Can Skittles Become Cotton Candy?

The King of Random
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Today we're taking some more cotton candy requests and putting them to the test. Can skittles or salt water taffy become cotton candy? Does freeze drying them help?
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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 4 205
Mariejed Caluag
Mariejed Caluag 20 hours ago
Nate when the skittle cotton candy was like a kid waiting for some lol and calli was like a kid that ate cotton candy for the first time when she ate the skittle cotton candy lol
Evan Fairbanks
"hold this I'm dying" I'm dying myself
Cotton candy is my specialty.
Clara Wolfe
Clara Wolfe Day ago
Dude I wish this was my job
Hoosier Guns and Arrows Outdoors
How about nerds? 🤔
Nakhai Biby
Nakhai Biby 2 days ago
Keanu Stemmet
Keanu Stemmet 3 days ago
Guava juice made sour skitells cotton candy over a year ago
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 3 days ago
Can make cotton candy out cotton candy hmmm🤔
Christopher D'Oyen
Marshmallow cotton candy... Mmm...
Jack Kelleher
Jack Kelleher 3 days ago
Do all types of m+Ms
james sc
james sc 4 days ago
how much sugar do these two eat?
Erin Turner
Erin Turner 4 days ago
What if you put cotoncandy in a frezzdrier
Shameka Richardson
Can you gif me Chad🍬
Shameka Richardson
Coke fancy
Bludclone 5 days ago
can skittles create sponsored content?
L 5 days ago
Tootsie rolls have the same base ingredients
Skenjin 5 days ago
Dehydrate various cooked meats then pulverize into a dust and see what happens in the cotton candy machine.
Luke Swanson
Luke Swanson 5 days ago
Try vitamin c powder, or any other water flavoring. pls.
Zakaya Craft
Zakaya Craft 5 days ago
Our like Dragon's beard candy it's very fluffy
Julia W-p
Julia W-p 5 days ago
My Mom said that the color sugar in the middle can be used again
Jessie Hussey
Jessie Hussey 6 days ago
You should try jelly belly jelly beans in cotton candy form they have it in other forms I love that brand of jelly beans 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 I hope people agree
Asyh Ech
Asyh Ech 6 days ago
aww really wish you grain that taffy
Thomas Engelthaler
What about cotton candy made of maple syrup
Thomas Engelthaler
You could also use a drill to make cotton candy
Graesyn Elstein
Graesyn Elstein 6 days ago
do the red skittles only for biggy from the norris nuts
Alexander Fiato
Alexander Fiato 7 days ago
you can now taste the rainbow
Drahoth 7 days ago
I agree with this
Nancy Tackett
Nancy Tackett 7 days ago
Yall should do the skittles with yogurt coating
Mwe Ndwa
Mwe Ndwa 8 days ago
give me one
Mwe Ndwa
Mwe Ndwa 8 days ago
love u guys
Dana A-N
Dana A-N 8 days ago
3:19 well FOR YOU'RE INFORMATION Rosana pansino and Joey gracceffa have before
Squeeky 8 days ago
*******HOLD THIS,I AM DYING****************
Kiera Tepe
Kiera Tepe 9 days ago
I know what I'm going to do now. So glad I got a cotton candy machine.
Rosie Serrano
Rosie Serrano 9 days ago
Someone's on a sugar high lol
still chill
still chill 9 days ago
make cunks of jello into cotten candy only litte cunks a big one wont fit
Minwell it’s a nickname Be grateful
Now I want skittles cotton candy so bad 😭
Anonymous Anonymous
this is the reason i suggested trying your freeze dried candies on a video,i knew you'd like the skittles and i wanted to see what else would work,i still think you should try ludens cherry cough drops(the kind in the white box without the menthol)
Do chocolate cotton candy and caramel cotton candy
Sydney Owens
Sydney Owens 9 days ago
Skittles slushie is real though😋
brian shaw
brian shaw 10 days ago
Wow! 3:13
Carter Cannon
Carter Cannon 10 days ago
Don't try
Carter Cannon
Carter Cannon 10 days ago
Sony try pixie sticks it doesn't work
Not Mystic
Not Mystic 10 days ago
You should buy a hard candy cotton candy machine like the one from vat19
111 powerpop
111 powerpop 11 days ago
You guys are soooooo soooooo Like if u agree
Dana A-N
Dana A-N 8 days ago
Weeeell I can't like because Idk what I'm agreeing to
Danielle Unger
Danielle Unger 11 days ago
Can you try freeze dying cotton candy
sirida srisombati
sirida srisombati 11 days ago
Can you try covering your entire body in cotton candy?
Gucci-B 11 days ago
You can’t say first ever to anything anymore 😂
Angelina Gomez
Angelina Gomez 11 days ago
7: 50 me as Buddy the elf
India Harsley
India Harsley 12 days ago
you blended the skittles
India Harsley
India Harsley 12 days ago
what happened if you just blended the salt taffy before putting it in the cotton candy maker
GooxD128 12 days ago
wtf the reason why only skittels worekd is bc you never grinded the other
CrownedGamer 12 days ago
Most of there videos are just them making larger food and then they eat it
Le greatest TACO
Le greatest TACO 12 days ago
“PUT SKITTLES IN IT”-with a evil face. Wow lol
L Garcia
L Garcia 13 days ago
How do dry freeze candy?
Halenah Le
Halenah Le 14 days ago
You should put cereal or Ferraro rocher in the cotton candy maker
MXL - Anims
MXL - Anims 14 days ago
Skittles : taste the rainbow Skittles Cotton candy : taste a fluffy unicorn
Keon Guaba
Keon Guaba 14 days ago
Cali: cxxp me:what is this the only bad word in tkor
Just tick-tocken Jocelyn
Can freeze dried marshmallows make cotton candy
Malcolm Fitzgerald
Malcolm Fitzgerald 15 days ago
Skittle cotten candy=spiderman webbing
Kailyn Hodges
Kailyn Hodges 15 days ago
They sure do really like going to the dentist huh
Dana A-N
Dana A-N Day ago
@Kailyn Hodges yeah I love foxes
Dana A-N
Dana A-N Day ago
@Kailyn Hodges tysm!!!
Kailyn Hodges
Kailyn Hodges 7 days ago
oh i just noticed that you have a fox too! 🦊
Kailyn Hodges
Kailyn Hodges 7 days ago
Thx love yours too
Dana A-N
Dana A-N 8 days ago
I love you're profile picture ❤❤❤
Anthony Sadler
Anthony Sadler 16 days ago
2020 anyone
Alex Sandoval
Alex Sandoval 16 days ago
Alan Perea
Alan Perea 17 days ago
Use gfuel
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