Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #6

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Can Jamie find Danny before the sun sets?
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Oct 10, 2019




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Comments 6 287
Vat19 2 months ago
The latest episode is out! ruvid.net/video/video-U3rWIwVcNio.html
Dr N Hasan
Dr N Hasan 2 days ago
Dr N Hasan
Dr N Hasan 2 days ago
Vat19 Wish I could come
Amber Sawyer
Amber Sawyer Month ago
Ya the latest episode is this oone
Zornitza Family Estate
Danny is really bad at cleaning the shop and you always need help finding Danny but still good at this
IQ_Bal 2 months ago
11:07 Dude, the EFFECT, damn, so cool😂😂😂
Camel 14 hours ago
Prediction:Danny saying “bright” is a clue
RobotGamer08 19 hours ago
4:46 did he say daddy or Danny? Edit was I had the wrong time stamp
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 20 hours ago
12:57 If Danny didn't say yes he probably would've won lmfao
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 20 hours ago
Um, why does it say kill on the door at 1:26
The_Hybrid Day ago
“Danny?” “Yes.”
Shannon Fauth
Sara Kourula
Sara Kourula Day ago
He really cleaned up the room
2020 anyone
Wate Brandon
Wate Brandon 2 days ago
Cool and don’t ever firer Danny okkkkk
Foxes 4ever
Foxes 4ever 2 days ago
poketdoom 2 days ago
no notes going to tell you go to disneyworld lmao you just foreshadowed the most recent one
kaan’s YT CH
kaan’s YT CH 2 days ago
nikkow venne
nikkow venne 2 days ago
Curiositystream.com looked interesting
abu bakr mozawalla
Danny is the best cleaner ever
creepy lee
creepy lee 2 days ago
2:23 did be just say assfall?
Respect to Grandma
Kill? 1:25
24 hour challenge
0;15 the nam is jam
I dont even know
I dont even know 2 days ago
8:45 I thought he said "dadddyyyyyy" he said "dannnyyyyyy" 😂😂😂
Lyka Tabieros
Lyka Tabieros 2 days ago
8:44 thought he said "daddy" 🤣 Am i litterally watching adults playing hide and seek🤣😂
GiderSnizer Drud
GiderSnizer Drud 2 days ago
2:04 I'd be happy if SHE was in here
Jalbesbe 2 days ago
If he never said hey I don't think he would have been found, especially not in time because he was about to drop down not turn around
Alma Ward
Alma Ward 2 days ago
No. He did not clean up 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Megan Malchow
Megan Malchow 3 days ago
It did not happen
xxshakerbladexx X
I would LOVE to work at Vat19 😂
Jawad Aslam
Jawad Aslam 3 days ago
John: it was so dark in there
Jawad Aslam
Jawad Aslam 3 days ago
There is a note on the silver pipe
Jawad Aslam
Jawad Aslam 3 days ago
6:37 the note says TURN OFF THE LIGHTS .He must have written with invisible ink
Kittycat 6762
Kittycat 6762 3 days ago
Nobody: Me: jaMIeS in THe dArk
Bebbo 3 days ago
Danny's smart enough to be the boss.
Super Cool GMZW 7
Gacha Em
Gacha Em 5 days ago
Morgan Barry
Morgan Barry 7 days ago
Danny:yes I'll clean up the shop! 5 years later Jaimie:did you clean up the shop yet? Danny:NOPE!🤣😂🤣😂
Connlly Williams
Connlly Williams 7 days ago
Richard Spicer
Richard Spicer 8 days ago
did anyone notice the avenger reference. " hey big guy the suns getting real low".
LukeTV 9 days ago
judging by the way Danny works, he still probably cleaned it
Daniel Waters
Daniel Waters 9 days ago
Yes. It's usually messier
Lisa Radford
Lisa Radford 9 days ago
He did not clean up
Daniel Henry
Daniel Henry 11 days ago
Never seen anything cleaner
MrsMoonical•UwU 11 days ago
Olivia Giles
Olivia Giles 13 days ago
That was so close Jamie you nearly did not find him
Olivia Giles
Olivia Giles 13 days ago
Yes your right
Coast Cast
Coast Cast 13 days ago
I love your video
Elusorycolt TTV
Elusorycolt TTV 15 days ago
Plot twist danny is working the whole time but the boss never checks
annie here
annie here 15 days ago
At 1:26 there are yellow letters spelling a word what’s the word?
Danger mouse2187
Danger mouse2187 16 days ago
10:07 : hey big guy the sun is getting real low. Did no one eles get that reference? Cough cough marvel
Mouza Al zaabi
Mouza Al zaabi 16 days ago
Never stop making these videos
kimsview 17 days ago
What ever is the first number of you like than this is who you are 1:Danny 2:Joey 3:Jamie 4:Jon 5:Eric (I miss him) 6:Kara
• H O P E •
• H O P E • 18 days ago
He found him but Danny didn’t work😂
SDKFAN 420 19 days ago
I love the video
Proud Hindustani
Proud Hindustani 19 days ago
Jamie:”what would you call what your doing right now?” Danny “working” Jamie “Is this something you do a lot of?” Danny “Don’t try to it seems silly and I’m exhausted uh I don’t know why anyone does this.”
carlotitaish 19 days ago
he never cleand it.
Drew Higginbotham
Drew Higginbotham 20 days ago
sorry uhm but JOEY IS SO HOT LIKE his beauty is amazing
Baby meep LoL
Baby meep LoL 21 day ago
Dalton Romo
Dalton Romo 21 day ago
I went away from the vid to check abd it played the beginning but it cut out where it said “ I like to hide from my boss to get fu”
Moisty Mangos
Moisty Mangos 22 days ago
He onistly cleaned the shop pretty good
Celia Mary
Celia Mary 21 day ago
How do you spell honestly wrong
Hobi's Jams
Hobi's Jams 22 days ago
BRIGHT enough to find me *ohhhhhh*
TrespassingT-Rex 22 days ago
I just want to thank the comments for not spoling the answer. Y'all the real MVPs.
Julia Sichka
Julia Sichka 22 days ago
When he said I’m rooting for you he is probably rooting something🤔🤭
Elmer Johnson
Elmer Johnson 22 days ago
It happened but he did not do well
The creeper of cool Cole
Text: I’ll be rooting for you Me: trees have roots Text : I will take a nap Me: hammock Text : cute fire Me: wild fire baby tree and groot
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