Can These Chefs Create This Kid's Crazy Dish?

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Tasty Chef Alexis competes against guest chef Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins to turn Aedan's pirate drawing into a delicious, real-world dish. Whose food will win the treasure and whose will walk the plank?

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19 окт 2018

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Krystal Lei
Krystal Lei 42 минуты назад
Monsters inc. Music ????
SLAM STAN 3 часа назад
It worth a try 😂
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 14 часов назад
Feel bad for Claudia. They both did great:))))
Khloe's Fun House
Khloe's Fun House 23 часа назад
Hi Aidan it is me Khloe
Lindsay Ettlinger
Lindsay Ettlinger 23 часа назад
I used to have those markers as a kid
Esther Karanja
Esther Karanja День назад
cute child
Kassie R
Kassie R День назад
Im in love with Alexis 😍
Monroy Skincare
Monroy Skincare День назад
OMGGG I love you guys!! More Videos!! I love Claudette's Personality! Would def try her restaurant! Love from Miami! Come Visit Us! xo from RxccoLxndon on Insta
Sasha D
Sasha D День назад
I really want to be on this show
Dereon Jones
Dereon Jones День назад
Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a tsy Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try Its worth a try
Caden Hembree
Caden Hembree День назад
that pizza looks soooo good
realitygaming322 2 дня назад
"I Dont know what kids like" ... Uh... "Kids dont know what they like either" hahahah
Blue_ Constellations_
Blue_ Constellations_ 2 дня назад
This kid is just open to everything. *"It's worth a try!"*
Yasmin I. Alamin
Yasmin I. Alamin 2 дня назад
Slide that LGBT in everything buzz feed
ISATOU CEESAY 2 дня назад
Every like I’m adding a pirate 🏴‍☠️ flag
Fatima Patel
Fatima Patel 2 дня назад
*bring on the deadmans stew* The only deadman I see is the undertaker from wwe 😂
Cringe fox
Cringe fox 2 дня назад
He will like foxy
Norbert Yaw Ching Jr.
Norbert Yaw Ching Jr. 2 дня назад
It's worth a try -- whatever his name is
itsjust josh
itsjust josh 2 дня назад
He lost me at dead man fish stew
itsjust josh
itsjust josh 2 дня назад
xXAnne marieXx
xXAnne marieXx 2 дня назад
Who doesn’t like seafood?? It’s my favorite kind of food 👌
Raxxui 2 дня назад
I bet every person that won a frame from this burnt the picture or dug a hole and left it there.
Sarvani Kasibhatla
Sarvani Kasibhatla 3 дня назад
It's worth a try™
Jordan MacArthur
Jordan MacArthur 3 дня назад
Wow Claudette lost a lot of weight and became nice unlike her top chef run... interesting
Denise Park
Denise Park 3 дня назад
“Dead squid, I need dead fish in it and bones” *tastes bad* :o
Kool kyas
Kool kyas 3 дня назад
Wait, did he ask for HUMAN BONES?
PurpleCat Girl12
PurpleCat Girl12 3 дня назад
I want to do this
A Ya fav
A Ya fav 3 дня назад
That Seem Hard
Copy Cat
Copy Cat 3 дня назад
When you step on a rockfish it paralyzes you and potentially kills you. Also it camouflages as a rock. Just to clarify what the kid means by a rockfish 😂😂
Han Nguyen
Han Nguyen 3 дня назад
Bridget E.
Bridget E. 3 дня назад
You asked for soup You got soup And you don’t like soup?
Meena - Gacha
Meena - Gacha 4 дня назад
*I’m extra and with my plating so I know he’s gonna like it.* Meanwhile... *spits out gracefully*
Dallas Burr
Dallas Burr 4 дня назад
This kid stole my heart ❤
Olivia Moniz
Olivia Moniz 4 дня назад
Who’s the winner
Deja Hayes
Deja Hayes 4 дня назад
It's amazing how smart and professional he sounds 🤣
Jacob Steen Jensen
Jacob Steen Jensen 4 дня назад
Zaina Khan
Zaina Khan 4 дня назад
It’s worf a try! lol dead no pun intended
Corban Atkins
Corban Atkins 4 дня назад
Quote of the day: It’s worth a try!
Elizabeth Dukuly
Elizabeth Dukuly 4 дня назад
its going to be so hard cause imagin you making food for someone who doesn't LIKE seafood that's hard like whats the point of even doing it
don juanday
don juanday 4 дня назад
yidan wang
yidan wang 4 дня назад
I don't think Alexis should of won like the boy sounded like he is reading a script
Josephine Frimpong
Josephine Frimpong 4 дня назад
"Its worth a try" 😂😂😂😂😂
Madcharger98 Coolness
Madcharger98 Coolness 5 дней назад
Its worth a try
Chalin the cool one
Chalin the cool one 5 дней назад
He wants DEAD food
nukacola1234567 5 дней назад
Famous last words , it's worth a try
Pizza 5 дней назад
i find it really really annoying how Alexis ALWAYS makes the dish look absolutely nothing like the picture, yet always wins, u could’ve just made a frickin cupcake and won
Patrick 5 дней назад
This kid might be a psychopath
Seaven Taylor
Seaven Taylor 5 дней назад
I knew he would say beer!😁😁😁
missball404 5 дней назад
I love that soup she made!!!!!!👏❤😋😍😍😍😍😍😍🥘🥘🥘💀☠
Cure dream///🖤🖤🖤 does fandubs
Bless this kid
Ava The Slime-maker
Ava The Slime-maker 6 дней назад
Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum PIZZA !!!!!
Chad Da Boss
Chad Da Boss 6 дней назад
"Wanna jump off a bridge" "It's worth a try "
Elizabeth Tucker
Elizabeth Tucker 6 дней назад
I love these. 🤣🤣🤣 In the first part when he said human bone. The lady’s where Terrified!🤣🤣 “Mmm this seaweed is good”
Abeeha Usman
Abeeha Usman 6 дней назад
Worth a try 😂😂😂😁😃😄😅
Emily Zep
Emily Zep 6 дней назад
I think Claudette won taste and the other girl won presentation
Crystalized Sanayeon
Crystalized Sanayeon 6 дней назад
what is alexis on
jimin is my bais:3
jimin is my bais:3 6 дней назад
Its worth a try
Crystal _Corn
Crystal _Corn 6 дней назад
I like this kid “it’s worth a try!” XD
Victoria Page
Victoria Page 6 дней назад
I kinda cringed where is the lies else he’s a good kid
Lucid dreams ღ
Lucid dreams ღ 6 дней назад
iT's WoRtH a TrY
starbrite 101
starbrite 101 6 дней назад
rock fish? a stingray lol
DanielleTakesPics 6 дней назад
One gave him what he thought he wanted, one gave him what he actually wanted.
Lucy Malcolm
Lucy Malcolm 7 дней назад
How can i go to i draw you cook please answer
AllieK 090
AllieK 090 7 дней назад
Yeah i mean its worth a try
Brian Horn
Brian Horn 7 дней назад
is alexis on drop dead fred
Alexis play despicito
Schlagle Bagel
Schlagle Bagel 7 дней назад
You should do this with teenagers or preteens and see how different it is😂
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 7 дней назад
A rock fish is actually a frog fish
starbrite 101
starbrite 101 6 дней назад
you mean Stingray 😏
Ansh Shah
Ansh Shah 7 дней назад
"It's worth a try"
Gacha Unicorn
Gacha Unicorn 7 дней назад
D you wanna eat a full spoon of salt with wasabi and hot sauce ITS WORTH A TRY I MEAN ITS NEWW wtf dis kid likes saying it’s worth a try when I say like I mean LOVE saying it it’s his girlfriend
Fernanda F
Fernanda F 8 дней назад
the kids in these videos are so cute i cant believe there are always negative comments abt them
StelthOG fan
StelthOG fan 8 дней назад
Wth je wanted stew and he picked Alexis bc it Was good .. PLUS IT WAS A PIZZA!
SierraxGacha 126
SierraxGacha 126 8 дней назад
*Its werf a try*
malu the wolf
malu the wolf 8 дней назад
When you want sea food but don't like it
Erica Grant
Erica Grant 8 дней назад
This little nigga is confused his self honestly don’t understand how you ask for something then don’t like it ass backwards
Turtle Nova
Turtle Nova 8 дней назад
Strange Man: Wanna become a terrorist? Kid: It's worth a try Strange Man: *takes off mask* FBI OPEN UP!
Lilli Mcclelland
Lilli Mcclelland 8 дней назад
When they asked for the drink: Kid:Root beer, cola Me:that’s the way kids get what they want
Danica Gallos
Danica Gallos 8 дней назад
Kid says he wants to eat healthy foods but ended up gross and spitting potato stew lol crazy
StelthOG fan
StelthOG fan 8 дней назад
Want to try poop? Kid: Its Worth a try..
『 Minty Leaf 』
『 Minty Leaf 』 8 дней назад
If I were the chef I would think of a noodle like spaghetti And add all that stuff onto it but not some stuff
christian junior
christian junior 8 дней назад
It worth a try
Esme Gi Gi Genevieve Squalor
Esme Gi Gi Genevieve Squalor 8 дней назад
IsT wOrTH a TRy
Fantastic kittens 4
Fantastic kittens 4 8 дней назад
This boy is retarted
Lima Gul
Lima Gul 9 дней назад
why did the skeleton go to the movies? because he had no BODY to go with
Alyssa Doez Challengez
Alyssa Doez Challengez 9 дней назад
He asked for seafood claudette gave him seafood he said he didn't like it at the start but still wanted it got it and didn't like it that's not claudettes fault hers was the best he got skulls and all that and she still didn't win I'm confused
Natali movie reviews
Natali movie reviews 9 дней назад
I LUV squid, ist soooo good when its fried and I think it goes well with lemon, sea salt and olive oil
Jolie Jurenka
Jolie Jurenka 9 дней назад
He asks for soup, lady makes pizza!
Lena Pehkonen
Lena Pehkonen 9 дней назад
LOVE u❤️
Hey Im Lila
Hey Im Lila 9 дней назад
*wanna* *sprite* *cranberry?*
Joe mations
Joe mations 9 дней назад
At least the kid didn't scrible on a peice of paper like the others
i Aruni
i Aruni 9 дней назад
Aedan: "I don't really eat fish, I only eat meat and rice and healthy food." Me: "Dude, go back to school, FISH IS HEALTHY FOR YOUR BONES AND YOUR BRAIN!!"
Glitch Gaming_YT
Glitch Gaming_YT 9 дней назад
I like squid
Gigantopithecus 9 дней назад
Gamer Beast
Gamer Beast 9 дней назад
Jabari Bobb
Jabari Bobb 9 дней назад
Texan Elite
Texan Elite 9 дней назад
I would have a One Piece feast.
Jazmin 1600
Jazmin 1600 9 дней назад
I'm in San Diego to bro
Tokyo Dollxo
Tokyo Dollxo 9 дней назад
What i learned about kids through these videos, kids like simple flavours it seems and simple foods.Great job guys!
Henry Edwards
Henry Edwards 9 дней назад
Called a stone fish not a rock fish
xGacha Eevee
xGacha Eevee 9 дней назад
Hmmm...he has two moms? Cool!
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