Can You Guess Who's Drunk | Part 3

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"Confidence to me always reads as drunk."
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Jun 15, 2019




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Comments 91
Echo Rae
Echo Rae 4 days ago
Do more
morg 12 days ago
If you close your eyes the female judge sounds a bit like Miley Cyrus.
Schittbrick2 2 months ago
If I where the drunk one everyone should know I would have wobbly legs and fall every two minutes 😆
Kelli Ann Abruzzeze
Kelli Ann Abruzzeze 2 months ago
When andrew said the scene from Macbeth i screamed i love the play Macbeth
Hartleyb83 2 months ago
drunk girl commentary..... "Should I get bangs?! This is a question I think about every day!" 🤣😂💇✂️ I feel your pain! Don't do it! Especially while you're drinking!
I love Queen Yeet
I love Queen Yeet 3 months ago
*ShOuLd I gEt BaNgS?*
Marla Stanfield
Marla Stanfield 3 months ago
What does Sober mean?
Kyndall Ann
Kyndall Ann 3 months ago
Marla Stanfield it means you are not drunk
Kyler Milling
Kyler Milling 3 months ago
I’ve guessed all of them right I would think of who and stay with them the whole time
Molly Sanchez
Molly Sanchez 3 months ago
Wow I love that black haired beauty! She's got real star power
Lena T
Lena T 3 months ago
do one where everyone is drunk and when every one is not drunk.. lol/ or kids who had. sugar or no sugar
Jus Amore
Jus Amore 3 months ago
I'm guess Cauline now
Life with A&N
Life with A&N 3 months ago
Y does is say game 2 two times🥴
leanna Armstrong
leanna Armstrong 3 months ago
Rose White
Rose White 3 months ago
“Oh aromas of green apple and citrus...mmmm... mhm... *and pLaStiC* “ I literally died 😂😂😂😂
Kate Singh
Kate Singh 3 months ago
wow good job
Cute Pandys
Cute Pandys 3 months ago
ryan 3 months ago
we love copying college humor
Anya Zhang
Anya Zhang 4 months ago
Game 1 Game 2 Game 2 Did any of you see that?
localsnowgirl 4 months ago
im sorry but th girl with the black hair in the middle is so annoying
Novia 4 months ago
i think the editor is drunk, it was supposed to be game 3 not game 2!!
Novia 3 months ago
Amber geez dude it was just a joke 🤦‍♀️😂
Amber 3 months ago
Are they not allowed to make a mistake?
Itsuki Nakamura
Itsuki Nakamura 4 months ago
All Americans Are drunk. They are all fat and smelly
casey tolpin
casey tolpin 4 months ago
I like this but I like the other format better!
Monsieur Candie
Monsieur Candie 4 months ago
i knew it
Banksy Ben
Banksy Ben 4 months ago
Anyone else thought the thumbnail was Elon Musk?
Dakotah Fidazzo
Dakotah Fidazzo 4 months ago
😂 they call this drunk...... LOL
Graphik Dezigns
Graphik Dezigns 4 months ago
I thought that was Elon Musk in the thumbnail. I came to guess that he was drunk. (And also stoned.).
Nicole Skinner
Nicole Skinner 4 months ago
"Should I get bangs?" hahahaha
Rebecca Rich
Rebecca Rich 4 months ago
I feel like it’s never the person it seems like it is
Britt Bagby
Britt Bagby 4 months ago
Who is drunk...? Me, in about 20 minutes.
Tim Tam
Tim Tam 4 months ago
I knew it was her seconds into the reading
Holly D'Accordo
Holly D'Accordo 4 months ago
don’t get bangs
recoil53 4 months ago
Get them a real bottle for winning!
Dear Diary
Dear Diary 4 months ago
Ok, I love Sam's personality, she seems so great
Alex Nicholson
Alex Nicholson 4 months ago
I had to learn the that whole Macbeth monologue off by heart for drama GCSE and instinctively started saying it out loud I’m having flash backs
Xander 22
Xander 22 4 months ago
C Breeze
C Breeze 4 months ago
Hell yeah called that from right when she first taljed
UwU 4 months ago
I had to remember that Romeo and Juliet line for a project at school so I was saying it as she read it 😂
The Sea Patrol Channel
BuzzFeed has gotten really weird
Paige Peach
Paige Peach 4 months ago
Whoa, I was like Becky(Keith’s wife) cut her hair?!
Sabrena C
Sabrena C 4 months ago
Who are these people!? 👎🏼
Fastmoon Gaming
Fastmoon Gaming 4 months ago
I was drunk while I was watching this video 😳
O. H. W.
O. H. W. 4 months ago
LOL!! Love this video!!! More please!!!
Ar Rm
Ar Rm 4 months ago
they need to bring foreigners next time. It would be harder to tell
Ar Rm
Ar Rm 4 months ago
fat foreigners who have problems with reading and walking
The Fun channel
The Fun channel 4 months ago
Love this comment if you love your fans
Pointless 4 months ago
elon musk is here
Youtube tabani
Youtube tabani 4 months ago
NoHaxJustMatt 4 months ago
Sub to my channel
Cat Nado
Cat Nado 4 months ago
We are one of the first
Brenden 4 months ago
Video idea: men try tampons up their butt to see what its like
Saeran 4 months ago
shaziathough 4 months ago
aaron kisitu
aaron kisitu 4 months ago
That's not the purpose
Adriano Condorelli
Adriano Condorelli 4 months ago
Feels the best!
Don't read my profile picture
sound GAY
Toraigh Holland
Toraigh Holland 4 months ago
Are they drunk or dyslexic... who knows
Obviously Shadow
Obviously Shadow 3 months ago
@Brianna Nguyen Hi I am William Thorne
Brianna Nguyen
Brianna Nguyen 3 months ago
Hi I’m Bella Thorne
Obviously Shadow
Obviously Shadow 4 months ago
Weet ik ook niet hahA
Tr1cky 4 months ago
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown 4 months ago
I’m a Lush but even when I’m sober everyone thinks I’m drunk. I’m like no I’m just weird & disoriented naturally 😣
Duchi 4 months ago
*_iM nOt DrUnk. YOUre dRUnk_*
Admiral Phoenix
Admiral Phoenix 4 months ago
woooooooooooow this is awersoe
ZakZapGaming 4 months ago
Subscribe too me
Sinnamin 4 months ago
Sub and I’ll sub back
Sanjeet Rai
Sanjeet Rai 4 months ago
I'm 323rd viewer And you?
Kimberly Nguyen
Kimberly Nguyen 4 months ago
I think we’re ALL drunk
Hollanow Turswoon
Hollanow Turswoon 4 months ago
Man this is the first time I am this fast woooohhh
Avery the Cuban-American
Everyone in the vid is drunk in their own way
Sanskar Wagley
Sanskar Wagley 4 months ago
Avery The Cuban-American I act drunk when I’m sober and sober when drunk
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