Can Koreans Tell who is a Foreigner just by their Korean? Find the Native Korean! [Den and Mandu]

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I've created this video to celebrate for reaching 100k subs! It was a really fun film and thank you all our guests to help with this video :D
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Mar 6, 2020




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Comments 11 738
Samved Hour ago
The Iranian is pretty hot!
envy 3 hours ago
they should have had a korean who was raised outside of korea to compare as well, whenever i speak to my chinese family they tell me i have an obvious accent due to being raised in the uk.
CrazyWolf 11 hours ago
Poor number 2
Anna Choi
Anna Choi 14 hours ago
That was fun hahahahga
바이퍼 22 hours ago
그래도 일본사람같다라고는 안했어야지 속으로 기분 얼마나 나빴을까
Nau Day ago
he kinda gave serial killer vibes with the expressions though, probably his deep set eyes.. but im sure hes nice irl bc people arent what an impression a 15 minute video gives
Nau Day ago
I knew comments would bash the american guy for acting kinda weird or dramatic, some individuals express themselves differently ,it was clear he was going for 'jokingly offended' vibe or something. People who act like they know someone's entire personality and mental state (like the "he was so angry with everyone" etc comments) from a video like this are the unstable ones
결론 : 한국어가 세계 어느나라 사람이라도 그만큼 배우기 쉽다는 뜻이다, 미국에 4~5년 산다고 해서 영어를 그렇게 잘 하지 못한다,
Sugi Jung
Sugi Jung 2 days ago
이때위 방송 고만해..하고싶으면 대만이나 일본으로가..!! 다른나라 경험은 살다보면 늘 기억이 달라지는건건데..자본주의...천박한 자본주의 방송들..외국인 동원하는건 일본스럽네..일본이 1990년대부터 2000녀까지 한짓이지..한국 방송은 여잔히 일본스럽네..외국인 동원 국뽕..돈벌려는 외국인 대상으로..구역질난다
Sugi Jung
Sugi Jung 2 days ago
민주당 세금 이따위로 써대지마라..공산 수준이네.ㅡ쭝국 공산당..일본 자민당 수준...남녀 차별을 실펀하는 미개인 한국 방송사들
Darren Ser
Darren Ser 2 days ago
What about someone who is from North Korea...
sophia chen
sophia chen 2 days ago
I don’t know if it’s just me but the American seemed really annoyed the whole time….
bluedaruma 2 days ago
number 6 really be spitting facts 😩 stan exo
Rikki 2 days ago
To the American guy, what’s with the attitude? lol
Fighting 해야돼 •
Salute to Exo Fan 😊
Eleanor Gonzalez
Eleanor Gonzalez 3 days ago
The chivalrous diamond constitutively mate because breath really attract between a six tachometer. willing, proud bangladesh
S P 3 days ago
The two of them sucked at this, the poor korean native dude i feel so bad nabsbehs
kloa mncz
kloa mncz 4 days ago
이게 처음부터 외국사람을 찾아라 미션을 주니깐 의심하지 그냥 대화했으면 의심 못했을듯
Daniel Svendsen
Daniel Svendsen 5 days ago
The Iranian girl is trying so hard to pass off as a native korean lol
Maurino Paule
Maurino Paule 5 days ago
koreans, japanese, chinese you look thesame
Nicole Fernandes
Nicole Fernandes 6 days ago
캐씨 일상Cassie's days
이란사람 젤 한국인같음ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
hopecafes 6 days ago
u can tell the white dude moved to korea cus he fetishizes them lmao anyone with real love nd interest for their culture wouldnt throw a hissy fit like he did
BEASTiE E 6 days ago
영어 발음 시키면 한국인 나와요 ㅋ
cyanos3 7 days ago
Their intuition was all off because they hadn't thought through the revealing questions until #3-4 and later.
Addie Encarnacion
The white guy definitely has issues. They brought everybody together to have fun and he is angry with everyone. Strange behavior when you know you are being filmed and you still present yourself in the bizarre way.
정정정 9 days ago
김경수씨 꽈뚜룹닮음
9 days ago
개꿀잼 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
04 9 days ago
4:28 that white guy is so embarassing 🙄 he kept making faces and mocking people
파란꼬부기 9 days ago
5:21 진짜 소름이다... 자기 이름이 아니라서 자신감이 없데..
Always 7 days ago
Lorean Rivera
Lorean Rivera 9 days ago
Hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣
emirī vlogs
emirī vlogs 9 days ago
the american seems so mad in the back every time they talk about him xD
Benjamin Tanko
Benjamin Tanko 3 hours ago
Is just an American being an American Plus he look like he play for the other team they be liking drama over there😁
Naveen Manjhi
Naveen Manjhi 7 days ago
You can get an American out of America but not America out of them. 😂 If you know what I mean.
Alina HappyMake
Alina HappyMake 10 days ago
이상아 10 days ago
한국사람이 그냥 어눌하게 말하네 짜증나게 짜고 하는 게 그냥 보이네.......
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng 10 days ago
11:23 it's sooo catchy and so harmonized
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng 10 days ago
11:14 Yessss
Boba Tae~
Boba Tae~ 11 days ago
Imagine olive oil (oLi lOnDon) being here 🤣
이섹이 11 days ago
한국어 실력의 정점들
Crossheart 11 days ago
ㅆ발음이 어렵다고요? 따라해보세요 Ssib...죄송합니다....
windian 11 days ago
"what's your favorite bts song?" "i'm a fan of exo" LMAOOO
BTS4ever 12 days ago
WAIT WAIT The first ones name is soo nice YEET- Yoon jimin AHHHHH ITS LIKE BTS!!!
Avery Albert
Avery Albert 12 days ago
hearing "the corona virus is becoming a hot issue" in july 2021 threw me for a damn loop lmaooo
NiceCue 12 days ago
여자 게스트 누구지 말 찰지게 잼나게 하네
Geero 12 days ago
8:08 LMAO
나최고 13 days ago
ㅋㅋㅋ 정말 재미있네요~~ 구독 추가합니다^^
dee 14 days ago
number 4 hella annoying
Ozkan E
Ozkan E 14 days ago
As a Turkish I can confirm when I see something or hear anything in Korean, I have no clue what the heck is going on..
Gizemnur Geyik
Gizemnur Geyik 14 days ago
Turkish girl is so good that they thought she was better than an actual native speaker at Korean. Feeling proud 🇹🇷
Gizemnur Geyik
Gizemnur Geyik 14 days ago
@Ozkan E no I'm from Turkey, as you can see my name is Gizem(?). I said she spoke better because the couple thought the boy wasn't Korean. That's how good the girl speaks
Ozkan E
Ozkan E 14 days ago
how do you know she speaks better than a native speaker? you Korean or what? be proud
Rj Brown
Rj Brown 14 days ago
When he tried to promote his store 😂😂
Blitzmister 15 days ago
I'm foreigner watching this on background and as soon as I heard kim kyung soo talk I recognized him as Korean, before he telling his name I mean. When he said Hello.
Blitzmister 15 days ago
And also the subtle 이제 wouldve given away his 한국 토박이 lol
Blitzmister 15 days ago
Mostly quz of the "sound of his voice" but also quz he said 네 beforehand.
GreenBee 15 days ago
대박 아이템. ㅋㅋㅋ
phil_2 15 days ago
Not in this video but there is one lady from Russia, Eva. She may be korean now. Anyway although Korean is her second language but her pronunciation and use of exclamation are perfect. Sometime her expressions are much more natural than average Koreans. In this video, no one has reached her level, even the 2nd guy :)
jyunus07 16 days ago
Lol i saw David and clicked
Nezuko Chan
Nezuko Chan 16 days ago
As bayrakları as as as 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️
Sakura's Drip
Sakura's Drip 16 days ago
"I'm exo fan..." girl same
생잠 16 days ago
진짜 못 맞추네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
l0calwiz 17 days ago
To all the people coming at the American guy.. you should realise that a lot of people struggle with their emotions and how to show them, I go through the same thing and it gets me in very weird situations, so please don’t judge because you don’t know him :(
Nau Day ago
Exactly. they remind me of ppl who bully "weird kids" bc they dont understand why they express themselves differently so they decide to label them with negative traits all while acting like they're the righteous stable ones (like the nina girl if u know that 1000 to 1 vid she got death threats when being neurodivergent contributed to why she acted "rude"and had mood swings)
l0calwiz 13 days ago
@C C time stamp?
l0calwiz 13 days ago
@C C i’m sorry what?
이태현 Lee Taehyun
How is it hard to pronounce “tt” or “T”
이태현 Lee Taehyun
롤랑 17 days ago
다솜이 한자로 무슨뜻이냐는 말이 잘못된거아닌가
dispross second
dispross second 17 days ago
i would ask them to read a poem of a famous author or anthem of the country .
Adwina Oltariani
Adwina Oltariani 17 days ago
That American dude is so petty tbh
No Name
No Name 18 days ago
“Favorite BTS song?” “I like EXO?” Yeah…and? 🙄
金貞眞 18 days ago
억양이 다 한국인인데요 ㅋㅋ
땡이 18 days ago
Wow I'm korean and I think all people in this video are flunt in korean (especially Ceren and Elly!!!)
Niki Raz
Niki Raz 18 days ago
hot_leaf_juice4 19 days ago
question for any non-american here, do you guys think we all act like the american dude?
Kuroi Ame Wa Hidoi
Kuroi Ame Wa Hidoi 20 days ago
Plot twist: The Korean was an imposter
Nicholas Intrepidity
who else finds the ukrainian cute af
황민순 20 days ago
왜케 우리말을 잘해요? 우리말이 글케 쉬운가요? 전 미국 10년살아도 네이티브 어려울듯.
Shreyas Ubale
Shreyas Ubale 20 days ago
The korean boy can speak English and has a youtube channel named DKDKTV.
good um
good um 20 days ago
1번은 진짜 네이티브 한국인 느낌이네ㄷㄷ
볼락매니아 21 day ago
오네게가 없었기 때문에 이거 무효~!
rosé is the queen
the american dude was making my blood boil so much his attitude was not it-
Ken XD
Ken XD 22 days ago
Just watching #2s face the whole time and I’m laughing my ass off
Ken XD
Ken XD 22 days ago
7:09 he did NOT seem pleased that they could tell bahahahahahua
Ken XD
Ken XD 22 days ago
Bahahahaha when they came at him I cried a little bahahahah
Jina Hyunjin Do
Jina Hyunjin Do 22 days ago
xydoit 23 days ago
The Korean guy trying to help the foreigners. So cute
애리포터 23 days ago
아니 말할 때 어...하는 순간 이건 빼박 한국인인데
진사어르신 23 days ago
이분들 발음 뭐야~ 나보다 더잘해~ 나 한국인 사표 내야것다 ㅎㅎㅎ
Yangchen Dolkar
Yangchen Dolkar 24 days ago
7:06 his face and him with his finger 😂
_ Tidian
_ Tidian 24 days ago
너무 재밌다.. ㅋㅋ 근데 1번은 사기에요 그냥 음성만 들으면 한국인들도 발음 좋고 문법 맞게 말하는게 드문데요. 1번은… 사기야.. ㅋㅋ
sal ly
sal ly 25 days ago
진짜 개웃기다
Abbassy 25 days ago
The pricey daniel probably note because son microscopically mend versus a cheap platinum. near, quack epoxy
gnorts mr alien
gnorts mr alien 26 days ago
as bayrakları!
chloe 26 days ago
9:53 still confused by this because it was a trick question since dasom is a native korean name... but she didn't mention anything about it not actually having hanja in her answer...
Eyes Wide Shut
Eyes Wide Shut 26 days ago
KARL is so lousy. I can spot his foreign Korean accent in a minute.
Han Soap
Han Soap 27 days ago
마리엘 눈나 너무 이뻐용
ONE K- 27 days ago
다들 한국어 잘 하시네요 ㅎㅎ
first last
first last 27 days ago
1번은 레알 완벽하게 구사하네ㄷㄷㄷ 근데 경수씨한테 딜 넣은 건 대본 아니냐? 멀쩡하게 말하는데 왜 시비를ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
MingSu 27 days ago
김경수씨 잘생기신것같아요 .. 뭐랄까.. 눈이 참 예쁘셔요.
교과서 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
tendousfingertape satori
im sorry but the way the korean guy looked like his whole world was turned upside down at the end had me dying 💀💀💀
bea kittelscherz
bea kittelscherz 27 days ago
Why was the American so Rude & affended?
AshLynn™ 28 days ago
7:05 when your friends are talking bad about you-
Zoya Sheikh
Zoya Sheikh 28 days ago
7:04 him in the background gives me creepy vibes ngl
Andrei Mathew Castillo
i literally cracked up when the native korean thought of train to busan as his fav korean movie,we have the same brain,i literally thought of train to busan as well imao,im more of a kdrama guy than a k-movie guy
Sharifa Salma Sulistiawan
why was the american guy so offended when they said he was a japanese thooo
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