Can 5G radiation make you sick? What we found.

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Can 5G radiation actually make you sick, harm your health, or even kill you? Is 5G dangerous? Is 5G safe? Some interesting reports have emerged - we're here to deep dive 5G connections and wavelengths, and its potential effects (or lack of effects) on your body. 5G is rolling out to smartphone users across the world offering unprecedented speeds and connectivity but there are some concerns it could have adverse effects on our health. So what does the evidence say? Will 5G make us sick -- or is it a conspiracy theory that’s getting out of hand? CNET Science Editor Jackson Ryan takes a look at the current evidence.
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 80
CNET 9 months ago
5G still has a LONG way to go before it hits the public, and not all the research is out yet. Still, we'd love to hear what you think! Tinfoil hat theories and all ;)
Sarah Bennett
Sarah Bennett 4 days ago
Richie It’s dangerous at very close proximity to the actual antenna, but safe even just a metre away as the radiation levels drop considerably.
johnnyduck311 8 days ago
you still did not get to the point - i can say a bullet does not kill any on but when put in a gun and people pull the trigger ( but everyone shifting all day everyday ) now that causes problems - TALK ABOUT THE OTHER FACTORS with 5 G OF Course a bullet sitting there does not harm people
Lucky Phrase
Lucky Phrase 11 days ago
The towers and starlink project have been heavily rolled out during the cov. pan. Both are basically saying the same thing. Started they're rollouts in different areas of the globe. But they both hold the possibility of surveil. at a ridiculously precise level. It seems obvious that the two combined... you would be able to make a holographic simulation. zoom in and out, It would probably look like maps all the way to street view, but with a texture thats more like radar, all in real time. The govs will be abusing it more when everything is in place but until then... they've already convinced most of the population that those tracking apps are good... its a violation of article 12 is what it is
J Gon
J Gon 2 months ago
I call BS on this because my buddy works for Big cable company as a tech and are constantly being told that 5g is very dangerous. So who should I believe you CNET or big cable company that works on these towers.
shithead 2 months ago
@Deja Jenae Not real 5G
LoganAstraios 16 hours ago
To put things into some perspective: The last time the FCC updated its human exposure wireless radiation safety guidelines (1996), back when cellphones were bricks Now over 10000+ studies showing harm from radiofrequency radiation emitted by all wireless devices (smartphones, cell towers, WiFi routers, Bluetooth devices etc...)
LoganAstraios 16 hours ago
>unironically saying the sun is more dangerous than the radiation emissions from wireless telecoms These are clearly paid shills. There has been absolutely no testing that proves 5G is safe and the fact is that all wireless networks emit harmful radiation and cause damage to the ecosystem. Birds, mice, rats, bees and butterflies are dying, and 5G rollouts have been initiated in the midst of the alleged "pandemic" without anyone's consent or knowledge. Is the prospect of "faster downloads" really worth the health of every organism on the planet?
Destiny Diana
Destiny Diana 18 hours ago
You sound like a bot
Moth 20 hours ago
Nowadays be careful what you say. And I'm calling misinformation on this. We're moving forward in tech not backwards, I believe yesterdays tech is more harmful than todays. Billionaires would suffer this as well, if they appear to be so public as society currently dictates.
PudymeoW 21 hour ago
welcome 5G goodbye world!!
Maria Repolust
RUvid is censoring enough videos lately ... only pro 5G in here lol
jasamine herrera
jasamine herrera 2 days ago
hhris C
hhris C 2 days ago
He's been compromised
the truth
the truth 2 days ago
5G equals death. Cancer is a minor outcome. The frequency of the carrier signal is too high, fact.
john dala
john dala 2 days ago
were are your studies of cause and effect from 5g? dont read out industry funded scientific research with no peer reviewed data , why have you not contacted independent research with peer reviewed data some of the worlds top scientists in this field have shown clear evidence of harm to humans from 5g
sappysissy7 2 days ago
Not mind control but where your at, physical location
sappysissy7 2 days ago
With your own study not research
estella miller
estella miller 2 days ago
Vote for wave free zones
Ting Ting
Ting Ting 3 days ago
JEN'S DEN 3 days ago
what a lie a dr did actual tests and it gets through
51vvince 4 days ago
i seem to remember similar programs telling that there was NO DANGER TO SMOKING and that it WAS HEALTHY FOR YOU just type BARRIE TROWER into youtube
B May
B May 2 days ago
Dr Barrie Trower very nicely explained mickrowaves, bur few people saw it. Please, everyone, spread the word.
Donna Brown
Donna Brown 4 days ago
I hear it's killing trees and bees
Donna Brown
Donna Brown 4 days ago
Have a friend who has a 5G phone and they hate it already
A man is no one.
A man is no one. 4 days ago
This is where the dumb begins!
gypsymanjeff 21
gypsymanjeff 21 4 days ago
It doesn't take a scientist to figure 5G out ..come on folks ..should be able to spot the bad apples by now ..and 5G is a top 1.oh don't 4get they've been dropping nano metals via chem trails for ..hmm how long ..toss that in also folks.what happens to metal in a micro wave..they want the world to be one .and this is .population control let alone individual n crowd .
Kko Dalton
Kko Dalton 4 days ago
So your saying that it is filtered to only send safe frequencies. Or the only micro wave length is the only wave variable. Or that you got paid to do this from The phone company. Cause in my life 99 6 percent of people are or sell outs and for that .4 percent that won't sell out is God Jesus the spirit and me.
CoconutLover 4 days ago
Paul Kersey
Paul Kersey 5 days ago
Do not EVER trust your 'leaders' or the mainstream media. Both are saying 5g is safe. That's more than enough reason to question it. They are going to use this to control us in EVERY way. They are pure EVIL.
Mr Johno79
Mr Johno79 5 days ago
5g is only dangerous if you sniff it all at once. 😎
Cok van Gaalen
Cok van Gaalen 5 days ago
Cok van Gaalen
Cok van Gaalen 5 days ago
The Fullerton Informer
Cok van Gaalen
Cok van Gaalen 5 days ago
The Fullerton Informer second WAVE of Coronavirus ????
Bergler1 5 days ago
Who’s here because Coronavirus is actually weaponized 5G waves ? I wasn’t going to believe it until I saw CNET, an obvious government propaganda mouthpiece, downplaying it.
John Congdon
John Congdon 5 days ago
Another garbage science broadcast of completely ignoring scientific research on the biological effects of low energy exposures to electromagnetic fields such as penetration of the blood brain barrier allowing toxins to enter brain tissues, DNA damage to a number of different cell types as well as cancer.
Shawn Steadman
Shawn Steadman 5 days ago
Title of the video should have been... Is CNET funded by big tech...
Ahmad 5 days ago
5:54 Wow even that one smart kid in school taunts them.
X Gem
X Gem 5 days ago
CNET owned by Technicratic Dictatorship alumni VIACOM CBS. SUMMER REDSTONE. All tentacles lead to the same Global Octopus.
lol lol
lol lol 5 days ago
Obviously this is a video supported by those pushing the 5G agenda. What about that bridge that crashed due to frequencies and glasses that are shattered by frequencies.. exactly what frequencies are 5 g operating at and what frequencies affect the human tissues?
the mind control is obvious even in this video … peoples minds are being deeply affected.
WOA!!!!… what about different frequencies like 60 GHZ as opposes to sat 12 GHZ
steve mramba
steve mramba 6 days ago
paid shill, 5G is a weapon
Matt Pipp
Matt Pipp 7 days ago
can you strap a 5g phone to the side of your head streaming video for a week and let us know how you feel after? just kidding though, don't do that
robyn stevens
robyn stevens 7 days ago
Who paid this clown
Freedom 7 days ago
Lots of trees hedges and bushes scalded on one side here in ireland now.. 5g for sure.. What else ?
ForOdinAndAsgard 7 days ago
300 dead birds in Den Haag? Nah was never in the news here. Groeten uit Amsterdam.
Dean Almadin
Dean Almadin 7 days ago
Michael Mesler
Michael Mesler 7 days ago
They have not been significantly tested the testing with mice was done with frequencies less than 100 times what 5 g is
johnnyduck311 8 days ago
you still did not get to the point - i can say a bullet does not kill any on but when put in a gun and people pull the trigger ( but everyone shifting all day everyday ) now that causes problems - TALK ABOUT THE OTHER FACTORS with 5 G OF Course a bullet sitting there does not harm people
Phxmaell *
Phxmaell * 8 days ago
Another stupid conspiracy theory
VitaVeaCor Glove
VitaVeaCor Glove 8 days ago
Excuse me but if you or I wanted to sell a product like this on the market, we would have to prove that it is safe for human exposure over a period of at least 30 years. Mobile phones have barely been around that long...
Liliu iati
Liliu iati 8 days ago
Funny how there are very few videos that are anti 5g on RUvid. I am anti 5g!
Matt Pipp
Matt Pipp 7 days ago
see my playlist on 5g
Diamond Pool
Diamond Pool 8 days ago
Minute 2 lol , do lol believe sun gives cáncer? While radiación of phone is natural and healthy?😂😂
Walter Messines
Walter Messines 8 days ago
13K likes, 10K dislikes... When I was a little boy And the Devil would call my name I'd say "now who do ... Who do you think you're fooling?"
Gunjan kumar
Gunjan kumar 8 days ago
We don't need 5g though
Matt Pipp
Matt Pipp 7 days ago
or 4g, or chemicals in/on our food and water and medicines and air. and freemason satan worshiper government and so much more...
Dolores Burke
Dolores Burke 8 days ago
This guy is not informed, it starts that its dangerous right in the manual and in the legal states right in the phone itself. So why would this young man say hi just the opposite? How sad
Steve T. Wilson
Steve T. Wilson 8 days ago
What if I told that you were being bombarded at over 1,000X that 5G level in the TERA Hertz Range When you stand outside talking on you phone? That is actual Ionizing Radiation level. Would that alarm you? Well, it happens EVERY SUNNY DAY. It is called IR and UV-A and UV-B ;-)
xnasa2012 8 days ago
If we all have 5G will we have to talk faster just to keep up?
The Fallen One
The Fallen One 8 days ago
Buy a radiation reader and measure your LTE/home mobile network antenna or your phone next to it - pretty safe huh?😑
Dan Dutton
Dan Dutton 8 days ago
I worked in the telecommunications industry for 10 years. I can confidently let you know that the many hours of sun exposure you put yourself in every day is much more dangerous to your health than 5G. While there is a chance to be exposed to microwave radiation. The equipment is only dangerous up close. Which is why most (smart government regulated) towers are fenced off. If you REALLY think 5G is so bad for your health? You might want to also avoid coming close to a transformer. Utility companies also fence those off for obvious reasons. You get too close and your skin will fall off or you could get a lethal dose of electricity from a simple static discharge. It's up to the people you elect to protect you. If we didn't have government regulations. Private companies wouldn't have to abide by fencing off potentially dangerous equipment. As for 5G equipment. It's much like the above. When you see a technician working on said equipment. It's turned off. The stories you hear about technicians hurting themselves. Is because they weren't smart. So, take my word for it. If you're so afraid of 5G. You should probably stay inside. The sun is the actual boogeyman. 🤣
triky5384 8 days ago
3:49 did I just read that aloe vera causes cancer? 😳
Dan B
Dan B 9 days ago
Non ionizing to humans but what about wildlife?
Holly Smith
Holly Smith 9 days ago
Who paid him to say this info? I dont believe it. Why would the birds try to destroy the wires? Something ain't right.
Guildford Suxs
Guildford Suxs 8 days ago
Who are paying you to spam here?
Relax everyone there still NOT ionizing frequencies... Youll be fine
thomas omara
thomas omara 9 days ago
5g is a illegal amendment and was declined for domestic use by over 180 scientists its lethal! hence the current situation once the DNA is compromised any virus becomes a huge threat
John Kempf
John Kempf 9 days ago
This is clearly Disinformation
ForOdinAndAsgard 7 days ago
No it is not, what you believe is.
Jessie Lee
Jessie Lee 10 days ago
So nobody is falling for this but everyone is rolling down hill in an orgy about "catastrophic climate change". We are all walking right into the new world orders hands lock step.
geo land
geo land 10 days ago
Bull shet. 5G is corona.
Blue Winter
Blue Winter 10 days ago
5g makes insanity!
darren2900 10 days ago
The answer is “NO” I saved you 10 minutes
Fountain Maupin
Thanks homie
Dead Laughter
Dead Laughter 2 days ago
@MATTHEW OUIDIR and how is the government profiting by killing innocent people
Dead Laughter
Dead Laughter 2 days ago
@MATTHEW OUIDIR please give me the link to your sources
ISNC24B Music
ISNC24B Music 2 days ago
D Ka
D Ka 2 days ago
Search for interviews with dr Barrie Trower.
Kristofer Andre
Kristofer Andre 10 days ago
Maybe 4G isn't enough for FBI to view our videos on HD?
henrik kruse
henrik kruse 10 days ago
Again nobody mentions the Ultra sonic sound?
Lori Patterson
Lori Patterson 10 days ago
5G is what happened to the people in Wuhan. Then they ran with it and called it a virus. It essentially suffocates you.
Logan Wolv
Logan Wolv 10 days ago
Also to be more precise only UV-C is actually ionizing.UV-a and UV-b are both non ionizing.Hope that helps.
Richard Morro
Richard Morro 10 days ago
IAFF firefighters of america made a law saying these towers cant go on top of fire stations, only actual study i see on 5g
Richard Morro
Richard Morro 10 days ago
can we see this rescearch
GODMODE ON 11 days ago
This comment section is full of conspiracy theorists and peoppe spreading bs, can you just shut it down
tmvo2wotch 9 days ago
Are you in favor of censorship? Because if you are, you might find that your opinion on a topic can also be censored. Free speech is important, even if you don't agree with what someone says.
Vocea Populatiei
Vocea Populatiei 11 days ago
I never see a video with likes and dislikes at same point
Defau/t 11 days ago
Really the WHO cause this conspiracy, after they covered up the Covid 19 and ignored advice from Taiwan? Yeah I know where their credibility stands
derik jansen
derik jansen 11 days ago
Too much of anything is bad for you
Just Jules
Just Jules 11 days ago
I wonder why he didn't talk about the short term and long term effects? What exactly studies showed regarding this? Significance of 60Ghz wasn't covered either.
Ye Ye
Ye Ye 7 days ago
60Ghz is such a low frequency compared to visible light so be quiet
Philip K
Philip K 11 days ago
Pssst... don’t tell anyone that a phone’s display emits radiation in the range 400-800 THz (1 THz = 1000 GHz) in the form of visible light, and also in the range of 300 GHz and up in the form of infrared radiation.
KSIOlajidebtHD V2
KSIOlajidebtHD V2 11 days ago
4:08 weed
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