Can Teen Disney Fans Guess Disney Movies Described By Kids?

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Can Teen Disney Fans Guess Disney Movies Described By Kids?

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Comments 100
REACT Month ago
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Nick Teixeira
Nick Teixeira Month ago
If I was a kid reactor explaining finding Nemo I would just say “FISH IN THE OCEAN BY DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
jalie smit
jalie smit Month ago
React to Maluma
Emily Lawyer
Emily Lawyer Month ago
Fun video
flying goat child of Clorox bleach
Hawar Mohamadi 7A Ellekærskolen
Can y' all do like teen guess RUvidr's Described By Kids and lets see how much shade the kids are gonna throw
HanBan005 20 days ago
Make it more of a competition by adding a buzzer. Similar to 1 second at a time song guessing.
Treli Arkouda
Treli Arkouda 20 days ago
I got them all
Piper Proctor
Piper Proctor 20 days ago
i see will i click
Kanon Got Wasted
Kanon Got Wasted 20 days ago
You know you are older school when you think of Pinocchio as well instead of finding nemo....welp
Vivanne T
Vivanne T 20 days ago
I missed one...and it was Finding Nemo..
Mirco Laufer
Mirco Laufer 20 days ago
Vivanne T What
Frazzle 20 days ago
Almost every time a kid would start their sentence Will would instantly say, “oh, come on now!”😂😂
Angel Hidalgo
Angel Hidalgo 20 days ago
I got all of them right even aladin and I haven't seen that movie in probably over 10 years lol i guess you could say im a Disney fan😂
kaela 20 days ago
how did some not get toy story 3 right away..
Wyatt Is cool right???
All correct for me
Itlum Aep
Itlum Aep 20 days ago
The fact that these people are “Disney fans” and some people got nemo wrong is so triggering
Brooklyn Seefeldt
Brooklyn Seefeldt 20 days ago
KT W 20 days ago
I got em all somehow. The moana one was easy tho- considering that first sentence
hannah ferguson
hannah ferguson 20 days ago
i got 4
Aila_ 21 day ago
I’m 12 and i hate watching Disney lol But i watched a lot of the movies When i was younger.
GamingxQueen -
GamingxQueen - 21 day ago
I loved this one!!
Blue The Person
Blue The Person 21 day ago
This was way to easy (I'm 15)
Ana Luixa Dimantino
I don’t get it how they are so bad I got all of them right in the 5 second mark
Striffee 21 day ago
The moment she started explaining Mulan I instantly knew. It's the best Disney movie.
Quëën ôf Fïrě
Quëën ôf Fïrě 20 days ago
+Vivanne T idk !!! 😂😂😂 i watched it like an eternity ago so don't judge meh 😂😂😂
Vivanne T
Vivanne T 20 days ago
Quëën ôf Fïrě Luna?! XD
Quëën ôf Fïrě
Quëën ôf Fïrě 20 days ago
I was like what's her name again mona ? luna ? ohhh mulan 😂😂😂
Saoirse 20 days ago
It’s the only Disney movie I haven’t seen
Magdiel Trejo
Magdiel Trejo 21 day ago
3:54 same and is it bad that i sill dont know the movie
Hadley's reborn corner
Magdiel Trejo nemo got it right away
Shopkins Girl
Shopkins Girl 22 days ago
ah lucas
Mobile Legends - MarcusYT
Jordan (female) is my favorite bc theres a male too
Vivi Game
Vivi Game 22 days ago
When Jaxon and Anna were naming places they went to Disney I was like bro we know you guys are rich
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 20 days ago
For real tho
Semirah Richards
Semirah Richards 22 days ago
This was actually so easy
Kamya Wade
Kamya Wade 22 days ago
I got all 5 points....YAAAAAAY
陽ʏɪɴ 22 days ago
*Atleast they spoiled the ones I havent watch*
Trinity Better than yall
Jeremiah shirt has 69 on it. Anyone else reliazed?
The Pumpkin King
The Pumpkin King 22 days ago
I got two wrong
no u
no u 22 days ago
Wait I thought u cannot say the line
ドデッ 22 days ago
nobody: Will: *Oh CmON nOW*
A Person
A Person 22 days ago
i literally new all of these in the first seconds
Ken Hollis
Ken Hollis 22 days ago
Same, and I've never even seen Toy Story 3 or Moana.
Selin 22 days ago
Ohh come on now 😂
Jack dull
Jack dull 22 days ago
Take a shot every time Will says "Oh, come on now"!
Gia Barrera
Gia Barrera 22 days ago
All correct
BeeBee Tee
BeeBee Tee 22 days ago
I only got Moana, Alaadin, Mulan!
Jack dull
Jack dull 22 days ago
You realize half of these teens that are on here came from kids react..... Just saying
Phasia Karyeah
Phasia Karyeah 22 days ago
THE FIRST MOVIE THEY DESCRIBED I WATCHED AT SCHOOL YESTERDAY! IM DIEING, THAT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST COINDENCES ( i cant spell :p ) THAT EVER CAME UPON ME! P.S Its was Toy story 3 :p Edit: The same as the second described movied in the past weeks at school i have watched the movie at school also known as finding Nemo
Sasha Yt
Sasha Yt 23 days ago
Sasha Yt
Sasha Yt 23 days ago
Only the last part gave Aladdin away for me, he rubbed the thing, boom those words just shouted Aladdin
Sasha Yt
Sasha Yt 23 days ago
Moana was easy
Sasha Yt
Sasha Yt 23 days ago
Hold on, ok I'm guessing for the first one toy story 2? Edit: dang it, it was toy story 3!
Jess Green
Jess Green 23 days ago
8:48 Anna: this is pretty obvious Me: 🤔... still nope
Tan 23 days ago
Lmao these explanations were really obvious
Danny Chisholm
Danny Chisholm 23 days ago
2:00 it came out in 2011 so how was she 5???
Louise Thaarslund
Louise Thaarslund 23 days ago
Danny Chisholm you know, exaggeration promotes understanding
Killjoy McQuire
Killjoy McQuire 23 days ago
There is this character who wants more out of life, but their parent is against it, but then this thing happens that make them go on a big journey with this character they haven't met before and by the end they reunite with their parent in understanding and they have grown as a person.
Kookie Fan
Kookie Fan 23 days ago
I guessed Mulan in like 2 seconds 😂
Elijah Baz
Elijah Baz 23 days ago
I love how the kids still know some classic disney cartoons and not just the modern ones. My 3 yr old nephew only watches cars 3 and Paw Patrol
MikeVlogsYT 23 days ago
I got them all apart from the last one
Holly Pearson
Holly Pearson 23 days ago
I feel like I'm the only person who thought Madagascar 2 for finding Nemo.
LyannaTargaryen 23 days ago
Sydney is always amazing
Jack dull
Jack dull 21 day ago
I know. She's so articulate for her age
#ghostsquad 23 days ago
...I always thought Alladin was a princess XD
Ella Vlogs
Ella Vlogs 23 days ago
Aladdin is my all-time favorite is the movie and I got it wrong :(
Gina Otto
Gina Otto 23 days ago
I didn't know Jaxon cursed 😟 I really liked him lol...I mean...I still do.
magical rainbow
magical rainbow 23 days ago
I love Disney movies since I was a baby and now I'm 13 but that video make me want to describe my favorite Disney movie
ultimate DECOY
ultimate DECOY 24 days ago
Jordan is gettin prettier while getting older tbh
Bearlyplayz 24 days ago
Emilia Gamez
Emilia Gamez 24 days ago
I guessed all of themmmmm
TheSilverHusky063 24 days ago
Got it perfect ❤ I knew of it was Disney I'd know but everything else I'd be lost xD
TikTok 24 days ago
Child parental figure 😂😂
Larissa Mello
Larissa Mello 24 days ago
ATZ TV 24 days ago
I love Jayka ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
KT Roberts
KT Roberts 24 days ago
No one wanted to talk about Disney’s Atlantis?? Lol
Bubble Breeze
Bubble Breeze 24 days ago
I thought most of these were obvious I’m surprised more people didn’t get all of them based on the comments, I mean I haven’t even seen Aladdin lmao
Ms. McLean
Ms. McLean 24 days ago
I didn’t know about the finding Nemo it was confusing
Cloud Chan
Cloud Chan 24 days ago
MArhly from ChiKen GurLS
Alanah Shafer
Alanah Shafer 24 days ago
There’s no little mermaid 2!!!
Krafty Kay
Krafty Kay 23 days ago
There are 3 little mermaid movies!
Hudaef Cares?
Hudaef Cares? 23 days ago
Part 2 is about Ariel's daughter Melody who wants to be in the ocean but Ariel doesn't allow her coz Ursula (or something) might kidnap Melody, which she eventually did. Of course she did.
Moon Child
Moon Child 23 days ago
There are 3 movies actually
Angela Fink
Angela Fink 24 days ago
Yep there is! It's all about Ariel's daughter Melody who is the exact opposite of Ariel and wants to be in the ocean. It's really cute!
Gweian Vlogs
Gweian Vlogs 24 days ago
Alanah Shafer THERE IS?!
Roy Wittebrood
Roy Wittebrood 25 days ago
How about 'treasure planet'? An underrated movie.
toowiimii 25 days ago
So many people spelt Aladdin wrong
karthik rox
karthik rox 25 days ago
Anyone here who has never seen Moana or Mulan or any of those newer stuff but got the other 3 OG one's
Smol Tae
Smol Tae 24 days ago
Mulan came out in 1998
Yulin Franken
Yulin Franken 25 days ago
Mulan is OG
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 25 days ago
I lub Disney
Nina Douma
Nina Douma 25 days ago
I knew all even though I haven’t seen most of the movies...
Tanya Hubbard
Tanya Hubbard 25 days ago
Adren Marlaine
Adren Marlaine 25 days ago
Who else got a perfect score? 🙋🏽‍♀️ My TV is literally ALWAYS on Disney Channel... I’m 22 now. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Gel Vincent
Gel Vincent 25 days ago
I got 1 wrong
QualitySweat 26 days ago
Lydon looks like a 90s mom tbh
ㄐno4pleb 26 days ago
Oh come on now
Justpeachy_ honey
Justpeachy_ honey 26 days ago
These were so easy 🗿
Kristin 26 days ago
I could only figure out the last one lol
Theresa B
Theresa B 26 days ago
"Becomes a captive somewhere" 😂😂😂
Cool Dog.
Cool Dog. 26 days ago
I only got 1 right 🤣😂
gerard way at the romance disco
Toy story 3 Finding Nemo Moana Aladdin Mulan
#ghostsquad 23 days ago
I only got Toy Story 3....I don't watch Disney movies XD
Joatzin Garcia
Joatzin Garcia 24 days ago
thxs i was looking for this comment
karthik rox
karthik rox 24 days ago
+Привал славных путников I didn't know anything about those movies. I don't follow Disney much nowadays.
Привал славных путников
+karthik rox I haven't saw Mulan but that description was extremely obvious
karthik rox
karthik rox 25 days ago
I haven't seen Moana and Mulan so I couldn't have got those , others were easy
purplekawaii85 26 days ago
i knew most besides finding nemo
Moony 26 days ago
I don't really watch Disney movies a lot, but I got all right.
Amy McDonald
Amy McDonald 26 days ago
Mona was the only one I didn't get I haven't seen it yet
Lexi Trabs
Lexi Trabs 26 days ago
My dude, Will, you’re excited and happy for everything! Love y’all! 💕
Cookieman123 26 days ago
No offence but will needs to stop saying come on now
Ken Hollis
Ken Hollis 22 days ago
+AlmondMilk Brits spell it with a C.
AlmondMilk 25 days ago
Cookieman123 no OFFENSE but you spelt OFFENSE wrong
Sephora Charles
Sephora Charles 26 days ago
U should do the same thing but with Disney Channel showe
Lauren Bierman
Lauren Bierman 26 days ago
I got all but the 3rd one. I haven’t seen that movie as much, so I totally blanked when it came up.
Bigfoot Animations
Bigfoot Animations 26 days ago
Wtf toy story is a Pixar movie!!!
Lucy Schultz
Lucy Schultz 25 days ago
It's a Pixar and Disney movie
asmrwithme 25 days ago
Disney owns Pixar so toy story , brave , a Bugs life etc. , is Disney
Lexi Trabs
Lexi Trabs 26 days ago
Pixar is owned by Disney
Hailey Parsons
Hailey Parsons 26 days ago
Bigfoot Animations well Pixar is a sub company of disney, many people have worked for both pixar and disney, so technically its disney
Ana Padinha
Ana Padinha 27 days ago
Omg I never watch Disney anymore:(
may mimi
may mimi 27 days ago
Don't know why they were talking about Disneyland, i never went , and i didn't watch most of them yet i still knew them all
Jade Slee
Jade Slee 27 days ago
Take a shot if water every time will says come on now!
Tepora Hotene
Tepora Hotene 27 days ago
Omg I got everything right ahah
Sienna Rose
Sienna Rose 27 days ago
*2:01* funny, because toy story 3 was released in 2010 and she’s around the age of 16...conspiracy theory?
yagirl sabs
yagirl sabs 24 days ago
Sienna Rose but she didn’t have to see the movie exactly when it was released
asmrwithme 25 days ago
she could’ve watched it like way after it was released lmao. Bcs the first time I watched toy story was in 2016 and I was born in 2009 .
Sienna Rose
Sienna Rose 27 days ago
Vanessa Martin either way, part 1 was released in 1995, meaning she wasn’t even born yet
yagirl sabs
yagirl sabs 27 days ago
she thought it was the first one
Vanessa Martin
Vanessa Martin 27 days ago
Sienna Rose I noticed that to...
I legit can’t get any even through any....
Gaka Gab
Gaka Gab 27 days ago
"Disneyland Japan" Screaammiiinnnggggg ITS TOKYO DISNEYLAND😂😂😂 💖 your channel
Gaka Gab
Gaka Gab 27 days ago
+Michael Joshua Tan I mean the "name" of the disneyland is tokyo disneyland..I dont want to make it too complicated😅
Michael Joshua Tan
Michael Joshua Tan 27 days ago
Where's Tokyo located though? Japan right so technically it's still DISNEYLAND JAPAN
Maia Carr
Maia Carr 27 days ago
7:54 yo like am I the only one that thought it was megamind bruhh
leslie hernandez
leslie hernandez 27 days ago
When u have a 2 yr old sister all you watch Is Disney movies and sometimes it’s the same one for about 3 months 😂😂😂
Conni Jo
Conni Jo 26 days ago
Way back when finding Nemo came out it was all my little Brothers wanted to watch on repeat for about a year... I was able to speak with the characters xD
Lillian Grace
Lillian Grace 27 days ago
Lydon looks exactly like brizzy voices
Noots 27 days ago
DrawingWithPluto 27 days ago
Oh god
neverbeloved 27 days ago
Noots 💀
HUFFLECLAW 663 27 days ago
i love jordan
krylesangerbeaver 27 days ago
Jordan and Marlhy. Just missing Mikaela for my trifecta of favorites.
Jack dull
Jack dull 21 day ago
You should see old videos Marhly from kids react and see how different she's looks now as a teen.
krylesangerbeaver 27 days ago
Lydon looks so much like Gina Carano
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