CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? Official Trailer (2019) Alexandra Daddario, Comedy Movie HD

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CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? Official Trailer (2019) Alexandra Daddario, Romance, Comedy Movie HD
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Esmae Willett
Esmae Willett 13 hours ago
this is literally a chapters story or and episode story
darkspd31 3 days ago
Welp, don't need to see that after the trailer, all covered
Alanna Flowers
Alanna Flowers 3 days ago
I know he probably didn’t mean to but it was wrong that he said all her secrets on tv with everyone laughing while watching
Sara V
Sara V 10 days ago
the one time I got upgraded in a flight, I ended up sitting with a douchebag who kept telling the flight attendant "you are here to serve me, bring me some water" still waiting to be seated next to a cute/cool guy, who then turns out to be my millionaire boss / the love of my life 😅🤣
Arlis Becton
Arlis Becton 12 days ago
That's that werewolf dude
Elisandra Santaella
Poxa parece ser um filme bom,mas pena que aqui no Brasil ainda não temos como assistir,pena mesmooooo
Rose PrimViolet
Rose PrimViolet 15 days ago
Did they just.... spoil the entire movie?
Annisa Elda
Annisa Elda 23 days ago
Best movieee 💜💜💜
big chungus
big chungus 25 days ago
I was considering watching this movie but now I've already seen the whole thing thanks to this trailer
المجنون ْ
المجنون ْ 28 days ago
ان شفت الفيلم .. الفيلم شلل .. بجنن .. كتييييير حلوو
zoe avant
zoe avant 29 days ago
it do be superman doe
Shuzheng Yi
Shuzheng Yi Month ago
This is so not an adaptation of the book that I couldnt put down without finishing it
So a movie about a woman who screws over her loyal husband whom wasted a decade of his life trying to please his wife and everyone is ok with that. Yeah, definitely not watching this movie.
Centre Antipoison
Centre Antipoison 23 days ago
shatteredsoldier81 What is she supposed to do? Live the rest of her life with a man she doesn’t like and pretend to be happy even though shes not? In both cases life would seem unfair.
Queen of Dark
Queen of Dark Month ago
The movie was boring and he’s not a werewolf in it .
Lisa J.
Lisa J. Month ago
omg that is one of the worst film i have ever seen
RUSTY Month ago
Low budget...copie of fifty shades of grey😅😅😅😅👍
Mesrop Panosyan
Mesrop Panosyan Month ago
The book is really good, but watching the trailer. I think they failed it . It doesn’t look good and acting doesn’t look good either 🙁
Lilly Month ago
is this safe to watch with parents?
dino matranas
dino matranas Month ago
I just watched the entire movie
Ella Belfiore
Ella Belfiore Month ago
Anyone here from Supergirl? Tyler as Superman.
Marlon Brice
Marlon Brice Month ago
Soooooooo she's just gonna bang her boss? No conflicts, huh?
Destiny Stevens
Destiny Stevens Month ago
That’s Derek Hale.
Gina T
Gina T Month ago
when she said "date" and her eyes got all big, that was so adorable
No Idea
No Idea Month ago
I love this movie :)
Əli Nihad
Əli Nihad Month ago
warkah harian
warkah harian Month ago
Mawar rindu bidadari
Naya Dat
Naya Dat 2 months ago
Fucking overrated ! ah wasted my time watching this stupid movie !
Anjali Rana
Anjali Rana 2 months ago
Where can I find this movie?
Gael Velazquez Rojas
I dont know can i
weeb-K-MM TRASH 2 months ago
The superman + the warewolf in this movie hmm interesting
Elin Gashi
Elin Gashi 2 months ago
I don’t know, but I feel like this is a wattpad story
Dima Acklan
Dima Acklan 2 months ago
I prefer the book already
SAN ART STUDIO 2 months ago
Beginning of the trailer was super
Hyper Somnia
Hyper Somnia 3 months ago
Don't watch movies like this!
donyamalak lolo
donyamalak lolo 3 months ago
this movie is boring
Karan Singh Pargai
Karan Singh Pargai 3 months ago
I just watched the whole movie!!!!!
vealck 3 months ago
I've seen this movie about a month ago. Right now I clicked on the trailer because I forgot that I've seen it. It says something about its quality.
Mahadev Devnath
Mahadev Devnath 3 months ago
Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández
Can you believe this shit?
I can’t think of a name
I will never get over how pretty her eyes are
Katherine Moreau
Katherine Moreau 3 months ago
Whats the name in french?
ᴛɪᴍᴀ sᴘᴀᴄᴇ
Is it available on Netflix? Or where can I watch it plz?
Icrat Lynn
Icrat Lynn 3 months ago
just read the book. I am so glad that there is a movie
draussie 3 months ago
This looks like an SJW movie of the year - the dog sold me at the end
Chii Chui
Chii Chui 3 months ago
Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe they made it into movie...😍🤩💖💖
aeri byun
aeri byun 3 months ago
My teacher in literature said to read the story and when I finished it she said this has a movie but she kinda won't give it to us so here i am watching trailer
Alfonso Khongwir
Alfonso Khongwir 4 months ago
For all those who complaining about the trailer , the movie is 2 to 3 hours, its not 3 mins.. And if u still have problem then stop watching the movie aftr watching the trailer.. Complaining about the 3mins trailer as if you have seen the full fckng movie with in 3mins..
Kayan 4 months ago
I remember reading this book years ago and only recently found out there is a movie!!! Going to watch!
הדר לוי
הדר לוי 4 months ago
The book was AMAZING!
Marlena Moh
Marlena Moh 4 months ago
oh Derek Hale is capable of laughing and being happy?
carlos black
carlos black 4 months ago
Who else rewind 01:27
Michael Grube
Michael Grube 4 months ago
Wood 2019
Wood 2019 4 months ago
I wish this wasn’t with American actors
Thats Nobody
Thats Nobody 4 months ago
They changed soo much from the book..the total book as a movie would b more interesting
Jug Atmos
Jug Atmos 4 months ago
nice story but THE most boring screenplay ever. save your time from watching. The trailer is good enough.
SuperKrock5 4 months ago
Read the book first!!!!!!
Champagne Darling
Champagne Darling 4 months ago
If you read the book u will think of rebel wilson or renee zellweger (or other comedy actress)to play it which will be hilarious and relatable...could be another Bridget jones diaries! but they end up just choosing a pretty face.....
Champagne Darling
Champagne Darling 4 months ago
The book is absolutely amazing and hilarious but this trailer is like plain.....boring
Sofia Randal
Sofia Randal 5 months ago
Who else felt like the movie was rushed..... movie was incomplete....
Anime Graveyard
Anime Graveyard Month ago
@Soul Fly wth
Soul Fly
Soul Fly 3 months ago
i agree she shoulda fucked half the city as well...
day movies
day movies 5 months ago
I read this book when I was sixteen and I loved it
Michael Cris
Michael Cris 5 months ago
*derek hale*
Arden Verdell
Arden Verdell 5 months ago
Of course his secrets are more important, he’s a wereworld and superman for god’s sake!
May 5 months ago
The book seems wayyy better and the main character was British and her boyf wasn't some weirdo uggh why do movies have to ruin everything
HELP 5 months ago
Elle devrait faire la série,.. la fille de Xena
Romani Gypsy
Romani Gypsy 5 months ago
Omg just saw this movie. Fantastic
Carlie Mendoza
Carlie Mendoza 5 months ago
Why is no one talking about how bad this movie is??? I watched it and let me tell you it is the worst movie I have ever seen. $20 budget everything, characters in the movie don’t match how they are in the book at all etc.. and it’s so disappointing Bc the book is gold, the book is so amazingly written. If you’re a fan of the book don’t waste your time on this garbage movie.
Carlie Mendoza
Carlie Mendoza 5 months ago
Maymuna honestly tho, they changed a ton of things about the characters. I advise you not to watch this movie is really a waste of time. Keep enjoying the book!
May 5 months ago
I'm half way through the book and this trailer looks so crap why do author's do this to their work I'll never understand and the main character being British was just taken out aswell like tf
ahmad alwqfi
ahmad alwqfi 5 months ago
Best movie in 2019😍❤️❤️
E1N 5 months ago
I only watch 5 seconds of trailers because I know watching it all would ruin the movie experience. The comments make it feel worth it to not watch the whole trailer.
Atiyat Mourtaji
Atiyat Mourtaji 5 months ago
Nous voulons le film complet en anglais avec la traduction en français ou en arabe s'il vous plaît
Aimen Aimen
Aimen Aimen 5 months ago
tihana sujica
tihana sujica 5 months ago
Seems stupid
Jamila Jamila
Jamila Jamila 6 months ago
T Ramdien
T Ramdien 6 months ago
Soda Lo
Soda Lo 6 months ago
derek hale, get back to beacon hills jesus christ the pack needs you
IamxnotxTheFl4sh 6 months ago
Tingting Qiu
Tingting Qiu 6 months ago
I cannot keep thinking her image in why women kill
Фильмы И Сериалы
ruvid.net/video/video---yWpO0WKO0.html Can You Keep a Secret? full film 1080p
V Y 6 months ago
Sophie Kinsela's undomestic goddess deserved to be made into a movie
Donna.Ft.Satan 6 months ago
Oh Dani
Oh Dani 6 months ago
Just noticed that this was based on the Sophie Kinsella book.
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