Can YOU Guess the Pixar Movie? - Can You Guess Them!?!

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The TopSpot
The TopSpot Year ago
More Challenges For Disney Super-Fans: ruvid.net/group/PLgnEFsdYiMaNC7aCqdztLw8pr8PsDPE7k
Anthonyas 21
Anthonyas 21 Year ago
Can You Guess Them!?! ruvid.net/video/video-Y2Qp0b9KeeEd.htmlxvbbbnnnnmmmmm bhhuttft
Irina Cebotaru
Can You Guess Them!?! It’s so hard the first one was so easy. OMG
Johanna DΓ­az
Can You Guess Themd
Scott Pullman
Scott Pullman Year ago
Can You Guess Them!?! Big bbj
Calvin Slonaker-Hayes
wow that was easy. easiest was number 8 the incredibles
Reaper Leviathan
Reaper Leviathan 10 days ago
I made bonus worth 2 points Correct: 14 Incorrect: 7
Mini Freshie
Mini Freshie 12 days ago
1. Up 2. Toy story 3. Idk 4. Idk 5. Idk 6. Idk 7. Idk 8. Incredibles 9. Idk 10. Idk 11. Idk 12. Brave 13. Idk 14. Coco 15. Idk Bonus. Idk Bonus. Cars 3 Bonus. Idk Yikes....
SofiaGamerAnd Watcher
I have 9 because my phones sound quality is really bad
Chantae Thomas
Chantae Thomas 16 days ago
Oh my. Gosh like. Gasp. Into the. How. The. Ways. Like. Truth. Wise like (:" 😱 Iam. Sorry. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž But. okay Lily I have no idea how the game started but right now I did watch pixar of course πŸ˜βœ‹ like that's it's okay I got so startup me but then I started slipping out words by the last one like it was toy story 3 but not that is but God. Like. Hehe. Excuse me for myself trying πŸ˜βœ‹. Like. That was πŸ˜‚. cars 3. Like. My brain was. Box. Wise. Like. For. The explanation like. ,(:': jolly of the season 😱. Oh. Crap like. Sorry I didn't mean that it was just a pie slip into conclusions. πŸ˜¬πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ But. A Halloween game. (;: That's. So. Hard. But. That's ok. Like that's. Just. Fun. πŸ˜†πŸ‘:" )
Francesco Sinagra
Francesco Sinagra 18 days ago
Ivy Jefferson
Ivy Jefferson 18 days ago
yes please but in songs
Ivy Jefferson
Ivy Jefferson 18 days ago
i like guessing with my friend
Marietjie Matthee
Marietjie Matthee 19 days ago
Vanessa Carnow
Vanessa Carnow 20 days ago
I cried for number 6, 'Homestead' from The Good Dinosaur...
Joseph Aviles
Joseph Aviles 25 days ago
Some are just soundtracks not songs so here’s a tip how about you put songs instead of soundtracks
Ruben Castaneda
Ruben Castaneda 29 days ago
15/15 3/3
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson Month ago
i love you
Cayleb Short
Cayleb Short Month ago
Annebell Brelly
Annebell Brelly Month ago
These all made me cry lol
Kaylee Koo
Kaylee Koo Month ago
Kaylee Koo
Kaylee Koo Month ago
Toy stoy
Kaylee Koo
Kaylee Koo Month ago
crash 99
crash 99 2 months ago
I got every single one at split. Second but toy story and cars are my favourite and always will be and up is too and probably every one
Kelly Oyen
Kelly Oyen 2 months ago
That was fun. I knew most of the songs because I'm a Disney movie expert and a expert on most of the songs from the movies.
Zak De la mare
Zak De la mare 3 months ago
Up Toy story Monsters Inc Nemo Cars The good dinosaur Wally The Incredibles Inside out Toy story A bug's Life Brave Rata skeleton Toy story Monsters university Cars Finding Dory
crash 99
crash 99 3 months ago
2:08 cars intro but this is also the first movies theme im american pla...
crash 99
crash 99 3 months ago
I knew every single one + Toy story makes me so emotional as well as cars cuz i watched them every single day when i was 3-5 yrs old and on ps3 i played these games called Toy story 3 video game and cars 2 the videogame and im still watching and playing those games
Nomad of Ruby
Nomad of Ruby 3 months ago
Nintenjoe 4 months ago
1. Up 2. Toy Story 3. Monsters Inc. 4. Finding Nemo 5. Cars 6. ??? 7. ??? 8. The Incredibles 9. Inside Out 10. Toy Story 3 11. ??? 12. Brave 13. Ratatouille 14. Coco 15. Toy Story 2 Bonus 1. ??? Bonus 2. Cars 3 Bonus 3. ???
PapaThanos 2 months ago
Little Blue Fox Artist
I got almost all of them right!
Little Blue Fox Artist
Bonus 2 - Cars 3
Little Blue Fox Artist
Bonus 1 - Monsters University
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 15 - Toy Story 2
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 14 - COCO
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 12 - Brave
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 10 - Umm...
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 9 - Inside Out
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 8 - The Incredibles
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 7 - Walle
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 6 - The Good Dinosaur
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 5 - Cars
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 4 - Finding Nemo
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 3 - Monsters Inc.
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 2 - Toy Story
Little Blue Fox Artist
Number 1 - Up
Ido Orion
Ido Orion 5 months ago
Is it a guess if I know for sure?
UPixarFan 95
UPixarFan 95 5 months ago
YASSSS got them all right, baby! In 2 seconds STAT 1) The Up Theme Song 2)You’ve Got A Friend in me from Toy Story 3) Monsters Inc Theme 4)Finding Dory Theme 5) Life is a Highway From Cars! 6) The Good Dinosaur Theme 7) A song from Walle (dunno da name) 8) YAAAAA BABY THE INCREDIBLES 9) Inside Out Theme 10) Toy Story 3’s Song! 11) A Bugs Life 12) Brave 13) Ratatouille 14) Un Poco Loco From Coco! 15) When Somebody Loved me From Toy Story 2❀️❀️❀️❀️ YASSS 16) Monsters University School Band 17) Run That Race From Cars 3 love it! 18) Finding Dory.... again.
Jacob xd Boi
Jacob xd Boi 5 months ago
1 up 2 toy story 1 3 monsters inc 4 finding nemo 5 cars 6 the good dinosaur 7 wall e 8 the incredibles 9 inside out 10 toy story 3 11 a bugs life 12 brave 13 ratatouille 14 coco 15 toy story 2 Bonus round 1 monsters University 2 cars 3 3 finding dory
Gaming Alpha 101
Gaming Alpha 101 5 months ago
Guess the Pixar movie by emojis: 1: 😱 πŸšͺ πŸ‘§πŸ» 2: 🏎 🚜🏁 3: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜₯ 😑 4: πŸ€ πŸ§€ πŸ“– 5: πŸ’€ 🎡 🐢 6: πŸ•Έ πŸ¦— 🐀 7: πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘” 🚐 8: 🌌 πŸ₯Ύ 🌱
Maria Maldonado
Maria Maldonado 5 months ago
Number 2 easiest one
Becky C.
Becky C. 5 months ago
After Number #1 - Officer: "Well, we found her dead from a broken heart sir..." I feel attacked right now... omg. Right from the start?! At least ease us into the tears!!
The Dinosaur Heretic
A Bugs Life, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., Wall-E, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Up, and the Toy Story movies are the only Pixar movies worth watching. Everything else is sub par at best.
Jannabelle The great phoenix2241
is ot bad that i got only 14/18 :'(
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