Can DWIGHT HOWARD Still Play In The NBA?

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With DeMarcus Cousins going down with an ACL injury, the Lakers are looking at whether Dwight Howard could make their roster - does he still have the skills to play in the NBA? Coach Nick broke down the footage from the last few years to figure it out.
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Aug 21, 2019




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Comments 1 171
The Lop
The Lop 7 hours ago
If you don't know how to use Dwight in today's game, them you can't coach.
McQueen 5 days ago
So the answer is yes
jack miller
jack miller 7 days ago
You know there is a video of him few days ago of him doing standing windmill, etc. Barely getting rim level he says -_-
Nils 7 days ago
Well Dwight was never a traditional back to the basket center
Jose vasquez
Jose vasquez 2 days ago
Right he was a forward playing the five.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 days ago
ESPN got Kawhi Leonard prediction wrong. 😀😀😀 ESPN's Brian Windhorst got the Dwight Howard prediction wrong. Media personnel were praying that Brian Windhorst was right because they didn't want the Lakers to have even more publicity this summer = easily carrying the NBA on it's back throughout the summer News Cycle.
Supreme 704
Supreme 704 12 days ago
I guess you know better than the Lakers smh clown
Robert Jacobson
Robert Jacobson 13 days ago
The reason he gets slandered so much is because he was one of the best centers we've ever seen, and now the media compares him to what he used to be. Injuries have somewhat killed off his godly athleticism. He's still a good player, but he comes with baggage.
Robert Jacobson
Robert Jacobson 13 days ago
Dwight needs to focus on dominating the boards, running the court, and focusing on being the best defender he can be.
Kevin Alexer
Kevin Alexer 14 days ago
Did you really asked that?!? He made 32pts and 30rebs in 2018, and he made 25pts and 17rebs the last season. You should watch more Dwight games after you ask dumb questions. He still got it and he still making points and numbers. Ofcourse he can play. Don't be a clown, and don't disrespect this beast, You even have facts and you should follow him more after you talk stupid things
Andrew Bender
Andrew Bender 14 days ago
He's going to be just fine on the Lakers
Paul Watson
Paul Watson 14 days ago
The problem with Dwight is that he's immature and out of touch. He has no emotional intelligence.
NoopyVille NikkoWorld
So Dwight is still playing bt melo getting blackballed smh
Souldrum86 15 days ago
The guys numbers are still good. He’s been hurt and Today’s game is played different now. But he’s still useful and needed.
JesusChrist IsSatan
If Howard can stay healthy this year he will put up some good numbers in LA. Remember Zubac had a lot of double doubles with LA last year before being traded. Howard will be able to get even better numbers. LA probably needs him more than he needs LA because outside of him and McGee they have no centers.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 17 days ago
2nd Unit is best for Dwight Howard. 😀😀😀😀 Away from Lebron and starters.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 17 days ago
2018 season with Charlotte Hornets is all the Lakers need from Dwight Howard = 3rd Star.
ö ü
ö ü 18 days ago
Yes he can... 10 and 10 player nowadays maybe a 8 and 8 player but just a year ago I think it was he went for 30 and 30
T L 18 days ago
No he can't still play in the nba, never really could. But I'm sure he can suck penis just the same as he did in his rookie season! The faggot is soft!!!!
Tony Kart Racer
Tony Kart Racer 18 days ago
Dwight is a player that chokes, you can just tell by looking at him. Needs to take basketball more seriously, too much of a frat boy.
An Dre
An Dre 20 days ago
Why he not just come back to rockets...be twin tower with capela to supporting harden N be humble person , stop arrogant attitude...
TheSmigko 20 days ago
Hairguy 20 days ago
JaFlail > Child Support King
Hairguy 20 days ago
I love the random clip of JR at 3:32. Dudes a legend. Well put together video as always coach. Thanks
Gordon’s Food Reviews
Yes he can still play... he’s still putting up all star number... the reason with all these teams like the lakers 1.0, and the rockets were fails was because the teams kinda sucked and he had injuries like back surgery , but with Atlanta and Charlotte he was pretty damn good... Now with the wizards he had injuries and couldn’t get a rhythm, but was still an above average center... he’ll be great with the lakers
Ceaz 21 day ago
Nigga can you even play???
BuilderPvPz OG
BuilderPvPz OG 21 day ago
Who remembers when Dwight was always on Disney
Yanno Love
Yanno Love 21 day ago
He cant still give 10 to 18 a game
smokeyfreshhh 21 day ago
"Dwite Who? I dont know him." -The Great Shaq Diesel
Maniac Masturbator
Depends on how his body holds up. Back injuries are terrible. He was still productive after the first back surgery. Although he’s older now, it this latest surgery hasn’t affected him that negatively he should still be productive.
Rob MC
Rob MC 21 day ago
The video cut at 6:15 is making me uncomfortable 😂
Moon Moon
Moon Moon 21 day ago
I ll save you 9 mins : "Yes".
AjBro 22 days ago
NO HE CAN NOT. We do not allow soft men.
Daniel Bunton
Daniel Bunton 22 days ago
Depends how busted his cheeks are...
Enrico Enriquez
Enrico Enriquez 22 days ago
Thats the face Dwight make when he see Kuz after the game in the locker room.
Enrico Enriquez
Enrico Enriquez 22 days ago
Thats the face Dwight make when he see Kuz after the game in the locker room.
Enrico Enriquez
Enrico Enriquez 22 days ago
Thats the face Dwight make when he see Kuz after the game in the locker room.
Enrico Enriquez
Enrico Enriquez 22 days ago
Thats the face Dwight make when he see Kuz after the game in the locker room.
Enrico Enriquez
Enrico Enriquez 22 days ago
Thats the face Dwight make when he see Kuz after the game in the locker room.
Enrico Enriquez
Enrico Enriquez 22 days ago
Thats the face Dwight make when he see Kuz after the game in the locker room.
NeoViny 22 days ago
Do you know hook shot? Show me your hook shot.... and the Dream still is waiting....
Kevin Masters
Kevin Masters 22 days ago
Man, D-Howard could have been GREAT if he said in Orlando as Superman!!
Derrick Zorns
Derrick Zorns 23 days ago
I want him to win a ring
Bolro 23 days ago
Camelo Anthony must be to LAL too.
axel rod
axel rod 23 days ago
Play the way Capela does. Screen, Rebound, Roll, Defend,. Scoring will be the bonus.
Alec Buckley
Alec Buckley 23 days ago
Stop saying the post up game is dead in the nba...people just try to emulate championship winning teams. Right now, everyone’s trying to emulate the old Golden State, or even San Antonio for a time. We’re one Phili championship away from low post old school action.
theone 23 days ago
A lot of disrespect to Dwight, don’t even need to make this video, fuck you bball coach
J G 23 days ago
Dwight and Javale can do similar things. McGee had a great season last year. I'm not mad at this. If Dwight plays his role and doesn't get injured, he's good.
Bobby Lee Buckets
Bobby Lee Buckets 23 days ago
Lakers will never win a championship with dwight, not because of his age but his mentality. Goofy ass mf...
Boss Killa
Boss Killa 23 days ago
He's a true center. Averages a double double and 2 blocks per game
Matt Pierce
Matt Pierce 23 days ago
6:23 dwight from his girls pov
rgncal 4
rgncal 4 23 days ago
He can play like deandre but not as efficent, he needs to be at the rim 60 percent fg and alley oop threat and just destroy back up Cs
Scisca 23 days ago
Can Gortat still play?
Black Sheep
Black Sheep 23 days ago
Dwight's going to be wearing a *dress* by all star weekend. That nigga's pan-sexual.
Vic Matinez
Vic Matinez 20 days ago
U must like dick
Nathan Jordan
Nathan Jordan 23 days ago
I love how every year another fanbase tries to talk themselves into Dwight Howard
emrnem 24 days ago
I hope he redeems himself in LA. I always have him on fantasy for rebounds.
Christian Paul Garingalao
Golden Stateee!
Jesus Sosa
Jesus Sosa 24 days ago
"In the right setting an dculture, he can easily fit in to a team that wants to go deep in the playoffs" *Gets signed by the Lakers
HARLEM 24 days ago
He can still play he just got worse Bc he couldn't adjust his game
scan for
scan for 24 days ago
bet ya'll be singing a different tune if he didn't join a lebron team. well, you basically were, just look at the pass comments towards him.
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