Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #12

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Can Danny evade his boss all day without being found?
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Comments 80
undyne the undying
undyne the undying 2 minutes ago
Has he ever hidden is SIGHT
Maanav Maharjan
Maanav Maharjan 13 hours ago
My favorite episode of hidden in plain sight
Daxus FN
Daxus FN 19 hours ago
How was ADDAAAM! running like that it was abnormal fastest man alive in my opinion he went faster than a fucking telsa.
Laurelle Sheng
I don’t know how Jamie didn’t fire everyone
Dance Mom Ronda
this is my fav hidden in plain sight
Peixiao Lin
Peixiao Lin Day ago
Jamie: Nobody can poop for that long Also Jamie: *Goes in bathroom* JOEY!!!??? Me: 🤣😹😂
Oopsitsdeleted • 92 Years and
Vat19 is basically a RUvid channel with a lot of merch
nicole healy
nicole healy Day ago
Danny:YoU nEeD tO sNeAk OuT Adam : My LiFe DePeNdS oN tHiS l MuSt RuN fAsTeR tHaN eVeR !!!!!!!!
The Fam
The Fam Day ago
Watermelon Gacha Plays
This is my favorite so far
Khoi Tran
Khoi Tran Day ago
Im on your team jamie, Lets gooooooooooo
Medha Abboju
Medha Abboju Day ago
Check aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaverywhere
4 and 6
4 and 6 Day ago
It would've been funny if Jon just dropped the camera and joined the others
Madiha Taj
Madiha Taj 2 days ago
This was the best one!!!
Natalie Nohinek
Natalie Nohinek 2 days ago
Episode 2000 Danny: The whole country is in play.
Linda Quist
Linda Quist 2 days ago
never stop making these videos!
Evan Haney
Evan Haney 2 days ago
Danny and Joey are my fav
Eugenia Zeeva
Eugenia Zeeva 2 days ago
check eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery row
Galaxy unicorn Forever
What if when he had the sledgehammer he actually hit Danny
Kerry Ehrensberger
I love vat 19
Memes and me Meme
What’s up John
Memes and me Meme
You what’s up
Trampoline Beam
Trampoline Beam 3 days ago
What app did you use?
Marissa Gianneschi
Jamie: I can’t find Danny!!!! Danny: so there’s this thing called invisibility
jjj hhh
jjj hhh 3 days ago
8:10 when my mom calls me over and says "so the school called me today"
Isaiah Davila
Isaiah Davila 3 days ago
I want to work here so bad now and this I my favorite one
jmoney Scarbrough
good job
Saskia Leandre
Saskia Leandre 4 days ago
Y does Danny always has Jamie’s credit card
SqiddyGamez 1205
SqiddyGamez 1205 4 days ago
4:57 Jamie (The Evil Boss) vs Mini Segway (AI Technology) Who will win The answer is Mini Segway
Love Top Golf
Us 3
Us 3 5 days ago
i feel bad for jon because everyone gets to go out but he’s stuck recording with you jamie
Banshee Gaming
Banshee Gaming 5 days ago
I feel bad for Jamie and Jon for late coming
Cats rule the universe
I was watching the video and I saw an add with you guys in it 😂
1000 subs no vids ?
They was having lunch hiding was the excuse for getting a day off🤣 they got some crazy IQ😂
YGhappyvirus 6 days ago
ok but adam is thicc
• S n ¡ c k e r s •
Christa Henderson
Do not say What the hall
Zohaib Zarrar
Zohaib Zarrar 7 days ago
I feel SOOOOOOO bad for Jamie they trick him if I were Jamie I WOULD FIRE THEM ON THE SPOT
Ryan Vaughan
Ryan Vaughan 7 days ago
ending score: VAT19...... . COM...... DaNnYyYyY!
Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia 7 days ago
Can we talk about the fact that a show about this company would be quite due to the fact that WE ALL KNOW these people and love them like god damn this is funny.. yet weird cause I spent 15 minutes of my time watching adults play hide and seek..
kingsbranch 8 days ago
I love him in plain sight do you another one and make Jamie lose again everybody’s rooting in my family for Danny we sometimes watch it on our TV when we have family time go Danny go daddy go Danny go Danny Danny
kingsbranch 8 days ago
I’m sorry stupid auto correct
IlConnerlI 1
IlConnerlI 1 8 days ago
Who’s having fun even though there not hiding or seeking?
Benji Santos
Benji Santos 8 days ago
Who notices the jubilee music
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit 8 days ago
Tetnically Danny is working since he made the video. This video just paid for TopGolf in ad revenue.
The real Ninja bird
Vat19 covid-19
Jackson Deering
Jackson Deering 8 days ago
Danny reminds me of Jim Halpert
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 8 days ago
'No one poops for that long' Well uhh..
Bro Hamstring
Bro Hamstring 8 days ago
He knows everybody’s room name
Adan Ibarra
Adan Ibarra 8 days ago
I thought the game was that he was supposed to be in the property. I don't know if this was fair.
Robert Arnold
Robert Arnold 8 days ago
Best 1 yet!! Even with him missing the obvious clue. I know who paid for that day tho... all of us here on You-Tube! :)
Jjxsll Dszz
Jjxsll Dszz 8 days ago
I sorta feel bad for Jon cuz he had to stay with Jamie the whole time
DeathSoul T
DeathSoul T 9 days ago
I like how jamey destroys the things he buys and then says “That’s a lot of damage!!” Like Bill Swift. 🤣 lol
Athena Bozios
Athena Bozios 9 days ago
Episode 1M: *Earth blows up* Jamie: Oh it’s just a red herring!
Athena Bozios
Athena Bozios 9 days ago
Was it jean day or something!
Claire Alexis
Claire Alexis 9 days ago
I think it’s so funny that he’s saying they aren’t doing work and stuff, but you do realize that they make money off these videos! 😂 But I do love these vids
AwkwardAndShy 10 days ago
I died laughing.. when jamie found adam & started yelling at him.. 😄
Brad Brown
Brad Brown 10 days ago
Ok. Danny lost 100% because he cheated. The only rule to be broken, he broke. Also its kinda a d!#* move to disable the entire company just to win a game. If it was my company, i would institute this rule: No staff member of Vat19 is allowed to volunteer themselves for Danny's services on his schemes. Danny is not allowed to have more than 2 staff members of Vat19 colluding with him for his schemes.
sawsan kamal
sawsan kamal 10 days ago
Dude if someone didn't know the story and looked at that cctv of everyone running, it would raise some alarms, but knowing it's just adults playing hide and seek is hilarious 😂😂
Charmaine Bellwood
Charmaine Bellwood 10 days ago
You are cool
Mr Awesome
Mr Awesome 10 days ago
looks like someone has a vested financial interest in this place as its one big promo for the golf venue
Shabango Django
Shabango Django 10 days ago
Why is this in a CollegeHunor playlist about CEOs
Hataichanok Scherman
I feel bad for John he had to stay with Jamie
Chrysalism Acosmist
Can we appreciate the fact he knows everyone's name?
Aiden Morrow
Aiden Morrow 10 days ago
fire him
Jonas Bucks
Jonas Bucks 10 days ago
takes a katana "This will make the perfect poking stick!"
Clare Cho
Clare Cho 11 days ago
poor jon he did'nt get to do the TopGolf because he's the camera man
Cat Smith
Cat Smith 11 days ago
Were all waiting for the day when Danny is in the cereal box
xxlemon playzxx
xxlemon playzxx 11 days ago
Likeif you love top golf or golf in general like me | | \/
Brooke Hunter
Brooke Hunter 11 days ago
Everyone should hide from jammie whoever's last found wins ,the person that's found first has to do bad food combos
Zack Kennedy
Zack Kennedy 11 days ago
what I find is that before Jamie flip the ring for help sign.it said that Danny was at the golf center.
Reni Nimmy
Reni Nimmy 11 days ago
Adam Adam I see you!😂
I saw them at top golf it was cool
Nicole Lang
Nicole Lang 11 days ago
I hate Danny. I wish he got fired that would have been the highlight of the video. Poor Jamie.
Jesse 11 days ago
I think I figured it out guys! "Nothing we haven't done before" All the pooping and bathroom crap. I think he's In the bathroom
Purple Potato Pleb
Purple Potato Pleb 11 days ago
Is nobody going to talk about the way they planned everything so precisely?
Purple Potato Pleb
Purple Potato Pleb 11 days ago
Can’t fire the guy we love. Maybe you can, but don’t. :)
5 WAY ADDICTION 11 days ago
this was amazing i love vat 19
Dossy 12 days ago
Me having a stomach bug: well you never know.
gogo ukelegharanya
gogo ukelegharanya 12 days ago
RIP Danny
Emma Young
Emma Young 12 days ago
8:59 Thanos snap be like
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