Can We Handle CAROLINA REAPER Wings?

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Scorch your tongue with a powder made from the Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper on planet earth. Warning: This stuff is only for the very brave.
Buy here: www.vat19.com/item/carolina-reaper-powder?adid=youtube
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Each packet includes a half-ounce of the pepper which has been meticulously refined and dried to be “enjoyed” anytime. Sprinkle a little on your next meal (a miniscule pinch goes a loooong way!) to add some serious heat to your wings, chilli sauce, scrambled eggs, stir fry, BBQ, and much, much more.
The Carolina Reaper clocks in with a Scoville heat unit rating of 2.2 million making it 220 times hotter than a jalapeno! A mere sniff of it is enough to make your eyes water and nose run. No joke.
Carolina Reaper Powder is serious stuff, and not for children. And don't forget to wash your hands after coming into contact with it. You've been warned. Now go forth and embrace the heat!
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Dec 21, 2015




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Comments 80
Vat19 Year ago
What would you combine Carolina Reaper Powder with? See more spicy torture here: bit.ly/2VEAIs7
Craig Butler
Craig Butler 5 days ago
Carole Torbinski
Carole Torbinski 27 days ago
I like the part when you say YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY at 4:50
-*lucidzvibes -*
-*lucidzvibes -* 28 days ago
Cotton candy
Amanda 28 days ago
My dad ate it on his pizza and he got just a sweat and a sniffle.
Doggy kat Treat
Doggy kat Treat Month ago
Ooh Paqui chip
XirØ Purple
XirØ Purple 45 minutes ago
Those wings look so good
Seif Vlogs
Seif Vlogs 9 hours ago
Dude the men is acting way more than the lady
Teleblack 14 hours ago
Who was the simp that did not put the powder on that Girls food?
Kιм Gυcci
Kιм Gυcci 15 hours ago
Yo si me aguanto :p XD 1:48 .... :u.... Kha¿
Leong Iven
Leong Iven 15 hours ago
the wings look so good
Logan Uyesugi
I never seen a guy who puts ice cream on their eyes
KoombaKing 27
3:36 “Bring me the creaaam”
Kale R.omar
Kale R.omar Day ago
I would eat the spicy wing I always eat spicy wings :D
ZL Vids
ZL Vids Day ago
TheRealADX S
TheRealADX S 2 days ago
3 Year Old Me When Mom Buys Yoghurt 4:47
ella ceniza
ella ceniza 2 days ago
Erica is the only one that’s not over reacting 😂
izzat shamsuddin's Channel
I'm going to try this with all my family members
*Challenge: type “Carolina reaper” and choose each word in the middle* *Carolina reaper was a little girl in my life I love her to be a goddess I am a great husband I am a great friend to you see how much I am a goddess I am a woman I am a great husband I am so glad that you have the time and time to go back and enjoy the new look of a goddess and a great time to enjoy your life enjoy the beautiful woman and I will have you to be a great person and be great for you all you can be proud to do and you have to a good day you have to a good day love your family love your husband love your new baby and I have no no one can ever be my mom was a great day and you guys have been great I know that I am a good friend to me tell me what I can tell I don’t want you and you want me and you have a great husband I love xicheng you know how I love xicheng is the best day of the day you can get it and you have a good time I will never go back and I love xicheng you have to be done and you can do that I am going back and you can tell you I am a great person I am a good friend to me tell me where to tell me where I’m gonna you want me*
izzat shamsuddin's Channel
Is that a very long rhyme or something
miles spencer
miles spencer 2 days ago
i love how the dad of vat19 gets so excited about yogurt. me too jamie, me too.
Udayan Sarma
Udayan Sarma 2 days ago
Matthew The beast B
Hippity hi pity your old videos are now our property
Younis 4 days ago
Anyone 2020 in quarantine? only me okay then
The cool k
The cool k 4 days ago
That thumbnail was uhhhh questionable at best
Maureen Armitage
Maureen Armitage 4 days ago
How do they all get the same thing
Fiorella Policicchio
C'mon you are not machines you are men!! But i understand
C Tom
C Tom 4 days ago
Only legends know the title changed
Acer roblox by Adam
Imagine he had the ice cream hes all happy and there two whole ghost peppers inside
Labrione Yumul
Labrione Yumul 4 days ago
Who else just watching and not buying stuff
TheNormanLord FT
TheNormanLord FT 7 days ago
Change the title to People Suffering
Cynthia Nguyen
Cynthia Nguyen 7 days ago
Aiden Roth
Aiden Roth 7 days ago
I would eat the chicken wings without the spice
TwinkleBerry 7 days ago
*OOOoo yEs bRinG mE tHe cReAm*
skating gamer
skating gamer 7 days ago
Monica Rivera
Monica Rivera 7 days ago
Aaron’s food adventure would breeze through this
TheInternetBoss Resurrected
6:10 that looks familiar..
-Gacha Everyday-
-Gacha Everyday- 8 days ago
poor toilet
Aryan Patil
Aryan Patil 8 days ago
" I'm dead " continuous to talk
Kathryn Pelaez
Kathryn Pelaez 8 days ago
Why did they say yes to this Bc you only get the sweet relief once
Lola Szabluk
Lola Szabluk 8 days ago
My dad seriously ate the chip!! 😄 he drinks so much milk LOL
Vedant Goenka
Vedant Goenka 9 days ago
U over act so muchhhh!
Jazlene N
Jazlene N 9 days ago
Me-*laughs in mexican*
Leo Fraize
Leo Fraize 10 days ago
0:38 these bastards should try hot ones lmao
Brody Lawrence
Brody Lawrence 10 days ago
1:09 hiccups: nice to see you to Jamie
Corbin Bordeaux
Corbin Bordeaux 10 days ago
I love hot stuff
Gloria 11 days ago
Me: *drinking cold water peacefully*
Asmita Melkani
Asmita Melkani 12 days ago
The sandimitor is more hot
Minty 12 days ago
OK idk why men ARE SO DRAMATIC AFTER EATING SPICING FOOD. Girls are like: -____-
kol sereyvathanak sakith
The wings look so good and Delicious
User_0510 13 days ago
I’ve never seen a grown man so dang scared of wings and fricken salsa
Spike Gamer
Spike Gamer 13 days ago
2:43 John: I’m cool with the fries 😏 Famous last words
renren Cunanan
renren Cunanan 14 days ago
What? 14 days ago
Ok now its getting to far 4:01
Kermit Flows
Kermit Flows 15 days ago
I love how the female had the most spicy items and is the calmness 😂🤣
Skekedksk Akajrjajasjdjd
Mexicans:I smell candy
Connor Reynolds
Connor Reynolds 16 days ago
And we never saw the gumbo...
RVplaysfortnite 16 days ago
I’m cool with the fries Next second
Zhuldyz Fatikyzy
Zhuldyz Fatikyzy 16 days ago
aww poor guy you haft a spicy
Andre Cabaraca
Andre Cabaraca 16 days ago
Elvis longo
Elvis longo 17 days ago
4:27 “I really don’t want to do it” Guy behind camera: do you want to keep you job?
Nuraisyah.Mazlan 17 days ago
Jamie: hi hiccups nice to see you. Me the hiccups:hallo is it time for me to start. Jamie: ugh fine. Me the hiccups yas.
Husam Awwad
Husam Awwad 17 days ago
Jamie, Danny, Joey, Jon: *In pain and dying* Erica: *Laughs and actually enjoys the food*
Indo ball Gaming
Indo ball Gaming 18 days ago
Him: Fries??? Come on Me: YAAAAA FRIES
Huda Asfour
Huda Asfour 18 days ago
i have never seen a grown man get so excited about yogurt
Livia Leandro
Livia Leandro 19 days ago
Jamie:” can something smell spicy?” Me:apparently.
PingoG 19 days ago
vahaTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM daah cam mnkik mnk.. [drops to ground]
vSlyx 20 days ago
As a Mexican that looks so good...
Shahrul Izad
Shahrul Izad 20 days ago
I love spicy food
Shahrul Izad
Shahrul Izad 20 days ago
Me too
Origin Cats
Origin Cats 20 days ago
Why do I kinda want to try the wings I don’t even like regular wings is it just me
Maximum Sams Ultimate
I can eat all those things in one sitting high spirits worst pain I experience getting cut in half
The Miner Of Minecraft
That can give you dierrha 4:26
The Miner Of Minecraft
Alex Zarandona
Alex Zarandona 23 days ago
Bro why did they make the thumb nail John with white stuff all over his face
Hvsk 23 days ago
If a Mexican was in this challenge they would dominate everybody here
Awsome Benjynaro
Awsome Benjynaro 24 days ago
Neither Danny Or Erica Got Sweet Relief Once. I feel bad for them 😕
The Hints Of Cool!
The Hints Of Cool! 24 days ago
Liked it!
Liam Everton
Liam Everton 24 days ago
Asia: We don't even have to try it's always a good time
can we get to 15,000 subscribers
4:48 wow that's me when I pass my final exam 😂😂😂 Edit: pls watch it in 0.25 speed
eny margaretha
eny margaretha 25 days ago
Miller 816
Miller 816 26 days ago
Jon got a little high from the spice.
Willi Burgemeister
Willi Burgemeister 26 days ago
3:20 why one? You have 7,38 Million Fans ;-;
Ashlin MG
Ashlin MG 26 days ago
I like how the Girl does so much better than the boy becouse the boys are like babys
Studzy 27 days ago
4:59 I hate my head..
Studzy 27 days ago
4:47 idk why but that was dang wholesome
Christos Dounias
Christos Dounias 27 days ago
I Bet Those Buffalo wings are so Good!
tyrant boss
tyrant boss 27 days ago
I guess the guy in the thumbnail likes" yogurt"
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