Can 100% renewable energy power the world? - Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei

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Every year, the world uses 35 billion barrels of oil. This massive scale of fossil fuel dependence pollutes the earth, and it won’t last forever. On the other hand, we have abundant sun, water and wind, which are all renewable energy sources. So why don’t we exchange our fossil fuel dependence for an existence based only on renewables? Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei describe the challenges.
Lesson by Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei, directed by Giulia Martinelli.
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Dec 7, 2017




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TED-Ed Year ago
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James Haywood
James Haywood 3 months ago
Why no mention of thorium reactors? Abundant fuel, high power, extremely low risk, no pollution, cheap... The list goes on.
Yan Ming Zhou
Yan Ming Zhou 6 months ago
Real question is-Can an influential civil engineering firm leader change the politics?
Lit_Coal 6 months ago
The greed of man shall be it's very destruction
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur 5 days ago
Yes, and also the Earth is not a spinning globe.
Константин Дьяченко
Use optical fiber cables to transport solar energy.
Carrie Tuttle
Carrie Tuttle 8 days ago
oh oh oh oreilly... auto parts AWH
Jose Anibal Sotto
Don' t talk about atomic energy, why?
Gordon Shumway
Gordon Shumway 13 days ago
We are not running out of oil in 40 years....this fearmongering is old and tiring. We are not running out of coal in 100 years most estimates of known global coal supplies to last into the many thousands of years. Natural gas is ever growing abundant. Many believe oil is ambiotic and renews itself in time. It has been found that many once used and dried out, shut down oil wells years later were again able to pump crude oil from the ground. Nice propaganda video for wind and solar though.
Ken Van de Burgt
Ken Van de Burgt 18 days ago
you left out reliable and cheap .. you forgot to mention the land investment ... aka habitat destruction. What you need is solar satellites and a way to transport the energy to earth. In space its raining soup and you don't have a bowl.
Aaron Gabriel German
Cant we just prestige the whole world UwU...?
Luca Fontana
Luca Fontana 20 days ago
4th gen nuclear, all the rest is marketing and dreams
Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger 26 days ago
So many lies!!! Coal can power us for 500 more years. And no way are we out of oil in 50 years.
Hector Ibarra De La Rosa
this video is realy good im sorry about the other coment
Hector Ibarra De La Rosa
this viideo sucks i dont like it
Jimin Bang
Jimin Bang 29 days ago
we have the 4 elements. air/wind, water, sun, and land. so, we need another element!
why not a lot of interconnected microgrids so you could just share energy between the micro grids through a larger more steady grid.
đeri662 25 days ago
That's kind of what we have today.
Super HumanTV
Super HumanTV Month ago
Why dont we just send s Huge solar panels out to space like a satellite and just collect the energy since itll be collecting 24/7 this will all so be possible forming a contract with private rocket companies like SpaceX. Current rocket launch is 14million - 50 million
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Month ago
For renewables download PDF from www.roadmaptonowhere.com
Thirumaran Thirumaran
Renewable energy @t
Jc Ezt
Jc Ezt Month ago
Can you give me an ideas to invent something new for sustainable development
Ines Cyntia
Ines Cyntia Month ago
Thank u ted ed❤
Daniel Wuillemin
renewable adjective re·​new·​able | \ ri-ˈnü-ə-bəl , -ˈnyü-\ Definition of renewable 1 : capable of being renewed renewable contracts 2 : capable of being replaced by natural ecological cycles or sound management practices renewable resources Where is you plan to replenish the sun??
ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਟੀਵੀ
Simple.. oil and gas companies will run out of hard cash
Ryan VanGelder
Ryan VanGelder Month ago
Where's Graphene at??
Christopher Warner
Christopher Warner 2 months ago
Gravity Powered Generator is a very good solution as a renewable energy source. Way superior to solar and wind for many reasons.
Alistair Milner
Alistair Milner 2 months ago
I studied at university for years and years and years until i came up with my light bulb moment and that is cycle to work and turn the lights of when you leave the office, I think its still at the development stage but am hoping it will take off one day.
Prometheus Rising
Prometheus Rising 2 months ago
Nuclear is the safest and cleanest.
Prometheus Rising
Prometheus Rising 2 months ago
Peak oil has been debunked. Renewable is not reliable.
ashina clan
ashina clan 2 months ago
"What if WE...blablabla" There is no "we" , nobody gives a **** egoism,greed and power is the only motivation on this planet
عبدالرحمن حميد
This is the truth. The owner of the video didn't talk about the governments and Greedy businessmen .. "Who is willing to pay double for less energy?" -Big businessmen principle.
許進曾 2 months ago
Or just try and build a fusion reactor.
AP Mapping
AP Mapping 2 months ago
4:42 use graphene today, its lightweight, efficient, and more!
Rebel Rebel
Rebel Rebel 2 months ago
Ken Konard
Ken Konard 2 months ago
What ‘renewable’ fuels do the global change enthusiasts intend to use for airplane fuels? It sounds like they want the US to not fly anymore while our enemies can fly nuclear bombers?
NightcoreSlayer47 2 months ago
Too complex and not needed.
Matthew Coy
Matthew Coy 2 months ago
You see how they didn't mention nuclear?
Rebel Rebel
Rebel Rebel 2 months ago
they also repeat the lie that fossil fuels are "running out" as if they werent actually renewing themselves. But i'm all for nuclear...
Matteo Piccioni
Matteo Piccioni 2 months ago
100% renewable?! Pure bullshits,they too much rely on variables situations..we need a source that can be turned off and on when we want based on OUR requests,not on natural variabilities..so nuclear(fission and fusion), geothermal,water,oil are good choice ... solar and wind power should be only a contour
đeri662 2 months ago
Note that geothermal and hydro are renewable sources. Oil is rarely used for electricity production. I agree with the rest, nuclear will be necessary if we want to have carbon-free electricity.
Ian Macdonald
Ian Macdonald 2 months ago
Here we have a classic piece of crafty wind-and-solar promotional material. "13% of world energy is provided by renewables, therefore a transition to renewables is perfectly feasible." The figure of 13% is a bit optimistic but it's in the ballpark. That's NOT what WIND and SOLAR provide, though! "Sun and wind contain masses of energy. Therefore we must spend more on wind TURBINES and solar PANELS to complete this transition." -This is termed a non sequitur argument. It sounds as if it might be a logical conclusion, but when you have the full facts, you see it is not. The bulk of the renewable energy we use comes from hydro or biomass. Wind turbines and solar panels together provide ONE PERCENT of world energy. NOT, 13%. Wind and sun might contain lots of energy, but the efficiency of these devices in collecting it is poor. What's more they have been under development for decades, and there doesn't seem to be any likelihood of the efficiency being increased significantly. Windmills are actually a thousands-of-years-old concept, and were abandoned when better energy sources were found. If they could have been made to work reliably and efficiently, they would have been. By far the greatest share of the $250 billion or more world renewables development money goes to wind and solar. This has been the case for over a decade. Yet, we still have next to nothing in real terms to show for it. Hydro and biomass provide massively greater returns in spite of having only a fraction of the financial backing. Even nuclear, despite its high costs, provides a better return simply because it is reliable. Can we transition to renewables? Maybe. Can we do it by pouring money into the pockets of wind turbine and solar farm speculators? NOPE. That way leads only to ruin. It's time the various Green groups wised-up to this. Figures from OurWorldInData.
đeri662 2 months ago
The problem I see is the media and organisations like Greenpeace feeding us with this utopic idea about wind and solar power. It sounds great for non-technically educated people. I also hate it when random people talk about it, thinking they know everything and could "save the World". Wind and solar have an even bigger problem than low energy density, that is intermittency. If we want to have most of our electricity produced by wind and solar, there will be unimaginable costs associated with energy storage and backup power plants. Hydroelectricity can produce a lot of power, the problem is that in places like the USA or Europe, there are not a lot of feasible places for hydroelectric power plants left. We took advantage of the majority of economically feasible hydroelectric potential there. Biomass has some potential but it will not be nearly enough for the electricity consumption, which will rise year by year, especially if EVs become more popular and more people start to use heat pumps for heating. I think the solution, at least for this century, could be nuclear. It can be very cheap ($40/MWh in my country, a new reactor is planned at $29/MWh). It can also produce a lot of clean, carbon-free power and it can follow loads very fast, making power grids stable and supply reliable. About the money that goes into wind and solar industry. I've seen a research done by Environmental Progress which showed that Germany (European leader in wind and solar implementations) could by 2025 have 100 % carbon-free electricity production, all personal vehicles could be electric and they would still have around 100 TWh for export if they redirected the money flow from wind, solar and energy storage projects to nuclear projects.
Mohamed EL Mghaimimi
Solar in MOROCCO ruvid.net/video/video-wKy2aKUbhiw.html
Luke Kettlewell
Luke Kettlewell 2 months ago
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TheGandorX 2 months ago
Abundant sun and wind? Think again, these sources are totally variable.
888TopGear888 3 months ago
Oh i didnt know oil rigs were cheap and renewable sources were expensive
O nacionalismo vive!
Eu já vi muitos videos e percebi que esse canal e meio globalista
BURHAN MAKDA 3 months ago
Steve Nikitas
Steve Nikitas 3 months ago
The world has an infinite supply of coal, oil, natural gas and uranium. Don't believe the scare stories. The greenies said in the 1970s that we would run out of oil by 1990. Yet we have more oil reserves than ever, and it is becoming easier and easier to find.
htaz123456789 3 months ago
Future Environmental Engineer
jieqiang luo
jieqiang luo 3 months ago
How about we take advantage of global warming for hydroelectric.
Raptor D.O
Raptor D.O 3 months ago
E.L.Dorado 3 months ago
Current green technology is worse than fossil fuels.
dragoola69x 3 months ago
The answer is not as complicated as you make it sound leave out the politics ONE AND TWO we have the technology already we just have to put it together in the right format
what happens if you used energy on money printing and then you the money to buy more solar panels so that we get more and more energy until we've made a Dyson Sphere
JK Clean energy man
JK Clean energy man 4 months ago
I have some clean energy ideas that are not wind, solar or hydro. And I even have some ideas how to pay for the research and development myself. Anyone want to hear more, let me know. Have the best day of your life every day.
Enrique Herrera
Enrique Herrera 4 months ago
Shouldn’t we consider nuclear fusion as a renewable energy as well? You only need a ridiculous amount of Lithium to make it happen if we develop that technology as well
Ratkill9000 4 months ago
Let the actual demand take control of what we use, not politics. When the government gets involved, things fail hard. We should look at better nuclear technologies for power, such as thorium reactors and molten salt reactors.
Cristina Oliva
Cristina Oliva 4 months ago
Great TED-ed! I want to be a contributor to help climate change, It's a good way to invest in low cost in renewables, so I already applied to get a discount: www.indiegogo.com/projects/ebord-your-smart-life-table/coming_soon/x/19733387 Has somebody know about this product? Some references? Thank you
Vincent Robinette
Vincent Robinette 4 months ago
For vehicles, even aircraft, the storage density of batteries only needs to be about 40 percent of the energy density of oil. That's because of the dismal efficiency of combustion engines of any kind, compared to electric motors. Engines are only about 25% efficient, Electric motors can exceed 80%, even including the electronic controller. Of the 36 kilowatt hours available in a gallon of gas, you're lucky to get even 12 kilowatts hours, measured at the flywheel. That makes it seem like a more achievable goal.
Somnath Pal
Somnath Pal 4 months ago
For the production of components of windmill, solar panels; we use furnaces which uses coal. I think at the end, we will not be able to cut off our reliance on coal, even if we produce enough from renewable energy. Also,increase in production of such components will result in increase in emissions. I think the pollution factor will be the same at the end unless a solution is found to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant 4 months ago
I’m addicted to ted-Ed who’s with me?
Reuben Gibson
Reuben Gibson 4 months ago
Alice Wong
Alice Wong 4 months ago
If he get Fusion power we will be like God
Alice Wong
Alice Wong 4 months ago
What about fusion?
Vish Ram
Vish Ram 4 months ago
Nice Video, Here is 1 Concept which helps to achieve target, for any County to run Completely on Clean Energy in Very Less Time, Solves Solar Energy Both (LAND/FUNDs) Issue & Benefits All (Govt., Private Firms, Public) at Same Time🤔👇 Complete Details can be checked at ruvid.net/video/video-iQwhWgXmKQk.html OR lightenmyways.blogspot.com
MrDuckie228 4 months ago
You could store energy in ammonia instead of hydrogen. Ammonia requires less pressure and you can store more within tanks.
Pedro Severino Sousa...Visitando às Obras das Usinas Solar...Em COREMAS-PB.. ruvid.net/video/video-SCFIElgxoJA.html
Jonny P
Jonny P 5 months ago
What about a self supplying fuel cell with low resistsnance wires to make it as efficient as possible meaning that slowly after it finally runs out... all you have to do is refill water
Nate Farv
Nate Farv 5 months ago
But how are we going to make the wind mills and solar panels when we run out of fossil fuels? We can't make lipo batters without mining for the lithium. There has to be a better way.
Dallas Letersky
Dallas Letersky 5 months ago
Never gonna happen ruvid.net/video/video-V2KNqluP8M0.html
Petter Engersand
Petter Engersand 5 months ago
All we need is political will. The technology is good enough and will be better for every year. We have 3 major storage sollutions: 1. Water stored in high places. 2. Batteries. 3. Gravity storage. Together this is enough.
monoham1 5 months ago
this sounds like it was written by a child with the help of his conservative coal miner grandpa. its so wrong and simplistic and separated from statistics
Kathy Fausett
Kathy Fausett 5 months ago
Knuckleheads have been talking about peak oil for 50 years. We are now producing more oil in the U.S. than any other place on earth, including Saudi Arabia and Russia.
Black Swan
Black Swan 5 months ago
1 Yes it can. When large plastic film based solar panels are put in orbit trapping solar energy and transmitting it via microwaves to Earth receiving stations (AS PREDICTED BY ISAAC ASIMOV) but not before 2 Solar panels can SUPPLEMENT what is supplied by fossil fuel based utilities BY GEN electricity between 10 AM and 2 PM exactly when the demand peaks. India for example subsidizes solar panels and solar panel gen electricity or hot water but most of India lies between 5 deg N and 30 deg N latitude and has clear skies except during the monsoon .... so other nations may not be able to copy this
đeri662 5 months ago
1 It would solve all energy related problems having 24/7 solar energy. The questions are: can it be done on a large scale? How to make it safe? How much would it cost? etc. 2 Demand peak is in the evening, the demand is a lot lower in midday (when solar production peaks). Most of the countries subsidize solar panels, theres' only a difference of how much.
Dan Ruiz
Dan Ruiz 5 months ago
we ned to stop global warming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D'Brickashaw 5 months ago
what if I live in northern Canada ...where the sun never rises..and the wind is really weak
đeri662 5 months ago
Make use of hydro potential or build an HVDC line from the south.
David G
David G 5 months ago
I came across a NEW breakthrough energy solution that looks to be the holy-grail. It solves all these issues without any environmental impact. Worth looking into. The energy company is called H2IL with a stack of videos proving the technology.
Josh Zbuk
Josh Zbuk 5 months ago
very helpful ty
Nox 5 months ago
Solar Panels in the desert is not a bad idea if you ask me. Yes, it's too far from the cities with high electricity demands, but why don't we store the energy, in batteries? Just because it's too far away, doesn't mean we can't carry it somewhere else, like batteries, they have electricity stored within them. Large batteries would be very helpful for this, especially if we re-use the battery materials, like the thing that holds the electricity. It would be very helpful towards society to be able to use batteries, empty it, and come back for more. It wouldn't be too expensive to keep electricity in batteries and transporting them to other countries, the countries could stack up their own or someone from the power plant that has electric batteries are there already. This applies to hydropower and wind power, just because it's far away, doesn't mean you can't transport it. In short, charge a battery, take it somewhere, and discharge it for your own use. If someone has already thought of this, then welp, hahah. This is an idea by a 12-year-old, so opinions may vary, feel free to tell me the disadvantages of these anyways.
đeri662 5 months ago
The electricity price from this batteries would be higher because of the transport costs and the losses in the battery. It would be cheaper to just place the panels to the location where the consumption is, even with lower irradiation.
Edward Wu
Edward Wu 6 months ago
Does Fusion energy count as renewable? It's certainly clean, and I think it has good potential for the future
Rikkert077 16 days ago
Yea i mean if you have several of these fusion power plants and get more energy out of each of them then what is put into it. They could power each other couldn't they? It might be possible to use excess energy to create hydrogen as well which can hold much more energy per KG than a battery can and of course can be used to run our cars and maybe even planes in the future.
Sathvik Bhat
Sathvik Bhat 6 months ago
Good intention .....Keep going Ted ed
Rock Roads
Rock Roads 6 months ago
Biodiesel through algae
edd esperon
edd esperon 6 months ago
Now i can properly make our more informative😊❤
Rahul sharma
Rahul sharma 6 months ago
Why not try to live in a minimalist way and reduce your energy signature. 7 billion humans if do that right can significantly reduce pollution.
thekillerlinf2 6 months ago
Two words: nuclear fusion
David G
David G 6 months ago
Fully agree. I came across some videos of a new technology that sounds like it would solve all these problems and could be the holy grail of power and transportation energy supply. They have a long name but I remember them by the name H2IL They have some cool videos worth viewing.
Angelo Carlo Cabreros
why we cant move from non renewable to renewable energy? because of those business men 😑
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe 6 months ago
In 2016 while total world energy came from 80% fossil fuels, 10% biofuels, 5% nuclear and 5% renewable (hydro, wind, solar, geothermal), only 18% of that total world energy was in the form of electricity.
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe 6 months ago
Wind and solar contribute less than 2% of world energy. Most rivers are already dammed. Let's say those rivers are now destroyed. Growth in wind and solar hasn't even kept up with population growth.
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe 6 months ago
5%, not 13 %. Start by at least telling the truth.
mlal83 6 months ago
No is the simple answer
Magda Savin
Magda Savin 6 months ago
Many people don't know that nuclear power even if it is produced without releasing greenhouse gas emissions, it is still a fossil fuel energy source www.alternative-energies.net/is-nuclear-energy-renewable/ that produces hazardous nuclear waste as a by-product of the nuclear fission reaction. For the moment, we cannot rely only on renewable energy sources to power the world, we still need to use mostly fossil fuels to cover the demand for energy. Sadly, I see that many countries are trying today to build more nuclear power plants (for nuclear fission) instead of increasing the generation capacity for solar and wind,.
Sayyad Aadil
Sayyad Aadil 6 months ago
Addicted to Ted ed
Lit_Coal 6 months ago
Biofuel but you take the waste products to make more
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera 7 months ago
efficency is clever laziness
Татьяна 7 months ago
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The Beast345
The Beast345 7 months ago
The Beast345
The Beast345 7 months ago
I love ur channel
Archer 7 months ago
I work with superconducting power cables. The problem is not that the cable has to be cooled. The problem is the cost of superconducting materials and associated construction.
Psycho Lefty
Psycho Lefty 7 months ago
If u have tons of cheap solar, there is no reason u can manufacture hydrocarbons and then pull pollutants out of the air and recycle them.
Wattouat Blackshiney
3:17 "...lose 6%-8%" but for which distance?
armund16 7 months ago
ya, expensive. people will pay severely with rent almost as much as their 2 week pay check soon lol. 40 dollars for 1 cup of coffee in the future, people are always paying for governments every move. Loved the video though
Kenneth Reddy
Kenneth Reddy 7 months ago
lol why don't you put the solar panels in space?
TheMamspoker mamp
TheMamspoker mamp 7 months ago
This video starts out with several lies, sending viewers onto a false track. In 2016 total world energy came from 80% fossil fuels, 10% biofuels, 5% nuclear and 5% renewable (hydro, wind, solar, geothermal). Renewables are nowhere close to 12%, as the video states. Second, the authors suggest that we will run out of fossil fuels in 50-100 years. This is a static view that assumes we will stay stuck in our present modes of extraction, tapping the current known reserves. The truth is that humans will continue to develop more efficient ways to extract fossil fuel and bring it cheaply to the customer. In 1980, the reserves-to-production ratio suggested only 32 years of oil production from existing reserves. With technological advances, reserves that were previously deemed unviable to tap have kept coming on board. Studies now show that the total remaining recoverable oil resources will likely last 190 years, natural gas 230 years, and coal 2900 years.
Looun Lao Bottomsby
Looun Lao Bottomsby 7 months ago
Deep geothermal power plants, 'paid' for ('too expensive'!! ) by money-less commitments of military manpower and equipment resourced pro-rated provided by all countries of the world as 'one humankind association to stop emission of carbon dioxide'. It's coming, so let's start now; not when it is VERY VERY hard to stop. The thinking life form continues, in the milky way. Lets' show ourselves we're smart enough, and demand it of our governments and universities in programs, courses and mandates. WE CANNOT BURN FOSSIL FUELS. WELL KNOWN NOW, SO ALL COUNTRIES FORM UNDER ONE FEDERATION, AND MAKE IT ILLEGAL. (YES, 'GO FORTH AND PROSPER', IN A NON-EXTINCTION BASED FUTURE !!!!!!!!!!!
Steve Last
Steve Last 7 months ago
The glaring omission here, in my opinion is he lack of any reference to Biogas/ Anaerobic Digestion renewable energy. It is derived from biomass which is mentioned but when biomass is mentioned but not discussed as here it is assumed that combustion of biomass is what is meant. #anaerobicdigestion
Muhammad Umer Junaid (Class 2016)
Nuclear energy
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