Can Teen Disney Fans Guess Disney Movies Described By Kids?

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Can Teen Disney Fans Guess Disney Movies Described By Kids?


Published on


Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
REACT Year ago
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NT Productions
If I was a kid reactor explaining finding Nemo I would just say “FISH IN THE OCEAN BY DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
jalie smit
jalie smit Year ago
React to Maluma
Emily Lawyer
Emily Lawyer Year ago
Fun video
Clorox Beach jr
Bri L
Bri L Year ago
Guess the Disney movie twist (difficult/hard mode). Instead of the kids explaining a movie, they only give some keywords. Like for Mulan, it'd maybe be: War, Cricket, avalanche, woman, warrior and father. Just for an example, you could always use other words.
Chialeen Arinal
Chialeen Arinal 8 days ago
Nobody: Not even a soul: Will: “OH COME ON NOW!!!”
Bjorn Koops
Bjorn Koops 9 days ago
Pls do this but then with games
Scorps Lov
Scorps Lov 10 days ago
I got all of them except nemp
Olivia Nolte
Olivia Nolte 10 days ago
Jeremiah is cute
when she said "theres a war going on" i was like *inhale* "muLAN"
Froyo Cat
Froyo Cat 13 days ago
1:27 , 3:29 , 5:12 , 6:51 , 7:05
Public Archives
Public Archives 13 days ago
Disney movies described horribly
Haxel Hazard
Haxel Hazard 14 days ago
Me: Hi! Ho- Will: oH cOMe On NoW
Chris Freeland
Chris Freeland 14 days ago
4:02 -Child parental figure? That's a thing?
Giuliano Aaron Franco Ynsfran
9:59 and i wan't you to do it
she talks
she talks 22 days ago
I got everything right!
Annie Scarpin
Annie Scarpin 24 days ago
I got everything right except for the finding nemo one because I just got really confused with the male parental thingy and kinda zoned out
Fatima Salman
Fatima Salman 27 days ago
2:50 jaxons face was like how r u even a Disney fan
djanabelle 27 days ago
"The male gender thing" "the parental male gender thing" "the male parental figure"
Caitlyn Stepanov
Is Marlhy that girl from chicken girls??
XxDOGPAWSxX 123 Month ago
I thought the first one was the Hotel Transilvania 2
dylan duncan
dylan duncan Month ago
“child parental figure” 😂 🤔
cool_soima Month ago
I've watched toy story 3 193763737263673 million times and I still got it wrong
Jose Gurrola
Jose Gurrola Month ago
Bruh if you can't get it right then you're not a true disney fan! Those were obvious!
LDH Productions
LDH Productions Month ago
I thought #2 was Pinocchio, too.
Melody Franco
Melody Franco Month ago
I wanna participate in this I got all of them right
Fatin Afiqah
Fatin Afiqah Month ago
Bising ahhh nak dengar pun tak boleh 🥴
Gabrielle Radford-Bryan
Is it just me or is Jordyn “sorry If I spelt it wrong” from family reunion this probably sounds so dumb
Daniel Blair
Daniel Blair Month ago
When Sydney explained it, it was such a good explanation that I got it the first few words she said.
dinosaurcookies Month ago
A lot of these aren’t even Disney, they’re Pixar. (Very different)
Adailynn Glennon
I got it for the start 🤣🤣love Disney
Giuliana Alvizo
Giuliana Alvizo Month ago
this is my first time hereing jaxon sayind a bad word
Gnome z
Gnome z Month ago
The children tell them better than the adults
Karen Lister
Karen Lister Month ago
I'm a fan off Toy story 1234
Eli Alderfer
Eli Alderfer Month ago
This is so easy and they r so confused
ii curlyyheadmoni ii
sydney : theres a war going on me : mulan
Hanaa Sabri
Hanaa Sabri 2 months ago
1: toy story 3 2: friending Nemo? 3:Moana oh come oh she is my favorite 4:?????? 5:? Lol I only got that
Krista Kouyoumdjian
Krista Kouyoumdjian 2 months ago
Will put neno
Jerry D. Metz
Jerry D. Metz 2 months ago
Lydon is cute AF!
YungSpirit 2 months ago
I said the second one was the good dinosaur
Frostyy 2 months ago
7:54 It is me, Aladin
Mira Withers
Mira Withers 2 months ago
Who else this entire time was just screaming at the people who said they were Disney fans and couldn’t even get the majority of them right
Joelnco 2 months ago
I got a five out of five
Natalia Valsecchi
Natalia Valsecchi 2 months ago
marhly didn’t get moana but the she guessed the little mermaid 2 instead and that is actually so close cause melody from the little mermaid 2 can’t go in the water cause it’s dangerous but she rlly wants to
Nina Cassin
Nina Cassin 2 months ago
I thought the second one was pinnochio too
aniya jackson
aniya jackson 2 months ago
I got these all right and I haven’t watched 3 of the movies
Thanos 2 months ago
Did she say child parental figure?
Patrick Miles Cabilogan
Oh my god i got a perfect school
Cute Panda
Cute Panda 2 months ago
When you have watched Mulan 6 times and the first 5 words were a dead give away
Isha Valluri
Isha Valluri 2 months ago
Ok hold up. Did Anna seriously not get Aladdin? Like he couldn’t have been more obvious. The whole cave scene and the rubbing thing should have given it away to everyone.
Dark Vader
Dark Vader 2 months ago
Frozen name anna
Khaeden Golez
Khaeden Golez 2 months ago
Child describes finding nemo story line. Me: Taken?
Karina Borja
Karina Borja 2 months ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: Will: Oh come on Now!!!
Rebecca Adler
Rebecca Adler 2 months ago
Child parental figure??
Liz G
Liz G 2 months ago
I got all of them right, feels so good 😭😂😂😂😂
Gülfem Çırak
Gülfem Çırak 2 months ago
Gosh! I can't believe they cannot guess it right away! I mean, the answer is right there and they are like, "what I'm confused" ! So frustrating. 🙄😅
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker Year ago
Make it more of a competition by adding a buzzer. Similar to 1 second at a time song guessing.
Treli Arkouda
Treli Arkouda Year ago
I got them all
piperiianaa Year ago
i see will i click
Kanon Got Wasted
You know you are older school when you think of Pinocchio as well instead of finding nemo....welp
Vivanne T
Vivanne T Year ago
I missed one...and it was Finding Nemo..
Mirco Laufer
Mirco Laufer Year ago
Vivanne T What
Frazzle Year ago
Almost every time a kid would start their sentence Will would instantly say, “oh, come on now!”😂😂
Angel Year ago
I got all of them right even aladin and I haven't seen that movie in probably over 10 years lol i guess you could say im a Disney fan😂
kaela Year ago
how did some not get toy story 3 right away..
wyatt winfrew
wyatt winfrew Year ago
All correct for me
Itlum Aep
Itlum Aep Year ago
The fact that these people are “Disney fans” and some people got nemo wrong is so triggering
Shruti Ghosh
Shruti Ghosh 2 months ago
KT W Year ago
I got em all somehow. The moana one was easy tho- considering that first sentence
papi hammah
papi hammah Year ago
i got 4
Aly Year ago
I’m 12 and i hate watching Disney lol But i watched a lot of the movies When i was younger.
GamingxQueen -
I loved this one!!
Blue The Person
This was way to easy (I'm 15)
Ana Luixa Dimantino
I don’t get it how they are so bad I got all of them right in the 5 second mark
Striffee Year ago
The moment she started explaining Mulan I instantly knew. It's the best Disney movie.
ştúpiD NërDy
@Vivanne T idk !!! 😂😂😂 i watched it like an eternity ago so don't judge meh 😂😂😂
Vivanne T
Vivanne T Year ago
Quëën ôf Fïrě Luna?! XD
ştúpiD NërDy
I was like what's her name again mona ? luna ? ohhh mulan 😂😂😂
Magdiel Trejo
Magdiel Trejo Year ago
3:54 same and is it bad that i sill dont know the movie
HarmonyGrace Year ago
Magdiel Trejo nemo got it right away
Shopkins Girl
Shopkins Girl Year ago
ah lucas
Jordan (female) is my favorite bc theres a male too
Vivi Game
Vivi Game Year ago
When Jaxon and Anna were naming places they went to Disney I was like bro we know you guys are rich
Semirah Richards
This was actually so easy
Kamya Wade
Kamya Wade Year ago
I got all 5 points....YAAAAAAY
陽ʏɪɴ Year ago
*Atleast they spoiled the ones I havent watch*
Trinity H
Trinity H Year ago
Jeremiah shirt has 69 on it. Anyone else reliazed?
Richard Dinh
Richard Dinh Year ago
I got two wrong
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