Can you survive a Superflat world in Survival?

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Jan 31, 2020




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Comments 80
Handemore Battlelands
In bedrock 1.16 combat system is still the same ^_^
Thijmen Troost
Thijmen Troost 4 days ago
you can get sugarcane from trading with a wandering trader
pastelcoockiepie playz-
Well I tried without villages and I Litterly got iron from a baby zombie-
UnusuallyAsian 5 days ago
I’ve always wondered if you could
Adrian_ Zombturtle
Hey nice video but you should do a video on how you can survive on a super flat world without villages I've done it with a starter chest and without one it's so fun (once on hardcore mode and I died trying to make a mob grinder out of dirt and carpet
Adrian_ Zombturtle
I used to put pigs in holes and wait for lighting to strike them so I could get gold
Harold Tucker
Harold Tucker 7 days ago
Why he gotta a girl skin is he simping for Minecraft girls?
Earth Minecraft
Earth Minecraft 9 days ago
Wait, but endermen spawn in the nether
Pencil Ze mighty
Pencil Ze mighty 9 days ago
Bedrock players b like:
YaBoiRey 10 days ago
I remember when my friends used to come over to my house and we used to create a superflat world in xbox 360 edition and make the settings so that the world is a 200 layers of TNT and then we blew it up..... Good times
Nadia Ozanich
Nadia Ozanich 10 days ago
It’s 11:00 PM Mon May 18
Elika 11 days ago
there are no villages in flat worlds.
Issa Goodwin
Issa Goodwin 11 days ago
Wandering traders can give sugar cane. Also you can literally get full enchanted diamond armor and tools from trading with villagers.
Tincanmaniac 12 days ago
You can also get coal from wither skeletons
BruhYuh Kid
BruhYuh Kid 12 days ago
Guys some place like this irl exists it’s called Kansas
Corey McShane
Corey McShane 13 days ago
Can y? I think y can
Clowncore :oD
Clowncore :oD 13 days ago
In my experience, no. Not even for a day. I died basically as soon as the sun went down because of the slimes and skeletons. (There were no villages, so no wood or stone to craft with)
DualityEquinox 13 days ago
I love his intro...
xxballsofgold 13 days ago
I have a super flat survival. You can get cobble from lava and water, it is possible to go to the nether, you can get saplings from villages, seeds from village farms or bonemeal the ground. The only thing off the top of my head that you can’t get like coal is sand or ore blocks. Correct me if I’m wrong
Existence Person
Existence Person 14 days ago
You can trade for sugarcane with the wandering trader
Zachary Pines
Zachary Pines 14 days ago
You can light portal with lava burning wood
vinogr00nko 15 days ago
i don't understand why people miss 1.8 PvP system. Imo that was one of the best changes ever. There was no fun in just spamming lpm and being able to destroy every mob without armour with just stone sword. Now it's balanced. It requires more skill than just spamming lpm or having good autoclicker. Someone who changed it should have get a promotion
DarkLions 888
DarkLions 888 16 days ago
Is he playing with 10fps??
Charl 16 days ago
I like the new pvp : (
MGECohen 17 days ago
You’ll always spawn on 0, 4, 0
LR 17 days ago
How is this even content? Of course you can survive, animals spawn
Connor Cosgriff
Connor Cosgriff 18 days ago
Hi i need to drink water soon
theuser_ 19 days ago
With infinity snapshot you can get to end dimension via nether portal and a specific book
Overseer Cherokeedog
But y are ya creating the earth 1:1 ???to make it a map???if not,y the hell???
YurK 19 days ago
Burn use the lava from blacksmith to light wood on fire
I Suck At Gaming
I Suck At Gaming 19 days ago
Interesting. I'm still learning new things in survival. I've played the game for years but rarely every played in survival so this was quite a cool topic.
trexmaster9000 20 days ago
I just skipped through this looking to see if I'm in it
Rachell Love
Rachell Love 20 days ago
This is why we need some emerald armor that would be the best in a flatland world ngl
Riley Brennan
Riley Brennan 20 days ago
When I was like 11 my mom made me get off the computer to let my little sister played so I put her on a super flat hardcore world
baddie tea
baddie tea 21 day ago
╎ᒲ ⊣ᔑ|| ᔑᓭ ⎓⚍ᓵꖌ ʖ╎ℸ ̣ ᓵ⍑ᒷᓭ ℸ ̣ ∷|| ᒲᒷ ʖᒷℸ ̣ ||𝙹⚍ ᓵᔑリℸ ̣ , ||𝙹⚍ ↸𝙹リℸ ̣ ⍑ᔑ⍊ᒷ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ʖᔑꖎꖎᓭ
Evan Broaddus
Evan Broaddus 21 day ago
Can you get a single stalk of sugar cane from the first wandering villager trade? I thought I saw it in the trading guide. It would take a while but eventually you could make a zero tick farm and have unlimited sugar cane.
Tom Halle
Tom Halle 21 day ago
Mikeyus 21 day ago
pvp system is the same
Jay Av
Jay Av 21 day ago
Just realized, survival in super flat is basically the Infinite IKEA.
Consensus Pigeon
Consensus Pigeon 21 day ago
I need a series
Nick 21 day ago
Me: cries in bedrock
Abigail Kirkwood
Abigail Kirkwood 21 day ago
This was so interesting idk why
Simply Squiggles
Simply Squiggles 21 day ago
How do you get on a superflat world? I can only get on flat worlds. They might be the same thing,but I never see villages.
Courtney Hess
Courtney Hess 21 day ago
i don’t even play minecraft but i’m just so interested
M O O D Y 22 days ago
Where did you find that Trading Item list. Is it on the main website?
「Itz MandyPiggy」
How to a survive a flat world "_switch to creative and get all the things you need_" DONE C:
Cloudxs 22 days ago
Wood. You can’t get wood.
Injured Stew
Injured Stew 22 days ago
But technically you CAN get sugar cane right...?? I mean wichtes drop sugar, and in superflat words that I've done, witches have spawned.
Maya Nabwani
Maya Nabwani 23 days ago
Nrp 06
Nrp 06 23 days ago
ElRichMC: You are questioning It? I already done it
snubcube 23 days ago
Oh man I can't spam click and have mobs die instantly with no skill! man this pvp system sucks! Good video though.
dog two
dog two 23 days ago
*Wow. Just wow.*
Fcz Santana
Fcz Santana 24 days ago
Hey small gaming youtuber trying to grow all feed back is welcomed. A sub an like would make my day. Im just trying to go somewhere in life and entertain anyone watching thank you for your time 👑🙌🏼
Fried Fries
Fried Fries 24 days ago
clayysterr 24 days ago
of course u can fucking survive, my nigga all you need is food and you’re set
Faith Giannini
Faith Giannini 24 days ago
Now why didn’t you pick up the flint & steel in the nether chest?
BlockDroidd 25 days ago
IceyPino 25 days ago
Can’t you get to the end with a nether portal in April fools?
TAB! 25 days ago
oh boi are you going to enjoy the nether update!
GameFox601 25 days ago
The Minecraft Tech Tree Is Sick!
IMATREE 007 25 days ago
On ps4 legacy editionyouadjust the layers add trees and add strongholds dungeons and mineshafts
Polish Kid channel
Polish Kid channel 26 days ago
You can go in the end in Xbox 360 edition
Eek Rats
Eek Rats 26 days ago
Lol i havent updated mc since 1.12.2... I have no idea about new village stuff. I just abhore every version of mc past 1.12.2 because its too different. Also, I can usually beat the dragon in the first 2 days, and eventually after doing some big redstone builds and houses and stuff I get bored, so now I mostly play modded 1.7.10 0r 1.12.2, but rn im playing farming valley, which is really fun.
Eek Rats
Eek Rats 26 days ago
Yes. Ive done it like 5 years ago. Just gotta find villages. At night its just straight grinding. Also, jere is a problem. What does survive mean in minecraft? Like, just live? Or defeat the dragon?
Oliver Stouffer
Oliver Stouffer 26 days ago
Gosh you really had to break it down to a science 😂
Goldy9058 26 days ago
Legacy console players being able to spawn a stronghold
SSO DressageYT
SSO DressageYT 26 days ago
The horse colour is called a paint because it looks like it was splashed with white paint. Just so ya' know.
Exhile 26 days ago
“Can y”
sunny seulgi
sunny seulgi 26 days ago
Solarcry 26 days ago
The PvP is fine, it just requires more timing than mash clicking now so it takes skill :) get with the times.
floppy moppy
floppy moppy 26 days ago
Slap in a bit of sand and you have a western minecraft desert world
liffoxafezy 7980
liffoxafezy 7980 27 days ago
Repent and follow Jesus Christ he loves you and please spread the word of God thank you and God bless you ✝️
Toby Flenderson
Toby Flenderson 27 days ago
TLDW: yes you can survive.
Kayden 21
Kayden 21 27 days ago
I know it wasn’t the point of the video but I really don’t get the combat complaint. I mean would you rather just spam click with your eyes closed with literally no challenge whatsoever. Just feels brainless and like there isn’t any point in playing the game.
hehehe hehe
hehehe hehe 27 days ago
Why did this video make me cry?
Mr Peebs
Mr Peebs 27 days ago
I was once playing in a super flat world and I found a stronghold so can u make a part 2 of this trying to find a stronghold
KaYfOx Gamez
KaYfOx Gamez 27 days ago
Plus there’s animals so you can just eat..
KaYfOx Gamez
KaYfOx Gamez 27 days ago
Yes u can.. cuz when you lose all hunger it only goes to have hunger left and there’s actually no way to die from hunger
Alexander Minker
Alexander Minker 28 days ago
you should have crafted a shield asap, its the only reason why 1.9 combat works. dual wielding is essential and you spent 0 seconds dual wielding
Diamondare 28 days ago
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