Can ANYONE name a single character from the movie Avatar?

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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 100
D TM Hour ago
I'm straight up one of the only people that liked this movie 😂 more room in the theater for me
Farmer Larry
Farmer Larry 17 hours ago
That girl in the purple hoodie looked like she been talkin on the toilet a few times in her life.
Ace Q
Ace Q Day ago
“Name one character from Avatar” “ *J E S U S C H R I S T* “
Ace Q
Ace Q Day ago
“The Hulk” “Yoda” Damn, she really has a thing for green people
strongmaniac_ PMP
When you get sponserd and only spend like $15
Fathom 2 days ago
Why the first seconds of the video... I’m just waiting for anyone that’ll say neytiri or Jake Sully.... WHY NOONE KNOWS THAT
TDC 2 days ago
Guarantee you, GUARANTEE YOU, the only reason it grossed so high was because 3D was the hot new thing and oh look, avatar in 3D, and then this happened
Draco Spin
Draco Spin Day ago
TDC And the hype from Titanic
Rahul Ravishankar
2:02 2:03 wut da hell anakin and vader are the same
Eucis93 4 days ago
This fucked me up man wth
saunz departier
saunz departier 6 days ago
Does the planet Pandora count? It's sentient, I think.
Tajr 6 days ago
Bea H
Bea H 7 days ago
I can answer that question correctly: “no, i can’t name a character from Avatar”
Aeonys 8 days ago
I thought it was Jack Sully, not Jake but hey... closer than not remembering it at all.
Nano Byte
Nano Byte 8 days ago
I would would have said aang or katara...
I thought it was the show
Carrot Soup
Carrot Soup 9 days ago
5:07 - and there you have it folks, a coloured video of the 1st ever simping , before it became viral.
David Ganimations
“Name one character from Avatar” “Jesus Christ” She didn’t laugh she was serious
Thomas Carroll
Thomas Carroll 10 days ago
Jake sully and natiri i think
Fetus The Great
Fetus The Great 10 days ago
I feel ashamed for knowing jakes name before watching this video
Luis Valdes
Luis Valdes 10 days ago
5:04 *S I M P M O D E A C T I V A T E D*
Marcus Brassard
Marcus Brassard 10 days ago
Hey that blond guy totally got it though.
rvprequel 10 days ago
Name one character from Avatar… *J E S U S* ✝️ *C H R I S T* (6:29)
Zeke Patford
Zeke Patford 11 days ago
Qquueessttiioonn bbooyyss
John Tchoe
John Tchoe 11 days ago
I named my cat for the main character, Sully. I completely forgot his first name was Jake.
Henry Kamp
Henry Kamp 11 days ago
Literally this entire video is overexposed. Like don't cameras do that shit automatically?
Cody Dymco
Cody Dymco 12 days ago
Why do those guys keep their phones in their purse?
you re done bro
you re done bro 13 days ago
The first ever yiay live
__ Laserpants __
__ Laserpants __ 13 days ago
Not anymore thanks to Endgame
ViscerΔ 13 days ago
You could have conducted this pseudo survey in a place where you know there would be movie goers The people you asked look like the only things they watch are sports and porn I know it’s just a stupid RUvid video for kids, but if you’re going to link people who have just watched a properly conducted survey to this, then you should really put at least *some* effort in
2007 Toyota Camry SE v6
I have seen the movie multiply times and remember the plot thoroughly, but I don't remember any names. Without googleing I want to say the main dude is named James?
TagNeTronTV 14 days ago
My name is Binks. Jar Jar Binks.
sad vibes nigga
sad vibes nigga 14 days ago
only thing I remember is the tail sex tbqh
Paul Pickett
Paul Pickett 14 days ago
I came up with Aiwah - or however you spell the planet-goddess's name. That's character, is she not?! She saves the day at the end! =D
Paul Pickett
Paul Pickett 14 days ago
Oh! And Jake! Isn't Jake the guy's name?!....maybe...? ...??
MrDavo511 16 days ago
I know one. Jake Sullly. And that is only because it is said in an empathising way by one character who’s name I can’t remember lol
JML Productions
JML Productions 17 days ago
Jesus, use an ND filter or something.
Arctic_Fur 17 days ago
just gonna say i never watched it and didnt know it was even a thing fight me
bluefeather 64
bluefeather 64 18 days ago
im impressed that guy new it
jijonbreaker 19 days ago
This aged like milk
StillSalty 19 days ago
Hell yea colonel miles, forgot every other name
wholsome toast
wholsome toast 19 days ago
Jesus Christ
Féy Etho
Féy Etho 20 days ago
Jack: Avatar has the most views, not Star Wars or the Avengers movies Me: Aaaaaah, about that... Have you heard of Avengers Endgame? also me: ohhhh, this video was released before endgame
taiyokamii 20 days ago
"today's question boys was sponsored by Question boys, answer 3 questions correctly and win 3 dollars today!"
Ryan Pratte
Ryan Pratte 21 day ago
I remember that the villain's nickname was Papa dragon and I found that weird as a kid
Brant Eldridge
Brant Eldridge 21 day ago
lol im 12 and i can name like 3 characters from avatar
blobbo 21 day ago
Emily Eyink
Emily Eyink 21 day ago
Captain America, Like Skywalker, Papa Smurf
TheRealProf3ssor 22 days ago
i was able to name one lol Jake Sully
DaDARKPass 23 days ago
Well now avatar is no longer the highest grossing movie.
Lucy H
Lucy H 25 days ago
The reason no one talks about Avatar is because the movie is pants. It was successful purely because of a gimmick; once you start to analyse it you realise it's just Pocahontas with aliens. The story-telling is poor, the plot is ridiculous, the acting is lame. Style over substance, which is why none of the characters are memorable.
Spacecookie 26 days ago
Natiri and Jack something-or-other. Oh, and Dr. Sigourney Ripley of the unobtainium institute.
Matt Quick
Matt Quick 27 days ago
My dude said Jake and I immediately remembered the way they said his last name
GrassBlade 27 days ago
5:07 simp
charmeleon evolves
charmeleon evolves 29 days ago
"Name one character from Avatar." "Jesus Christ." She just pulled a "You need jesus"
charmeleon evolves
charmeleon evolves 29 days ago
0:46 This wasn't true for like a week. Then the memes went away.
Dalto 29 days ago
Damien Nevitt
Damien Nevitt Month ago
"there aren't any memes about it" oh no buddy there are memes... Just not the ones you are hoping
Gazmus Month ago
Jake Soooleeeey. Nothing more.
ColinF Month ago
5:03 You cant write this kind of stuff. So funny
Ethan Myers
Ethan Myers Month ago
"Name one person from Avatar" "Jesus Christ"
I’m glad the public remembered jake sully and a half, cause that’s the only one I remembered
Aidan Mahoney
Aidan Mahoney Month ago
5:47 Kurt Cobain is still alive
Rebekah Doolan
Rebekah Doolan Month ago
when your sitting in your bed yelling at them JAKE SULLY lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lel Rachiman
Lel Rachiman Month ago
The Names of these characters are on the top secret documents in Area 51.
Jess E
Jess E Month ago
Avengers: like 10-20 movies at this point, toys out the assssss, memes for days Star Wars: uhh like 7 movies??? Shit ton of toys as well, memes memes memes Avatar: just the one. Probably has toys but they’re not iconic, memes about blue people NGL Avatar seems a lot more successful for the amount of effort put into it, considering the others put years and billion$ and toys into theirs
I did not know those two guys were two different guys I thought they were the same guys with different shirts on in this video
dimsumboy22 Month ago
god the whitebalance is killing me
Wild Snack
Wild Snack Month ago
Funny thing is I managed to remember Toruk Makto. Actually, however it may sound strange, it may well be that you would find more people on a Russian street knowing a name from the film, bc we used to force a meme about him with a pun in it. The last 3 letters of the name (kto) stands for the word "who" in Russian and it was the core of the joke.
Daniel Awesome
Daniel Awesome Month ago
*_J E K K S U L I_*
eggboiE Month ago
The only good thing about avatar is the ride in Animal Kingdom
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson Month ago
JAKE SKULLY, and no i didnt have to look this up
NekoDebil Month ago
Bub Hi i'm
Bub Hi i'm Month ago
Harker George
Harker George Month ago
i can name one unamed soldier 01
Ciera Bloxham
Ciera Bloxham Month ago
is it hilarious that I remember basically nothing about this movie but I remember there's a dude named jake
CaligulaSux41 Month ago
Did Honey only give you $5 to make this video?
AKKuura Month ago
Remembered "Jake Sully" just because how awkwardly the blue apes said it. Otherwise it would be "Uhh either the latina action chick or the rough action general guy" (that took a couple of minutes). It was a pretty forgettable movie.
V.K. Mensah
V.K. Mensah Month ago
Okay, the dude with the orange shorts did know the main character's first name tho...
Sophrosynicle Month ago
Pottery BArn hahahahahaha
Turtle Explosive
I only know the blue people are called the Navi with a ' somewhere in there
D37u2e ि
D37u2e ि Month ago
Umm there’s aang
QemeH Month ago
It's just one of those movies that's so packed with stars that you just refer to their roles by the actors name... Kinda like nobody can name the main character of _Die Hard_ because the only name coming to mind is "Bruce Willis" :D [John McClane, but I looked it up ;)]
Used Band-aids
Used Band-aids Month ago
Uhh... ONG!
Trodden Gaming
Trodden Gaming Month ago
Use your memory! Jake Sully anybody?
Emmanuel Month ago
So strange to see people touching strangers in public.
Jake... Sully? Only because of a memorable bit from a Kevin Smith podcast.
Dr. Phillager
Dr. Phillager Month ago
what if someone just said they remember a blue alien's name as something random like albak-urb, took the money and you'd only find out during editing what? it's not like YOU remember the characters
EchoingJewels Month ago
Jake SOOley
Sieta Vora
Sieta Vora Month ago
The guy in the wheelchair The blue people Uhh... the army?
Jasper Lenig
Jasper Lenig Month ago
All I could think is I don’t know his real name but his code name is “Papa Dragon”
SolarSparrow Month ago
Neytiri is an avatar character
김애기 Month ago
How have I watched Avatar more than twice and still don't know the names
Ezekiel Jakobs
Ezekiel Jakobs Month ago
me, a child with ADHD who hyperfixated on that film for years and still watches it at least once a month: 👁___👁 i know every character off the top of my head
Neki Stunter
Neki Stunter Month ago
Jesus Christ
Irina Month ago
I actually knew the name of one character, Jake Sully ;(
Idan Month ago
legion Month ago
it's very disingenuous calling it the highest grossing since all of that extra money came from exorbitant 3d tickets
Dan the-Man
Dan the-Man Month ago
Only thing I remember about Avatar is Sam Worthington and Giovanni Ribisi are in it, and it's a rip-off of Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest.
BenTGI The Golden Ingot
2:07 he increased the prize becuase the girl was hot i mean at this point, he wasn't married so good on ya buddy
Sparrrow Month ago
Is it bad that I immediately knew one even though I haven’t watched the movie for years?? This is why I have a bad memory, things like THIS take up my brain space.
Sparrrow Month ago
Is it bad that I immediately knew one even though I haven’t watched the movie for years?? This is why I have a bad memory, things like THIS take up my brain space.
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