Can you SOLO Sea of Thieves?

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Of course you can, but with the thousands of different outcomes the game can produce it all comes down to you. But maybe I can try and help a little. That's where this video comes in. I will give you some tips on the "what" and "how"... we cover a lot of things.

How to find a crew by RARE:

PhuzzyBond's Beginner Guide:

Make sure to check out his other walk through videos as well.


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Feb 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Eddie Whiddon
Eddie Whiddon 22 hours ago
Game: Galleon needs 4 crew Me: Hmmm......I’ll take this one Game: But you are soloing it Me: Your suggestion has been noted
wesanator F
wesanator F Day ago
ive played for 30 hours alone ever since ive started the game
Ghost Lee Mann
I've soloed a galleon, not effectively tho
Ghost Lee Mann
just get a rowboat as your ship, easy to maintain
Lukas 3 days ago
I just started plating Sea of Thieves today and i got attacked by a Meg and Ghost/Undead piret ship at the same time
loyd1998 4 days ago
Well i waited about 3 hours for some help so its pretty iffi when people do help
Gingy the gingerbread man
What’s the invite code for the sea of thieves discord server
GamEch GT
GamEch GT 4 days ago
Well unfortunately I don't have anyone to paly with so... Is anyone interested in doing co-op,if yes then hit me up
Batista 1776
Batista 1776 4 days ago
The row boat is a single player ship
I am a space man
I am a space man 5 days ago
I found literally the best player I have ever seen in online matchmaking I got too lucky but his inactive now
Horus Orion
Horus Orion 6 days ago
I've found that going to small islands and killing the Asher guardians and selling the skulls is easy and fast money for solo playing. I usually always find a Asher guardian on a small island
Andrew Glebus
Andrew Glebus 6 days ago
I'm not saying don't practice in adventure because not all the tactics you learn in arena would work in adventure and vice versa, but arena can and does help you learn pvp better so if you can find a good crew than definitely practice there as well as in adventure
Landon Taylor
Landon Taylor 6 days ago
I solo sea of thieves and try to get a reapers chest a day or more and I have the full kraken set and bone crusher set
Flame Drake
Flame Drake 7 days ago
Playing solo isnt that bad i just get scared that im alone in the middle of the ocean i think it would help if get a pet.
Ethan Cook
Ethan Cook 7 days ago
solo galleon is what i do
Weather-san 7 days ago
playing solo is kinda hard ngl.I did just get the game yesterday though
crazycoleton 8 days ago
I used a nuke on these people that rammed my team's galleon without thinking. Immediately regreted it because it blew up our ship, taking down our emisary flag and everything. I got too savy with the power and saw us getting attacked
Euro Pop
Euro Pop 8 days ago
New sub, Love your videos! You’re hilarious!!
kystars 9 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-j0Bi6E-MyL8.html COOL PIRATE SONG!
B. Dz
B. Dz 10 days ago
No. No you cant solo
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 11 days ago
Your voice made this fun to listen to, thank you for the tips!
Ionut Dumitru
Ionut Dumitru 12 days ago
i learn fucking nothing from this shit ass video
should i buy this or rust?
Patrick Sanchez
Patrick Sanchez 12 days ago
Trevor Chivers
Trevor Chivers 12 days ago
I'm primarily solo. I love sailing right through the middle if storms. Just make sure there isn't any islands in your path.
Mohamed Samir 4014
Mohamed Samir 4014 12 days ago
your voice looks liek seth rogan
Gabriel Oliveri
Gabriel Oliveri 12 days ago
The thing is, Arena is just full of a ton of absolute SWEATS that do nothing but PVP and just continue to spawn kill your for the whole game
Dartzprime LP
Dartzprime LP 13 days ago
Just if ur still want to know it took me about 2 1/2 h to finish the Shores of Gold Tale Tale.
bran bran entertainment
Do more PvP sea of theives
Memo Rodriguez
Memo Rodriguez 13 days ago
you cna always use xbox lfgs since you can easily do it anytime on windows pc is windows button and g then click edit widget and open the lfg and you can find lots of request takes a while to find people who will accept you but u can make your own for peopl
StuBaloo 14 days ago
There are no 1-player ships in SoT. The rowboat would like to have a word!
Phluffy 14 days ago
I can speed run shores of gold by myself in under an hour actually. It is very easy.
The Green Inkling
The Green Inkling 15 days ago
The accent makes this video better.
JackDMI321 15 days ago
What is the IP address for discord?
Jack Scott
Jack Scott 16 days ago
I feel like this could have been an email
Flim 16 days ago
I'm getting Sea of Thieves in 2 weeks From Now so this help me ALOT!
Time2Game 16 days ago
1:22 I advise doing open crews, while galleons might seem more helpful, sloops are a good starter ship, and since you are probably going to solo a lot, there's also the fact that afk farmers are much less apparent
Nate Cisneros
Nate Cisneros 16 days ago
Welcoming community xD my first day playing, someone kills me while reading the pirate code in the tavern.. not even 2min into a public lobby
Slice the Bread
Slice the Bread 16 days ago
Thumbnail answered the question. I don’t have to watch a second of the video thanks
RobertsE 17 days ago
if you really want to see why more people is better, get a buddy and try to 2man a gallion... all you can do is go forwards and backwards and combat is a death wish
Monty Cosmos
Monty Cosmos 17 days ago
Haha you bloody fool, I did all the Tall Tales alone because I have absolutely no friends whatsoever
😂I practiced solo in arena in my first day just for the crash course on boating I sucked but it makes u learn fast
Mason Hall
Mason Hall 17 days ago
I learned how to play through solo slooping for around 150 hours. Now when i join crews i find myself geeting annoyed when people over twice my hours miss even super basic things and make their crews do 80% of the work 🙃
Mason Hall
Mason Hall 17 days ago
If im on a galleon i shouldnt be doing all the steering, plotting, looting and sail mangement. While i have 1 person whos convinced they need to find a tuck ship asap, another is afk arguing with their mother in the background, and the last is fishing 24/7. Even when i make lobbies for very specific "gold emissary" or "reaper emissary" in discord. I end up having to spend an hour filtering through people. Like if everyone does 25% of the work. It becomes a very easy 400K+ run while sipping seagrams
Some GuyOnReefer
Some GuyOnReefer 18 days ago
The 2d map angles gave my bottom a rash
The Unfortunate General
From A to B an entire alphabet
Le Tigidou
Le Tigidou 18 days ago
Just spent 8 hours joining bad crew after bad crew. Afk's, sabotage trolls, and mostly people just not being productive. Made about 5k gold in all. One of the crews even ignored a red mermaid that was like 50 feet from where the boat was parked. Told them many times, they wouldn't do anything. There was also a carafe lying on the beach again about 50 feet from the boat. I picked it up but they departed despite me telling them I was coming on aboard with the treasure. I mean wtf. Oh but I'm sure they they were happy with a few seafearer and castaway chests. The frickin' red jewel would've been worth more than the haul... Can you solo? Yes you can, and you should.
Elias Panayi
Elias Panayi 18 days ago
Hey, I am doing the shores of gold tall tale solo because I want to see how far I can actually get
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong 18 days ago
From the moment I started this game, I played solo. I did not realize that I should’ve played with others in my crew. But for new players I recommend playing with a crew because you can learn alot from helping them and watching them.
Call Me Kevan
Call Me Kevan 19 days ago
solo brig players play by Jack Sparrow's rules. They must fight, to run away.
Sore thumbs
Sore thumbs 19 days ago
Ooohhhman this is going to hurt
Practikel 19 days ago
I did the shores of gold tall tale by myself.... not fun
Peaches 19 days ago
Thanks a lot for this video I basically had no idea how to play, but now ill be ready
Derek 20 days ago
Video starts 2:12
9cklas 20 days ago
best like i have ever given
Robert Schäffer
Robert Schäffer 20 days ago
Can you solo sea of thieves? Yes you can. Just as World of Warcraft or Ark Survivor Evolved. You can, but you are your own worst enemy if you do.
AMR MOUSSA 20 days ago
WTH i'm already cleand my PC monitor the same way he did LOOL
Nice Smoke
Nice Smoke 20 days ago
the real question is why would you?
Llama Momma
Llama Momma 20 days ago
But you can just practice in are-
Actually Shores of Gold isn't bad at all Solo. Sure it takes a while, but you know you won't have anyone trying to fuck with you the entire couple hours. Just make sure you spawn closer to the east side of the map.
Yos YOOOS 21 day ago
This game would be playable if the matchmaking was balanced , but since it is ok for Rare to put me solo sloop new player against multiple groups of 2-3 to 4 people on brig or galleons ... I think their game deserves to die at this point since by the looks of it that's what they want otherwise this shouldn't've been a problem in the first place. I've seen games where they put you against someone who's much more experienced than you in the game by far but at least its a 1v1 , but I've never seen a game where they put you (alone) against entire teams who are also much more experienced than u in the game. That is just retarded. Some people are even getting mad when they find a solo hacker player , but they never ask themselves uhm why would he hack? uhm maybe because we are doing 4v1 against him and trying to ruin his game and this is his way of punishing us and the bad matchmaking uhmm. Nah hes just so bad that he needs to hack the game. Lmao fucking retard I hope this game gets as many cheaters as possible that's what they get for developing a game and then not caring shit about it.
Austin Donahoe
Austin Donahoe 22 days ago
AbsolutePixel chuckles about how long it would take a solo to do shores of gold alone Me coming to this video because I am doing shores of gold alone and I need tips
Adrian Zoladek
Adrian Zoladek 22 days ago
Well, I did the shores of gold all alone... and boy I’m happy I did that alone because I tried doing it a few times with other people and they just dragged me down...
Buntingz 22 days ago
.... I did the shores of gold tall tale alone. 4 times lmao.
Mickey Dansa
Mickey Dansa 24 days ago
There is a reason so many people play alone. Either they are terrible at the game or they are bad teamplayers lmao.
Breaker Space
Breaker Space 22 days ago
I just like solo play
Gman 315
Gman 315 24 days ago
As someone who did the Shores o gold tall tale alone It was everything you thought it was and more
Samurai 24 days ago
Can you SOLO sea of thieves? YES YOU CAN! tip number 0: Find someone to play with. aight I'ma head out LOL
0Bennyman 25 days ago
I don't get the whole stacking up on lots of stuff, never had any use in it, I would probably stop playing if every time I started the game up or took a short break I had to spend 20 minutes stacking up a tonne of stuff. I don't entirely care if I get sunk so maybe that's just me even though I've probably only been sunk by players about 2 times and by skeleton ships about 4 times because while doing Wild Rose Rare decided to have 2 skeletons ships patrolling together so I stood no chance with them both shooting cannons that stopped me from supplying and stopped me from using my cannons while in between unloading into my ship lol. But yeah also with Tall Tales they have checkpoints now so doing them is beyond Easy as a Solo, you literally cannot fail them lol which is annoying because as a new-ish player (I've played on and off since launch using game pass and mainly just did merchant and gold runs and am now addicted to the Steam version) this is my first time actually delving into them and it removes any kind of fun sailing because you know that if you get sunk you can just re-load the tall tale and get the stuff back without any penalty, there should be maybe a halfway checkpoint but that's it. Instead they have a checkpoint every single time you do something which is dumb.
Yass 95
Yass 95 25 days ago
i have about 20 000 coins in sea of thieves this is my first day and im doing solo and im so proud of myself but 20 000 coins is probably nothing
Warm Crunch Productions
I like soloing when I’m shorter on time. Doing quicker little quests.
adam gleeson-prata
adam gleeson-prata 26 days ago
hilarious editing, well done. and very informative!
juan nachajon
juan nachajon 26 days ago
im playing solo and folowing you tips... they are very userfull
INGSOC 26 days ago
S1distic 26 days ago
Great video thank you
Null Void
Null Void 26 days ago
Their discord is trash, they have ban happy moderators who gave me the boot when I asked what the rainbow icon they changed the icon on the server was for. They did not tell me, just banned me. A friend later told me it had to do with them being gay.
Travis Stratton
Travis Stratton 26 days ago
I've been playing for 3 weeks and have never seen a pineapple.
Travis Stratton
Travis Stratton 22 days ago
@Breaker Space I found a couple but they are in maybe 1 barrel in 40
Breaker Space
Breaker Space 22 days ago
You must’ve not been playing a lot in terms of actual time in-game
Bajableezy Tv
Bajableezy Tv 26 days ago
I play solo bc randoms fucking suck 90% of the time and all of my friends live across the country so it’s hard to play with them
Joshua Fandrich
Joshua Fandrich 27 days ago
I REALLY wish the game would allow me to 4 person a brig. Or even 3 person a sloop. The galleon is just WAAAAAY too big.
Dancing Bear
Dancing Bear 27 days ago
Never played the game, was just looking for info if my mates are not around. The "artstyle" of this is just plain perfect. I´m really feeling like a "old" pirate is teaching me young gun how to be a worthy pirat. Like and even sub well earned, sir.
AJ Hallford
AJ Hallford 28 days ago
i've done 2 tall tales on my own and have almost the full Kraken set because my friend is too broke to buy sea of thieves.
Łukasz Aniołowski
10:05 - well, i was pretty unlucky in the arena, and was left out alone v full crews, or got a m8 who DID NOT shoot cannons, when he had the best shots avaible i ever saw (easly 20+ hits up close to side and front with no real threat other than a boarder), and when i actually was alone, i didnt go for the objective, i just fought as aggresive, as possible. i was shit with cannons, especially on the move, and mid to long range ones... well, that has changed for the better (funny story tho, i kinda didnt believe i would hit that, but i shot a skeleton gally from pretty far away, and i didnt think i would hit... well guess which solo slooper got sunk by a skeleton galleon combined with a mermaid glitch... (didn't show up at all)... yea... i sunk with a lv 40 bounty voyage and 2 skelly sloops worth of loot cuz i didnt miss my shot...)
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