Camila Cabello on ROMANCE and Shawn Mendes | Full Interview

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ET's Katie Krause sits down with Camila Cabello, where she dishes on her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, and her new album, 'Romance,' out now.
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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 80
Cltlalli Vlogs
Cltlalli Vlogs 4 days ago
People that dont ship shawmila
Rhythms Random Stuff
Shawmilla is going is to last because Shawn always had a crush on her and never gave up and they are nowhere near toxic
Sumpi Toko
Sumpi Toko 15 days ago
She's so beautiful
hina tariq
hina tariq 19 days ago
I love Camilla, she is more cool than Shawn, she has a positive attitude
aitor fuentes
aitor fuentes 26 days ago
I really love this album, there's no bad song on it. I don't understand why the album isn't bigger. I think Camila should take some years for next one.
Glimmerlolly Month ago
"I can't confirm or deny" "But I basically confirmed"in a cutesy voice I love her omg
ItsCamren Yo
ItsCamren Yo Month ago
I really don’t care what anyone says I KNOW that it’s PR. I don’t give a rat’s ass who says what
ItsCamren Yo
ItsCamren Yo 16 days ago
We’ll see
Ne llie
Ne llie 19 days ago
Lol k
timna nuahn
timna nuahn Month ago
She's so in love I just wanna protect her heart! After seeing what happened to Selena, I'm so afraid for her. Hope Shawn takes care of her n protect her heart 🙏
John Cook
John Cook 2 months ago
Haven't these 2 got married yet?
Erika Lee
Erika Lee Month ago
They're living together
JORGE GIMENEZ 2 months ago
When theyre talking about used to this and show a clip of both of them and camila is touching her butt hahaha
The E
The E 2 months ago
A small story: once a fan was walking down the street and happened to bump into Shawn walking with Camilla. She didn’t really know Camilla but was a big fan of Shawn, so she asked for a picture. He replied with “not now sweetie.” The fan was ok with it, but then a second later they start making out in front of the fan, as if Camilla was trying to show her something :/
G R 20 days ago
... where’s the proof
zuzek96 2 months ago
Why are they still milking this like its real
zuzek96 18 days ago
@Ne llie Sorry to break it to you but it's not a real relationship
Ne llie
Ne llie 19 days ago
Because it is. It's been almost a year, they've known eachother for almost 6. Get over it.
G R 20 days ago
It’s been a year get over it
I'm Universe
I'm Universe 2 months ago
Lol yes God.... too bad im Universe...
Cati4 Mel
Cati4 Mel 2 months ago
You know😂😂😂love her
K Michelle
K Michelle 3 months ago
This was 2days before my birthday
biggestfangirl ofshawn
I give credit to the interview the way she so smoothly slid into the topic about shawn.
smarikkaa_ 3 months ago
camila and shawn together is everything!
Danna Sotelo
Danna Sotelo 3 months ago
Love her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amela Okanovic
Amela Okanovic 3 months ago
Maybe it's just me but I think she is so gay.
VibinWithCiiCii 3 months ago
just did a cover of shameless, love if you guys could check it out 🦋💕
Then Now Forever
Then Now Forever 3 months ago
Romance is the greatest album
Rex Magann
Rex Magann 3 months ago
Lol the emo comment hahahaa
Rex Magann
Rex Magann 3 months ago
You are so smart.
Kelly Baxter
Kelly Baxter 4 months ago
I feel a bit awkward for Camilla when she's asked all these questions about her personal life.
HEART BREAKER 4 months ago
WTF? That dress looks like she put it on before they were finished making it!
HibbleJibble 4 months ago
This doesn’t have to do with the interview, but I feel kinda uncomfortable seeing camilas dress. Still beautiful though
eva_vert 4 months ago
4:00 I just adore her. She's so real
Javiera Riedemann Arias
Te amo Camila 🥺🥺🥺
Shana Fernandes
Shana Fernandes 5 months ago
There's just something off about her, maybe because she's straight up racist and was dating Matthew and after Señorita she broke up because she knew that everyone wants her to be with Shawn after the video because girl wanted to be relevant again after her racist past and let's not forget that Shawn talked with Camila a few times that he has feelings for her and she always said that she didn't feel the same about him and now she's all up his ass and why do I know that? Shawn said that in a q&a. She's a clout chaser periodt (shawn didn't say the part with "all up his ass" but that she always rejected him)
Shana Fernandes Matthew was a dirty cheater and I am so glad she got out of the relationship. She may have had racist tweets back then, but she is helping so many African people now and is so kind
now or never
now or never 5 months ago
Honestly this album was the shissss and she should've got the grammy for best album🥺
Kendra Morse
Kendra Morse 5 months ago
I listened to IKWYDLS the first time once it came out and I loved it. And when I saw who wrote it I just assumed that they were dating, I watched the music video and I genuinely thought that Shawn and Camila was a thing. So when my sister came to me shouting at the top of her lungs that Shawn and Camila were dating I just responded "they've been dating"
SuBscribe Africa
SuBscribe Africa 5 months ago
Camila Camila Camila... Oh my..
Chahat Singh
Chahat Singh 5 months ago
In the beginning of the interview she literally spoke every single word wut Selena had spoke bout her new album
Princess Armamento
Princess Armamento 5 months ago
Caro Rivera
Caro Rivera 5 months ago
I love when she said “he’s my boyfriend” sound so cute ❤️
Mani Nedoow
Mani Nedoow 5 months ago
Used to this is about Lauren DONT @ ME 😭😂
4.000 .000views
4.000 .000views 20 days ago
@GABRIELLA LA MAGNA i hate when dump poeple act like they know everything😏😁
4.000 .000views
4.000 .000views 20 days ago
@GABRIELLA LA MAGNA you dump her pr team easily took pic of his hands and put it in the cd to make dump poeple believe that song about him and btw lauren has tattoos so
Mani Nedoow In the lyric book shawns tattoo was above that song 😂😂 camren clown
Rim Ghaffari
Rim Ghaffari 5 months ago
I love u camzi but ur relationship with shawn looks like fake one for me and i don't know i feel it wont last a few months more and the truth will be uncovered😞😒
Rebekah Nunez
Rebekah Nunez 10 days ago
A few months have passed and guess what there still together. 😁😊
Mohamed Haris
Mohamed Haris 5 months ago
All these singers original voice and singing voice is different,,,,, thanks for the technological support,,,, long live auto tunes,,,,
Ken Fereday
Ken Fereday 5 months ago
Oh cami 🤗 love you too
luvskay 5 months ago
♥︎we stan camila♥︎
R.U TV 5 months ago
Wow iam so happy that BTS message reached to Camila : you should love yourself before loving someone else
R.U TV 5 months ago
Wow iam so happy that BTS message reached to Camila : you should love yourself before loving someone else
Sylvia Regino
Sylvia Regino 5 months ago
I hope they last a life time such a beautiful love story of two beautiful people 🙏🏼❤️
Carla Ventura
Carla Ventura 6 months ago
Is so cute that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Were Friends First before Dating Always start off as friends a relationship
Alexander Helms
Alexander Helms 6 months ago
Hallo Love Camila Cabello I m have Termine music Studio Januar 17. 2020 l m doing are than Doppel Album in Love Jimi the Rat
Galicias Gone
Galicias Gone 6 months ago
another good girl who lost all class and pudor. ugh
Jordyn Boulet
Jordyn Boulet 6 months ago
Galicias Gone that’s rude
Tanzim 6 months ago
She is so open like why is not every celebrity like her
Katie Y
Katie Y 4 months ago
Mostly because people have a right to their privacy even if she is fine with being open
Indravati Yadav
Indravati Yadav 4 months ago
*Cause everyone is different*duhhhhhh!!!!!! Everyone has a different nature......some are shy while some are extroverts ....some are really open while some one to keep it personal ......appreciate everyone for their nature all are special
alia ehsan
alia ehsan 5 months ago
T m Selena is but Justin wasn’t
Aji Priambodo
Aji Priambodo 6 months ago
She's not co-wrote, she's WROTE! Gosh, sorry, but u wrong here. I should mention that
I Am
I Am 6 months ago
Love u Cami and Shawn always be together.
Ahmed Moharem
Ahmed Moharem 6 months ago
WAIT IS SHE Pregnant
Ana Paula Resende
Ana Paula Resende 6 months ago
What? No. Why?
Emma Dean
Emma Dean 6 months ago
you and shawn make a cute couple
The Truth Channel
The Truth Channel 6 months ago
Did she fart at 0.36 ???
biggestfangirl ofshawn
Someone needs to ask shawn and Camila what has been the most romantic thing you have done for each other and what do they think the other person has done that was romantic
Sneha Bansal
Sneha Bansal 6 months ago
Girl, I know how you feel cause “Used To This” is my favourite off the album too.
Shanda Official
Shanda Official 6 months ago
She seems uncomfortable.
elena 6 months ago
I bet Shawn Mendes girl fans are jealous lol
AGO 6 months ago
kookie feels
kookie feels 6 months ago
Lorena Weinrauch
Lorena Weinrauch 6 months ago
No shit, Sherlock
I mean Jazzz
I mean Jazzz 6 months ago
No nobody looks like shawn....nobody looks like magic My heart is Melting and i feel so single now❤️❤️❤️
mybluejay 6 months ago
Who the eff cares who she's dating as long as she is producing music
Hestia Demeter
Hestia Demeter 6 months ago
Two disgusting racists together, what a surprise!
Nephro Doc
Nephro Doc 6 months ago
Hey look its that racist chick talking about her slightly less racist boyfriend :)
Juan Camarillo
Juan Camarillo 6 months ago
I might go to the tour 😍🥰😍🥰😍
pink polar bears
pink polar bears 6 months ago
omg love you camellia and love your new album your my favorite singer
Adaji Victoria
Adaji Victoria 6 months ago
When I watch senorita's vid, people's comments were like they are fake not real or Camila is forcing herself on Shawn but now it's isn't fake but real I mean an open clarification and I hope they stay together forever ❤❤
Daniel R
Daniel R 6 months ago
She should realize a song named "You Know"
Gloria 6 months ago
Or "like" and "I mean"
wintersunflower 6 months ago
WHAT is she wearing?? that's beautiful
Shawna Long
Shawna Long 6 months ago
HUGE Shamila fan supporter and just love to see their love for one another. Its so SWEET yet so da** PASSIONATE
Shawna Long
Shawna Long 6 months ago
Can i just say...LOOK AT THE PASSION BETWEEN Shawn and Camila! What? Who wouldnt want what they have together. For them to capture that and share with fans is just such a privilege. BOTH AMAZING ARTISTS!
TestaRudos 7 months ago
In the video miniature her hairdo looks like Charo’s!
davina m
davina m 7 months ago
this shows that their relationship is fake... she cant be certain about anything
Vanshika Sharma
Vanshika Sharma 7 months ago
Please checkout my living proof cover
Khanak Bajpai
Khanak Bajpai 7 months ago
*i can't confirm or deny ... but basically i confirm *😂😂😂
Joe Escobar
Joe Escobar 7 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-isqVNnDY8Tw.html living Proof a tribute to...
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 7 months ago
They are perfect for each other💞
Jamie Chiu
Jamie Chiu 7 months ago
My parents got me tickets to her show for my birthday and I’m so excited!
Silvana Morel •
Silvana Morel • 7 months ago
When she said 'i learned that my heart stopped
montanadoctor 7 months ago
She talks too much ... also, if she’d stop playing with her hair so much, she’d be more appealing. She IS gorgeous...
AZ J 6 months ago
The interview is about her..if she doesnt talk then who will
ObessedwithMakeup5 7 months ago
It’s sad her whole press run is about her relationship with Shawn
melanie chiriacescu
melanie chiriacescu 6 months ago
Sylvia Regino you love an artist for their music not for their relationship though...
Sylvia Regino
Sylvia Regino 6 months ago
Who cares I love to hear about their relationship.
melanie chiriacescu
melanie chiriacescu 7 months ago
I thought the same were here for her music
Tanvee Pareek
Tanvee Pareek 7 months ago
Next videos