Can People Guess What Their Dog Does? | What Would My Dog Do?

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Can these people predict what their dog would do?
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You've loved the videos of seeing if parents can guess what their kids can do, now let's see if people can guess what their pets would do! Hope you enjoy!
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Can People Predict What Their Dog Does? | What Would My Dog Do?
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May 13, 2020




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Comments 80
REACT Month ago
How well do you think you could predict what your own pet would do in these situations? Let us know in the comments!
WhiteEyeZ Month ago
My frog thinks he’s a dog...
PsychoDonkeyy Month ago
My 5,5 month old puppy is so predictable. I wouldn't be surprised if I would get everything right xD
KayRickett Month ago
I just want to know what kind of dog Chelsea has! I rescued my dog from a dumpster almost 8 years ago and she looks EXACTLY like Chelsea's dog 🤯
Missy Lang
Missy Lang Month ago
REACT Do a reaction to the ‘MLK trying to survive in 2019’ video
Annelie Larsson
Annelie Larsson Month ago
Almond is actually not safe for dogs.
Vanellope'sCorner 15 days ago
Thomas' dog kind of looks like he has tennis balls under his skin. Does anyone know if that dog is ok? Or is that how the breed is supposed to look? I'm kind of worried.
ΣПIGMΛ 12 days ago
I know some dogs can get fatty lumps when they get into their senior years. Generally harmless and don't require removal if they aren't causing pain or getting in the way of the dog living it's life. I'm just guessing that's what they are if they've been tested as such by the vet and aren't scheduled to be removed.
Becca B
Becca B Month ago
I definitely know my 2 year old cheweenie Joey
Coryn Amori
Coryn Amori Month ago
I know they say owners look like their dogs, and for Scott it’s so true you can totally tell that dog is his dog.
David Rafail
David Rafail Month ago
I love Scott lol I definitely have a mancrush on him
Bartnicki Month ago
Marii Amur
Marii Amur Month ago
What is there????
QueenShireen Month ago
That one dog was like '' 3 threats afte the cookie?? No way, yor tricking me '' :) Edit : Almost looks like that doggy has camera frightness
Ten13Grl Month ago
Please, please, PLEASE, if you're a pet owner, educate yourself on what's okay to feed your pet. Most tree nuts (like almonds) are bad. Grapes are, too. Yes, they're mammals like us, but their bodies don't process stuff the same way we do. As an example, by my dog's body weight, she needs two 25mg tablets of diphenhydramine (know to some as Benadryl) twice a day to keep her allergies at bay and is still rambunctious, but four Benadryl a day would knock me on my ass.
Ten13Grl Month ago
@janae vazqueznot all peanut butter contains xylitol, and that's an easy ingredient to check for. You shouldn't go overboard on the peanut butter, as it's pretty fattening, but checking the ingredients isn't difficult. Peanut butter is a pretty good reward option for dogs. Also, if you get your dog started on chunky PB early (meaning the kind with bits of actual peanuts in it) it makes giving your dog meds in PB much easier down the road, as they become used to their PB treat having chunks in it.
janae vazquez
janae vazquez Month ago
I was hoping someone would mention that, so happy someone else knows this! so yea guys please! do not give your dogs any other kind of peanut or nut butter!! it contains xylitol which is toxic to dogs also found in candy, gum baked goods & more. much love to all the doggos and their owners from your loving vet assistant (:
Heather Langworthy
React channel needs to do more of these😍
Mary Phillips
Mary Phillips Month ago
Jade please god look into a mobile groomer if you're still in lockdown or get to a groomer ASAP. That hair needs treatment- sincerely, a groomer.
XDXD XDXD Month ago
The way the black and white dog curled up on him is adorable 💖💖💝💝💝💝
houseofaction Month ago
i could swear that thomas bet all of his points
Sofia Olave
Sofia Olave Month ago
nuts in general aren’t safe for dogs
Marii Amur
Marii Amur Month ago
@Ten13Grl my dog once climbed to sofa and got a whole milk chocolate. Luckily she survived. I am glad that someone elsa knows it :)
janae vazquez
janae vazquez Month ago
@sm pal She is actually 100% percent correct other nuts or nut butters contain a toxic ingredient which is xylitol. Should totally read about it & watch out what you give your puppers (:
Hailey Noel
Hailey Noel Month ago
sm pal peanut butter is different from actual peanuts!!!
Hailey Noel
Hailey Noel Month ago
Thank you!!
Sofia Olave
Sofia Olave Month ago
sm pal peanut is the exception, but all the other ones aren’t safe
Purple Cinnamon
Purple Cinnamon Month ago
I would love to see this done with cats thay would be fun❕❗
Cheyenne Bennett
Oh my you should do this with toddlers / babies
BTXTies Month ago
My dog would straight up eat anything I put in front of her. She's always hungry. Like, HOW are these dogs not interested in the food? I don't get it °-°
miekiepiekie1 Month ago
I love how Scott is with his dog. Lovely to see ^^
Laura Marija Rinkevičiūtė
God I hope Thomas' dog is okay. Those bumps look scary
Ten13Grl Month ago
Fatty tumors (lipomas) are almost always benign and occur quite often in older dogs. Most vets won't even suggest you remove them in older dogs because it's more dangerous to put them through that surgery than it is just to let them be.
Laura Marija Rinkevičiūtė
The BreeBeam good to know
The BreeBeam
The BreeBeam Month ago
He’s a shibu inu and it’s common
Anna Jag
Anna Jag Month ago
Labs get them all over and he looks to be a lab mix. They are harmless.
JoselinA McQuiggan
It’s a cute video but omg some of these owners know absolutely nothing with what good for dogs? Microwave popcorn???? Beef jerky??? I’m sorrry but popcorn needs to be the non microwaveable kind and beef jerky as long as it a human jerky it is extremely dangerous with all the spices put in
Dira Boddie
Dira Boddie Month ago
"You choose the one you want" Scott 2020 😂
Cynthia Harris
Cynthia Harris Month ago
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s dogs
John Wayne
John Wayne Month ago
I just wanna see the dogs
Brittney Dalton
Brittney Dalton Month ago
omg jade needs to BRUSH HER DOG lol
V Paredes
V Paredes Month ago
Almonds aren’t good for dogs tho...?
sydney minton
sydney minton Month ago
So cute love seeing all the dogs
I got a picture of our cat watching this episode with us. She enjoyed watching the puppies ! 😍
Sara Clark
Sara Clark Month ago
scott's dog is an angel
ANiiMATE TIME Month ago
This is my new favorite video! Adorable dogs! 💖🤗
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
You shouldn't give corn, wheat or peanuts to dogs. It does slow damage to their digestive systems over time. They also can't digest them well, so it has little nutritional value.
Marss 07
Marss 07 Month ago
Buster is such a good boy, and adorable😍
Giovana Santos
Giovana Santos Month ago
My new favorite video!
Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson Month ago
Where are the cats 😢
Penelope Lopez
Penelope Lopez Month ago
I heard that almonds are bad for the dogs health
Kyla B
Kyla B Month ago
Why does trapper have bumps all over his body? 😢
Ten13Grl Month ago
Lipomas. People get them, too. They're tumors, but harmless.
Cat Banting
Cat Banting Month ago
Kyla B older dogs get fatty lumps. Both my labradors got them, it’s usually nothing to worry about.
Savannah Month ago
you need your vocal cords removed i don’t know what you put in there but stop
Misty Gamble
Misty Gamble Month ago
Elissa Month ago
Who and why?
Kyla B
Kyla B Month ago
Savannah wow your kinda rude
Foxy The best
Foxy The best Month ago
690th person
Carlis Flores
Carlis Flores Month ago
Anyone else think chelsea is really hot
Vibxz Month ago
Carlis Flores eh to you she might be she’s just not what I like
Carlis Flores
Carlis Flores Month ago
@Vibxz what you mean, she cute
Vibxz Month ago
The Great Amida
The Great Amida Month ago
Buster: "Alright, fine. What do you want me to stand for, hooman?" "Sit? I was already sitting and you made me stand"
The Great Amida
The Great Amida Month ago
Look at all the floofs...
meglie1 Month ago
All these good doggies make me happy!!
Samantha Costilla
Scott's dog was like idk if I'm allowed to wat this it's on a plates I'm not human
Madalyn Padilla
Madalyn Padilla Month ago
Aweee I loved this. My dog recently passed away two months ago and it’s hard seeing other dogs because it reminds me of her. What beautiful dogs they have ❤️
Madalyn Padilla
Madalyn Padilla Month ago
One piece Fan who do you know? Try making sense before commenting why don’t you?
One piece Fan
One piece Fan Month ago
I know her she’s lying for attention
Madalyn Padilla
Madalyn Padilla Month ago
meglie1 thank you 💖
Madalyn Padilla
Madalyn Padilla Month ago
One piece Fan and what’s the true?
meglie1 Month ago
Sorry for your loss!
Madalyn Padilla
Madalyn Padilla Month ago
Aweee I loved this. My dog recently passed away two months ago and it’s hard seeing other dogs because it reminds me of her. What beautiful dogs they have ❤️
SugarDotties Month ago
Need to do cats next!
Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore Month ago
I got a golden doodle too
Jessica Riker
Jessica Riker Month ago
thomas is wearing a yoders shirt & im here for it
Raven Chavez
Raven Chavez Month ago
Thomas’s dog has a bump or a lump on his right side. 😿
דפי הדס דטנר
It is a fatty lump older dogs get sometimes. It isn't painfull
was wondering about that too
Ellie Casson
Ellie Casson Month ago
This was really cute, I loved it. Of my two dogs I know exactly what theyve done with these scenarios. The older one, Lilly, would take the treat only, would choose any human substance on the plate closest to her and would choose a pink squeak toy. She hasn't been trained for speak or shake and would take a bit of time to sit because she has hip issues but would do it. The young one, JarJar, would leave all the treats food and human food alone unless expressly handed them. He would sit and maybe shake as he knows something similar but not speak and would ignore all toys, again unless he is physically given the rope toy. But that's mostly because hes a service dog lol. As for my cats. Saga would eat food over treats, littlefoot would eat treats. Saga would eat anything with meat or potatoes and Littlefoot would ignore human food, saga would play with a f es rather dangly toy but nothing else, and Littlefoot would choose plastic wrappers over any real toy. And both of them would be able to do the sit. Sága was trained as a therapy cat when she was young so she could probably succeed at certain other commands ("aloha" would make her wave, and "ciao" would make her meow) littlefoot would do no other commands though. If you want them in their crate they'd do that if you say dinner, since that's where they eat.
jimena viramontes
Amelia Wilson
Amelia Wilson Month ago
@cataa mardones i said unless it 10000000% safe
cataa mardones
cataa mardones Month ago
@Amelia Wilson chicken, Rice, banana, and stuff like that they can eat. But never chocolate, almods, peanuts or stuff like that.
Amelia Wilson
Amelia Wilson Month ago
Don't ever feed your dog any human food unless it's 10000000% safe and good for them
Liz Diva
Liz Diva Month ago
So does Thomas know his dog has a lump on his side 🤔
Liz Diva
Liz Diva Month ago
@Shaelynn Gardner okay at least it's not painful. When I seen it I double taked and was like omg I hope that's not serious
Shaelynn Gardner
its common in older dogs. My dog is ten years old and she has them all over. No pain though!
Lola Rose
Lola Rose Month ago
Ahahaha did Thomas dog swallow a tennis ball 🎾
Online Affiliate Marketing
damn I love my dog a lot for his health I use this try it amzn.to/2ZarOYU
Joanna Chilicka
Joanna Chilicka Month ago
don't give almonds to ur dog - too difficult to digest! :)
Benedick Cumbersnatch
This is so wholesome--more like this!
Rowan the Valiant
Keep seeing people commenting with the assumption that because Thomas' dog has lumps it means he hasn't been taken to the vet. He's an older dog and benign lumps can develop as a dog ages. It's not always worth the surgery risk if the lumps aren't actually bothering the dog.
Shaelynn Gardner
yep! My dog is ten and has the same thing! No pain or anything!
Laney Koven
Laney Koven Month ago
dogs arent supposed to eat almonds...
Leo Talbert
Leo Talbert Month ago
Love that y’all did a twist on something classic and was different. Maybe can do another one with cats or just other pets . This was fun.
Klysee T
Klysee T Month ago
9:15 my dogs are exactly the same! They used to love playing with toys when they were still pups but now they don’t. I think that since they become hunting dogs, they lost appetite for squeakers, balls, frisbees, etc. Now, when they see a branch in the ground, they’ll play tug of war with it for a couple of minutes. They like chasing the wild rats, sometimes jack rabbits, and the occasional raccoons or squirrels they had somehow caught. They bring them back to me still alive and if the season allows me to, I would serve it to them as a treat.
Doomguy Faz3recon
Did Thomas’s dog just glitch out
Kia Jones
Kia Jones Month ago
This video made me cry tears of happiness. I love all these dogs so much. 😭🥰
rxblxx things
rxblxx things Month ago
Are there bumps on Thomas’s dog?
Adriell Salazar
Adriell Salazar Month ago
Sarah Howell no, It's actually something that can happen in older ones. I saw another commenter who said their dog had the same and there is absolutely no pain.
Sarah Howell
Sarah Howell Month ago
I was wondering the same. I think he has some tumors.
Celina Hartley
Celina Hartley Month ago
Chelsea's paint job is hideous
rxblxx things
rxblxx things Month ago
Choco Jimenez haha thanks
Choco Jimenez
Choco Jimenez Month ago
rxblxx things period your so rightt
rxblxx things
rxblxx things Month ago
Celina Hartley maybe she likes it like that, you don’t have to comment that. Keep it to yourself. Rude.
Sam Porter Bridges
Jade needs to wipe down her dresser lol
mentos mint
mentos mint Month ago
Chelsea merry me
noelle brackett
noelle brackett Month ago
awe noo did anyone else realize that at 13:54 Thomas's dog has a tumor :((
Adriell Salazar
Adriell Salazar Month ago
Camp Dunlap I'm not sure. Another commenter said its not tumors and just bumps. They don't give any pain so I think Thomas' dog is OK
Camp Dunlap
Camp Dunlap Month ago
noelle brackett tumors are usually pretty common in older dogs, though I did notice that they were multiple and they were pretty large. you can see them better at 4:51
mentos mint
mentos mint Month ago
Chelsea is so beautiful
Jagur Month ago
learn how to train your dogs you morons...
Jagur Month ago
@Choco Jimenez no.
Choco Jimenez
Choco Jimenez Month ago
Jagur that’s not very nice can you plz keep it to yourself and if you don’t want it can you phrase it a different way
ZepZoSo Rox
ZepZoSo Rox Month ago
Instead of training their dogs, maybe they should just love them. Oh wait... they already do. [You really need to get a life.]
Kia Jones
Kia Jones Month ago
😤 you are not very nice
Fantasy Fighter
Fantasy Fighter Month ago
6:41 Aww That is so cute! He cuddles with him! :D
david 01
david 01 Month ago
React to Katy Perry's new single DAISIES🌼
david 01
david 01 Month ago
React to Katy Perry's new single DAISIES🌼
Nicole o.o
Nicole o.o Month ago
im gonna do this with my dog
Nicole o.o
Nicole o.o Month ago
does anyone else notice the bumps on thomas's dog?
@Adriell Salazar not just older dogs....fatty tumors/cysts can happen in any age on any animal just like humans
Adriell Salazar
Adriell Salazar Month ago
Kate Walker no It's not. Another commenter who has older dogs says it just happens on older dogs. It causes no pain so I think he's Fine.
Kate Walker
Kate Walker Month ago
It’s a tumor 😭
Kaley Piper
Kaley Piper Month ago
Dogs cant have almonds they cause give them stomach ach so dirreaa
Kevin Löffler
Kevin Löffler Month ago
boring, very boring.
Choco Jimenez
Choco Jimenez Month ago
Kia Jones lolll
Kia Jones
Kia Jones Month ago
Good description of yourself. I couldn’t have said it any better 😘
Pot8oes R Gr8
Pot8oes R Gr8 Month ago
I don't understand why there is so much hate in the comments. I'm just glad that React is able to continue to make amazing videos. And this video was absolutely adorable, so stop complaining.
Matt Emly
Matt Emly Month ago
Ikr it's so not right >:(
Taylor N
Taylor N Month ago
But why is Scott like lightly slapping his dog prob doesn’t hurt but why not just pet him ☹️
Misty Gamble
Misty Gamble Month ago
My dog loves when i do that!!
Pot8oes R Gr8
Pot8oes R Gr8 Month ago
@Choco Jimenez xD
Choco Jimenez
Choco Jimenez Month ago
Taylor N lol you sound so small don’t worry it’s like your mommy patting your head it won’t hurt him plus the dig is big and he seems pretty strong
Pot8oes R Gr8
Pot8oes R Gr8 Month ago
@Matt Emly exactly
Matt Emly
Matt Emly Month ago
That's also a way to show dogs affection
Taylor N
Taylor N Month ago
Is anyone else really mad at Jade for talking to her dog like that. It just seems so demeaning and she does a baby voice and her all in the dogs face poor dog ☹️
SecretelyEnglish HAN
Scientific studies have shown that baby-talk actually improves our bond with dogs. I think all pet owners that adore their dogs use it quite often. From your comments, it is quite clear that you either never had a dog or don't know much about them. Even the light "slapping" thing is completely okay. Not for all breeds of course but the big ones and especially the bull type breeds take it as a sign of affection.
Always Anicotti
Always Anicotti Month ago
@Coco Sorrentino exactly I talk to my doggo in a high voice all the time she wags her tail and loves it!
Coco Sorrentino
Coco Sorrentino Month ago
There have been studies that show dogs are more responsive to people when they talk in a higher pitch “baby voice” so no that’s not demeaning at all. and I don’t quite get what you mean by her getting all in the dogs face. Some dogs may not appreciate it but some dogs also either don’t mind it or they like it. My dog gets in my face all the time. Doesn’t mean she’s doing anything wrong
Always Anicotti
Always Anicotti Month ago
But don't most ppl talk to their dogs with a baby voice
Amber Lily
Amber Lily Month ago
6:41 i MELTED !!! sooo cute.
SoupOfTheDay 313
man these webcam mics are rough
SoupOfTheDay 313
@Kia Jones damn that was so clever 😮
Kia Jones
Kia Jones Month ago
Man. That profile pic is rough.
Cahidi Joyo Raharjo
They all have more than two dog toys. They're all good dog owners.
I feel bad for Thomas dog. Is that cysts on dog's body?
@Pot8oes R Gr8 Yes. I hope the dog's fine.
Danny Chew
Danny Chew Month ago
Yeah, I saw like two large cysts on Trapper's side torso.
Pot8oes R Gr8
Pot8oes R Gr8 Month ago
He might've already brought the dog to the vet about those. You wouldn't know. Not all cysts are dangerous, and the dog probably doesn't even feel them. Some dogs just get them because they develop with age. If they're not dangerous, risking surgery to get them off or any kind of anesthetic could be dangerous.
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