Can This Chef Cook A 3-Course Meal With A Toaster? • Tasty

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“Is the TOASTER the thing that gets me?”
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Oct 18, 2020




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Comments 100
SophieRo 10 hours ago
She said that the cookies are just burnt sugar.... but aren't they always just burnt sugar?
Grace & Blessing Show
I would definitely make s’mores as the dessert! I saw on Reddit people used toaster to burn marshmallows, and prolly chocolates too😁
elvinwitch 21 hour ago
Can this chef cook A 3 course meal in a teapot
Sanjeevini Mehandale
Like some other shows.. Please dont shut tthis.... Let it keep flowing💯
Dalia Meram
Dalia Meram 2 days ago
What if you flipped the toaster to the side? Idk, just thinking aloud
Suganthi P
Suganthi P 2 days ago
pls do with a candle
kathleen kat
kathleen kat 2 days ago
She should cook with a room heater next
Prajna Haldar
Prajna Haldar 5 days ago
3 course meal with a bunsen burner
UglyOrchestracrafts Dowamations
My oven is broken so this series is how I am making dinner till it’s fixed
naillnewg warrior
1:32 is to boil liquid present next to the toaster for a while, while it's on as the toaster warms up warm up the liquid
Manasvi Sharma
Manasvi Sharma 6 days ago
can this chef cook a 3 course meal with a kettle?
Milk Mango
Milk Mango 6 days ago
For dessert, I would’ve made crepes!
RLK Brown
RLK Brown 7 days ago
Alexis: “what would you make with a toaster?” Me: Toast
Jocelyn Jones
Jocelyn Jones 8 days ago
I made cinnom toast in one but now I need a new toaster :D
Muznah Nasir
Muznah Nasir 8 days ago
Love you Alexis,you are a very intelligent and beautiful and professional chef.
Saritha Manthena
Saritha Manthena 9 days ago
Can this Chef Cook a 3-Course Meal in a Double Boiler?
Saritha Manthena
Saritha Manthena 9 days ago
Do this episode again!!!!! PLZZZZZ
Heidi Tieu
Heidi Tieu 9 days ago
can she make a 3 course meal with a chocolate fondue fountain
Heidi Tieu
Heidi Tieu 9 days ago
I would make s'moores, egg drop soup, and a blt club sandwich
Atiqah Diyana
Atiqah Diyana 10 days ago
I don’t get why she didn’t make bread based desserts and appetizers. Bruschetta, French toast, etc.
Isel 11 days ago
8:01 they don't even look like cookies buttt.... nice try alexies
Asfar Siddiqui
Asfar Siddiqui 11 days ago
The elephant ears in pakistan are actually called french hearts and they are very popular
Asfar Siddiqui
Asfar Siddiqui 11 days ago
Like ur kitchen
Doina Balan
Doina Balan 11 days ago
Can this chef make a 3 course meal with a fondue pot?
TheWayOf Cailinn
TheWayOf Cailinn 12 days ago
mohammad khan
mohammad khan 12 days ago
Use candle plese
Jay Barry Gurondiano
edible...but do u want it? (no) 🤣
Dominic 12 days ago
cook with just a water kettle
Mariya Gkl
Mariya Gkl 13 days ago
Diya Suresh
Diya Suresh 13 days ago
Can this chef make a 3 course meal with a heater
Jillian Bresnahan
Jillian Bresnahan 13 days ago
Wait wait, that fish wasn’t cooked in the toaster? Lol can you buy already cooked fish filets like that?
Shayla Tucker
Shayla Tucker 14 days ago
Surprised she didn't try a pop tart style dessert.
Batul Bubbles
Batul Bubbles 14 days ago
Appetizers : Caesar salad / Tortilla Chips and dip Main Course : Mini sliders Dessert : Pastry or pop tarts
Antonia Soto
Antonia Soto 14 days ago
The cookies look like scabs
Claire Jacob
Claire Jacob 14 days ago
You should do a candle
張寧 14 days ago
What is this toaster????
張寧 14 days ago
Tell me the toaster brand, please. In my country, I never seen the same toaster.
Warren Jay
Warren Jay 14 days ago
a water kettle should be next
Em C
Em C 14 days ago
Of all the desserts you could of made! Like used a wrap and chocolate spread and created like a lil pocket
Kenderick Johnson
Kenderick Johnson 14 days ago
air fryer
Amjad Abdalazeez
Amjad Abdalazeez 14 days ago
The music is annoying!!!!!!!!!!
Pierce Williamston
Pierce Williamston 14 days ago
Redo right now we need a success
Ava Comstock
Ava Comstock 14 days ago
You should cook with a popcorn maker
Tina Salins
Tina Salins 15 days ago
How did her fish get cooked 😒
Lauren Calleia
Lauren Calleia 15 days ago
I love that she is shocked when she opens the box...isn’t she at her home? Who put the toaster INSIDE the box?
Greer B
Greer B 15 days ago
I’m in college and make quesadillas with toasters
Persephiroth 15 days ago
I want an episode where she picks tools for the tasty producers to use and gets to cackle at their suffering
Nikki's Kaleidoscope
At least no one else had to taste how bad it was.
Joshua Kao
Joshua Kao 15 days ago
Am I the only weirdo that finds her voice soothing and relaxing?? It’s just so calm
madkatt333 16 days ago
Oh this deserves a rematch!
toni 16 days ago
this reminds me of the tik tok where someone put steak in the toaster.
Syrenity Ho
Syrenity Ho 16 days ago
im so mad she didnt turn the toaster on its side and slide mini pans in or aluminum fil and ughhhhhhhhh she couldve done so much
Vaness A
Vaness A 17 days ago
this is so funny lmao
Edwin Cuadra
Edwin Cuadra 17 days ago
With a steamer
Lisa Larsen
Lisa Larsen 17 days ago
I’m so addicted to this series oh my god
eduaardo fernandez
eduaardo fernandez 17 days ago
3 course meal with tin foil out in the sun
Siyani Saj
Siyani Saj 18 days ago
I've warmed milk a toaster for my child when my gas cooker wasn't working 😒 😑 🙃 😕 😫 😐
Annie Laster
Annie Laster 18 days ago
Can we do a toaster oven next?!
awendt 18 days ago
i thought... it was spelled Kebab not kabob--
arpitacontractor 18 days ago
Maria Naranjo
Maria Naranjo 18 days ago
Her hair is looking do beautiful...also lets see you try cooking with a chemistry set please
Robert The 3rd
Robert The 3rd 18 days ago
Ok so listen....i dont even think toasters are great for making toast.
Janine’s Vlogs
Janine’s Vlogs 18 days ago
Hi I’m Janine 🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m a small RUvidr who just started her channel. I come from a little town who everyone has doubted me, (except my mom and dad) aka also sisters. I’ve gotten my ups and downs on this channel, haters people who have said bad things but that doesn’t stop 🛑 me from following my dream. 💭 If you would please take a moment to watch my videos and subscribe. It would be greatly appreciated. 💖🦋😊 In this channel you will find loved and welcome 🙏 Videos throughout the week usually Tuesdays Wednesday Friday Saturday. Much love 💕, Janine’s Vlogs
random rock
random rock 19 days ago
You could have tried to recreate an oven for the cookies by heating up the top sheet tray on the toaster and like have heat from two sources. Idk if taht would work tho
Nayab Yousaf
Nayab Yousaf 19 days ago
When she said elephant ears i was like whatt????
Steven Lerner
Steven Lerner 19 days ago
u can do better madam chef... please try toaster again and redeem yourself... maybe try something simple like a sandwich or use the pot idea to make something with the toaster. that was genius
Steven Lerner
Steven Lerner 19 days ago
microwave and coffee maker and a rice cooker again :) honestly ill watch this no matter what she uses. shes a great cook and does amazing things... and a toaster again of course. gotta love the challenge
Rumaysa Syed
Rumaysa Syed 19 days ago
""Can this chef make a 3 course meal with a popcorn maker"?
oliviaandmadi 1
oliviaandmadi 1 20 days ago
Do the sidewalks in Arizona
Aniya Moon
Aniya Moon 20 days ago
That’s how my potato chips turned out when I tried to cook it
Isabelle WILLIAMS 20 days ago
Can you do it in a Candle
Kaylei Mason
Kaylei Mason 20 days ago
I feel like the fish dip was cheating because she used already cooked fish 😂😂
Band Jones
Band Jones 21 day ago
You should do an episode with a Bunsen burner
Andrea Taylor
Andrea Taylor 21 day ago
i would make like a toasted sandwich
Alice Petiz
Alice Petiz 21 day ago
Emma Wade
Emma Wade 21 day ago
Please do an icecream maker
Rodrigo Montes de Oca
Barakamon 21 day ago
First time i saw she failed. But it awesome. Thankyou so much
swirl hd
swirl hd 21 day ago
a car
TradKnight 21 day ago
Alexis is a cute chef 👩‍🍳
Gooseneckbottle 21 day ago
What I would suggest is turning the toaster on its side, & using it almost like a grill or a broiler. Especially helpful if you put it on the bagel setting so it only turns on one side at a time.
Gooseneckbottle 21 day ago
Ok, those cookies 100% looked like amoebas.
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 21 day ago
OceanVinyl 22 days ago
I wanna put my loaf in her toaster
Ciel phantomhive
Ciel phantomhive 22 days ago
toaster bag -is from vat19
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 22 days ago
"Can this chef make a 3 course meal with a mixer grinder?"
ahjgbhlahgaohgl 22 days ago
I make toast with my toaster
Abbie Harris
Abbie Harris 22 days ago
Rhino_ Bricks
Rhino_ Bricks 22 days ago
Is it just me or do I just want to punch her in the face as hard as I can
derren 22 days ago
i would've turned the toaster on it's side and put cookie dough ON the bag rather than IN the bag, so that it could act as a grill of some sort
Caroline 5
Caroline 5 23 days ago
Starting to Get brown.....the skin on the potato is brown....😂
Fire Gaming
Fire Gaming 23 days ago
Did anyone else think she was go make actual ELEPHANT ears 👂 No? Only I’m that weird Ok
Sanduni Herath
Sanduni Herath 23 days ago
Was anyone else nervous from 7:00 to 7:45 of the toaster popping or was it just me?
Fariha Atiq Ur Rahman
3 course meal on a candle!!!!! Plsss
Sydney Lewis
Sydney Lewis 23 days ago
I feel like with the Dutch oven creation she could’ve made the elephant ears
Peter Cuthbert
Peter Cuthbert 23 days ago
When a “chef” calls a Palmier Elephant ears 😒
James D'Amico
James D'Amico 23 days ago
Solar oven
Parth Patel
Parth Patel 24 days ago
Is it possible to flip the toaster, make slots horizontal, use it like an easy bake oven to make raclette grilled cheese, kabobs, or pizza?
Savannah w
Savannah w 25 days ago
I should use a minuture kitchen
Uri's Tupperware Corner
Barry Lewis did this SUCCESFULLY as well not too long ago... maybe look at what he did
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