Camila Cabello on ROMANCE and Shawn Mendes | Full Interview

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ET's Katie Krause sits down with Camila Cabello, where she dishes on her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, and her new album, 'Romance,' out now.
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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 404
rxsyᎲherrxn 6 days ago
♥︎we stan camila♥︎
R.U TV 11 days ago
Wow iam so happy that BTS message reached to Camila : you should love yourself before loving someone else
R.U TV 11 days ago
Wow iam so happy that BTS message reached to Camila : you should love yourself before loving someone else
Sylvia Regino
Sylvia Regino 11 days ago
I hope they last a life time such a beautiful love story of two beautiful people 🙏🏼❤️
Carla Ventura
Carla Ventura 17 days ago
Is so cute that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Were Friends First before Dating Always start off as friends a relationship
Alexander Helms
Alexander Helms 18 days ago
Hallo Love Camila Cabello I m have Termine music Studio Januar 17. 2020 l m doing are than Doppel Album in Love Jimi the Rat
Galicias Gone
Galicias Gone 18 days ago
another good girl who lost all class and pudor. ugh
Jordyn Boulet
Jordyn Boulet 17 days ago
Galicias Gone that’s rude
T m
T m 19 days ago
She is so open like why is not every celebrity like her
alia ehsan
alia ehsan 12 days ago
T m Selena is but Justin wasn’t
Aji Priambodo
Aji Priambodo 20 days ago
She's not co-wrote, she's WROTE! Gosh, sorry, but u wrong here. I should mention that
I AM 20 days ago
Love u Cami and Shawn always be together.
Ahmed Moharem
Ahmed Moharem 22 days ago
WAIT IS SHE Pregnant
Ana Paula Resende
Ana Paula Resende 18 days ago
What? No. Why?
Emma Dean
Emma Dean 24 days ago
you and shawn make a cute couple
Zela Vocals
Zela Vocals 25 days ago
Did she fart at 0.36 ???
biggestfangirl ofshawn
Someone needs to ask shawn and Camila what has been the most romantic thing you have done for each other and what do they think the other person has done that was romantic
June Towers
June Towers 28 days ago
Girl, I know how you feel cause “Used To This” is my favourite off the album too.
Shanda Official
Shanda Official 28 days ago
She seems uncomfortable.
puppy lover
puppy lover Month ago
I bet Shawn Mendes girl fans are jealous lol
AGO Month ago
kookie feels
kookie feels Month ago
Pinkie Pink
Pinkie Pink 19 days ago
No shit, Sherlock
I mean Jazzz
I mean Jazzz Month ago
No nobody looks like shawn....nobody looks like magic My heart is Melting and i feel so single now❤️❤️❤️
mybluejay Month ago
Who the eff cares who she's dating as long as she is producing music
Hestia Demeter
Hestia Demeter Month ago
Two disgusting racists together, what a surprise!
Osezua Olear
Osezua Olear Month ago
Hey look its that racist chick talking about her slightly less racist boyfriend :)
Juan Camarillo
Juan Camarillo Month ago
I might go to the tour 😍🥰😍🥰😍
Malone Buero
Malone Buero Month ago
omg love you camellia and love your new album your my favorite singer
Adaji Victoria
Adaji Victoria Month ago
When I watch senorita's vid, people's comments were like they are fake not real or Camila is forcing herself on Shawn but now it's isn't fake but real I mean an open clarification and I hope they stay together forever ❤❤
Daniel R
Daniel R Month ago
She should realize a song named "You Know"
Gloria Month ago
Or "like" and "I mean"
Sarah M
Sarah M Month ago
WHAT is she wearing?? that's beautiful
Shawna Long
Shawna Long Month ago
HUGE Shamila fan supporter and just love to see their love for one another. Its so SWEET yet so da** PASSIONATE
Shawna Long
Shawna Long Month ago
Can i just say...LOOK AT THE PASSION BETWEEN Shawn and Camila! What? Who wouldnt want what they have together. For them to capture that and share with fans is just such a privilege. BOTH AMAZING ARTISTS!
TestaRudos Month ago
In the video miniature her hairdo looks like Charo’s!
davina m
davina m Month ago
this shows that their relationship is fake... she cant be certain about anything
Vanshika Month ago
Please checkout my living proof cover
Khanak Bajpai
Khanak Bajpai Month ago
*i can't confirm or deny ... but basically i confirm *😂😂😂
Joe Escobar
Joe Escobar Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-isqVNnDY8Tw.html living Proof a tribute to...
Hermione Granger
They are perfect for each other💞
Jamie Chiu
Jamie Chiu Month ago
My parents got me tickets to her show for my birthday and I’m so excited!
Silvana Morel •
When she said 'i learned that my heart stopped
montanadoctor Month ago
She talks too much ... also, if she’d stop playing with her hair so much, she’d be more appealing. She IS gorgeous...
AZ J Month ago
The interview is about her..if she doesnt talk then who will
It’s sad her whole press run is about her relationship with Shawn
melanie chiriacescu
Sylvia Regino you love an artist for their music not for their relationship though...
Sylvia Regino
Sylvia Regino 17 days ago
Who cares I love to hear about their relationship.
melanie chiriacescu
I thought the same were here for her music
Tanvee Pareek
Tanvee Pareek Month ago
carol suico
carol suico Month ago
I think Camilla and Shawn's love is not fake. I wish Camilla and Shawn become patient with each other. I hope they dont end up like Justin & Selena.
“No, nobody looks like Shawn...Nobody looks like Magic” MY HEART
Paula Cruz
Paula Cruz 14 days ago
When lol
vanessa souza
vanessa souza 22 days ago
@Queen Butterfly lmao
Gloria Month ago
Which minute?
Queen Butterfly
Queen Butterfly Month ago
She is so fake
Shirwa Nour
Shirwa Nour Month ago
Camila and Shawn look great together and he is from my hometown Toronto.
melanie chiriacescu
Unpopular opinion: I think her relationship with Shawn might be real but is used as pr. Watch all the videos, read the comments and all, their management put their relationship in public eye just for pr. It shows how sick our society is
Fatima Yeama sharka
U are great sweetheart😍😍
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho Month ago
She is so weird when she talks about her "boyfriend". Lmao this looks so fake! That's why people think it's PR. Open your eyes, Showmila shippers!
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho Month ago
She has a new album and these clowns just want to know about her "relationship"?? Imagine how tired we are!
Tori Darling
Tori Darling 13 days ago
Diasmc Coelho and the album is full of ... love songs..she just happens to be in a long awaited relationship so haha for it to be asked about on her interview surrounding the album seems ..normal(:
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho 13 days ago
@Tori Darling So?
Tori Darling
Tori Darling 13 days ago
Diasmc Coelho well the new album is called.. romance...
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho Month ago
"I always loved him" No lo sé, Rick, parece fake.
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho Month ago
@ValFiveteen Para mí esto es muy fake pero ok.
ValFiveteen Month ago
El decir que siempre lo amó no se refiere siempre a algo romantico, quizas primero lo amó como amigo y luego como pareja (?
trishA k
trishA k Month ago
I love this album and I hope her and Shawn are happy and enjoying there time do buy the album
melanie chiriacescu
Why do they constantly make her speak about Shawn
Flavia Brc
Flavia Brc Month ago
She is so pure and I can definitely relate to what she said ❤
Isabel Schenk
Isabel Schenk Month ago
She’s so honest, open and sweett goshhh I love her
Anthony 1
Anthony 1 Month ago
Camila answering questions as if she’s going to an oxford uni
Akanksha Sharma
Akanksha Sharma Month ago
most beautiful natural hairs
Marcelo Reis
Marcelo Reis Month ago
Camila : a Anyone : so..shawn mendes huh?!
stannextdoor Month ago
Urist Tugwlil
Urist Tugwlil Month ago
A whole album for Shawn! Hope they live happily together! Btw I made a cover of some beautiful songs from romance.... Would be grateful if you'd check 'em out and support me by subscribing : )💚
The King
The King Month ago
I'm just watching this because Camila is soo gorgeous 😍 😍
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