Can These Chefs Create This Kid's Crazy Dish?

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Tasty Chef Alexis competes against guest chef Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins to turn Aedan's pirate drawing into a delicious, real-world dish. Whose food will win the treasure and whose will walk the plank?

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19 окт 2018

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Комментарии 4 506
Rextoptree 2 часа назад
_"its worth a try"_ - *blackboy 2018*
Maisie 2 часа назад
This kid has one of the most adult palettes I've ever heard of. I certainly wouldn't have liked kalamari when I was 8!
jacqueline theriault
jacqueline theriault 3 часа назад
Aeadan- Its worth a try 2018
Tamym Levy
Tamym Levy 4 часа назад
kids are weird
Mally Panic at the disco
Mally Panic at the disco 5 часов назад
This should be a Netflix series
Kris Seepersad
Kris Seepersad 5 часов назад
Actually I think that most pirates would drink tequila
Maren cobb
Maren cobb 7 часов назад
This is great kid:I would like dead fish and guts and bones chef:do you like sea food kid:no I like salmon 😂😂😂
MarysiaBurger 8 часов назад
ᴇᴍ ᴍᴀ
ᴇᴍ ᴍᴀ 8 часов назад
Claudette has a tattoo saying in omnia paratus, which is Latin, but any gilmore girl fans, fan girling?
Valaya Burch
Valaya Burch 10 часов назад
I whant to be on there
Evony L
Evony L 11 часов назад
Alexis reminds me of Mrs. Honey from matilda 😂💀
Naif Alshammari
Naif Alshammari 11 часов назад
I love all the seafood
Sam Wookey
Sam Wookey 11 часов назад
Sam Wookey
Sam Wookey 11 часов назад
They both looked so nice 👍 and just YUM
Savage Rylee
Savage Rylee 11 часов назад
Savage Rylee
Savage Rylee 11 часов назад
Healthy food is good for your brain you know
pumpkin head 0_0
pumpkin head 0_0 12 часов назад
He is such a darling, XD he saves his cherries for his moms!!
Krizelle Mercado
Krizelle Mercado 13 часов назад
Mildred Divina
Mildred Divina 15 часов назад
I like seawead i eat it
sadia javed
sadia javed 17 часов назад
that kid is really messed up..!
SugaIsmyBiasDontAskHe's Hot
SugaIsmyBiasDontAskHe's Hot 19 часов назад
FroZty Girl
FroZty Girl 19 часов назад
Alexis looks like dua lipa if she's older XD
Awesome Angel In the Coconut shell
Awesome Angel In the Coconut shell 20 часов назад
It's worth a try LOL
Chloe Haakenson
Chloe Haakenson 22 часа назад
I died every time he said "It's worth a try?"! This kid is amazing!
Audrey Sparkle
Audrey Sparkle День назад
gacha lover
gacha lover День назад
A rockfish is a jellyfish J.E.L.L.Y.F.I.S.H🐙🐙🐙🐙
UTube Time
UTube Time День назад
*Its Worth a Try* lol can we get 5 likes??
Olive Altizer
Olive Altizer День назад
"I like healthy food, its good for your brain ya know." Literally mood
SweetCookie Love
SweetCookie Love День назад
When he said Moms I think they are Lesbian It's not bad though it is 🌈 Gay
CLAN H День назад
kid: I like healthy foods *minutes later* Kid: **eats tomato** it tastes like tomatoes, and I don't like it.
5 minute Fun
5 minute Fun День назад
The rock fish is a stone fish (I like the sea)
Awesome Jolteon
Awesome Jolteon День назад
Can you do one of these with me please?
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland День назад
I wish I could be on this show
Lily Liang
Lily Liang День назад
I was thinking about hotpot when he made his description of what he’d like to eat
Funny Fox
Funny Fox День назад
Nerf Alexis, she wins every time
Papis Ponchul
Papis Ponchul День назад
That was hard wasnt it?
Anri Els
Anri Els День назад
The stew would have totally win
Lil Popcorn
Lil Popcorn День назад
chefs: hi boy: its worth a try chefs: what kind of cake would you want boy: its worth a try me thinking in my mind: he will never talk again
That Stranger
That Stranger День назад
I wonder, are there any Pokémon themed dishes?
Shinelle Ramdath
Shinelle Ramdath День назад
It’s worth a try - Aidan Reece
Deepa Isaac
Deepa Isaac День назад
claudette was so sweet
Do you even care ? ?
Do you even care ? ? День назад
what bs that is?
K Davin
K Davin День назад
2:41 AHEM it’s pronounced PRAWN Any Australians out there?
ahmad naqib
ahmad naqib День назад
its worth a try.....
Nick Harper
Nick Harper День назад
It's worth a try......TM
FaThEtT HenRY 2 дня назад
"Ill put it dead"
THE TREND IS HERE! 2 дня назад
"it's worth a try"
cathyissupa is dead
cathyissupa is dead 2 дня назад
*I don’t like tomato* Mm, yes. I hate tomato’s.
Ginger and Jasmine
Ginger and Jasmine 2 дня назад
"Its worth a try."
ODD STUF ! 2 дня назад
This kid is dumb he doesn’t like seafood but he still chose it 1like =if you agree
Barron Paragas
Barron Paragas 2 дня назад
This kid I can see his future Cannibal
hibah alkathiry
hibah alkathiry 2 дня назад
Smart Cookie
Smart Cookie 2 дня назад
How can I get to do this I wanna try to draw
Squirrel Gadget
Squirrel Gadget 2 дня назад
This kid’s a fucking sweetheart!
jaylynn haan
jaylynn haan 2 дня назад
I wish i could be on your show
Incognito Doggo
Incognito Doggo 2 дня назад
What would u expect on a dead man stew?
India Butts
India Butts 2 дня назад
It's worth a try
Ezme Ewurabena
Ezme Ewurabena 2 дня назад
He asked for a stew and the pizza one What a day
Ezme Ewurabena
Ezme Ewurabena 2 дня назад
Who would’a guessed
Kidedaion Symoti
Kidedaion Symoti 2 дня назад
Kid that doesn't like comics gets to choose for superhero, kid that doesn't like seafood gets to choose pirates... wtf
SIS and BRO 2 дня назад
I feel like they should cook in different rooms so they don’t copy each other. I mean they might change their mind to copy right??
Ice The Human Error
Ice The Human Error 2 дня назад
9:59 that face XD
Abhilasha Jha
Abhilasha Jha 2 дня назад
This kid is such a darling. 😘😘
Noel Rufon
Noel Rufon 2 дня назад
"Just babysitting"
Lhianna Ventura
Lhianna Ventura 2 дня назад
If the Drawing is Crazy The kid must be crazy too
Athena Annabeth
Athena Annabeth 2 дня назад
Lesson of 2018:Pirates are cannibals
Claudia 2 дня назад
It’s worth a try
Princess Jade Talavera
Princess Jade Talavera 2 дня назад
Princess Jade Talavera
Princess Jade Talavera 2 дня назад
"I like healthy food" but sea food are healthy!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Galaxyspace Universe
Galaxyspace Universe 2 дня назад
He’s scary ;w;
Lunar Art
Lunar Art 2 дня назад
The most delicious dish is DEAD
Sofia Camille
Sofia Camille 3 дня назад
"it's worth a try" at least he's more brave than me😂
Grace Walter
Grace Walter 3 дня назад
I love how he said the pizza though he still had the float from the other because he liked it so much..plot twist
Nicole Janae
Nicole Janae 3 дня назад
it’s worth a try 😂😂
Sophie Mcclave
Sophie Mcclave 3 дня назад
“It looks like a pizza...oh, it is a pizza...”
Donut Cakes
Donut Cakes 3 дня назад
Pizza🍕 is a smart idea so instead of a normal pizza (flat) 🍕she could have Done a deep deep dish 🍕and dye the cheese blue and add everything else either way it was smart to do pizza🍕.............And a soup🍵
George Ess
George Ess 3 дня назад
Trujillo Family
Trujillo Family 3 дня назад
Looks so fun🙃
Lol not giving u my name Nope
Lol not giving u my name Nope 3 дня назад
Anything dead from the sea.....u know they throw ppls bodies in the sea...I like this kid
CAKE MASTER 3 дня назад
Pagie and Abbey
Pagie and Abbey 3 дня назад
mom: honey dinners ready! kid: whats for dinner? mom: A skelaton
Bazzi Dolan
Bazzi Dolan 3 дня назад
1:05 “I like healthy food.” *spits out tomato and stew*
niqlehh 3 дня назад
its worf a try
Jds Wolf
Jds Wolf 3 дня назад
who doesn't like tomatoes?
rivaldo alves
rivaldo alves 3 дня назад
i want alexis to have my children...
Louise Asahina
Louise Asahina 3 дня назад
wants a dead man's fish stew but doesn't like seafood??... hmMMMmmmm well at least he wants to try it out
NMWM Channel
NMWM Channel 3 дня назад
It's worth a try
Ameena Samir
Ameena Samir 3 дня назад
he has two moms
Katrina Gunday
Katrina Gunday 3 дня назад
Varsha Priya
Varsha Priya 3 дня назад
Wow this one was so creative and cool😍
Kittyanna Plays
Kittyanna Plays 3 дня назад
It's worth a try™ I love that haha
Space Jesters
Space Jesters 3 дня назад
Technically speaking, all of those are already dead. Oh crap I just thought of sardines and fish eyes those are deadish looking in some way!
ava yorke
ava yorke 3 дня назад
Don’t look at my profile picture.
Introducing the new... *IPHONE X R* You a peasant. Only for broke people.
pooch 3 дня назад
It doesn't have to look like how he wanted... all holds on taste
Mia_ Slays
Mia_ Slays 3 дня назад
I love how he thinks about his moms and wants to save the cherrys 🍒 for them awww
Randall Smallwood
Randall Smallwood 3 дня назад
I wonder how you get to draw what they need to cook
Tran Fam
Tran Fam 4 дня назад
yOu KnOw?
Willow Jones
Willow Jones 4 дня назад
I want to be on this show
Tiger Girl
Tiger Girl 4 дня назад
Dead human parts Me: WHAT Canniblsm!
Hyein Park
Hyein Park 4 дня назад
Im shook i didn't know a little kid would know what beer even is. Does he know what it does to people....?
Band Trash
Band Trash 4 дня назад
Idk but I feel like they should warn the chefs of stuff they really dont like? They asked him behind the scenes.
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