Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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Camp Rock Animation
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Comments 100
Rebekah Bernal
Rebekah Bernal 9 hours ago
I was part of the target audience when this movie came out, but it always bored me. I wasn't into High School Musical either. Just too much singing and stuff. I was more into the fantasy genre movies Disney channel came out with (like Smart House).
Gunjan Prakash
Gunjan Prakash 10 hours ago
This is like camp rock in fifteen minutes
Alyssa Star
Alyssa Star 14 hours ago
4:49 I’m noticing a pattern too!!! -high school musical -camp rock -geek charming (Dylan and the other chick who’s name I can’t remember) -Starstruck (Jessica and Alexis)
Adam jamali
Adam jamali 22 hours ago
I loved camp rock when I was younger I still love the songs
Sara Kristiansen
Sara Kristiansen 23 hours ago
aaaaand the goes my childhood ...
Keii Sanchez
Keii Sanchez Day ago
camp rock is the shit. put respect on her name tyvm.
Keii Sanchez
Keii Sanchez Day ago
mitchie is allowed to participate in the final jam because brown said she couldn’t participate until THE END of the show so technically she didn’t perform in the final jam , she sang after it was over. & she doesn’t win because , like i said , she technically didn’t participate in the final jam. i said technically and participate a lot my bad
MrGoldenMan 7
Somebody BabyGirl
9:48 I can add on 5. These kids are freaky annoying 6. Tess is an a$$ 7. Some reason Shane acting like he’s Michael Jackson But u know life goes on
big _ oof
big _ oof 2 days ago
I watched camp rock last night and now it’s all over my recommended wtf?
Hello! JustAPassingBy Panda
Its a great movie, especially if you first watched it around the year 2008 or as a 10 - 14 yrs. old kid (and those kids already grew up and remembers it till today as something they enjoyed) but of course not enjoyable If you only watched it this year and who knows at what age. Anyways I like your video style.
Mocha Vibes
Mocha Vibes 3 days ago
Camp Rock was a special part of my childhood--- But now, it's just plain cringy.
burnt potato is shooked
demi: hi I'm mitchie joe: i'm shane 1 sec: guitar playing
Lucy Conway
Lucy Conway 3 days ago
Nick may be a bayby but did you see kevins hair
Soleil Sena
Soleil Sena 4 days ago
2:08 is like mah funny
Anonymous 4 days ago
It’s a really good movie and it makes sense. You just hate life
prince bee
prince bee 5 days ago
This movie is trash
Mariah Concengco
Mariah Concengco 5 days ago
I’m a drummer and if used my drum sticks on a bus I would get slapped or kicked to the ground😂
Classic Rock
Classic Rock 5 days ago
Is it just me or do Tess’s comebacks seem like a sad fifth grader wrote them
episode_iv 5 days ago
If no one agrees that camp rock 2 bangs so hard then i don’t know what’s wrong with this world, camp rock 2 does what camp rock didn’t, camp rock 2 is actually a musical, the songs are absolute bangers, the ending when you see them lose and the audio goes completely silent? Are you kidding, that’s clever for a Disney channel movie.... lol like yah nick jonas’ sub plot with that girl is stupid, she gets mad at his for no reason, and yes, it’s really sudden, when they sing song about how they can’t back down and then in the next scene it’s all sorted, everything except for that is amazing, like come on, it is :)
Desi x
Desi x 5 days ago
Only still love camp rock cause it introduced me to Demi 😂
Howl Pendragon
Howl Pendragon 5 days ago
Nothing ever makes sense to you Alex.
Kathy Ran
Kathy Ran 6 days ago
wOw tess thanks for the mean girls 2 war flash backs rUdE
mitali sen
mitali sen 6 days ago
You should really check out Victorious lol
Dee Rawrz
Dee Rawrz 6 days ago
Is it just me or did Demi just sound like she was screaming when she sang?
5:45 LMAO
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 6 days ago
I’ve never noticed how emo this movie really is
Sanae Hagino
Sanae Hagino 6 days ago
Camp Rock is literally me i went to a camp where my mom was the cook for years
Donny Annessa
Donny Annessa 6 days ago
mitchy doesnt technically compete in the final jam. she was allowed to perform because final jam was over
taeminty 지아
taeminty 지아 7 days ago
What ever major loser was EVERYWHERE after this movie. I thought I was so cool when I used it
Wolfie 7 days ago
ive never seen it
sanchi 7 days ago
Abbie Xxx
Abbie Xxx 8 days ago
Why do they have to wear a hat to hip hop dance😭
Kamila Cornejo
Kamila Cornejo 8 days ago
7:45 dam throwing them gang sighns
Benjamin Wellington
2:38 I'm that kid.
Cecilia Garcia
Cecilia Garcia 9 days ago
Mmm well... about the people dancing in random scenes... that happens in all Disney movies, even HSM. They're so cringy. Could they get something a little bit more original and better than the typical cliché. Even now, there are just a few that get saved🤦‍♀️😅
Nymid Artist
Nymid Artist 10 days ago
Woah Mitchie might be a wizard!!!! Her and Alex Russo have the same mom!!!!!
Ocean Sky Scream
Ocean Sky Scream 10 days ago
What ever major loser
Flo Hammyster
Flo Hammyster 10 days ago
But I wanted chocolate pudding ASMR......
ahhh 11 days ago
i'm not even going to watch this video. camp rock made PERFECT sense when i was 7 thank you very much have a good day
Su U.
Su U. 11 days ago
I feel like the teen movie production value was so bad back then, we just loved every teen move that got sent in our way. Also I watched this movie when I was really young so it has a very special place in my heart. Me and my cousins even remembered the characters lines and stuff, so that we could rehearse the movie when we weren’t watching it.
HiD NL 11 days ago
*i’M a sUcKEr fOr yOU*
aban ir
aban ir 12 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂👊bro u are awesome
emilie Contreras
emilie Contreras 12 days ago
omg is this real life HYEAAAA DUDE
Ryan 12 days ago
Your thumbnail should be more respectful i think
LolliChaan 12 days ago
I used to love this film when I was a kid, and then I completely forgot it existed. This video kept on being recommended to me, so I eventually gave in and watched it. And oh my God, the nostalgia hit me hard. It makes me laugh that I never realised how confusing and/or cringey the plot was, but, I *was* a little kid, so...
Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria 12 days ago
Are we just gonna ignore that sick backflip at 2:33
Santana Vanrooyen
Santana Vanrooyen 12 days ago
Do Lemonade Mouth
Effy P
Effy P 12 days ago
"Like a looser" 😂
Hamza X
Hamza X 12 days ago
Ohh yhea joe jonas was something sometimes before .
Hamza X
Hamza X 12 days ago
Ohh yhea joe jonas was something sometimes before .
Cupcake plush productions
“So they can all fart together”-Alex Myers 2019
Bob Boby
Bob Boby 13 days ago
I hate you I love camp rock ahhhhhhh no I'm kidding I didn't even know this movie before this video
ANDINGopinions 13 days ago
I cant breeeeathe at how awkward Disney used to be sometimes !!! This movie is soooo criiinge lmaooo
Sana Chiha
Sana Chiha 15 days ago
I hate you for doing this 😂😂😂😂😂
Ashtyn Diann
Ashtyn Diann 16 days ago
i feel like disney movies r only good when u watch them as like a pre-teen lol
Molly Rose Patterson
Oh dude I love ❤️ your channel your so fricking hilarious 😆 keep up the great work
Gummy fox Girl
Gummy fox Girl 17 days ago
Star McNeal
Star McNeal 17 days ago
Do the Descendants!!!!!
Juli R
Juli R 17 days ago
The breakfast comment is on point
Wim Xavier
Wim Xavier 18 days ago
5:40 had me dead
Myah Joseph
Myah Joseph 19 days ago
Jump in or Twitches
Febreze 20 days ago
Poor parents not able to fund the Camp Rock trip at first The Origin Of The Adpocolipse
I loved this movie as a kid, but this is absolutely hilarious XD
Ashleigh A
Ashleigh A 21 day ago
THANK YOU FOR POINTING OUT THE BREAKFAST THING! You speak to me, I always noticed this. I would KILL for my Mum or Dad to make me all that food these movie kids get. I was lucky to have Weetbix and toast. :((((((( I want some move magic waffles and ice-cream.
Kaspar Weber
Kaspar Weber 23 days ago
9:42 BEST SCENE ;)
Meagan Rae
Meagan Rae 23 days ago
My only regret is not finding your channel sooner, going to binge watch your videos now! 😂😉
Chandra Wagner
Chandra Wagner 23 days ago
I totally get what you're saying but, this is me is a bop!
Karl Enow
Karl Enow 24 days ago
Karl Enow
Karl Enow 24 days ago
Abdoul La meme
Abdoul La meme 24 days ago
7:19 Captions on RUvid are hilariously bad but truthful!
Friday's With Olani
I'm only 12 but I'm throwback Disney obsessed. I really wish people still dressed like this and music was still like this, INSPIRATIONAL AND NOT ABOUT HAVING GOLD TEETH
loradreamer12 21 day ago
Ok I know you're very young, but the 2000's was pretty much all about rapping about gold teeth and clubbing. I felt the same way when I was younger and the only way I could break off of mainstream music was searching indie artists and then figuring out what kind of music I liked from there. I just want younger girls to have some better advice than I did growing up :) especially a younger black girl
Lost 25 days ago
I’d rather have a cook as a mother instead of an emotionally and physically unavailable mother like Tess has.
Luna Tree
Luna Tree 25 days ago
My math teacher has a camp rock poster in his room... Is that really weird
James Quinn
James Quinn 26 days ago
What Ever Major Loser. Only an adult would make up something that stupid for kid to say in a TV movie.
lucy MCINTOSH 26 days ago
He should do the next step from ABCme.
Kylie Hayden
Kylie Hayden 26 days ago
Plz do spy kids
CatMoca 26 days ago
I'm pretty sure that the whole food thing is because some of the food is prop food and inedible.
Jeremy Fickle
Jeremy Fickle 26 days ago
Are we not gonna talk about the fact that the story is literally Cinderella?
thomasennaa 27 days ago
Well I gotta say camp rock 100% better than the 2nd camprock movie. I saw both at the cinema and think the 2nd one was boring with no real storyline and had one good song.
Arissa Purilawanti
Arissa Purilawanti 27 days ago
am i the only one wh laughed my ass off during that "i quit" after WEML
Brianna Sanderlin
Brianna Sanderlin 27 days ago
5:46 takes me out every single time 🤣
vincent van cock
vincent van cock 27 days ago
"who's the little baby jonas over here" lmaoooooo
vincent van cock
vincent van cock 27 days ago
get a load off this edgelord
johana staffa
johana staffa 27 days ago
I am not here because camp rock.I am here because of DEMI!❤MY BABYYYYY
Curie Patoorie
Curie Patoorie 27 days ago
You are so funny. I have found my soul mate. marry me . hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaa
Nawee BB
Nawee BB 28 days ago
Camp rock is corney is fuck
Nawee BB
Nawee BB 28 days ago
Camp rock looks pretty new
Sayat Melakou
Sayat Melakou 28 days ago
That is sooooo true. I HATE when they don't eat their food! I'm stuck here eating spaghetti EVERYDAY!
Amirah Morris
Amirah Morris 28 days ago
Or Shane Dawson dun dun dun!!!
Jillian Kusar
Jillian Kusar 28 days ago
My summer camp last year: The head of the camp- IS ANYONE READY TO WATCH AN OSCAR NOMINATED MOVIE MUSICAL!!!!!! Me *in my head*- All right! We’re watching ‘Chicago’!! *Camp Rock turns on* Me- Ditches and goes to the woods with my friends and collect sticks.
tahar agrane
tahar agrane 28 days ago
your video doesnt make sense not camp rock!! and as mitchie said youre just being a jerk
çøøkįėthįėf kåtïė101
Do girl meets world
The Exponent
The Exponent 29 days ago
Alex your a beast
Velvet Thunder
Velvet Thunder 29 days ago
We want a camp rock 3 😁
retroxmsp 29 days ago
11:41 i had this movie and it was basically the rip off of camp rock
Live Louder
Live Louder 29 days ago
I hated that movie when it first came out. I just kept screaming "WHO CARES!! MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE GIRL WHO CAN GET YOU FREE FOOD!!!"
Nina Kim
Nina Kim Month ago
Sorry but for me high school musical was so fake comparing to camp rock...
Anuprita Kulaye
Anuprita Kulaye Month ago
So they can all just fart together 😂
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