Can iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop Now?

Rene Ritchie
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When I first reviewed the iPad Pro last November, I focused on the seriously amped up hardware design. I figured the iOS 12 software story hadn’t changed so there was no point revisiting it. Many of you all, of course, allowed yourselves to retort. And you were right. So, two weeks later, I redid my review, went over why I felt the iPad Pro was less a laptop replacement and more a laptop alternative, and then went through a few of the ways I was hoping Apple would improve the software in the future to take better advantage of all the new hardware.
Well, that future is now. Ish. iOS 13 and iPadOS - yes, the iPad still runs iOS 13 just with the beginnings of some iPadOS differentiation - offer some major enhancements to the iPads capabilities.
I’m not going to review it or re-re-review it now. All the new software is still all up in beta, so it wouldn’t just be premature, it would be downright silly. Everything from performance to stability to implementations can and will change. This fall, once Apple ships all the new bits though, game on.
Instead, What I am going to do in this video is go down my list from that previous video, everything I said I needed to make the iPad Pro in specific but any modern iPad in general my main machine, and see, at least in theory, how far we’ve come.
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Jun 14, 2019

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Comments 419
Diogo Medina
Diogo Medina 23 hours ago
Great videos and content! Although I still don't understand how none of the post iPadOS reviews mention the fact that we still have no proper OFFICE apps on the iPad! As a business person, it's the one thing stopping me from using an iPad as my main driver altogether. I need the full features of word and powerpoint to be able to properly edit documents, not just make small tweaks to them. If you know of any good alternatives or of any Microsoft plans to improve on the existing office apps, I would really appreciate it. 🙂 Warm greetings from Portugal!
BRTGZ Noob 2 days ago
Maybe yes for illustrator or animator, but not for developer. I hope ipados provide terminal with full feature like mac os terminal or at least for the iPad Pro an IDE is provided for javascript programming or something like that.
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 4 days ago
There's only really one thing I can't do on an iPad, and that's create apps in Visual Studio - Of course I can potentially do that in a remote VM when on the go
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 4 days ago
Too many people think Apple just enabled the "Request Desktop Site" to be on by default, but from this video sounds like they put in a lot more work than that.
Kim Guo
Kim Guo 4 days ago
my wishes: turn the apple pencil into an air mouse let us be able to code on it, that’s my biggest wish.. make a slightly more comfortable keyboard maybe
pinkcactus 06
pinkcactus 06 6 days ago
I think I will be getting the iPad pro because I am more into illustrating these days I know I can just buy a drawing tablet for that but you know... I think I can be more productive with the iPad pro
Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
and this is the most biased for Apple review I've ever f****** seen this guy literally does the salesman tactic of sandwich compliment he compliments it then gives it an insult away could do better then he complemented again
Mouneesh Namburi
Mouneesh Namburi 14 days ago
Mac book air or Ipad pro?? I just need one for presentation stuff!
Jordan M
Jordan M 13 days ago
iPad Air is cheaper and definitely can help you make presentations. So iPad Air is what I would recommend. But the iPad Pro has a better display and has uspc and longer battery life, thinner size, etc. But definitely iPad Air is the better choice.
Angad Anand
Angad Anand 16 days ago
Does this shit still bend?
Natan Via
Natan Via 17 days ago
4:33 I’m breathtaking
Ciarán Doherty
Ciarán Doherty 19 days ago
Hard to understate just how high quality a product the iPad Pro is
Graham Palmer
Graham Palmer 21 day ago
Rene already has a built in Bias because he is an old fashioned Mac power user. For him unless a device has multiple cores and lots of Cooling fans, terabytes of RAM, and is really thick, then it doesn’t qualify as being a quote unquote real computer. There is resistance and push back on the iPad gaining full computer status because it threatens to displace MacBooks and PCs, something that’s quite disheartening to power users of Mac OS or Windows.
Graham Palmer
Graham Palmer 21 day ago
Now Apple is compelled to release Final Cut Pro X for iPad OS. No more excuses about ARM vs intel chips being the reason it can’t be implemented.
Jeremy 21 day ago
My feed back to Apple regarding slide over and app icon shortcuts in iPadOS public beta 1: I really appreciate that long pressing on app icons now provides the ‘3D touch’ like options/shortcuts drop down menu. It would be really awesome if it could also have an ‘open in slide over’ option added to the drop down menu as an alternative to dragging apps from the dock. I believe this kind of alternative would be greatly appreciated by most users, especially those who use accessibility features. Also, I find the timing of the long press needs work as it causes the app icons to start wriggling too soon. Perhaps this function could require a longer press than it currently does? Also, the slide over window would be even more awesome if it were universally accessible, even on the home screen. This would make a very positive improvement to productivity and workflows.
jhvghjgjkhlihli 23 days ago
the perfect ipad would be an ipad osx eddition eddit: they should make 2 version ipad osx ipad (shitty) ios
Laura Moreira
Laura Moreira 23 days ago
Apples not trying to replace their laptops completely if you want to do heavy editing or podcasts just use a computer
zeus 0101
zeus 0101 23 days ago
Ipad can never replace a full fledged computer. For an average consumer with no use for a real computer, it might. For a full on developer or engineer, never.
annekrye 25 days ago
I'd be interested to hear you discuss the premise from your title from the perspective of a student and from that of post school adults that need to word process, use spreadsheets for home projects or finances and occasionally make a simple edited video but mostly use it for web browsing, email, bill paying and watching vector on RUvid. I think your perspective is not unique since it sounds much like other vloggers perspectives but I think many of us don't need what you feel it's lacking.
leilash leilash
leilash leilash 25 days ago
You just can't use it as a laptop, cause if you do, it will bend !
Michelle Notherday
Michelle Notherday 26 days ago
I currently run a community college with an iPad Pro as my only electronic device. I have for a while, but as they improve apps with the 64 bit machine more and more, I need other devices less and less. There is rarely any need for me to use a laptop or desktop. And that’s usually to locate and retrieve old data. With iPad OS, I believe I won’t even need to do anything, anywhere else. Great video! Thank you!
Manny Labrinos
Manny Labrinos 26 days ago
I would have liked to see the ability to print to any printer on the network, without AirPrint, or other kloodgy solutions. Anybody know whether this was added?
Thomas Florimonte
Thomas Florimonte 27 days ago
As always Rene- Great info and Video. Quickly question/thought: Do you think that apps makers of Clip Studio/Procreate/Lightroom/Luma Fusion (you get it) will take advantage of the new file structure in iOS13/iPad OS? Have you heard anything? Let’s hope so. I’m betting a ton of apps will have instant updates the day the iOS13 goes public. What you think? Thanks.
Shoaib Ahmed
Shoaib Ahmed 28 days ago
why does guy look like he's hiding something?
Vitor Vasconcelos
Vitor Vasconcelos 28 days ago
i like the update, but as you said, Audio Workflow on iPad still pretty bad. Anyway most of the things that i do are Text-Based soo im fine with it.
Wow not even a million subs all these quality content..... Well its coming.....
Bren Karl
Bren Karl 29 days ago
His lips look stiff asf 😂
Trillionaire 480
Trillionaire 480 29 days ago
iPad OS is amazing and make iPads more capable of doing PC like tasks now. 🤓
Vyyyper 29 days ago
IPadOS is a Godsend!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see what it matures into!!!!!
kahuna3901 29 days ago
In fairness, as a MSc student i need my desktop for a lot of what i do. However my iPad 2018 does quite a lot of my work when i am on the go. Like i can go and visit someone in another city and still get a lot of my workflow done without the need for bringing a laptop. It would be great if IPadOS went further and supported loads of the coding and statically analysis apps i use, but i feel thats not too close given my area of study and work. None the less the iPad is a great device for getting work done, and I think the future is pretty bright for the OS as it gets more and more PC like. I just love the fact that once i am done with work it becomes an excellent tablet to just lounge around with, or it can be a great project book with the pen, where i can quickly write out ideas or draw things. It’s a really important device for me because its so light, has a great battery life, and all i have to do is bring a Bluetooth keyboard with me and then i can work on a lot of the tasks i need to get done, specially word processing and presentation prep.
Isaac Ho
Isaac Ho Month ago
Is there any comment on the smart folio keyboard?
Jake Month ago
Will the iPad Pro 2017 get all these features as well? 🤔
Toni Schumacher
Toni Schumacher 25 days ago
I can't think of any reason apple not bringing these features for this still amazingly performing device.
Bill Sprague
Bill Sprague Month ago
I'll be impressed when "accessibility" includes enhancements for folks like me with tremors. I'd hoped Pencil would work for me but doesn't. I'll be watching for the mouse support for my iPad Pro.
AwesomeGuy 29 days ago
It does have mouse support
Ashley Charman
Ashley Charman Month ago
@ReneRitchie, have you heard of Anchor on iOS for your iPad and iPhone?
Julian Chee
Julian Chee Month ago
Its like Apple is canibalizing their own Mac sales. What’s the point of a Mac now ? Besides making apps and downloading apps from Safari.........sooner or later the iPad will do that too
Karim Green
Karim Green Month ago
it wouldn't be the first time (i.e. ipod to iphone)
Daniel JohnFord
Daniel JohnFord Month ago
Wanna hear a joke? android tablets
custom grow420
custom grow420 4 days ago
@Intel youre such a tryhard 🤭
Intel 5 days ago
@custom grow420 well I have airpods as well so....
custom grow420
custom grow420 5 days ago
@Intel sorry cant hear you through my airpods..
Intel 5 days ago
@custom grow420 ^^ this is an elitist that worships a tech company and a trash one at that.
custom grow420
custom grow420 5 days ago
^^^ these are the broke people that got triggered.
Akira Month ago
I have an iPad 2018, looking for a usb hub but there is nothing on thee market right now:/
Clark Hull
Clark Hull Month ago
Can you upload file from iPad to hard drive?
Steve Warren
Steve Warren Month ago
Now all you need is a functional desktop docking station designed for the iPad Pro. For that go to www.magic-dock.com. You can thank me later...😉
Jan Crumpley
Jan Crumpley Month ago
The last thing I need my laptop for is for InDesign’s text manipulation. We are a lot closer than I have ever thought. But now I want it even more!
2Evan Month ago
Always informative - and smart - videos. Learn a lot. Ecstatic with Apple’s direction this past year. Superb new hardware, iPad Pro, and then providing it with major software updates. Fun times.
Brad Piper
Brad Piper Month ago
Video idea: Explain Apple’s prices for refurbished hardware. They’re still selling Mac Mini’s from 2014 for only an $80 discount from the price they sold for at release. Deeply frustrating. Genuinely worse value (cost per year of software support) than buying a brand new Mac. Love macOS, love my old Mac but this is just tough to swallow. At best, it’s negligence of their refurb storefront. At worst, it’s a strategy to charge more of the people who can least afford it.
Chip Bonner
Chip Bonner Month ago
Where do you get the desktop wallpaper you use in this video? Thanks!!! Chip
Lesley Harrys
Lesley Harrys Month ago
This discussion will never end because people don’t have the same definition of what a laptop’s use case is. If your laptop is your one and only computer and has replaced your desktop, an iPad can’t replace it. If you use a laptop as a mobile computing device for when you’re away from your main computer, the iPad becomes a much more interesting replacement.
Skywatcher 87
Skywatcher 87 Month ago
Branching iOS into iPadOS is potentially the best thing that Apple has done to the iPad. That means we can have more iPad focused features from now on. For me, iPadOS makes it to about 90-95% of being a computer. I still miss applications like Handbrake, Transmission, Disk Utility and a Music app that lets me rip cd's and import external songs. We are now closer to that than ever.
Nova 256
Nova 256 Month ago
A kid on this review... Anyone else?
fdsaffff Month ago
can't adblock, useless.
Lord Katakuri
Lord Katakuri 22 days ago
@fdsaffff It is built in. Look around in the settings.
fdsaffff 22 days ago
@Lord Katakuri where u get adblock for edge?
Lord Katakuri
Lord Katakuri 22 days ago
You can. Edge does have ADblock on iOS. Been using it for months now. Don’t talk about things you don’t know.
Bork Month ago
There is an audio recorder...
Kenneth Tanaka
Kenneth Tanaka Month ago
3D touch... Oh wait, no. It's long press now.
Kenneth Tanaka
Kenneth Tanaka Month ago
@Brandon Cox yeah don't worry I'll make it
Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox Month ago
Deal with it. It's not a big deal!!!
Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel
So... No mouse. Because professionals don't use a mouse. Got it. Thx apple👍
Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel
@Rene Ritchie from the video there seems to be that... Crosshair. I'm personally not a windows only person, I use windows and a chromebook, and I'd love to use an iPad pro but creating WordPress and coding that needs a real Bluetooth mouse for me... That's the dream at least.
Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie Month ago
But, mouse!
Momo Month ago
Ipad OS same as Surface Microsoft.
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