Can YOU Guess These 8 Celebrities By Their Funko Pop?

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Can YOU guess these 8 celebrities by their Funko Pop? Our Reactors try their hand at guessing some of the best-and worst-celebrity Funkos! Love guessing games? Then check out our Guess That playlist: fbereact.com/3e94z6q
We're gifting a few of these Funko Pops to our amazing SuperFam! - ruvid.net/u-reactjoin
Please note that this episode was filmed prior to FBE staff working remotely. We hope that all of you are safe and appreciate you watching and supporting. For more info, check out our vlog on how we're working from home: ruvid.net/video/video-h2GhWuaWVcA.html
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Can YOU Guess These 8 Celebrities By Their Funko Pop?
#React #Funkopop #GuessThat
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Apr 8, 2020




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Comments 100
REPLAY 7 months ago
What was your first Funko Pop? Let us know in the comments!
McNugget John
McNugget John 2 days ago
Max Dag
Max Dag 3 days ago
Austen Matthews
Fusion Bape
Fusion Bape Month ago
Pat sajak funko pop
AmandaPanda -Gaming!
*I don't own a Funko Pop.*
The Pop King
The Pop King 3 months ago
ISRAEL BARNES 24 days ago
Bigge ducking smalls
ISRAEL BARNES 24 days ago
I know all them this os ez
GM. Chaos
GM. Chaos Month ago
Michelle's Hair!!!
TeA & Kookkiess
TeA & Kookkiess Month ago
Seth looks like Jaxon kind of to me
smagicx Month ago
10:04 is that a jojos reference?
Rich 101
Rich 101 Month ago
Dude I couldn’t be in the same room as Michelle I’d be too nervous lmao she’s pretty.
Mitsune Kusajishi
1:21 Who? *Nani*? When? Where? How? Also i want that Ed Sheren pop.
Bri unicornpoop
Bri unicornpoop Month ago
Why I think Adam is similar to Trump? :'"" " but Adam I like u guy
excalipoor Month ago
Being an old person. I don’t know Quavo. Nailed the other ones.
Julianna Rios
Julianna Rios Month ago
Can you do can you guess that 8 celebrities funky pop 2#
Creepy Month ago
Brittany Dela Cruz
My most favourite funko pop is Tom Riddle
JoeWaylo Gaming
JoeWaylo Gaming Month ago
8,366 Funko Pops exist to date.
Paige4815162342 Month ago
Jackie Kennedy's inauguration dress was actually a beige/off white color. The cover of life magazine at the time shows the true color.
Agnieszka Jarecka
Agnieszka Jarecka 2 months ago
i got 5/8.got quavo/notorious big /katie keneddy wrong,my fav funko pop was mariah carey
Aiswarya Mahadevan
Aiswarya Mahadevan 2 months ago
4:13 WTF was that??
Hannah 2 months ago
I thought 6:00 was Donald Trump.
Camila Pickles
Camila Pickles 2 months ago
please do part 2
AmandaPanda -Gaming!
Shreya Sunil
Shreya Sunil 2 months ago
i was just like DONALD TRUMP
Damien Black
Damien Black 2 months ago
Who else thought Ed Sheeran was Rhett
Shogun Shadow fight
Shogun Shadow fight 2 months ago
Where is Freddie mercury funko
Noah King
Noah King 2 months ago
Jayka and Seth look like a couple #sayka2020
Chloé Lermusieaux élève
The only funko pop i have is harry potter cuz im a complete potterhead
TheHypozonian 3 months ago
5:40 Who is this figure? Me: boss baby
Rivers Zenonian
Rivers Zenonian 3 months ago
I have biggie
Breathing's Moving Castle
I got a biggie smalls with jersey as my first
Heaven-fay Scroggins
last one R.I.P B.I.G
Heaven-fay Scroggins
my first 2 my first ones was a 2 pack the I.R.S and the milliondollar man from WWE
Heaven-fay Scroggins
i knew them all imma huge collecter
Charli and Addison
Charli and Addison 3 months ago
Is it just me or will Jayka and Seth make a cute couple...♥️ Like helo 🤗
Tik Tok mashups
Tik Tok mashups 3 months ago
Tik Tok mashups
Tik Tok mashups 3 months ago
emily vy
emily vy 3 months ago
who else thought it was celebrity singers lol
Jay Jo
Jay Jo 3 months ago
Ainsley 3 months ago
Imagine if someone wrote Rupert Grint instead of Ed Sheeran Lol.
Tadija Krstanovic
Tadija Krstanovic 3 months ago
Michelles hair is everything I need
psukwanto 3 months ago
Isn't this saying that funko design all looks the same 🤣🤣
James the Chonky pizza boi
Lemongrab funko pop
eenshcobob 3 months ago
My first funko was a Darth maul even though I lost it
eenshcobob 3 months ago
1:22 that looks amazing
MCP Entertainment
MCP Entertainment 3 months ago
can you guess 8 celebrities by their patronus
S1lencer 3 months ago
Guess fnaf security breach character by funko pop
Olivia Shanks
Olivia Shanks 3 months ago
I was slamming my head against the wall when they were tripping on Prince William. I immediately knew that that was prince William with they showed the toy on its own. The toy was a spot on Prince William.
Jean Marie
Jean Marie 4 months ago
Let Funko Pop in their boxes !
Not Straight
Not Straight 4 months ago
Valerie Torrence
Valerie Torrence 4 months ago
The only one I didn't get was that Quavo guy...but I'm surprised so many missed Biggie!
poot fish
poot fish 4 months ago
4:30 fallout 3 fans listen to the song
Sanjiiv Kumar
Sanjiiv Kumar 4 months ago
Glory glory man united
ferretface music
ferretface music 4 months ago
my first funko pop was draco malfoy
Venom 4 months ago
I got everyone I knew. They are pretty distinguishable. Funko does a good job.
Neri Ashley Cabajar
Neri Ashley Cabajar 4 months ago
RIP Notorious B.I.G.
Neri Ashley Cabajar
Neri Ashley Cabajar 4 months ago
Positive, Prince William is British!
Bella Dow
Bella Dow 4 months ago
Fun Fact: I share a B-Day with Ellen
Rudyreviews And More
4 my dads birthday last year, my mom got him a funko pop of prince william because everyone always says he looks like him so it is kinda like his own pop! 😂
Rudyreviews And More
4:51 i legit thought that was Clara Barton lol 😂
Rudyreviews And More
REACT mine was a superman from 2012
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 4 months ago
Prince William "just any white man"
Lady Dyke Vader
Lady Dyke Vader 4 months ago
That Funko Pop looked more like Putin than William and we all know that
pinkraddit 4 months ago
Fun fact: Ed Sheeran is a singer
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 4 months ago
Prince William is balding in the middle
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 4 months ago
Tony hawk hair is not blonde
yosh 4 months ago
It was when he was younger
Rizaly Telen Jr.
Rizaly Telen Jr. 4 months ago
I want that Mariah Carey Funko Pop😭
Razulca •
Razulca • 4 months ago
0 right
Lora Sweeten
Lora Sweeten 4 months ago
i could not think of mariah careys last name i was oile mariah mariah mariah what the heck is her last name then i freaked out when they were like mariah carey and im like im so stupid
Riley Nicole
Riley Nicole 4 months ago
*tony falls over* “omg tony” 😂😂
ye_its_me_jim Animations
The Ellen one was the best
england toys
england toys 4 months ago
I bet the first one is ed sheeran
Luca Suykens
Luca Suykens 4 months ago
Sync_illusionzz 4 months ago
Biggie smalls was the easiest
anahi 4 months ago
who else got the notorious big right
i like trains
i like trains 4 months ago
At 9:22 my first thought was, LIL NAS X. Sadly, it was wrong :(
diskidissorry supersorry
lol biggie smalls tho
Mikey12b JM
Mikey12b JM 4 months ago
I know that they had too but it pains me to see the funko pops out of their boxes
Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon 4 months ago
Oml look at the views that is a *lot*
Brittany Clark
Brittany Clark 4 months ago
I feel Adam knows all of the funkorpop bc he touch the things and looked at the things. Like if you a agree
Astrid Animates
Astrid Animates 4 months ago
On the Prince William one I panicked and said Donald trump(:
Pelin 011
Pelin 011 4 months ago
Ayan Gurung
Ayan Gurung 4 months ago
Who thought it was lil nas x in the notorious b.i.g
Another YouTube animator
It doesn't help I didn't know who any of them where
Youneedsome waterrr • 153 years ago
3:26 I can't be the only one who thought Marilyn Monroe
Steph Dixon
Steph Dixon 4 months ago
I love gunkos I collect rhem
Dillon Haggett
Dillon Haggett 4 months ago
Who the hell is Quevo?
bake1973 4 months ago
How did no one get biggie smalls I'm 12 and instantly got that and I'm not into his genre of music I just no him and his look
Cooper Hampson
Cooper Hampson 4 months ago
Adam is like the more grown up max
TikTokVids 4 months ago
10:00 LoL i thought Lil’ Nas X
Radia Davids
Radia Davids 4 months ago
8:32 defs Niall or Ellen, you can never know
Swirl 4 months ago
I thought the Prince William one was bill clinton for a min
I just chocked on my cheerios
I only knew ellen....
Roblox h3ll0_l1ly
Roblox h3ll0_l1ly 4 months ago
5:08 Nancy from stranger things??
Horse Lover
Horse Lover 4 months ago
I only know 1 of these
Josh Haddix Vlogs
Josh Haddix Vlogs 4 months ago
I only got 3
Halen Warren
Halen Warren 4 months ago
Halen Warren
Halen Warren 4 months ago
I didn't know tony Haw
Crawlspace_ Cosplay
Crawlspace_ Cosplay 4 months ago
Jackie kendie do be looking like madam pomfree from Harry Potter (sorry if I spelled madam pomfree wrong)
DoodyDraws 4 months ago
I made a custom funko pop of myself for my 21st Bday ✌️😁😁
Swaggy mc nuggy
Swaggy mc nuggy 4 months ago
I thought the last one was big Shaq
Rachel Strange
Rachel Strange 4 months ago
I think my first was from stranger things el
Mihir S K
Mihir S K 4 months ago
Is nobody gonna point out that someone didn’t know one of the most important First Ladies in the history of the US?
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