Can ANYONE name a single character from the movie Avatar?

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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Alex Kimball
Alex Kimball Day ago
I've never seen Star Wars or Avatars (or any of the subsequent sequels and spinoffs) and I'm confident I know most of the Characters. I saw Avatar in theaters and I have no clue what it's about.
paxton matteson
paxton matteson 2 days ago
Jesus Christ?
LordYeeteth 2 days ago
but did claire get the 10 bucks
Ripuru- kun
Ripuru- kun 2 days ago
Is nobody gonna mention the guy at 4:25 who thought of Howl's moving Castle or something?
Pumpkinbros 3 days ago
jesus chis
Madeline Brigit
Madeline Brigit 3 days ago
I asked my brother to name 2 characters and he could only name Jake
Rivaldo Belekubun
Question boys? Why not Christian Boys?
Lnr2 3 days ago
that one blue guy ez clap
The Evan Show Starring Evan Miller
When you haven’t seen a single movie from the 3 highest grossing movie franchises
Harry Huang
Harry Huang 5 days ago
Avatar wasn't a groundbreaking masterpiece, it's just a giant CGI fest that is already outdated which is why nobody watched it or remembered it
Samuel Schönenberger
Grace Manson
Grace Manson 7 days ago
*”that’s the easiest five bucks you’ll never make!”*
Blood Mountain Productions
Name one character from Avatar? Her: *J E S U S C H R I ST*
slushxie -
slushxie - 8 days ago
j e s u s c h r i s t
Jaguar Playz
Jaguar Playz 11 days ago
....the last airbender
alucinoid_bbx 15 days ago
i love the emotion of jack when the dude says he watch him xd
Ben Addison
Ben Addison 19 days ago
can you name one character from avatar lady:JeSuS CrIsT
Pixelers 20 days ago
Cabbage man.
Myrek 23 days ago
Jacksfilms: Accepts only the first name of Thor Also jacksfilms: Doesn't accept only the first name of 'Jake'
Two Two Twane
Two Two Twane 27 days ago
Imagine not remembering Jake
Oli Potato
Oli Potato 27 days ago
taaj would be quaking
Ryn McKin
Ryn McKin 28 days ago
You came for 8:00
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 28 days ago
*yess someone said obi-wan kenobi*
Nexils 28 days ago
On the top of my head I remember Jake Sulley. Because it was a thing pointed out in the movie itself and Cinema Sins made fun of its pronunciation.
XenonVH 29 days ago
5:08 *SIMP*
Science Power
Science Power Month ago
5:07 simp
Paco L.
Paco L. Month ago
That guy who named Jar Jar Binks is the bravest man I've ever seen
SaintAlf Month ago
Name one character from avatar JESUS CHRIST
Slackerboy87 Month ago
“Name someone from avatar” “JeSuS cHrIsT
BAD BAD Month ago
I would have said The Blue Men Group
Stew H
Stew H Month ago
Daddy Salvia... is... is that you?
datstuff Month ago
Fiano Month ago
Every american movie that has the military has a character named "Sarge". Easy
Maja Milunovic
Maja Milunovic Month ago
"jesus christ" i love the confidence of that woman
c4sing Month ago
Is that stretch
Der Dörk
Der Dörk Month ago
Jake sully. Without googling. Wheres my Money?
emma byrne
emma byrne Month ago
we need a sequel to this where he asks people to explain the plot of cats
Jesse Pollack
Jesse Pollack Month ago
Avatar was really pretty and a cool 3D movie to see. It was also entirely forgettable. The plot and characters were unoriginal, and the message has been taught 1000 times. It added nothing new to the point it was trying to make. ATLA will live on for generations because it managed to get the same point across in a way that was digestible to children, innovative on both a visual and story-telling level, and deeper than a movie supposedly for adults.
VAGNETTO Month ago
I remember only Jake Sully and Neitiri! Also Turuk Macto, but it's more of a title, than a character :/
Captive Audience
5:07 SIMP!
Interstellar Overdrive
when that lady said Jesus Christ I completely lost it
Oskar Smith Sørensen
Why does the guy who was a jacksfilms fan look like Dylan Brady?
aw dang it
aw dang it Month ago
i was thinking "uhhhhh james..?" but i don't know
Kaden Vasquez
Kaden Vasquez Month ago
The only thing I remembered from Avatar was that the race was called the Na'vi. Idk why that always stuck with me.
Joeys Games
Joeys Games Month ago
It's too flawless to meme
Maurice Rodriguez
white balance, where are you?
Duo clan
Duo clan Month ago
i think they character's name is Jake suly or something am i right?
Sirus Widenhouse
Well I know like 3 but I don’t want to attempt to spell anything except jake.
Saperoi Month ago
"Name any character from Avatar" Some rando: " *Jesus Christ.* "
Sebastian Demerjian
Petition to rename Avatar to The Blue People.
Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks Month ago
Neytiri and Jake Sully
Bastard Month ago
"name one character from avatar" "Jesus Christ"
ArchaicTurtle Month ago
I haven't watched the movie in years and this video is a year old now.... I'm definitely going to spell some wrong, but here I go. There's Jake Sully, Grace Augustine, Neytiri, Tsutey, etc. Then I'm pretty sure there's a guy named max and I believe the avatar driver who is friends with Jake is named Norm.
ben beardmore
ben beardmore Month ago
*jesus Christ*
Ballzy Animations
MrAJC5 Month ago
One of em was like Farukh Mak Toh I think Edit: I just googled it, it's "Toruk Makto" no money for me..
TiroX Month ago
me ( an intellectual) : Papa Dragon
Wyattearpp Month ago
How could you not remember such memorable characters as Papa Dragon? Jake Sue Lee?
Thanosetalgia Memeories
Hippie8 Studios
Hippie8 Studios Month ago
Bruh those kids said Anakin and Darth.
houwlingwoolf Month ago
Question boy 3 looks like an actor from Australia
Aidan .j
Aidan .j Month ago
2.5 hairlines
“Jake Sully” “SHIT.”
WhiteNegative Month ago
I know Jake Sully because of Funhaus, woulda won some cash
Jake sully
NINO O Month ago
i want more of question boys!!!
NINO O Month ago
Jake sully and neytiri
sleeping songbirds
Um neyterra Idk something with nay or ney Uhhh Jack? Or Jake? Grace? I just remember bc it was my first movie i watched in theaters when i was like 8 and then bc i thought it was the coolest thing ever so i watched tf out of it when it came out so i guess you could say I’ve been a troglodyte since i was a child lol
The F0x
The F0x Month ago
I thought this was gonna be about The Last Airbender
Mr. Miacis
Mr. Miacis Month ago
Let's all just appreciate the fact Jack printed a shirt only to do this
Darata Švedarauskaitė
the gif Erik failing the outro would fint right in r/WatchPeopleDieInside
Austin Full
Austin Full Month ago
Been screaming Toruk Makto to the screen.
Book Boy
Book Boy Month ago
Jake sully
private account
private account Month ago
Cmon.... not even anyone said Jake sully? (wasnt that the mc name?) I remember the way the Naavi pronounced it.
private account
private account Month ago
nice someone got it
ShizaAnimations Month ago
Jesus Christ is my favorite avatar character
Nala R.
Nala R. Month ago
jEsUS cHriSt
i am boomer.
i am boomer. Month ago
6:31 name one character from avatar Jesus christ
colin hedberg
colin hedberg Month ago
i love how the entire fucking video is overexposed
BWY9000 Month ago
6:31 An absolute legend.
Antn 12
Antn 12 Month ago
You are cruel, jacksed flim
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