Can I turn COKE into WATER? Mystery Tech

Austin Evans
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Today Mystery Tech tries to bust a viral video and Ken sniffs a phone.
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Science & Technology

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Apr 4, 2020




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Comments 100
lollipop Gamer_1234
From tech to science
The Gaming Ninja
solja boy console
Kaywop Day ago
He said nice PowerPoint presentation I’m dead
Guava juices video was fake, and now we know
pit of nothing
Oh he meant the drink.
Daniyal 's gaming Channel
lol noob
JTB borton
JTB borton 2 days ago
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 2 days ago
Mom can I have an xbox for my birthday Mom:we have an xbox at home Xbox at home:xgames
Quinn Nelson
Quinn Nelson 2 days ago
the fake xbox is literally what the new xbox series S looks like. how did they do that?
Can I 30,000 Subs With Videos?
the XGame was just the inspiration for the Xbox Series S
Cossak Rose
Cossak Rose 2 days ago
$450!? For that price it better turn coke into meth!
ElixKO 3 days ago
Easter Egg- The editors are nigga (not rasist)
xXwhychoosethisXx cringe
They predicted d the series s with the xgame.
Micro Pixel
Micro Pixel 4 days ago
That feeling when the xbox series s actually looks like the xgame
The Pro Gamer
The Pro Gamer 4 days ago
@10:14 bruh why does it sound like the music they play at ur hs graduation🤣
Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones 5 days ago
Austin really did get the xbox series s ahead of time.
Deppressed Dinonugget
2:50 us with the Xbox series s
Yagurt Melon
Yagurt Melon 5 days ago
The knock off Xbox looks just like the xbox series S
brian gonzalez
brian gonzalez 5 days ago
The x game predicted how small the next gen xbox s would be
B.E Animations and other stuff
Never believe what happens in Guava Juice video is true.
Ayoub Nasr
Ayoub Nasr 6 days ago
Put wine in the purifier. Pull off a reverse jesus
Joseph Robles
Joseph Robles 6 days ago
Me watching Austin dancing on love theme song My mom said aAre yoU WtacHing Some KiDs
Joseph Robles
Joseph Robles 6 days ago
Me watching Austin dancing on love theme song My mom said aAre yoU WtacHing Some KiDs
yeessss the hentai phone works
Big Tasty
Big Tasty 6 days ago
Woah, Austin deadass bought the series s without knowing it
Wolf Playz Games
Wolf Playz Games 6 days ago
Mat Locke
Mat Locke 7 days ago
The refrince was patrick
Burlung Kant Boro
turn water into coke!!
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 7 days ago
ive seen a ton of off brand phone soaps at walmart the other day lol
Declan Harding
Declan Harding 7 days ago
2:45 the og leak of the series s
Cuddels 71
Cuddels 71 7 days ago
Why would anyone waste coke for water tho...
dame Ningen
dame Ningen 8 days ago
Ken is a man of Culture
SilverPgmGamer 8 days ago
The x-game looks like the x-box series s
Cane Fz
Cane Fz 8 days ago
This is the original leak of the Xbox series S 2:44
Bimo Aryoputra
Bimo Aryoputra 8 days ago
Nobody: Mom do we have pokemon game? Mom: yes, we do we have the pokemon game: pocket monster
AdmiralLukeJohnson Bloxburg
The x game no lie is ok
Haiok TheBeast
Haiok TheBeast 9 days ago
Anybody else notice that Austin just reviewed the same pokemon knockoff game as JonTron?
Krish PATEL 9 days ago
The xgame is probably the same size as the series s
Frozenapple 9 days ago
Dope or nope has a challenger
TECH O GAMING 10 days ago
Can I play fortnite on xgame jk
VistaXP2600 12 days ago
I don't know how i feel that Yohane and Ruby are Ken's wallpaper But they are both 15
Biohazzard 13 days ago
11:25 guava juice: :(
jaja du
jaja du 13 days ago
The baby phone vists 100 you can get a iPhone 6s for 80 this is so funny
Crazzytube Ct
Crazzytube Ct 13 days ago
It's Jake from state farm at 1:19
Ethan Lasater
Ethan Lasater 14 days ago
So it needs water to make water?
Loicefire 12
Loicefire 12 14 days ago
The galaxy s20 5g is lit 🔥
AgresiveMartin Formerly AgresiveMartin YouTube
I saw the NERF scooter in the studio.
Skull Kid
Skull Kid 16 days ago
“Mom, can we get Pokemon?” Mom: we have Pokemon at home Pokemon at home: 4:52
CR7 17 days ago
But what did the leftover coke taste like??
Best Comment
Best Comment 17 days ago
But why would you?
Vrunzol 18 days ago
Did he just call 5G 5 gigahertz?
Charles Ryan Piamonte
Ken who is your waifu is it YOHANE or RUBY?
savedfaves 20 days ago
I'd be curious to see you try this using Diet Coke.
Leo Games
Leo Games 20 days ago
Mobile players are like 16frames thats pritty good
Ninja Aqua
Ninja Aqua 21 day ago
I see yohane
Ninja Aqua
Ninja Aqua 21 day ago
And ruby
Unalloyedbee8 21 day ago
Ken is a man of culture
Toyota AE86
Toyota AE86 22 days ago
Me: seeing this Also me: thinks about badlandschugs saying enough talk
Tyler Joseph Schommer
I want a water filter update. Did you run water through it? Did you buy new filters and use it?
Zeztec 23 days ago
Hey guys this is fuck off im not doing that intro anymore
Richard Brito
Richard Brito 24 days ago
I did get the "Package Shrink" reference
Kiwi YT
Kiwi YT 24 days ago
SBinnala Racing division
Me: can I get an Xbox one s? Mom: we have an Xbox one s at home Xbox one s at home: xgame
VR Gaming
VR Gaming 25 days ago
Pls subscribe to my channel
spooderman_ 124
spooderman_ 124 25 days ago
Does anyone know the song name at 2:26
Chaos: International
should have drank the coke after it was filtered
KOKI Alexander
KOKI Alexander 27 days ago
F in the chat for kiddybuzz owners
KOKI Alexander
KOKI Alexander 27 days ago
if your friends see you with a kiddy buzz:😆 meanwhile you "well at least get really late parental controlls and metube
Harsh Bokadia
Harsh Bokadia 27 days ago
I love how every major tech youtuber now references linus when they drop something
VismzX 28 days ago
*Okay...Now turn Water To Coke*
Alex Velasco
Alex Velasco 29 days ago
Ken put his wallpaper on a pillow
Fabian Rxbles
Fabian Rxbles 29 days ago
that aint no X-GAME thats the Souljaboy console
revrse_Ky 29 days ago
The money he used i couldve bought my pc setup im saving for 😂
H1dro Month ago
When your parents say no more coke and u can only drink water 14:14
ALI HASHIR Month ago
package shrink as in unbox therapy because you see a shrink for therapy
he is wearing the roboraptor shirt
[115] Bright
[115] Bright Month ago
Guava juice haha
Abir Gupta
Abir Gupta Month ago
Abir Gupta
Abir Gupta Month ago
I’m shamed to admit I actually used to watch him for a year
Abir Gupta
Abir Gupta Month ago
He’s pretty annoying
G1itch3d W0lf
G1itch3d W0lf Month ago
Syed Arsaleen
Syed Arsaleen Month ago
what we really want is water to coke
Hrrycne Month ago
Imma just say it for him Hey guys this is Austin Welcome to mystery tech Btw did it filter it so good that it is now distilled water
Suitboy 3000
Suitboy 3000 Month ago
By does I ment you
Suitboy 3000
Suitboy 3000 Month ago
Does a limited edition Xbox one so do I
Fabtastic - Brawl Stars
so no one is talking about austin watching guava juice?
Captain Fordo
Captain Fordo Month ago
1:15 Top 10 Chinese rip-offs.
Mr.Monokuma Month ago
This guy talking about how expensive the tech is, but then he just bought almost every Samsung product for fun
Cringe Police
Cringe Police Month ago
Omg guava juice
Takeru Kuniyoshi
Anyone else slightly triggered Matt called Canon D "marriage theme" instead?
basmati rice videos
Ken watches package shrink to get ideas for mystery tech
Putu Tara Ayu Fortuna N. [9F - 31]
My dad came when i accidentally turned up the volume at 10:07 just to explain that’s a Canon classic music 😭
Steven Hughes
Steven Hughes Month ago
How do you get Christmas themed coke cans in April?
GeorgeP007gr Month ago
When you use the X game do you go X games mode?
ET owo
ET owo Month ago
It’s Dasani
For people that come straight to the comments go straight to 11:00 minutes that's when the video starts
The Crow On Discord
Austin could make healthy coke
Soulzz 831
Soulzz 831 Month ago
He on x games mode
AndyG1714 Month ago
Just try to install Samsung DeX with an Apk.
Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera Month ago
That's a rip-off of the Soulja boy console that is a rip-off too
MineMacOfficial Month ago
Me: mom I want unbox therapy mom: we have unbox therapy at home unbox therapy at home: package shrink
Akshay Athawale
Akshay Athawale Month ago
Nathan Sandy
Nathan Sandy Month ago
Love Nighah
Love Nighah Month ago
I want to follow Ken on twitch
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