2 things: Josh is on coke, and Mythical Studios pays enough for its employees to do coke......
Pedro Paulo Yuji Takayassu
Now there's a good subject for a future LTAT. Which fancy food episode Josh's hands were bleeding at the moment he cooked for Rhett and Link?
Andrew Gentry
Andrew Gentry 3 months ago
“How’s your love life?”
Andrew Gentry
Andrew Gentry 3 months ago
Josh stressed me out!
Naya15 3 months ago
Nice mustache
Kaykatvlogz 3 months ago
I actually thought this episode was hysterical. It’s not quite everyone’s taste in comedy, but I have a rather mean sense of humor so it had me laughing. My favorite part, despite loving the mean humor, was Link at 5:22.
Khaleesi Mish
Khaleesi Mish 3 months ago
Did josh just do a line of coke or something before coming out? What the hell was that?
Ian Kirkland
Ian Kirkland 3 months ago
This just stressed me out >:(
Ernest Suarez
Ernest Suarez 3 months ago
I don’t like joshs attitude in this one
Tyler Tibbs
Tyler Tibbs 3 months ago
Seems like Josh did a few lines of coke before coming onto the show
Jubul Dowthitt
Jubul Dowthitt 3 months ago
i irl screamed "thats the point" when rhett said it tastes like street corn lol.
jamespotgieter007 3 months ago
i give it too Josh that everyone has a bad day sometimes but try save it for off camera...
Michelle Nofziger
Michelle Nofziger 3 months ago
I was so confused I had to watch twice.
Bi Al
Bi Al 3 months ago
Josh accidentally took a double dose of adderall today.
Cephalopod God
Cephalopod God 3 months ago
would love to be a fly on the wall in the meeting after this where they put the mythical chef in his mythical place.
Kahldria Leighsun
Kahldria Leighsun 3 months ago
Enjoyed Josh putting the boys in their place a little too much. Sometimes a man just needs to get a ridiculous task done without internetainers injecting their competitive comedy bits all over the dang place. So much tension, leads to passive aggressive steam vents, which means everyone needs a vacation! All work and no play... (I love Rhett and Link too, so seriously don't @me for empathizing with Josh. Mythical crew needs love too ;)
James Reynolds
James Reynolds 3 months ago
this is hilarious, I love mythical chef Josh!
riri alexander
riri alexander 3 months ago
Over before you know it kinda thing.... Link 2019
Luke Neslund
Luke Neslund 3 months ago
I don't like his mustache I'm sorry lol grow a beard with or something
Kay Que
Kay Que 3 months ago
This comment section is ridiculous do y’all have friends/senses of humor
Arsxn 3 months ago
Which episode did he bleed?
Job� Dummer�
Job� Dummer� 3 months ago
a lil peep waffle... why you have to say lil peep?
gigglyfitzgirl 3 months ago
This was hilarious. I think everyone needs to calm down.
Jbird 3 months ago
Yeah the chocolate theme got old fast. I mean that constructively
DeadLeaFMoth 3 months ago
Why do you guys hate Josh? He's only doing his job. It's not his fault he has to make disgusting, inedible food
Nala Frazier
Nala Frazier 3 months ago
I can tell he cooks dirty lol
BigKahuna22 3 months ago
I want you see you guys do the Buddy The Elf Breakfast Challenge. I will be funny to see Rhett spew all over the place.
Preston Roundtree
Preston Roundtree 3 months ago
Bet me loves chocolate covered methamphetamines too!!!
TheRiverter 3 months ago
Make sure you guys are doing buttsex and maybe some hand stuff. Actually lots of hand stuff.
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson 3 months ago
worst breakfast I have ever seen lmfao except that waffle, that looks bomb. and the coffee in theory coulda been great
Sky Gravity
Sky Gravity 3 months ago
Wow.. still almost no one knows what peeps are made of..... Gelatin may be the most vile substance that's commonly eaten. And the worst part is it's not even necessary, other stuff does the same thing they just use gelatin cuz it's a cheap industrial byproduct
Vogue Of Today
Vogue Of Today 3 months ago
Good friendship
Dwindling Dream
Dwindling Dream 3 months ago
All they do now is taste tests. Remember when there was actual content
Meme Demon
Meme Demon 3 months ago
This channel only exists so they can get 2 videos on trending
My Friend Aj
My Friend Aj 3 months ago
Josh, you're getting fired buddy
Emma R
Emma R 3 months ago
I think everyone needs to realise this show is based on comedy. If something seems odd, it’s probably intentional and they probably wouldn’t publish content that was genuinely showing tension/negative feelings etc. They’re too smart for that, now. Also, read Josh’s tweet. It was intentional dudes, calm down.
Melanie Flowers
Melanie Flowers 3 months ago
Hahaha Link to Josh.. how's your love life?
Elizabeth Hackworth
Elizabeth Hackworth 3 months ago
This gave me anxiety
Jackie Leon
Jackie Leon 3 months ago
Daaaaang Josh on some drugs!
WAH Dude
WAH Dude 3 months ago
Man good for GMM they keep on getting on the trending page!!
j jtowers
j jtowers 3 months ago
You deserve to Gag
Pinky StinkEye
Pinky StinkEye 3 months ago
So I’m sorry to say that Josh dampened this episode for me. No need to feature him again
craig mckay
craig mckay 3 months ago
dat tash has got to go now joshy.
Jim Johns
Jim Johns 3 months ago
The angry chef man and his terrible ironic mustache. He is not made to be on camera and he knows it. He makes me sad.
missYFilan 3 months ago
This episode kinda rubbed me wrong. It might be a skit but it gave me anxiety and just felt rude. Not Funny, first thumbs down video ever
Zeddron 3 months ago
1:31 that awkward moment when nobody laughs at your joke
Ash Himes
Ash Himes 3 months ago
why is everyone being so mean towards josh... i didn’t even notice anything wrong with this episode until i went to the comments....
Sydney Monique Gunter
Josh seems pretty normal to me in this vid... LOL I can’t figure out why but I just don’t find him to be very likeable- he’s very good at what he does... but his personality lacks a little
Lrys Py
Lrys Py 3 months ago
is he on coke? lmfaoooo
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