Can Skittles Become Cotton Candy?

The King of Random
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Today we're taking some more cotton candy requests and putting them to the test. Can skittles or salt water taffy become cotton candy? Does freeze drying them help?
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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 100
Ava Kolinen
Ava Kolinen Day ago
freeze dry pizza crush it up and mix it with shuger and put in in your cotton candy machiean please like this coment if you want theme to make pizza cotton candy
Siren Songbird
Siren Songbird 2 days ago
anyone else notice that at the start of the vid her mouth was blue? (i dont wanna accidentally spell her name wrong)
Logan Bowles
Logan Bowles 5 days ago
I want a freeze dryer and a Cotton candy machine now because I have braces and can’t eat any of these things
AwesomeGamer 0815
There is Skittle vending machines that give you the color in cups
CK 07
CK 07 7 days ago
No skittles Cannot
Hasen Hellberg
Hasen Hellberg 8 days ago
Thank you so much I didn't know if it was gonna work and I dint want to bust the machine🤤🤤🤤🤤
Logan Sandhoefner
Freeze dry cotton candy
Aarav Gaming channel
Kitchen Nightmare: Hey I just went to the store and bought some candy and cotton candy machine! *But will it work?* Trust me. It will work. Besides. We freeze dried a few of the candies! Oh okay, let’s bring in the cotton candy machine! Wait why is the kitchen so fluffy? Dude it’s because of the cotton candy wait who put the candies Aahhh please help me and him **Wakes Up** Never do this challenge again
John Jackson
John Jackson 11 days ago
I’m sorry but Nate you need to change your intro and do it by yourself. It says the king of random not the kings of random.
Sally Lin
Sally Lin 11 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue Everyone who tried this their teeth went loose
Amilcar Cuevas
Amilcar Cuevas 12 days ago
Do un-freeze dried skittles work in the Nostalgia Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker? (Boy is that a long name)
JAXHAMS_123 12 days ago
hey nate use dry syrup and try to make cottoon candy
Snow Storm
Snow Storm 14 days ago
so you said texture on the 2nd of the Skittles text you something while you feel consistency is it's like we're or stretchy or sticky slime just the right amount perfect
C Bare
C Bare 15 days ago
People have made Skittles into cotton candy some of the machines even say to try it
Asha Talim
Asha Talim 15 days ago
You should get a hard candy cotton candy maker
Neel D
Neel D 15 days ago
Why not try salt cotten candy
Hashem Albataineh
Hashem Albataineh 15 days ago
you said a cuss word is an accident
Michael Witt
Michael Witt 16 days ago
Freezdry and then turn cookie butter into cotton andy
Bovers B
Bovers B 16 days ago
Nate" I think it would be great topping on a fancy dessert" Cali"yeah like a, cupcake"
Bovers B
Bovers B 12 days ago
@Amilcar Cuevas WOW!!
Amilcar Cuevas
Amilcar Cuevas 12 days ago
Bovers B a FANCY cupcake!
Its Me!!
Its Me!! 16 days ago
her mouth turned into a smurf!
Addison Loy
Addison Loy 17 days ago
Why is there a White strip around there Skittles of that's not one mine look like
Pamila Rowe
Pamila Rowe 17 days ago
Freeze dry cotton candy.
•Comfortable Lexi Gacha•
Are they like dating??
Aldo Giron
Aldo Giron 19 days ago
Lol for more than half of the vid it was skittles
james food
james food 20 days ago
hes high lol
Ultimate playz
Ultimate playz 22 days ago
Rip cotton candy machine
BannanaBoi 23 days ago
Nate:Oh it's stretchy and it slides Calli:yeah
Lala Lu
Lala Lu 24 days ago
PotatoBOI 21
PotatoBOI 21 25 days ago
I honestly think those freeze-dried skittles look like pool balls
DarkEmissary617 25 days ago
Wow you all are so lucky. I love cotton candy that's my favorite candy.
Lightning knight
Lightning knight 25 days ago
So you are basically doing fun science? LOVE IT🤩
Diego Amaro
Diego Amaro 26 days ago
are you'll merede
GoldenLightning_ 26 days ago
5:15 I am the skittlrax i speak for the skittles
Samantha Byrd
Samantha Byrd 26 days ago
im gonna try and get a cotton candy machine now just to do this for my friends so i can make them smile during quarantine :)
Wild Horses
Wild Horses 26 days ago
It is so satisfying but I want to see what will happen if you put Coke in the cotton candy machine
¿[Nobody]‽ 26 days ago
U know I love how there's actually a cotton candy machine for hard candy and they decide to go the long way and freeze dry it
Cael Anderson
Cael Anderson 26 days ago
6:15 all skittles are same flavor
Austin Jensen
Austin Jensen 27 days ago
Can you guys see if fun dip can be turned into cotton candy
Lindsey Kearns
Lindsey Kearns 28 days ago
I don't know if you have done this but could you try candy canes ?
Dylan Tohill
Dylan Tohill 29 days ago
Hey the king of random I know you my not do this can you do every flavor of skittles in the freeze dryer then cotton candy
Siddique Abdullah
Siddique Abdullah 29 days ago
I love you guys Seeing you react to the candy makes me want to taste it 😋😋
Henry Harris
Henry Harris Month ago
an entire portion of this video is just devoted to skittles
Gergő Kocsis
Gergő Kocsis Month ago
can you make cotton cady from salt?
Claim_Ty Month ago
Miss you Grant ❤️🙏😕
Janice Baety
Janice Baety Month ago
What about starburst
gacha grl
gacha grl Month ago
Nate: *fixes hair* Me: ItS gOnNa GeT mEsSeD uP aNyWaY, NaTe!!!!!!!!!! Edit: also, sorry 4 yelling
jeffy cool
jeffy cool Month ago
freeze dry water
Daniel Bofeldt
Daniel Bofeldt Month ago
Fred whater end try to do coton candy
110 NightStalker
Freeze dry a slice of watermelon! Like if you agree
Devin Bergholt
Devin Bergholt Month ago
in subtitles where nate says cali breath in her cotton candy the subtitles sayy breathed in her hot kitty lol
Ivy Phan
Ivy Phan Month ago
Kenma 💕
Kassi Lavin
Kassi Lavin Month ago
U guys should do root beer barrels in the Cotten machine plz like to f u think the same
xXMxddy LxvexX
xXMxddy LxvexX Month ago
Mmmmm... saltwater taffyyyyy
Navy Porpoises
Navy Porpoises Month ago
Should have grounded each one
Cronus Aspen
Cronus Aspen Month ago
im not really surprised with the stretch of the skittles cotton candy bc of how if you go to tear a skittle in half, its sticky n stretchy makes sense to me
Xxjakefortnitexx Yt
Is it a coincidence that I’m eating skittles as I’m watching this
Louis Mozumdar
Louis Mozumdar Month ago
Did anyone else notice that the girl that was eating the blue cotten candy have a blue toungue
Zyra Shalette
Zyra Shalette Month ago
Why didn't you grind the rest of the candy anymore?? My concern is that cotton candy works best if you use powder. To make it powder can make the difference in the results
Giancarlo Parlato
How do you deshell skittles
Khiarhite’s Main channel
Try pixi stix
pf0077ify Month ago
Try to put candies în The vacuum Chambers and then make candy of them
Goldfeesh Month ago
“Calli inhaled her cotton candy.”
Oscar Chamberlaine
They skinned the skittles but u can buy them without 🤣
The Purple Pig And Fun!!
I have skinned freeze dried candy before.....
The Unknown
The Unknown Month ago
6:06 90% sure a cardiologist just died from the sentence
Cloudberry The Rainwing-Icewing
They’re basically giving you ideas for your cotton Candy macine
KawaiiChan199 Month ago
Kikospa Month ago
Why did they put the tafees in whole? It could have worked if they blended them.
Ana Lucia Flier, van der
FIQQNORD Gaming Month ago
Calli and Nate: (makes video) Cotton candy co- worker:right that freaking down
Otto Wood
Otto Wood Month ago
I Want This Now
Amelia Emily
Amelia Emily Month ago
i put candy cane powder in my cotton candy machine and it was AWESOME!
Amelia Emily
Amelia Emily Month ago
thee are scittles that you can buy without shells try that out in you freeze dryer
Cooperstar12 Month ago
Skittle cotton candy is very common
Rebecca Forbes
Rebecca Forbes Month ago
“Hold this, I’m dying.” Cali 2019
TNT Ex Month ago
Can you guys explain the science behind the reactions please? I miss the educational side of your videos
Moldycookie Month ago
Make cotton candy using mnm’s
Youngbuddha Month ago
Freeze dry cotton candy tho
Adolph Davis
Adolph Davis Month ago
Wait... thats skittles
Yin Yang Master 20
My favorite Skittles are dark side and bright side
Ilijas Ramic
Ilijas Ramic Month ago
Try Helf bonbons
Shawn BRYAN Month ago
Try adding m&m's
sonic gamer
sonic gamer 2 months ago
What happens if u freeze dry nerds
Kumquat NOW - Entertainment
those things make me drooling a little 😋
Alanek Biezynski
Alanek Biezynski 2 months ago
Help tkor get 15mil
Ben plays 42
Ben plays 42 2 months ago
Callie has found her new favourite type of skittles
AMARACHI EZENWA 2 months ago
skittles manager watching this:write that down
Pretzel Ram
Pretzel Ram 2 months ago
Callie: *hold this im dying*
sea_w-_0lf 5
sea_w-_0lf 5 2 months ago
You have to blend everything. Not just the skittles
Bøbthegod With Gucci
Callie’s mouth is blue
Nate Kirchner
Nate Kirchner 2 months ago
Freeze dry water
Nate Kirchner
Nate Kirchner 2 months ago
Cursed comment
Unique Sky
Unique Sky 2 months ago
You should put the millions candies in to the cotton candy machine
Nadira Nagoo
Nadira Nagoo 2 months ago
Freeze dry ice cream sandwiches and make them in to cotton candy
Alex Coleman
Alex Coleman 2 months ago
Skittles are all the same flavor
Coolerr Rich
Coolerr Rich 2 months ago
5:14 some how this is rick in an alternate universe
SnC Fam
SnC Fam 2 months ago
Freeze dry a watermelon!!! Will it just disappear?
They already did.
Gaea Valzado
Gaea Valzado 2 months ago
I miss eating cotton candy ;-;
Braxtyn Turner
Braxtyn Turner 2 months ago
CAn you freeze dry honey
Molly P
Molly P 2 months ago
You should put cotton candy IN the cotton candy maker and make second hand cotton candy 😂
moon wolf
moon wolf 2 months ago
The blue is blue raspberry it's one of my favorites
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