Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?

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Research has found some human brains can pick up on rotations of geomagnetic-strength fields as evidenced by drops in alpha wave power following stimulus. For more, see ve42.co/magneto
Huge thanks to:
Prof. Shinsuke Shimojo, Connie Wang, and Isaac Hilburn, plus Prof. Joe Kirschvink. Their lab: ve42.co/maglab
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
Additional filming by Whitney Clavin

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Mar 18, 2019

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wolfedog99 6 hours ago
I've heard of studies that show much higher mental mapping and sense of direction in people who spent substantial time in the rural outdoors as very young children.
The Quintessential Gamer
2 dogs, 1 cup
Glenn Krieger
Glenn Krieger 13 hours ago
Well, I was eating breakfast when that north facing dog... Of some real world interest would be (and at the risk of being sexist here) to compare males and females. Just for kicks. Or, maybe not.
Kason Tucker
Kason Tucker 15 hours ago
Say you were lost in the woods and your brain can detect magnetic fields to tell direction what if your “gut” is telling the way to go
Aaa Aaa
Aaa Aaa Day ago
If I am a jedi warrior, i will tell you; "The force may be with you"
Aaa Aaa
Aaa Aaa Day ago
What if we test those people who have telekinetic abilities to see if their is a geomagnetic sensory response to the magnetic field and can the also the key to unlock the secrets of telekinesis and practice it naturally. Let's understand it
Scrandryle Day ago
Shable 2 days ago
I feel incredibly stupid
ronaldo grayman
ronaldo grayman 3 days ago
Watch Your Weight !
Trailspike 4 days ago
You couldn't just tell us that dogs pooped south to north. You had to show us.
El Capitán
El Capitán 4 days ago
I;ve practiced teaching myself, even before I watched this, to sense north in my head. I wonder what my brain would look like in this?
Allen Dunn
Allen Dunn 4 days ago
Be interesting to see if brain response to magnetic fields included potentiation of other sensory systems...ie heightened vestibular, visual, kinesthetic sensitivities
Justin Huang
Justin Huang 5 days ago
i suppose this gives some credence to people who claim to have EHS (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity)
Carlos Paroli
Carlos Paroli 6 days ago
In the documentary "lo and behold" they talk about people that had to live in a Faraday cage. This has something to do with those people?
I use to have a piece of steel in my left hand...I magnetized it! Being a machinist it was very handy in determining non-ferrous and ferrous metals apart :D Sadly I lost my gift a year ago after having it for 7years :'(
Davide 7 days ago
do these smart people know what doors are?
Debbie Debbie
Debbie Debbie 7 days ago
I see colours while touching sockets sometimes, am told this is an magnetic field is this correct ?
Itay Saadon
Itay Saadon 8 days ago
That's interesting. I have always had a "sense" where the north is, I even used a few times to navigate with a map and I always got where I wanted to go without problems and sometimes my friends told to close my eyes and they would spin me around and then asked where the north is and I got it right every time
Amadour Lopez
Amadour Lopez 8 days ago
Humans can only sense the diarrhea floating in their prefrontal laps and sometimes spilling out the mouth..
Wikickid 9 days ago
I knew that humans have magnetic senses, and we can use it consciously. My grandfather was a diver, he was also born blind. It's always confusing to hear that and know that he regularly dived about every other week. I guess he just liked to swim.
Stephen Kersten
Stephen Kersten 9 days ago
CCW vs CW sensitivity: is there a correlation with handedness?
My Name
My Name 11 days ago
The disclaimer at the end was... Hilarious. And sad. "No, this isn't magic you lunatic."
Rocker Baby
Rocker Baby 13 days ago
I'll be honest. I have absolutely no idea what any of these graphs indicate.
TotallyTJ 13 days ago
If it's roughly the strength of earth's magnetic field, doesn't that mean this machine would interrupt every compass in the world
Different 13 days ago
In magnetic fields there is both strength and range aspects to them. A magnet is way stronger than the earth's magnetic field, but only for a short distance.
Andres N
Andres N 14 days ago
What's up with that chair?
nicholas travisano
nicholas travisano 14 days ago
Maira Bay
Maira Bay 15 days ago
@Veritasium Who are these "people that are more sensitive to electromagnetism"? Did you find out that they were sensitive with the experiment or before? If before, how did you/they know?
Saugat Manandhar
Saugat Manandhar 17 days ago
I would guess that the North/South/East/West predominance in language has more to do with the latitude rather than magnetic capabilities of humans. Because there isn't a better universal reference point in a primitive age than the sun (weather abiding).
Mike -
Mike - 17 days ago
couldve done without seeing the dog poop but good video nonetheless lol
sande1212 17 days ago
didn't know Daniel son was a scientist !
Tal Maru
Tal Maru 17 days ago
@veritasium Could you do a video linking this to geomagnetic activity and space weather such as solar flares.
Maira Bay
Maira Bay 15 days ago
Yes, this would be an interesting research too. Do people get more or less sensitive during solar storms? Would be interesting to find out. There's so much we don't know about electromagnetism.
mrfarmer1991 17 days ago
Okay. This is so amazing. My mom & husband (my husband especially) know their directions inherently. I’ve always thought it was so weird & unexplainable to me. We just had a conversation the other day about how amazing of a phenomenon it was & I just can’t believe it. We actually did an experiment where I had my husband close his eyes in a pitch dark bathroom, spin around a few times & then tell me what direction was which & he was correct. Anytime we go out of town, we can be in a TOTALLY foreign place in the middle of nowhere downtown & he’ll know exactly what direction is which. Anyway... you get the point. It’s just seriously unbelievable to me. I can’t even comprehend how incredible it is.
Aliyas Boatright
Aliyas Boatright 18 days ago
The human eye actually had the ability to detect magnetic fields but it's too much stimuli for our brains to handle so they just delete it
Klutz 20 days ago
0:55 Wow i am so racist. I was just waiting to hear the biggest asian accent come out of her mouth
srhyae45ku+a4u6 18 days ago
It's not racist, you were primed by the japanese accent of the other scientist Shin Shimojo as he introduced himself first. It's useless to guilt yourself. "Racism" is just the brain predicting.
Furr Ace 747
Furr Ace 747 20 days ago
Is this some what related to like when you get a pencil close to your head and then you get this feeling??
EDarien 20 days ago
I've only had marginal success knowing north without visual help and memory. That said, when electronic devices, particularly televisions, are on in another room, even if they're muted and I can't see the flickers, I can 'feel' it being on and which direction it is in relation to me. I could do that since I was a kid. Don't know if it's related.
Cyberization 22 days ago
Research is cool!
teranyan 23 days ago
Lol how do you know those changes aren't the effect of the magnetic field on your measuring equipment? This study is dogshit
KaRaN aSwaNth
KaRaN aSwaNth 23 days ago
am i the only one who didn't understand any of this!! lol
Bruce Halford
Bruce Halford 25 days ago
I am in love with the male Asian scientist's accent and English. He's immaculate and articulate in explaining the things he's learned over the years. Cheers.
joehunter3jh 26 days ago
Actually showed a turd coming out .lol
Tomas Nunez
Tomas Nunez 26 days ago
They should try this experiment with some kind of tribesmen or someone who is close to nature, . these types of people will be more in tune with other senses that we civilized people lose or have become numb too. U can experience this just by being barefoot outside every day for a few hours ,u will notice a change in subtle ways but it will be noticeable.
Baylee Siedr
Baylee Siedr 26 days ago
I wonder if people who are more directionally inclined have bigger reaction to magnetic fields than those who don’t. This is really interesting!!!
G S 27 days ago
Standard electrodes are very sensitive to electromagnetic signals in the environment, hence the Faraday cage to shield them out. I am wondering if the EEG signals are the artifact of the environmental electromagnetic fluctuation. The interpersonal differences between the sensitivity could well be correlated with the environmental fluctuations. As a control, the signals from the electrodes should be measured without attaching them to a human.
Roman 27 days ago
Somehow, this obviously foreign asian lady speaking with a pitch-perfect English accent sounds so unsettling to me. It's just so weird.
Backyard Stranger
Backyard Stranger 27 days ago
We are robots of society.
This one kid
This one kid 27 days ago
What your favorite meal 1:31
vincent castro
vincent castro 27 days ago
its fake guys the coils where paid actors
Alexander Peniston-Bird
Imagine putting a dog in there, when it tried to crap, it just keeps spinning to find the right direction.
BeatboxNorwich 29 days ago
0:37 Intrucemassel
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