Can't live without you

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Beyond LIVE - NCT : RESONANCE 'Global Wave’
12/27 SUN 3PM (KST)
12/26 SAT 10PM (PST)
12/27 SUN 1AM (EST)
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Dec 26, 2020




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Comments 100
Nurrizki Maulina
Nurrizki Maulina 15 minutes ago
I miss you so bad my lovely 23 boys I love you Can't live with out nct
Hitachy Lucas
Hitachy Lucas 5 hours ago
Terima kasih NCT 2020 udh buat 2020 kami jd berharga terima kasih banyak sayang kalian semua sehat sehat ya kalian semoga kita bsa bertemu lagi d project selanjutnya :) we love you so much you guys are the best :)
Titi Safira
Titi Safira 14 hours ago
Keobeorin aicheoreom Honjadoen namucheoreom Oerowo jichin Nugungaui sesangeul bwa. Barago baraessdeongeol Gyeolgugeun chajji moshae Millyeonassdeon jaui Gamchuryeodeon sangcheoreul bwa. Urin oetoriro taeeona Jom neurin nawa gati georeojul Nugungareul gidaryeo Nae soneul jaba woneul geuryeo I mankeum nanwo gajin geojanha. Nae on maeumi ne gyeote Ne kkumi nae gyeote Sandaneun geo gyeondineun geo Hamkkeramyeon jogeum deo haengbokhaejyeo. Kkeuteopsi yeongyeoldwae dasi Can't live without you. Joryue sseullyeogadeut Badareul tteodoneun deut Jichyeogajiman Nagwoneun boiji anha. Nan neoui ttadeushami piryohae Gwaenchanhdago malhaejujanha. I need you, I need you. Nae soneul jaba woneul geuryeo I mankeum nanwo gajin geojanha. Nae on maeumi ne gyeote Ne kkumi nae gyeote Sandaneun geo gyeondineun geo Hamkkeramyeon jogeum deo haengbokhaejyeo. Kkeuteopsi yeongyeoldwae dasi Can't live without you. Nun gamado nan ongiro neukkyeo Hangeoreum yeope naranhi Georeojun donghaengingeol Wianeul juneun neo. I'm with you. Naega dasi saragal Yonggineun neonikka Eokkaereul naejumyeo Gonggamhal neonikka mideulge, Seulpeumeul majuhal ttaemyeon hanbeon deo Nae soneul jaba woneul geuryeo I mankeum nanwo gajin geojanha. Nae on maeumi ne gyeote Ne kkumi nae gyeote Sandaneun geo gyeondineun geo Hamkkeramyeon jogeum deo haengbokhaejyeo. Kkeuteopsi yeongyeoldwae dasi Can't live without you.
Hasti Andini
Hasti Andini Day ago
We love you guys
Jessinta Ganam
2:40 why is these 4 as the thumbnail? they sang or?
pretty savage
I love this family.. NCT family, I hope NCT can be together for a long time 💚
Jade Day ago
I hope when the neos get old and reminisce or look back at these ,, that they think “ahh i did well, and had fun”
Beatriz Sampaio Aucelio
I miss NCT 2020 so bad ... it hurts
ZhongPark 2 days ago
My bias is CHENLE but I love OT23
Karyn Gloria
Karyn Gloria 2 days ago
Thank you for Nct 2020 project💚 Nctzen really love that💚
Shania Rosslyn
Shania Rosslyn 2 days ago
i miss them bro
Ucup Premi 4
Ucup Premi 4 3 days ago
It hits different when you watch this after the last relay cam bruh
Ari Rahayuni
Ari Rahayuni 3 days ago
I will missed this project
Mini NCTzen
Mini NCTzen 3 days ago
I Cried Again.
sara 3 days ago
i hope they know i can't live without them, they really mean everything to me and i don't know where i'd be in life without them. thank you nct, always and forever
San Yoon
San Yoon 3 days ago
Crying... I love them with all my soul. Thank you so much Nct for working so hard for us TT
finn eli
finn eli 3 days ago
not funny did. cry
Nik Nazratul
Nik Nazratul 3 days ago
the relay cam of all the members just end and im here crying
이율 4 days ago
I hope there will be more opportunities for full members
이율 4 days ago
I really miss them
이율 4 days ago
Once again, I cried when I started seeing this
Agatha Al
Agatha Al 5 days ago
tbh I cried 98765433 times when I listen to this
Orenji 5 days ago
Miss you:(
Luv milktea
Luv milktea 6 days ago
Sayang banget sama mereka gatau lagi aigu :(
Luv milktea
Luv milktea 6 days ago
Iih kok netes :(
No '
No ' 6 days ago
Name song please ?
Abathary 6 days ago
NCT U - Without you
vizcarrita 6 days ago
vizcarrita 6 days ago
thanks for everything, nct 💚 nct & nctzen, we're a family
kimochibangtan 6 days ago
When u listen to this at 3am
Elly Terracotta
Elly Terracotta 7 days ago
I wish SM would put caption of the lyrics because Without You can be their love song for nctzens, but also for each other. The line "We're connected without an end, can't live without you." alone just proves it.
Elly Terracotta
Elly Terracotta 7 days ago
I still can't believe they released this video with the NCT song closest to my heart.
Agisya Zafarani
Agisya Zafarani 7 days ago
Kangen :(
so sad 해지는 영상..🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
Ane 7 days ago
The views are just disrespectful this is a masterpiece
Abathary 7 days ago
those smiles filled my 2020 with smiles, thank you
elizaaaldee 14
elizaaaldee 14 8 days ago
Emma Tran (398emmtran)
NCTzens can't live without NCT NCT can't live without NCTzens
Abigail Muñasque
This is literally my favorite song in all of NCT's :">. This song made me became a czennie in their early years and to hear it now bring tears to my eyes😭
Nastia Khosheva
Nastia Khosheva 8 days ago
Wati Tae
Wati Tae 8 days ago
You are not just an idol group but you are family I miss you all
Salmaa Husniyyah
Salmaa Husniyyah 8 days ago
suddenly i miss them so much rn
S 2
S 2 8 days ago
Carlesia Kezia
Carlesia Kezia 9 days ago
Carlesia Kezia
Carlesia Kezia 9 days ago
Khoirunnisa Nisa
Khoirunnisa Nisa 10 days ago
i really miss NCT 2020😣💗
winwinpeaches 10 days ago
nct: can't live without you czennies: me too, me too😭
Novack 10 days ago
Absolutely, we NCTzen also can't live without U!
morning zz
morning zz 10 days ago
Paling sedih kalo ada yg bilang haechan nggak deket ama Taeyong :)) Padahal kalo Taeyong sakit yg bingung masak si haechan, Taeyong kalo punya apa apa itu berbaginya ke haechan Cuma gegara gak diliatin di kamera kalian ngomong mereka nggak deket? Ini nih yg bikin Jaehyun sampek bilang kalo sebenernya mereka itu deket ama unit lain, bahkan lebih deket dari yg nctzen pikirin, ini Jaehyun loh ya yang ngomong, prince halu nya kalian yg selalu berusaha nggak rewel Parah sih
Fitri ramadani
Fitri ramadani 10 days ago
ya ampun gw nangis dong
peceye bbh
peceye bbh 11 days ago
Still make me goosebumps when this guys together
ziiarrlee 11 days ago
best ever.
Gabrielli Araújo
Gabrielli Araújo 12 days ago
This is my favorite family!
Alea J JLlaNa
Alea J JLlaNa 12 days ago
This is now my comfort song, whenever I'm tired,down, I listen to this song..I feel a home that accepeted me without even me noticing..We Love You 💚
Muhammad Markuz Abdullah
Can i finding frindship like they are frindly(?)
Roxx Winchester
Roxx Winchester 12 days ago
I'm losing count of how many times they made me cry last year. I can't put into words how I feel listening to this song and reviewing each of those moments! Without a doubt 2020 would never have been the same for me without NCT. last year was hard for all of us, our boys worked hard and achieved unforgettable success but not without having gone through difficult times. So I am grateful to each of them. Thank you for being there, you deserve all the happiness in the world, I love you
Ara Fela
Ara Fela 13 days ago
I already miss NCT2020 :)
Yuki Nashreen
Yuki Nashreen 13 days ago
So far, I'm loving my stay here at NCT. I never thought I'll love artists outside my bias ent. I adore you NCT, yes, the 23 of you. I am putting a lot of effort to catch up but yes, I am indeed, loving it here. NCT23 Hwaitinggggg!
I'm staying.
I'm staying. 13 days ago
Normal human: Songs can't hurt you. Me: says who!?
aisha f
aisha f 13 days ago
i really miss their interaction :(
Siti Nurfakhira
Siti Nurfakhira 13 days ago
So most of the video already out and I miss them . That’s all sobs sobs
H N 13 days ago
Koreanzni 외국댓글 so many라서 댓글 No 다는거야..? 외롭다 외로워 So lonely 롱리.... 유튜브는 right now 국가별로 댓글 분류하는 fuction을 gimme....
vi 14 days ago
noooooooo we're having a lockdown in ncity!! we shouldn't let strangers ruin this masterpiece
Nurul Aini
Nurul Aini 14 days ago
i re-watch this video n i still cry, sht :(
Zata Raee
Zata Raee 14 days ago
I gonna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
novanghafara 14 days ago
fun fact: nctzen only need less than 3 minutes to cry.
lá medúza
lá medúza 14 days ago
Can't think of anything else than the fact nct deserves the world, deserves so much repay for their hard work
Mariam Cruz
Mariam Cruz 14 days ago
I really should stop watching this after applying moisturizer ಥ‿ಥ
Sani 14 days ago
thank you nct♡
Gracen Crombie
Gracen Crombie 15 days ago
Uggghh this song is just- *chefs kiss*👨‍🍳🤌🏼💋
Jane Jennie
Jane Jennie 15 days ago
Are u still nctzen ?? for me Iammmm
júlia 15 days ago
nct's official anthem
Nanda Azizah
Nanda Azizah 15 days ago
Nanda Azizah
Nanda Azizah 15 days ago
Christina Boby
Christina Boby 16 days ago
Just discovered this now and I love it. 💚 #NCT #NCTzen
Christina Boby
Christina Boby 14 days ago
Soooo....I listened to Fireflies by Dream and it was so beautiful. I also checked out it Faded in My Last Song, and it was oddly familiar. That's when I realized that it was mixed in Resonance Pt1. That song was breath-taking as well, it led me to another song-'119', and I'm in love.
Christina Boby
Christina Boby 15 days ago
@10. chae winmoon I'll check out the ballads as well. Tq.
Christina Boby
Christina Boby 15 days ago
@10. chae winmoon Thanks for the recommendation. And don't worry about Chinese sounding weird or anything to me, my ults are (G)I-DLE and they have Chinese version for most of their title tracks and it sounds otherworldly. I will start off with Fireflies and the rest of the songs by the Dreamies cuz I vibe with 'em more ig... thanks tho
10. chae winmoon
10. chae winmoon 15 days ago
@Christina Boby btw the WayV song uses Chinese, so it might sound a little strange to your ears, but the song is really good!
10. chae winmoon
10. chae winmoon 15 days ago
@Christina Boby I have ballad songs recommendation :3 Coming Home - NCT U From Home - NCT U Faded In My Last Song - NCT U My Everything - NCT U Long Slow Distance - NCT 127 No Longer - NCT 127 Back 2 U (AM 01:27) - NCT 127 Candle Light - NCT DREAM 7 Days - NCT DREAM Only Human - WayV Dream Launch - WayV
Elena Gonzales
Elena Gonzales 16 days ago
I'm not crying...you are
Loey chan
Loey chan 16 days ago
The title should be NCTZEN can't live without NCT
Loey chan
Loey chan 16 days ago
I missed NCT 2020 era 😭💚💚💚💚
Fatiha Herang
Fatiha Herang 16 days ago
nct, thank you for debuted ps: this vid alaways make me warm
Elsa Audi
Elsa Audi 16 days ago
sayang nct banyak banyak
Nur nuwairah
Nur nuwairah 16 days ago
Jelita Hanum
Jelita Hanum 17 days ago
Lyka Macabagdal
Lyka Macabagdal 17 days ago
missing nct 2020
Dae'nin Kirpiği .•́‿•̀。
Tam da sevgililer gününde olması peki :")
Dae'nin Kirpiği .•́‿•̀。
Bu da benden size çimen sözü :"))
Dae'nin Kirpiği .•́‿•̀。
Sizi ve fandomımı utandıracak bir nctzen olmyacağım
Dae'nin Kirpiği .•́‿•̀。
Ve bu yaptığıma hiç pişman olmayacağım
Dae'nin Kirpiği .•́‿•̀。
Bence çok doğru bir karar verdim ♡♡♡♡
nomu loneli
nomu loneli 17 days ago
miss nct ot23 sooo much
nomu loneli
nomu loneli 17 days ago
i guess im just to tough to cry. also me "watch this mv at 2.23a.m" lol
morning zz
morning zz 18 days ago
It's like fever dream, idk how but it do feel end quickly
cherryxx b0mb
cherryxx b0mb 18 days ago
Bingung lah mo komen apa. Yang pasti, dari awal udh suka sama lagu ini, dibikin ginian malah bikin mewek dan tambah suka, hiks
Nadia Rahma
Nadia Rahma 19 days ago
Just in NCT i can sees they singing in many genres, Only NCT who update like every minutes, Only NCT can makes my depression go away with their laugh, smiles, music and EVERYTHING♡
Riska Ahwa
Riska Ahwa 19 days ago
I cried watching this video
cass 19 days ago
Damn this makes me so emotional
Texx Zen
Texx Zen 19 days ago
Nct is family love you somuch guyss thanks for worked hard
Nana Mi
Nana Mi 20 days ago
nct2020 was a blessing
Syaza Farisya
Syaza Farisya 20 days ago
me to nct (look at the tittle ) :
leya deryxx
leya deryxx 20 days ago
Louize D. Segato
Louize D. Segato 20 days ago
Cool name music:I
ann kirst
ann kirst 20 days ago
i refuse to believe resonance era ended already
Mary Frances Daba
Mary Frances Daba 20 days ago
gorit (DJ Lily Puto Remix)