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Canada's Mental Health Commission is nearing the end of its initial 10-year mandate. It focused on national strategies to address mental illness at home and in the workplace. It also fought to erase the stigma associated with mental illness. Louise Bradley, president and CEO of the Mental Health Commission, joins The Agenda to discuss the commission's success and specifically to talk about the suicide crisis in Attawapiskat.

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Jun 2, 2016




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Senada Pasic
Senada Pasic 14 days ago
I once got attacked by counselor for saying that the stress of not having housing/safety is the cause of most depession/trauma/oppression in women and girls and then being exploited. I then pointed that John Hokins medical University agreed after a ten year study . She didn't budge because he paycheck depends on disempowering me.
Senada Pasic
Senada Pasic 14 days ago
Addicts get all kinds of emotional support once they leave CAMH but women with depression as a result of rape trauma or poverty get virtually nothing because they don't want to admit that lack of housing, poverty,drugs/alcohol and rape is the cause of most illness .
Senada Pasic
Senada Pasic 14 days ago
Never admit you have a mental illness because they will force dangerous drugs and electric shock treatments on you by the dozens. It's why Mike Harris changed the mental health Act to include almost everybody.
TheGreatLoco Year ago
When you first arrive in Canada, it's a truly shocking experience. You eventually get used to whatever happens, but life is never quite normal. Then you see why. By the age of 40, 1 in 2 Canadians will have a mental illness at some point in his/her life. And 1 in 5 is mentally ill. But I think, for most of the cases, the answer lies in the fact Canadians are in war with God and opened to evil spirits action. Unfortunately, mental health science doesn't take into account evil spirits can oppress, bring bad memories and even create hallucinations. Possession is also real, but not very common. Then you see that no one goes to Mass or confess, lives in mortal sin, in many cases have embraced counterfeit "churchez", apostased to false gods religions, practice yoga and meditation without understanding what they really do, others are atheists, some and not few are even satanists. To solve this problem, the multicolored hair lady probably can help someone that has a true mental illness, but Canadian situation is in most cases IMHO about spiritual warfare. I mean how can be possible 1 in 2 Canadians are mentally ill at some point. Or 1 in 5 at all times. That cannot be explained unless there is a case of interbreeding. 5% would be understandable, but 20% and quickly growing? Unfortunately, Canada is under firm grip of secret societies. So the government wants this to continue and get much worse. Maybe the "mental health strategy for Canada" is that this becames a mad house. It's certainly near that point.
Monkey_Man Year ago
The mental health system is terrible. Forced drugging of its citizens in society doesn't equip them on CTO'S. Just human rights abuse and damage. I swear psychiatrists are the most dangerous people in society. Health Canada is a joke passing dangerous drugs as safe. Put me on this show and listen to a high functioning schizo.
MeMyPCandI Year ago
Mental Illness is like Cancer except nobody throws a fundraiser for you..
MeMyPCandI Year ago
Hell yeah access to services sucks. I have so much fucking anxiety and just issues in general that are taking over my life. Fucking year and a half wait time. What the actual fuck.
Полина Фомина
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The Mindfulness Project
My goodness...so many lies....it doesn't take a rocket scientist to research the truth. The enslavement of the largest minority group in Canada...and growing. If we don't wake up to the truth - the majority of society will be on ODSP. If you don't think this lie effects you - by the year 2020, stress will be the second leading cause of disability according to the World Health Organization. The truth about prescription drugs? Read Anatomy of An Epidemic - you tell me......a crime against humanity by government. And now, they are onto the children - statistics show, not only do the drugs not help, they lower life expectancy. Question everything people - you have the world at your fingertips. When a president of the United States goes on record saying; "the nine scariest words are, we are from the government and we are here to help" - you know there is a problem. Wake up. Use critical thinking. Re-member who you are Genius Human.
MeMyPCandI Year ago
Canada is Disabling Canadians to bring in more immigrants
MeMyPCandI 2 years ago
With Brian's Law you just have to tell on your neighbour and they are never seen from again.. how is that improvement?
MeMyPCandI 2 years ago
Get rid of Brian's Law! It goes against the Charter of Rights! It eliminates due process and without due process Canada can never be free!
MeMyPCandI 2 years ago
Brian's Law doesn't help stigma by the way! It creates it!!!!!!!
DJ Jordan
DJ Jordan 2 years ago
Never admit you have mental health issues it will ruin your career and life.
TheGreatLoco Year ago
I was shocked by the situation when I arrived, 7 years ago. The pressure from the society is so intrusive and obsessive that can drive you to the limit of how much you can forget and forgive. But if you don't or if you have a Canadian attitude, you may get mentally ill very quickly.
MeMyPCandI Year ago
Actually.. The government is disabling Canadians to bring in more immigrants
Ac _Kane
Ac _Kane 2 years ago
That's true my friend has a mental Health issues once he had shock therapy he's never been the same person it just got worse because of the shock therapy made it worse it didn't help not at all brain damage memory lose cause big problem.
Beth black
Beth black 2 years ago
I was just going to type the very comment you wrote. There is a recent article about a young woman who did a TED talk about her mental illness and now she can not get a job. I am not kidding. Admitting that you have a mental problem is an absolutely career killer.
James iPad
James iPad 2 years ago
Waiting for our government to fix this is a mistake.
Paul Stoichevski
Paul Stoichevski 2 years ago
A documentary about mental health ruvid.net/video/video-V0L1Vv_4AVU.html
Jack daniels
Jack daniels 2 years ago
my brother is a heroine addict meth head and talks of how he wants to kill people and eveything and everyone is fake but everytime we take him to see a psyciatrist they let him to, dr lim especialy and also has been caught sending inapropriate message to underage clients and has been suspended with pay but hes back now and is one of the main doctors at lions gate , they always let him out evan when telling them trump is watching and cameras are eveything they recommend prescription meds and tell him to sleep which he doesn,t take because it,s not mandatory and now he has attacked a 60 year old pot dealer and robbed him and now he suffers head trama , noone does a thing they say call the police but the police want proof , plenty of doctors have released him we had the odd doctor that commited him years ago but god knows where he went, someone is going to get hurt or killed soon or evan him and it,s thanks to the canadian system, if your america wanting in the states , trust me you dont our land is beautiful but our system, law, and government is fucked up
Jack daniels
Jack daniels 2 years ago
america wanting in canada***
Jack daniels
Jack daniels 2 years ago
let him out***
Bowen Mcconnie
Bowen Mcconnie 3 years ago
FauxCapitalist 3 years ago
I call bollocks on the claim, 2m in, that in 30 years, lost productivity due to mental health issues will go from the current $51 billion, annually to trillions of dollars, annually, 30 years from now. Our GDP is $1.6 trillion, so the current cost is 3%, yet the claim is it will go to at least a trillion of $2.9 trillion in GDP by 2046? That'll be from 3% to 34%. No wonder Steve Paikin was shocked by that claim.
Audrey Dunham
Audrey Dunham 3 years ago
You are right. Taxes are high. Electric Bill is High. Gas bills are high. What has to be done is to find out what it is to be human????? that is how Mental illness is caused. Half of the people work in fear of a lie downsized. Find out the root of mental illness. Sick people keep you all employed.
Graham Chivers
Graham Chivers 3 years ago
Canada needs an MP of mental health. Time to get serious about supporting Canadians. Mental health issues impact everyone. Mental health isn't just about criminal behaviour and addiction. Who may need support? New parents, teens, the grieving, veterans, doctors, dentists, car crash victims, police. In our lives all of us experience stress, anxiety, fear, etc - this is natural behaviour, how people manage and support these experiences is where an MP of mental health can start to build.
T H 10 months ago
all truth looks like you are the one who has an issue. Considering how she’s carrying and presenting herself and the way you have expressed your views, it’s clear that you are the filth that needs a good wash with a toilet scrub. You low life
all truth
all truth 3 years ago
how old is that hag in the video? with colored hair and trendy glasses... looks like someone with their own mental health issues to me,. bill 68 brians law is a weapon used to keep poeple down.
Embracing Wellness
Embracing Wellness 3 years ago
The Bell Let's Talk initiative has helped to reduce stigma, even within my family.
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