Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?

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Research has found some human brains can pick up on rotations of geomagnetic-strength fields as evidenced by drops in alpha wave power following stimulus. For more, see ve42.co/magneto
Huge thanks to:
Prof. Shinsuke Shimojo, Connie Wang, and Isaac Hilburn, plus Prof. Joe Kirschvink. Their lab: ve42.co/maglab
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
Additional filming by Whitney Clavin

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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 4 339
Dr. M. H.
Dr. M. H. Day ago
I LUVed it when the cameraman zoomed in as the scientist said "Notttt"! Lol
Will Jones
Will Jones Day ago
Is the brain picking up these magnetic changes, or is it something else that tells the brain how to react? Kind of like how the EEG would change if somebody pinched your arm.
ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ -
This is one of my fears
Dal Kyne
Dal Kyne Day ago
Both my sister and I grew up scouring mountains and sailing every summer. However, while I have good orientation, she doesn't (but she has other strengths). I'm wondering how we'd both test out.
Phi1eap 2 days ago
Turboslang 2 days ago
Master Splinter
stefan sauvageon
stefan sauvageon 2 days ago
He will become Doctor Magnhttan!
2070ahmed 2 days ago
i wonder why she sounded sad while telling people not to think of it as a super power.
LittleRainGames 2 days ago
If they cpuldnt reproduce it at princeton, maybe its because we now have all these signals flying around. Kind of like how the bees are being affected by wifi and other frequencies.
anil mangalan
anil mangalan 3 days ago
If anybody is interested, the older generation people from Kerala, India, uses the cardinal directions for geographic references.
Emil Rensen
Emil Rensen 3 days ago
I wonder what would happen if we were to suddendly experience a total absence of all magnetic fields. Would we maybe feel it without knowing what it is we are feeling? E.g. get dizzy or something like that?
RubberFistFight 3 days ago
I'm reminded of the time travel boxes from the movie "Primer". So which timeline are you from, Derek? :P Also, considering the brain is a massive electrical network that is very sensitive to changes in it's own electrical field (see: the spreading wave of cortical depolarisation that heralds a migraine headache, for example) it makes some kinda sense that it would react to changes in the surrounding magnetic field as well, since electricity and magnetism are both part of the electromagnetic force. They've also shown that transcranial magnetic stimulation can make people feel odd although the mechanism is different and a lot more focused than that seen here. I guess the question is HOW sensitive is the brain to these changes, and if there's any kind of potential usability there. Glad they're looking into it though.
Craig Dallas
Craig Dallas 3 days ago
You need to talk to me.
Create ShareLive
Create ShareLive 3 days ago
Human brains have millions of biomagnetites just as birds do. We don’t consciously sense it and wouldn’t know what to do with it if we could.
SrmthfgRockLee 4 days ago
Ed 5 days ago
Before watching the video... I used to live near a power generating station... I can say yes, you can feel it... A lot. Pretty sure when a generator first powers up. It would mess with me all the time, it sucked
Ed 2 days ago
+Lishtenbird best way to explain would be feeling a wave go through you. Almost like you are going to or did pass out. I hated it
Lishtenbird 2 days ago
What would be the symptoms?
kazzit chang
kazzit chang 5 days ago
Did they make sure that it's our brain not the equipment that is sensing magnetic field? EM drive experiments made similar mistake and BOOO.
Mehmet Baran
Mehmet Baran 5 days ago
here is a test for you take a nippers in your hand and move it slowly to your nose extremely closely with your eyes closed.this always works for me
Balys 6 days ago
They should really consider running the same study on a blind person
Dwij Gurram
Dwij Gurram 6 days ago
Disturbance in Magnetic field of the earth might influence the repeatability of the experiment
Wot Mate
Wot Mate 6 days ago
1:29 hahahhaa
Sebastian J
Sebastian J 6 days ago
No wonder I poop facing north...
George Washington
Yes human can sens magnetic field. It requires a little practice to deferential from other experiences and they do not need any extra equipment. For start use very strong neodymium magnet and move your finger around it with closed eyes.
ShoveItFlaka 8 days ago
Man I have been once directly next to a 7 Tesla MRI scanner and i tell you, you can feel that (insanely strong) magnetic field. It was absoltely weird, it felt like some sort of spirit going through my body. sounds crazy but I really dont know what words to use to describe that feeling.
Pferdekopfnebel 8 days ago
Do the changing magnetic fields not influence the measurement itself (is the measurement influenced, if there is no person under the cap)?
Tiavor Kuroma
Tiavor Kuroma 8 days ago
I noticed that I can navigate much better in open spaces like city and forest than inside an industry manufacturing building.
C C 8 days ago
Doc Brown.
Ryan Copetti
Ryan Copetti 9 days ago
0:58, I expected to hear a japanese accent from her, didn't know she's that good in english
FairyRat 7 days ago
Come on man. Wang is a Chinese name.
Shiben 9 days ago
No problem, a dog is pooping. We are pooping while watching anyway.
Oldën Grimsey
Oldën Grimsey 9 days ago
Can I go there be experimented upon???! haha
Oldën Grimsey
Oldën Grimsey 9 days ago
I'm SE Asian, and I just wnt to know? :)
Kibuigut Barsirian Kenduywa Arap Sing'oe
you look like a typpical Afrikaan...look alike with Elon Musk
Ian Buck
Ian Buck 9 days ago
"Whose chair is that" was my first question too! 😆
Ian Buck
Ian Buck 9 days ago
Am I correct in understanding that the chamber only rotates the magnetic field around the yaw axis, not pitch and roll?
heinzerbrew 9 days ago
In the olden days, people spent a lot of time outside, and the sun was frequently visible. It is possible to tell where north, south, east, and west are based on the location of the Sun. Humans are also capable of remembering information. When the Sun was not visible they were able to remember where North was located based on the last time the Sun was visible.
Zeutrus Bd
Zeutrus Bd 10 days ago
What if the changed magnetic field just messes with our cells and gives the impression that we sense magnetic fields.. it might for example just be receptors in our eyes/ears sending false signals because of the disturbance.
Manny M
Manny M 10 days ago
What were the electrodes used to capture the eeg made of? Magnetic material? What about the camera? Couldn't that interfere with the experiment? Also, mri machines create strong magnetic fields, there are reports of people having a sense that they feel different during the scan. If that's the case, one's brain pattern would not be that valid of a study when using fMRI
waptek 10 days ago
3:45 & then he sees it!
Anon Wibble
Anon Wibble 10 days ago
tl;dr americans have no sense of direction!
Victor Polevoy
Victor Polevoy 11 days ago
What did you feel there in the chamber?
Agnes 11 days ago
Why the dog poo poo video
Rizki Ferdian
Rizki Ferdian 11 days ago
Of course we do, we are part of whole Universe, just many human brains are being programmed by other who has intention to conquer through mind setting and energy and made them forgot their own ability which they call sixth and seventh sense. sensing magnetic field is one of my "peculiar" abilities since I was born.
Oleksandr Bolgarov
Oleksandr Bolgarov 11 days ago
"Our brains have the ability to sense the magnetic field change, but it's implicit and subliminal, in the non-conscious part of the brain." I can already see this being tied to the marketing of meditation, yoga, health and wellness industries, and spiritual attunement of the earth.
Ryan Malin
Ryan Malin 11 days ago
Now do this test while the patient is on 500 micrograms LSD. That would be very interesting indeed
Bharath Nallapeta
Bharath Nallapeta 11 days ago
And here in India, we have a "superstition" from our ancestors who perhaps understood this better than us. So the superstition says that one cannot sleep with the head in the North direction. It has to be in the south. Apparently it messes with the body's magnetic field orientation with that of the earth's magnetic field. Not exactly sure how it affects but they did and that's why they advised it. p.s. And just like every other superstition in India, there's a whole story about a elephant's head being cut off as a sage commanded that they get the head of any animal that's sleeping with it's head in the NORTH and thus they created the fear that bad things will happen to people who do it too.
Inigo Fuentes Tscherner
The way the professor explains why the chair is the way it is got me dying hahahaha
Inigo Fuentes Tscherner
3:47 Give him THE CHAIR!! Oh nooooooooo
Kamil Prystapczuk
Kamil Prystapczuk 11 days ago
The culture the paper refers to is prob Guugu Yimithirr people, native to Far North Quensland. They were studied, of course and they actually have great sense of direction.
Coldblackice 11 days ago
So glad Mr. Miyagi was able to find work after Daniel-son died
puppy love
puppy love 10 days ago
Stop asking question smartass and wax my car !!
Omar Ali
Omar Ali 11 days ago
arupha wave
Hydrobradman 11 days ago
Why not do an experiment to test if people can guess the magnetic field change correctly? That would be more entertaining and accessible to watch than diagrams of alpha fields.
1mijaz 11 days ago
This is how all the black people communicate telepathically.
A Silent Koala
A Silent Koala 11 days ago
Yes!!! Human can sense magnetic fields if they have the protein cryptochrome in their system.
Fouad Saliba
Fouad Saliba 11 days ago
joaov2 11 days ago
13:00 For more analyses on how magnetic fields affect the brain, you could do a video on the 'God helmet' and subsequent attempts at replication.
Mohit Talreja
Mohit Talreja 12 days ago
What happens if this experiment utilizes electric field instead of magnetic field ? but preventing from sparking
Mohit Talreja
Mohit Talreja 11 days ago
+jay methodus brother I have learnt that electric field and magnetic field together makes electromagnetic field rather it does not constitute only either of them Sorry for my poor English
jay methodus
jay methodus 11 days ago
...my friend... They are the same thing. An electric field is an electromagnetic field. A magnetic field is an electromagnetic field. They are not exclusive to eachother
Tim von Hahn
Tim von Hahn 12 days ago
Is this related to water divining at all?
danyl barbour
danyl barbour 12 days ago
this is why i think we have gon insane in 2015 2 stars collided we measured the gravity wave generated by that collision this wave rang the earth like a bell causing the current imbalance in its magnetic feald and accelerating the geothermal activity of the planet
rz rz
rz rz 12 days ago
maybe we can feel it, but somehow ignore it.
InkOnTube 12 days ago
10:26 take these results and make another experiment: make yourself lost and check if you will be walking in circles clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Marx The Destroyer
Marx The Destroyer 12 days ago
Once I had a dream that I was a bird and I could feel something in my head pulling slightly in a certain direction. North perhaps. Is that what a bird feels?
Berkay Bayar
Berkay Bayar 12 days ago
I can tell directions like north and south i never thinked it as speacial because its nothing sort of sense or something i just can tell its north like i can tell its my front or back. What an interesting video, i hope these guys would continue on this research im sure there are lots of people like me
Khashayar Dashtdar
Khashayar Dashtdar 13 days ago
I have 12 dogs. They take a dump in all directions. They actually turn around to evaluate their surroundings before taking a poop or lying down.
Leland Shennett
Leland Shennett 13 days ago
Lmao my racist ass was so surprised when she started speaking with no accent 😂😂
Straw Baby
Straw Baby 12 days ago
Leland Shennett CONVERTED
Ikoy De Guzman
Ikoy De Guzman 13 days ago
does it hertz?
infirmux 13 days ago
evolution - life adapted to use so called "visual" spectrum of EM. But just as well it could be using other available input stimuli. We know touch (which is EM on atomic level?), sound (again, waves of the medium), smell etc. But it could be quantum effects (or sth) that we don't even necessarily know yet. Nature had eons to learn to utilize any property of physical world. We only started research very few thousands years ago (at most stretch).
Channeling Science
Channeling Science 14 days ago
I wonder if meditation or learning how to channel could raise magnetic field sensitivity. When brain frequencies change, people can experience hightened sensitivity to noises, light, ringing in the ears, changes in heart rate etc. The community of channelers calls those "ascention symptoms". Maybe sensitivity to magnetic fields can be one of them so testing channelers sensitivity to magnetic fields could be an interesting route.
Dsj 14 days ago
This guy is going to die a early death to radiation
Straw Baby
Straw Baby 12 days ago
Not necessarily radiation
Darrell Covello
Darrell Covello 14 days ago
This reminds me so much of the Black Mirror episode, Playtest. Good thing his mom didn't call while he was in there!
Alex Red
Alex Red 15 days ago
Hope CIA, MI6, Mossad, Chabad etc will not use this ability to indoctrinate people by some sort of modulation of the magnetic field using especially created portable or stationary generators.. since it may interact with peoples behavior, probably change preferences or worse
Wayne Jackson
Wayne Jackson 15 days ago
I would be very interested to know if they could do the same experiment but on sleeping individuals?
Prajwal Sagar
Prajwal Sagar 15 days ago
Ahh...... I wish they had heard about G-maps before taking up the experiment to "navigate", jk jk lol
Legendary Modz
Legendary Modz 16 days ago
Why does this look like he’s going to be executed
Ed 17 days ago
Well if modern technology is the reason we no longer use this magnetic field sensing ability. Then why did mariners in the past need a compass, and a way to read the stars to navigate? Especially when storms pushed ships off course and it became a life and death situation. Peoples got lost at sea when no one could see the stars due to cloudy sky's. Why no one on a sailing ship in days of old, was used as a human compass through history. So I sense one thing for sure, Bull $hit.
Little Al
Little Al 17 days ago
How about testing people with autistic spectrum disorders (especially Asperger's syndrome), who are known to have heightened awareness of their senses?
ASR- PTK 17 days ago
There are Few Channels Who Dont Post Videos For Money! #Veritasium
Steve 17 days ago
Did you really need to include the pick of the dog shitting? That's disgusting!
Lost Space
Lost Space 17 days ago
What if the camera is detecting the magnetic change and making the camera electronics hum at a different frequency youre hearing?
Lost Space
Lost Space 17 days ago
Or somehow your reaction to the tone being played changes
rygyou willy
rygyou willy 17 days ago
1:38 spoiled my dinner time
{K . N}
{K . N} 18 days ago
*To lovers of physics and technology see for yourself dear* ruvid.net/video/video-A361ah-Zp2k.html
Azam Caneene
Azam Caneene 18 days ago
If you are still in Caltech, could you please visit Prof. Ali Hajimiri and make a video about his research on semiconductors.
ASHWIN KARTHIK 18 days ago
Cant forget the full solar eclipse video ...
Christian Prepper
Christian Prepper 18 days ago
This explains how no matter how far in to the forest we would walk, grandpa always knew the exact direction back to the car.
Christian Prepper
Christian Prepper 18 days ago
13:08 _"...it only supports the human brain can pick up on the physical stimulus of the earth's magnetic field....."_ *_WOW!_*
Jai Cilento NeedsMoreCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋
13:00 how did the design support that or not, and how would we know how to power it to find any such thing when the approach is so out of hand dismissed. Also, a lot of averaging and no sample size report or link to the paper. who do you think you audience is?
Jai Cilento NeedsMoreCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋
thats why MRI techs over time get dizzy walking into the field where they didnt early in their career.
Jim F
Jim F 17 days ago
djbme83 19 days ago
Thanks for the clip of a dog taking a dump.
Nereus 19 days ago
but what about strong magnetic fields? what's the effect on people? Because in many countries there is safety regulations about strong magnetic fields because some people say to get headhecks. Ask her about that.
apathyboy 19 days ago
Why not use a more powerful magnetic field. A stronger stimulus should equal a stronger response.
ceruchi 19 days ago
It's a chill day. Isaac is on his way back from Starbucks, enjoying that California sun. Then he notices the lab assistants are all excited. "Wait," says Isaac, "there's SOME GUY in there? Some guy who wants to know about our research?" -"Yeah," says one assistant, "a science presenter. Like a cuter Bill Nye. He's interviewing Connie and--" But Isaac was already bounding down the hallway, chugging his iced latte.
John A.
John A. 19 days ago
is this like those transhuman technology videos where they want you to beg to be first in line? is this along the same lines but get you to volunteer for mk naomi, delta and ultra projects? joking but you have to question everything these days.
Jiabao Deng
Jiabao Deng 19 days ago
Derek, did you consciously feel anything in those experiments?
Ascetic 20 days ago
waleed algheryafi
waleed algheryafi 20 days ago
Sometimes I look at my phone right before it rings...Is this related
waleed algheryafi
waleed algheryafi 19 days ago
+ceruchi haha I don't
ceruchi 19 days ago
No you just look at it 1000 times a day :p
Stephen Ayotte
Stephen Ayotte 20 days ago
I just finished reading a book called 'The Empire of the Summer Moon' about Comanche Indians in the 1800's. It was mentioned numerous times in the book that they could navigate hundreds of miles with no apparent references or landmarks on the Mid American Plains. I am wondering if they actually had an advanced version of magnetic directionality. It would be interesting to try this experiment on relatives of these citizens.
idea loading
idea loading 20 days ago
I like magnetic fields experiments try it with other humans επισης κανω επιστημονικα βιντεο οποιος θελει ας ριξει μια ματια
suDz 21 day ago
In India people believe that its bad if you place you toilet towards East or West. They can't explain why, they just believe it.
suDz 16 days ago
+Pagani Zonda Pagani Zonda Yes there are. And your comment just clarifies that owning a toilet doesn't mean that one owns character !
Pagani Zonda
Pagani Zonda 19 days ago
there are toilets in India?
Fernando Cue
Fernando Cue 21 day ago
Like when you MRI so you can see the brain´s activity?
O Balls
O Balls 21 day ago
Now it would be interesting to see how this study shows the superior compass of men compared to women.
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe 21 day ago
One possibility is that, as humans got exposed too much to artificial eletromagnetic fields our brain could have learned to ignore some changes in magnetic fields around us
Brick 18 days ago
Luiz Felipe good theory
Aiden harker
Aiden harker 21 day ago
I legit always thought i had a nack for knowing where i am and what direction im facing. even when im in a big shopping centre ive never been to for a few hours, ive always seemed to pay attention to which way is north south ect even after falling asleep in a car or on a plane, i tend to know which way im facing........
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