Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

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Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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9 янв 2019

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Комментарии 3 193
Launy Sharpe
Launy Sharpe 58 минут назад
oh... I didn't know that Instagram was so provocative; those cat and scenery pictures are really pushing the limit!
Logan Beardall
Logan Beardall 3 часа назад
Jubilee should do a middle ground video on people with tattoos and people who are against tattoos... just an idea
Skye Lockhart
Skye Lockhart 4 часа назад
"Hi. I'm Skye I'm 19 and I'm a professional Netflix watcher."
rowyy 4 часа назад
“I’m 39 plus 1”
Randomization Entertainment
Randomization Entertainment 4 часа назад
Mateo goes to my school.
Michael Ruiz
Michael Ruiz 6 часов назад
I think it would of been better if they brought mixture of family not this these kids who are pampered
Ellie *
Ellie * 6 часов назад
These teens are something else 😂 “I fly a plane”. Oh yeah casual.
Reese’s Pieces
Reese’s Pieces 8 часов назад
Abigail B
Abigail B 9 часов назад
How this would have gone if It was my mom: Teen: ...and that's why I feel like we all deserve more freedom, more peace, and a better relationship with our parents. Parent: Well i think if you just stop watching so much goddamn RUvid...
Ismira Mauralia
Ismira Mauralia 11 часов назад
I really need this kind of thing for me and my parents because idk why its so hard for me to talk heart to heart to my own parents :')
Maya Hums
Maya Hums 13 часов назад
I didn’t know you had Instagram **awkward laugh** I got rid of it... *serious side eye* 😂😂 3:06
classicgrl22 13 часов назад
Customers vs Customer service workers (Middle Ground)
Milly Perry
Milly Perry 15 часов назад
Teens are definitely not less innocent now days, they can just document it online now
Penny Pearson
Penny Pearson 21 час назад
Do more of these I love it!!!
Lenora Xoxo
Lenora Xoxo 23 часа назад
Parents today are clueless bc of social media. Back in the day it was so easy for parents to take care of their children. They don’t know how to use it or what there kids are doing. Kids get away with a lot more. Back in the day a lot of things were more acceptable.
DurpyRainbow 004
DurpyRainbow 004 День назад
The teens probably would have answered differently if their parents weren’t there.
Thotius Clyde
Thotius Clyde День назад
aye bro what her @
Eve Macri
Eve Macri День назад
1 minuet in and I know that these are not normal people...
Des Bethea
Des Bethea День назад
Not saying that these kids aren’t normal, but I think they’d should’ve gotten like “regular” teenagers and maybe stranger parents, instead their actual parents.
Josie SC
Josie SC День назад
There were no difficult relationships in this
Caleigh Mei Tan
Caleigh Mei Tan День назад
I think they shouldn’t be able to see how the other side answers. Because I can see that sometimes they choose depending on what the others answer.
gillian owens
gillian owens День назад
Never stop learning
Sara Oswald
Sara Oswald День назад
Can you do an episode with Americans vs foreigners. The foreigners should be from Canada, Australia, and Norway. The Americans need to be from different states so as to receive a different perspective. The questions could be based around healthcare, military spending, education, politics, climate change ECT.... This would be interesting.
ALicia c
ALicia c День назад
I wish my parents were open enough to even have talks like this with me.
Rowan Moorhead
Rowan Moorhead День назад
The Australian girl’s mom is great♥️
why3ij День назад
No offense but Mateo’s mom could get it
Maria Ysart
Maria Ysart День назад
God these parents are so unnecessarily strict
a nostalgic babe , here I go again
"Im Elizabeth im 39+1." awe
Hey O
Hey O День назад
“I’m 39 + 1”... so you’re 40? Just say you’re 40. Saying “39+1” it’s not gonna make you any younger
Alyssa wants to go home
Alyssa wants to go home День назад
I'm sorry but is Ms. Fanny from One day at a time
Kayley День назад
ofc the teens are gonna act different with there real parents
Emily Harfst
Emily Harfst День назад
Okay but Fanny reminds me of the mom from One Day at a Time
Raphael Grenier
Raphael Grenier 2 дня назад
oh yeah yeah
Rylie R
Rylie R 2 дня назад
are we not gonna talk about how pretty fanny (mateo’s mom) is??
Alyssa 2 дня назад
Can we get a re-do of this just unrelated teens and parents. I think teens maybe more outspoken without their parents being there...
Janae Shackelford
Janae Shackelford 2 дня назад
Hate the assumption “younger people think they know everything” ummm I’ve neverrrr thought that😂
Leigha Gippo
Leigha Gippo 2 дня назад
taylor is so pretty
slim brown
slim brown 2 дня назад
Ima need some more damaged people to start part taking in these videos how come in every video everybody parents are so mature and understanding '
Maacãdeliç 2 дня назад
That bald dude basically just said he regretted having kids lol, tried to cover it up but-
Yee Lee
Yee Lee 2 дня назад
Your child is gay btw
MaximumVolume1000 2 дня назад
This was pretty much just parents talking to their own child, I wish it was more advice giving
Hannah Dockerty
Hannah Dockerty 2 дня назад
Hi I'm jackson, I'm 11 and I'm a 2 time gold medallist in blindfolded acrobatics
el 2 дня назад
mental illness comes from a lack of innocence?? no, kids just dont suppress themselves as much as they used to
Huss Puss
Huss Puss 2 дня назад
Shia vs Sunni
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 2 дня назад
Interesting to see Mateo hug Elizabeth, but Taylor handshake Jeremiah
Matthew Cook
Matthew Cook 2 дня назад
the dad looks like a blad Elon Musk
Shake that beauty blog
Shake that beauty blog 2 дня назад
This is the only middle ground so far i dont like. Its not raw enough.
Ariel Hatten
Ariel Hatten 2 дня назад
I actually found this very endearing!
zack jones
zack jones 2 дня назад
People who support/don't support the border wall.
Tessa Berner
Tessa Berner 2 дня назад
The answer is simply no.
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