Can 6 Psychics Predict The Fake Psychic?

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Published on


Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Jubilee 7 months ago
Hey Goodhumans! For the first time, we asked our IG followers to guess who the mole was, and we were blown away by how many of you voted! We love it when you guys get involved, so be sure to follow us on Instagram to take part in the future! See you there! instagram.com/jubileemedia
Edward of Hyde III
The guy in the suit has a RUvid channel called gentlemen physic. It's kinda interesting. Yeah, he could be a liar. He could also could just believe something that's unsubstantiated. I think it's possible that he interprets his "sixth sense" to be something far greater than it is. Then again this is from someone who thinks he's good person in general
Davide Storato
Davide Storato Month ago
Here from pewds
SLiM M Month ago
I thought it was the fancy shmancy dude
Djscarecrows Month ago
How are they psychics and couldn’t pick out the mole
Besties Playz
Besties Playz 2 months ago
Jubilee, i am no human! I is secretly an alien!😈🤫
Baikou 2 hours ago
If they're all psychics, this should have ended after the 1st round. At most, this should have been a 3-4 minute video lol.
Ø Z 4 hours ago
When Dylan was speaking it kinda scared me ngl
Hunter Thunell
Hunter Thunell 7 hours ago
Physics are just more insane versions of people who follow zodiac signs and blame their faults on em
Joshua Wells
Joshua Wells 15 hours ago
Quick Question: Was Richard Lael in the Satanist episode? He looks very familiar and this was recommended after US vs China on Covid-19 Middle Ground.
WizardShark 18 hours ago
So Richard is a sadist and a psychic... oh boy.
Gianna S
Gianna S 21 hour ago
50% of the comments: *talking about things these "psychics" said 49% of the comments: "They are all moles!! Me: Can someone please check Richard-lael's freezer? I see a lawsuit comin' up...
Julian Torres
Julian Torres 21 hour ago
They all “psychics” but couldn’t kick out the mole first round/at all or even predict who the mole was smh 🤦‍♂️
Abigail Grunewald
So.... its clear that most people that have watched this and commented couldn't know less about what they are talking about. Go back to Harry Potter because you're clearly out of your realm.
Mikhail Verghese
Damn, they got Freddie Mercury on this?
Evan Day ago
If they have been to all the galaxies why do they not work with NASA
Monkey D. Luffy
the is just like when reigen was exposed of not being a psychic in mob psycho 100.
MeghanEMaguire16 2 days ago
So in other words they’re all the mole but only one knows it
Jin Kang
Jin Kang 2 days ago
Trick question all of them aren’t 😂💀
MJ D 2 days ago
Dang I was really hoping for the vampire-looking dude to be the mole so he can just rip off his mustache and say “you psychics just got PSYCH!”
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 2 days ago
Isn't that the ignorant ass Satanist that looks like dracula
Ebbalia 2 days ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: My brain: *That’s Mumbo Jumbo..*
Z's Channel
Z's Channel 3 days ago
Breanna was on x factor usa
Dot and spiral
Dot and spiral 3 days ago
Isn't the suited guy the vampire Satanic guy from Satanists vs Religions believers?
lance eschert
lance eschert 3 days ago
girl in the blue needa hmu
Lucas Wolf
Lucas Wolf 4 days ago
spot the crayz
Fire fly
Fire fly 4 days ago
I’m a real psychic and I can tell you those people are not real psychics 😑 As a real psychic, it makes me so sad that there are fakes going around claiming that they are real 😡
MBKKT 90 3 days ago
You're a "real psychic"?
Desmond Danielle Sims
I believe the guy with the black cap is an Psychic.
sanata christmast
that breania perosn says she got 8 birth mark and from 8 galaxies tha makes no sense
Ahmed A
Ahmed A 4 days ago
shawn spencer would have been awsome here
Lbot beenthere
Lbot beenthere 5 days ago
I find it very hard to believe that they weren't all moles also modern day spells require fridges
Gilgamesh 5 days ago
Yo these guys are scary as hell. I am cool with psychic who are fooling people for their money but it seems like they actually believe they have abilities. Delusion is strong.
Aruesx 5 days ago
Plot Twist: They are all really psychics but conspired to make themselves look like fools so it would throw off everyone into believing they aren't psychics Or they're all the mole idk
Look at flight Man
These mfs said they’ve been to every galaxy that’s worse than being a flat earther
Liam W
Liam W 5 days ago
They all should just vote for themselves. They would catch the moles then
Liam W
Liam W 5 days ago
Trick is, none of them are psychic because that’s not a thing.
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam 5 days ago
They're all liars lol
strxbrrybxn 5 days ago
Is it just me or does Dylan sound like Nikocado
Psychics and Mediums are indeed legit and actual practices done but these people... Uhhhhhh yeah, I agree with everyone here in the comments.
MBKKT 90 5 days ago
Psychics and Mediums are legit? Why would you say that?
Anmol Bhardwaj
Anmol Bhardwaj 6 days ago
Is there a thing like REAL PSYCHIC
Adam Mathis
Adam Mathis 6 days ago
more like can 6 tumors find one intellect
BloodyAriadne 7 days ago
Did anyone else guess correctly? It was easy, right? It shows that these so-called psychics are all frauds. If they were any good they would have had better deduction skills. Yet, all they focused on was showing off their knowledge and their persona. Embarrassing...
cassi farcas
cassi farcas 7 days ago
Who is not a psychic? Answer: all of them. They're all decievers, but one of them just for the span of this game.
Billy Bushnell
Billy Bushnell 7 days ago
Aren't they all fakes?
Random Comment
Random Comment 7 days ago
ITS DRACULA MAN! (you need to know what I’m talking about) 😂
lemonadeisbest 7 days ago
Suit man out here looking like Mumbo Jumbo in hermitcraft.
Kaiser 7 days ago
Congratulations you played yourselves
Rappid 8 days ago
whoever believes this crap is crazy! how do they live with themselves,if they know they're not psychic! lol
Pac man
Pac man 8 days ago
How ironic can it get?
Dinah LUNDY 8 days ago
btw, i just called (888) 815-1999 they give you a free love reading. I met an empath who i really connected with
stackered 8 days ago
"One is a liar" Oh dear.
Amer barznjy
Amer barznjy 8 days ago
Danielle is like me (I am a girl btw) Can we be friends Danielle ?
Veronika Kancheva
while watching this I felt like I was at a Sims party
Myrah 9 days ago
How are they even Psychics if they couldn't recognize the mole???
hannah maple
hannah maple 9 days ago
Am I the only one who knew it was her the whole time?!!?!
Yelena Lightfoot
Yelena Lightfoot 9 days ago
The “light worker” with “pure intent” seemed like the opposite type of person...like she’d bully me in middle school
Jonathan Cartledge
7:31 "I did Divination Before i came down here" Just because you played Runescape and did Divination does not mean it will help you with your Psychic Powers
Roadtoglory 9 days ago
This time everyone was the mole.
Gizem Dinler
Gizem Dinler 9 days ago
this was like watching a vampire diaries episode
camilla sellouk
camilla sellouk 9 days ago
Richard looks like Dracula...
Temi's Topic
Temi's Topic 10 days ago
I thought they said sidekick
Carter Toro
Carter Toro 10 days ago
I stan Richard lael honestly
Thank you for being a friend
I do too 😭
Jesse Lavezzari
Jesse Lavezzari 10 days ago
Jubilee should do an odd man out episode on Gypsies!
Vry R
Vry R 10 days ago
Bean _2003
Bean _2003 10 days ago
you could say these are the witch trials
Monkai _Mini77
Monkai _Mini77 10 days ago
Carla's @ anyone....
Monkai _Mini77
Monkai _Mini77 10 days ago
@MBKKT 90 yup found out earlier thanks
MBKKT 90 10 days ago
Check vid description
haramboi77 10 days ago
They are all not psychics but ok
Kathryn Bick
Kathryn Bick 11 days ago
ONE is a liar lmao
sensai mikeyb
sensai mikeyb 11 days ago
asian girl is thciccc
Jovis 11 days ago
I have a free tarot card reading advert beneath this video
Brooke Simons
Brooke Simons 11 days ago
This many people respectfully don’t think psychics are real | | V
Gobsnachaz 11 days ago
"Real psychic" is an oxymoron.
Jillian Prado
Jillian Prado 11 days ago
Shantel is just bad vibes
Connor Percy
Connor Percy 11 days ago
when psychics can’t figure out who is lying
Connor Percy
Connor Percy 11 days ago
these people are so weird
Connor Percy
Connor Percy 11 days ago
i knew who it was right off the bat
Cristian B. Tabor
Cristian B. Tabor 12 days ago
"I am a sidekick"
Tears 12 days ago
A Psychic ones said "We have vampire on stage"
Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf 12 days ago
Spoiler alert, none of them are psychics.
Purvi Patil
Purvi Patil 12 days ago
It's the satanist guy again. Rich.
HITMAN 12 days ago
psychic are fraudster .
Brooklyn’s World
Brooklyn’s World 12 days ago
Richard be looking like the monopoly man tho...
w8m8. 13 days ago
Carla is so sexy
Radiyha Khatun
Radiyha Khatun 13 days ago
Psychic isn't really about 'reading people's minds'. It's more to do with Psychological theories.
A Brick
A Brick 13 days ago
Me: at least theres one sane person The mole: I'm not a psychic because I dont have the ability to connect to a higher consciousness because I know theres a lot of healing I need to do first. Me: nope they're all delusional
am noonan
am noonan 13 days ago
The only good thing to come out of this video is the guy illuminating the racial undertones and history of why people refer to it as "black" and "white" magic
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