Can Selena Gomez remember her own lyrics?

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Grimmy gets Selena Gomez to take the 'Remember Your Old Lyrics' test. Can she remember her 2015 hit with Zedd or her Barney the Dinosaur duet?


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Feb 15, 2018




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HollY Media
HollY Media 14 hours ago
Selena is in video chat with timothee chalamet 👇ruvid.net/video/video-IE_IbpvlbH8.html
manish rana
manish rana 2 days ago
what had you done with you're look just disgusting
Şeyma Esim
Şeyma Esim 2 days ago
Lan bir tane bile türkçe yorum yok çıldırıcam
Nirmala Joshi
Nirmala Joshi 4 days ago
Selena is soooooo cute 😍 I just love her
GC Props
GC Props 5 days ago
Gacha Melony
Gacha Melony 6 days ago
I didn't Realise Selena Was The Little Girl.
Gerie Lupiba
Gerie Lupiba 8 days ago
Selena is so cuteee and beautiful also
Sophiee 8 days ago
i didn’t even notice her on barneeeeyyyyy
Ayushi Setia
Ayushi Setia 9 days ago
Sassy Unicorn
Sassy Unicorn 9 days ago
It’s funny.
Mariam Maruam
Mariam Maruam 10 days ago
He's creepy
Mariam Maruam
Mariam Maruam 10 days ago
Oh no Barney
D3_3B_ Ahmad Zaky Heryangga
2:48 Is it just me or she sounds like she holds herself to cry? OMG I miss Princess Protection Program
HyperTheme 11 days ago
Did she said COVID omg 😱 before it happens
aueng16 15 days ago
- BTS Just speak yourself
How can he disrespect someone like this😒!! I mean it was 10 YEARS AGO!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯 She was crying🥺😤😡😡
Lemonade Squeeze
Lemonade Squeeze 16 days ago
Please ask Eminem
Scarlet Martin
Scarlet Martin 16 days ago
The hair🤩🇧🇷
dream world
dream world 17 days ago
She is very cute Read more.....
Marian Balamad
Marian Balamad 17 days ago
I just Selena is ugly as fuck
Huda _
Huda _ 3 days ago
Youre funny
Charlie Wiley
Charlie Wiley 17 days ago
Selena Gomez I went to see you when I was 3yrs old...
PINK WHALE 17 days ago
Little does Selena know she was marrying with me in the future
Rocket royale Farhan21シ︎
She is in taki taki, 😄
Andre Miguel Sicangco
Barney, Wizards of waverly place, another cinderella story and a few others that filled our childhood with her singing and dancing and being such a mood. God, I grew up but selena still looks like a kid.
CG STAR 19 days ago
Jose Guandique
Jose Guandique 21 day ago
Selena Gomez
Spyder Pitara
Spyder Pitara 22 days ago
Check my first latest video 🧐
Annabelle Hudson
Annabelle Hudson 23 days ago
Do one with Miley Cyrus and do TONS of Hannah Montana
Zee k
Zee k 23 days ago
she remembers her barney lyrics only from when she was seven wow Looks like someone likes barney a lot
Flagellation Ynfluencia
She's dang gorgeous i wish I'm like her like never getting old.
BTS_b21 24 days ago
Oh when Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's song came "one and the same" in 2009 at that time I was in nursery literally I was 3 years old
Janaysia Bixler
Janaysia Bixler 25 days ago
DC Maina
DC Maina 25 days ago
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Dead Sloth
Dead Sloth 22 days ago
Wait a minute, I just saw this comment on carryminati's video yesterday 🤣🤣🤣
Prameela MH
Prameela MH 26 days ago
I love this girl always 😘😘😍
musicandcolor 26 days ago
i did notice on all these the singers did the best on their younger selves
Akshay Shigwan
Akshay Shigwan 27 days ago
If Eminem was in the show
Red eye Gameing
Red eye Gameing 27 days ago
came recomd xD ..but she is omg cuite😍
Raka Chakrabarty
Raka Chakrabarty 27 days ago
One thing I want to say is when we were child we could remember something that effected us deeply so selena could remember 4:14 this song's lyrics.But she couldn't remember her recent song's lyrics as she was in her deepresion and had to battle it.the other hand,she might not be prepared for this situation where someone ask her to tell next line of her song's lyrics by remembering it.
Sven Tholen
Sven Tholen 29 days ago
Qadra Mohamud
Qadra Mohamud 29 days ago
Her voice❤❤❤
John Pacia
John Pacia 29 days ago
Selena change a lot
Raka Chakrabarty
Raka Chakrabarty 27 days ago
A lot changed her❤️
aida nabila
aida nabila 29 days ago
baby selena and barney is my whole childhood
Ruati Hranglung
Ruati Hranglung 29 days ago
i love i love i love selena😍😍😍😍
rahul123 29 days ago
Vincent Villegas
Vincent Villegas 29 days ago
Rãghãv Köhlï
Rãghãv Köhlï 29 days ago
_That look is something different!_
Maylee Pigman
Maylee Pigman 29 days ago
And I still love Barney so much lol
Samreen Begum
Samreen Begum Month ago
She looks awesome my favourite actress singer
Alyza Erine Matito
This haircut and haircolor suits her so much like damn she's glowing but I kinda think like her outfit feel so uncomfortable like it's barely showing her body in front of the radio DJ am I the only one ?
Selena without autotune:
Kill Rina
Kill Rina Month ago
Watching baby selena and now Selena singing together is the softest thing eva Eva Eva 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ace Balangitan
Ace Balangitan Month ago
If i sound like selena i would lip sync too
Keren George
Keren George Month ago
Selena looks so different in this video
Rasheni Nethara
Rasheni Nethara Month ago
2020 anyone ???
lakshmi rani
lakshmi rani Month ago
Is "one and the same" a song or something else ?
lakshmi rani yea it is
lakshmi rani
lakshmi rani Month ago
She's 28 and looks like 18 🧡.
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JessChloeee Month ago
Does Selena said 'Oh my leanta?'
grubbie chirp
grubbie chirp Month ago
This is so wholesome, for once a female singer can laugh and feel comfortable with an interviewer- good job, bro.
grubbie chirp
grubbie chirp Month ago
Can’t believe she used to hate her baby face, coz it’s really paying off in her 30’s
vita rare
vita rare Month ago
La amo0 es encantadora Selena Gomez siempre sonriente..
Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong Month ago
Do can Eminem remember his own lyrics
Shana_xxx ___army
Me guessing your age hmmmmmm.............18 and later when I knew you were 30😱😵😵😵🤧🤧🤧
Ertuğrul Bey •12 yıl önce
Lan olum hani müslüm gürses amk
tamara kukic
tamara kukic Month ago
awe little Selena awe
BTS IS MY JAMS Month ago
Her cheeks said (・´з`・)(・´з`・)(・´з`・)♡(∩o∩)♡ such a cutie
Humera Tasneem
Humera Tasneem Month ago
SHAWN MENDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...NEXT
TheJellyFish626 Month ago
She doesn't need to remember them because she Just lipsyncs
Omkar !
Omkar ! Month ago
She Is Looking Like Barbie 🥺🍪💜
Hafsah Macaurao
Hafsah Macaurao Month ago
Selena: That was ten years ago nick Also, Selena: *remember the lyrics that have been sung on 2002*
Dev Singh
Dev Singh Month ago
Why no one one is talking about her hair 💇 that looks great 🥳
Me as always
Me as always Month ago
I am glad I can understand english
Me as always
Me as always Month ago
She looks so good with blonde hair
Ste Lo
Ste Lo Month ago
*googles barney from 2002*
Audrey Tchoupo
Audrey Tchoupo Month ago
Am I the only one who noticed her mouth barely opens when she speaks
M_amie_ F
M_amie_ F Day ago
its because she has lupus
bianca celeste
bianca celeste 29 days ago
nopeee. I've been searching for a comment like this
zphyrkoko _
zphyrkoko _ Month ago
We love her so much!!! she is a strong woman. and she is very natural.
Deseree Herman
Deseree Herman Month ago
Its pure psychology, people remember happy moments and block out things they hated or moments in their life they dont wanna rememmber
Ana Budeanu
Ana Budeanu Month ago
When you are a child your brain absorb more information I think 🤔
Tapsi g
Tapsi g Month ago
She looks like a doll with her hair and small face😍
J Mar
J Mar Month ago
Selena keeps changing her teeth when the original isn’t bad at all.
Azriel Ian Ortega
Awww selena was so cute when she was a kid i wish barny the stuff dinosaur will be alive until now
cb21 Month ago
Pensé que iba a cantar :/
Gordy Chingas
Gordy Chingas Month ago
It’s very hard to remember the lyrics especially when you don’t write your own lyrics.
ratna kusuma
ratna kusuma Month ago
try this on alex turner
Vyida johnex
Vyida johnex Month ago
She is so cute 😍 😙😍😍
Danna Vera
Danna Vera Month ago
Is it me, or her teeth look different?
LoGH Month ago
Why Me
Why Me Month ago
It's so hard for me to not scream ITS MAVIS!!!!
Swati Shukla
Swati Shukla Month ago
VL Hruaii Fanai
VL Hruaii Fanai Month ago
Most beautiful women 🥰💗🥰💗🥰
Md Jaber
Md Jaber Month ago
শুভ বিকেল সবাই ভালো থেকো
Bob Spencer
Bob Spencer Month ago
No one cares its Selena we love her without lyrics, or even music,,,,, dummy BBC
Black panther34
Black panther34 Month ago
2:43 turn on captions
Rene Renbae
Rene Renbae Month ago
its nick not the n word lmao
Nysa Verma
Nysa Verma Month ago
She is is actually the best singer in person.She is so kind.She sacrificed almost her life for her friend. She once mentioned that people act stylish and get followers, do makeup but she posts other peoples pics on insta to make them happy not only to get followers.
Ellie Kimerina
Ellie Kimerina Month ago
Thevan De Silva
Thevan De Silva Month ago
She looks so ugly
Mennato 10
Mennato 10 Month ago
Fack u
Kainat Jannat
Kainat Jannat 2 months ago
my fvrt singer of America love u from Pakistan
HR VY 2 months ago
HR VY 2 months ago
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