Can YOU Guess The Movie Location In Real Life!? | Guess That Movie Location

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From the Joker stairs to the Quiet Place bridge, can our Reactors guess which movies these real life locations are from? Love guessing games? Then check out our Guess That playlist: fbereact.com/3e94z6q
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Can YOU Guess The Movie Location In Real Life!? | Guess That Movie Location


Published on


Mar 15, 2020




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Comments 100
Donna C
Donna C Day ago
But Brandon those vampires are different the house in the movie is secluded and their skin doesn’t burn in sunlight it shines!
Ronan Pike
Ronan Pike 2 days ago
Eyyyyy Kingston ny. Anyone else from the 845?
CC_Caleb14 Gaming
i knew ALL of the movies, and i loved the Creed one, i love so much those movies
CC_Caleb14 Gaming
does Kenneth even watch movies ?
Greig Butler
Greig Butler 6 days ago
The restaurant was in Rocky Balboa (6) before it was in creed
Kelliy Lovez
Kelliy Lovez 6 days ago
6:12 that’s legit descents!
Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer 7 days ago
Jaxon and Brandon should be put together more often
Muhammad Ibrahim Ali Khan
When the lady with the grey top was making fun of the other lady about the joker stairs and then got it wrong herself XD
Rad G
Rad G 20 days ago
a quiet place is the easiest one for me
Jordyn Mazille
Jordyn Mazille 20 days ago
as soon as i saw the cullen's house I screamed "CULLEN HOUSE" i knew straight awayyyyyyyyyyyy
Ninja RaineR
Ninja RaineR 21 day ago
The Twilight house I was thinking in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" house lol
Dakota The Daring
I thought the 2nd was it follows
Stop Acting Crazy
Stop Acting Crazy 23 days ago
ahhhhh i was literally screaming decendants and i was wrong :(
Taehyungie love Jungkookie
Bro i knew that was twilight the first i saw it😂
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 28 days ago
That is not Oxford's Christ Church Cathedral! The cathedral in Oxford is just a relatively small part of the grounds of Christ Church, which is one of the largest colleges in Oxford University. (Every college has a chapel, and the cathedral at Christ Church is not really all that much bigger than some of the other college chapels; it's an old church/priory around which the college grew.) Those steps lead to The Hall - upon which Hogwarts Hall was modelled, and where many of the students and tutors eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner - which is close to but ultimately an entirely separate part of the college to the cathedral.
Loko_Dragon27 29 days ago
I actually knew all the answers before these people guess the answers
Douglas Neves
Douglas Neves Month ago
Jordan's so damn cute omg
Cassandra Morrison
I know where the original House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price was filmed. Same place Deckard lived in BLADE RUNNER and Angel lived (after he returned from Hell) in BTVS. The Ennis-Brown House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles, CA.
Angel D365
Angel D365 Month ago
This is awesome!! I am loving this!omg the castle from Descendants and X-Men!
Helena Sommar
Helena Sommar Month ago
So I got 6 (all right for me) because I’ve never seen 7 :)
Maya Avelarde
Maya Avelarde Month ago
[RNG] Shockey [TSM] Shockey
That noise got me dead
Bark Bark
Bark Bark Month ago
Me:Harry potter also me:I never even watched Harry Potter tho ;-;
Wxndxll Month ago
8:58 my dumb self thought that was from the incredibles :/
Me_is_Christon _
Tbh the twilight one looks like Franklin's house in GTA 5
Cc Corona
Cc Corona Month ago
I didn't watch the movie in theatres cause I was a little scared but then I watched it in DVD with a sound speaker , 😨couldn't sleep for one night.
beuh bruv
beuh bruv Month ago
0:47 is it just me or does the girl look like a discount pokimane
Emma Gerety
Emma Gerety Month ago
I thought the twilight house was Ferris buellers day off
Dragon Playz
Dragon Playz Month ago
4:02 Did anyone noticed that there is a Joker's face on the left wall
T3MPT Dinx
T3MPT Dinx Month ago
Dude I thought of stand by me for the bridge too
654 321
654 321 Month ago
Wasnt the great hall in the studio and not in a cathedral?
Feliciti Ethridge
Feliciti Ethridge 2 months ago
Haha Brandon is right..I watched “A Quiet Place” in theaters and I hated it because it was so quiet but it is really such a good movie.
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley 2 months ago
The clown face on the wall gave the Joker away
QueenShireen 2 months ago
I have to say, although I didn't reconize the bridge. I knew that it must be a horror/apocalypse thing. I was right in that. Not seen that movie yet but I want to. Never gonna watch Twilight, never. Hahaha. Edit : OMG the bridge was named in the info part - LOL, I totally missed that .. xD
Petski0001 2 months ago
Anyone know where I can get the clips from? I would like to use them in Triva :)
Richard Morao
Richard Morao 2 months ago
5:56 is that not also the school from descendants? I have not seen descendants in a while but i remember seeing The fairy godmother talking about the past or something
Sarah McKee
Sarah McKee 2 months ago
The only movie location I’ve had a chance to visit is A Christmas Carol (1984 version) in Shrewsbury, England. So fun to walk through the streets where it was shot!
Selena Yates
Selena Yates 2 months ago
I got two right
Mykasan 2 months ago
only two i didn't get. this version was easier for me.
Zareyia T
Zareyia T 2 months ago
I’m from the Bronx and the fact that i used these steps my whole life and have seen hundreds of people fall down these steps , homeless drunk people fight on these steps, and groups of men catcalling on these steps, turn into a tourist attraction blows my mind completely 😂😂😂 Joker was an amazing movie tho
Paul Kropman
Paul Kropman 2 months ago
I visited the house from mrs. Doubtfire it was in San Francisco
Callie’s Vibes
Callie’s Vibes 2 months ago
I was thinking for the second one either “Rose Red” or “The Shining”
ana’s edits
ana’s edits 2 months ago
cant believe i got creed right
Stephen Flanagan
Stephen Flanagan 2 months ago
There was no restaurant in finding nemo
SSSANITHU !!! 2 months ago
The X-Men one was also the same as the Descendants location aswell
Emma Hewis
Emma Hewis 2 months ago
I knew hp but I thought it was obvious...
Pulse Diva
Pulse Diva 2 months ago
Me first ITS HARRY POTTER I’m a gryfindor potter head ❤️💛❤️💛🦁🦁🦁
Demon Fx
Demon Fx 2 months ago
4:39 cing cong cing cong mother f*ck said hunger games
upmostdynasty gaming
Lol the joker movie took place near my old school the Bronx lol
Bees Gunpla
Bees Gunpla 2 months ago
Stranger things
Bees Gunpla
Bees Gunpla 2 months ago
Kevin Carranza
Kevin Carranza 2 months ago
10:27 It looks like that bridge from the movie the strangers prey at night when the girl was getting chased my truck
Neri Ashley Cabajar
Neri Ashley Cabajar 2 months ago
Creed reminds me of Rocky, because his wife Aubrey has died! It is just a story!
Bianca Melgar
Bianca Melgar 2 months ago
I’ve missed Jordan 🥺
Hobbs Dunne
Hobbs Dunne 2 months ago
I thought the 1 was Ferris Buehler day off and idk y
Kai Kelly
Kai Kelly 3 months ago
Little Eddie
Little Eddie 3 months ago
Y’all should do a react to don toliver
Bruins Gaming
Bruins Gaming 3 months ago
Kenneth - I’m just gonna guess. Also Kenneth - F*CK
FaZe Piku
FaZe Piku 3 months ago
Bro I thought the red house was faris bulars day off
Kratos ReignZ
Kratos ReignZ 3 months ago
I’m pretty sure I didn’t get one right
Angel Osorio
Angel Osorio 3 months ago
4:11 literally gives you a hint of what it is
KSCG Guy 3 months ago
I'm quite upset that barely anyone got that location from Creed.
Abbe G
Abbe G 3 months ago
You cant see a shit with the texts
CM Blitz
CM Blitz 3 months ago
Nemo I’m dead 🤣
Zach Varga
Zach Varga 3 months ago
The x-men house is queens mansion in the arrow as well
MehRacoon 3 months ago
i thought the x-men place was descendants
Sophia Cerin
Sophia Cerin 3 months ago
Request: Part 2 of this Disney Edition (8 rounds)
Sof F.
Sof F. 3 months ago
The first one was kinda obvious in my opinion...
Nicole Fragosa
Nicole Fragosa 3 months ago
Omgggg izzy is giving me jlooo vibessss
Spartan Locke
Spartan Locke 3 months ago
8:55 flaw you keeped the thing that reacted wrote still up on
Alexander Kincaid
Alexander Kincaid 3 months ago
The easet one was the staircase from joker because jokers face is right there
G2 Oscar
G2 Oscar 3 months ago
Why does Jordan always says that She said I feel so dumb she is not
Anders Fagård
Anders Fagård 3 months ago
Well i got everyone rigth exept x-men , a quiet place and creed
FriendS Playz
FriendS Playz 3 months ago
The only one I knew was the quiet place one ;-;
Ewan Schoeman
Ewan Schoeman 3 months ago
Who else thought the twilight house was in pinapple exrpess
Karim Aziz Kembo
Karim Aziz Kembo 3 months ago
Ashby is the best. What a good character 🤣🤣
Slanted Nsimz
Slanted Nsimz 3 months ago
That twilight house looks like franklins house in gta 5
Adam Wicken
Adam Wicken 3 months ago
I just thought the X-Men building was from descendants 3
zeya 3 months ago
ashby should come more often
Minja Matović
Minja Matović 3 months ago
4:04 there is a literal poster on the wall
Random Stuff and ye
Random Stuff and ye 3 months ago
I thought the twilight house was a house from horrible bosses😂
Tómas Valur Þór Bjarkason
The x-men house was so easy cuz I rewatch quicksilver saving everyone in it !!! Like over and over and over and over and over again
Boss Gee Gaming
Boss Gee Gaming 3 months ago
Yeah! Ashby my dude nailing it again! haha
CM Puk
CM Puk 3 months ago
SpineChill 3 months ago
Uncles Jewelry near those joker stairs got looted during riots
Finnginn Family Vlog
more of this! i enjoyed it.
Nabia Zaheer
Nabia Zaheer 3 months ago
7:47 is it oliver's house from the green arrow
Skeptic Zero
Skeptic Zero 3 months ago
Izzy is dumb that does not look like lotr
AG14 3 months ago
The house reminds me of arrow and the queen mansion
AG14 Month ago
Steph Hulme actually??? thanks for confirming i had no idea
Steph Hulme
Steph Hulme Month ago
I believe it is the same location, it was also used in Smallville and Descendants
I'mEltiziN' 3 months ago
I just got 3 points...
arnaud doucerin
arnaud doucerin 3 months ago
I did know the birdbox
Jasmin Medrano
Jasmin Medrano 3 months ago
please react to mac miller!!!
Xagonity 3 months ago
U 9 0
Miss_Drift 3 months ago
X-men Xavier school for gifted = auradon prep I compared the 2 pics and the EXACT place!!!!!
Babie Strawberry
Babie Strawberry 4 months ago
Imagine just looking out your window and see some guy with weird ass makeup on and cameras around a staircase-
cool bron
cool bron 4 months ago
Izzy kinda looks like young J Lo 😭😭😭she’s so beautiful
KSCG Guy 4 months ago
Do more of these, they're fun.
KSCG Guy 4 months ago
I can't believe nobody guessed Rocky Balboa instead of Creed.
younis abualia
younis abualia 4 months ago
I literally knew the bridge
amber 4 months ago
im glad im not the only one who saw a bridge and immediately went to stand by me
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