Camila Cabello - Havana (Official Music VIdeo) ft. Young Thug

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Preorder the new album "Camila" at:
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Guest starring:
LeLe Pons
LuJuan James
Find Camila Here:
Twitter: @camila_cabello
IG: @camila_cabello
Facebook: @97camilacabello
Website: www.camilacabello.com
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Oct 24, 2017




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Comments 100
Viviane Thomé Vieira Röwer
i love camila cabello
XxDxilyDxaisyxX 48 minutes ago
the ppl who disliked are ppl who cant sing
Arthxr _
Arthxr _ Hour ago
Mohammed Taneji
they are saying diffrent launge
Víctor Alejandro Carmona Luna
soy el unico mexicano que la escucha
Megan Childs
Megan Childs Hour ago
10/10 from me! Me singing Havana HaVaNa OoO nAnA 👁️👄👁️
Yrena Lantigua
Yrena Lantigua 3 hours ago
Mi Vida mi Princesa mi Nina yo se que TE gustan las novelas de romance ESO lo sacaste de mi.
ღYukii Hachimitsuღ
Camila cabello and Shawn Mendez 💕💕💕💕😄😄
ღYukii Hachimitsuღ
A dance like uwu jeje
Nicole herrera
Nicole herrera 4 hours ago
te amooo
Beraniz Ponce
Beraniz Ponce 4 hours ago
Rattengeplapper 4 hours ago
I like bella's sister
The mystery maestro
I made a cover for Havana! What do you think? ruvid.net/video/video-2cQWGY5IEmg.html
michelle scarberry
michelle scarberry 5 hours ago
This is Soo cool
AJ mac & cheese Ragusa
Why he in the closet
Kall Kall
Kall Kall 5 hours ago
Ydho enwro jewko kfhe
Andoni Arango Lu
Andoni Arango Lu 5 hours ago
Noot noot noot noot noot
I cant be the only one wondering if the girl said yes to the proposal in the first clip... Can I?
Abhimanyu Vashisht ! Singing_moments
and this is just a masterpiece ❤️❤️ waiting for 1B
Leonardo Martins
Leonardo Martins 7 hours ago
Estou aqui pela karen kardasha 😅🤩
Jeffery Brown
Jeffery Brown 7 hours ago
As an old midwestern white dude, the rapper adds nothing to an otherwise AWESOME video
Mr. Minecraft
Mr. Minecraft 8 hours ago
I swear Cmila should act in a movie someday..😎😎
D4B0 8 hours ago
Esta raro el vídeo para mi gusto, es la primera vez que lo veo, pero aún así me gusto!!
CASINO JOACO 8 hours ago
who's Bella?
ayoub alhawri
ayoub alhawri 9 hours ago
Maradona 😩😭
Cold Reaper
Cold Reaper 9 hours ago
Maradona na na na RIP Maradona na na na
CURIOSJUAN. _ 10 hours ago
Tarde pero comenzó .
Layan life
Layan life 10 hours ago
I pove how the mom is dancing at the end lol
Joseantonio Perez
Joseantonio Perez 10 hours ago
Bendiciones guaicima Feliz Día super bonitoooooo vidios témazo me encanta muchimas gracias bonitaaaaaa Voz saludos dedes Marbella Málaga España 3333🌹🤗😶😘🖤🖤⚓💛💕👍💟💜🤗😶😄🖤😄⚓💛💕💜🌷😶😄😄😄😘🤗🌹🌹🙃🤗😶😘😘😘😶🙃😶😘🌹🙃🤗😶😘😘
CURIOSJUAN. _ 10 hours ago
Saludos desde Colombia .
T0NY DECH 12 hours ago
Humaira Haider
Humaira Haider 14 hours ago
Is the man she left saying " i love myself more" noah centino or something....
america 75
america 75 14 hours ago
Es mejor sad de xxxtentacion
Camilo Peña
Camilo Peña 15 hours ago
*La rosa de Guadalupe?*
Your Own Store
Your Own Store 15 hours ago
luna sol
luna sol 15 hours ago
hello, very pretty, the song, I love it, I heard it a thousand times
Klares Gaming
Klares Gaming 16 hours ago
6:00 shawn mendes is shaking
Wasim Khan
Wasim Khan 16 hours ago
Fun fact: This song never get old 💖
Klares Gaming
Klares Gaming 16 hours ago
still the beautiful song ive ever heard, periodt
Ava Brockett
Ava Brockett 16 hours ago
When I see her mother at the end I die
bhuvi s
bhuvi s 16 hours ago
it is i ✌
TyTystick 16 hours ago
I have a story... In grade five orchestra, I played the cello. My school had this morning announcements thing where you and a partner would go down to the office and do some cheesy announcements. The principal for some reason would always play this song on the PA system. She knew I played the cello, so one day she showed me a video of a professional cellist playing Havana. Then she said this: “ why don’t you go home and look at this video every day to learn the fingerings, and then come back to preform it to me in a week!” No sheet music. A week. I went home, and printed out some sheet music. There were high E’s and notes I didn’t even know. Keep in mind this was a MONTH after being in junior strings. I never ever looked at that music again, or preformed it. 😂
Aiah Babikir
Aiah Babikir 17 hours ago
so how to live your life is to: watch a romantic movie or series Go to the cinema start shaking your butt hit into a boy start dancing with him well, I'll do the same.
Nirjara Khatiwoda B.c.
Veronica Serrano
Veronica Serrano 18 hours ago
Lets hit 1 Billion of streams this Is art!
Tan EnYu
Tan EnYu 18 hours ago
Granny gets old but still can dance well .
florencia loose
florencia loose 19 hours ago
alguien escucha esto en noviembre en pleno coranavais 2020 jejje
Veronica Serrano
Veronica Serrano 18 hours ago
Talitha Riffat 618
Talitha Riffat 618 19 hours ago
Mak Aku nyasar.g
Sakina Kalyaniwala
Sakina Kalyaniwala 19 hours ago
Anna Rose
Anna Rose 19 hours ago
i saw that lele pons was bella
c e
c e 19 hours ago
Angie YT :v
Angie YT :v 19 hours ago
me encanta esta cancion 🥰 la amo
Damnga Riba
Damnga Riba 19 hours ago
Actually video start on 2:31
Samantha K
Samantha K 19 hours ago
Camila can be a movie star! OMG! She's so talented!!
Svetlana Urich
Svetlana Urich 20 hours ago
tbh lele pons ruined the whole thing>>>>
Raúl Cázares
Raúl Cázares 20 hours ago
5:25 everyone kissing Camila: That's the ending
Carlos Esho
Carlos Esho 20 hours ago
Jennifer Braddy
Jennifer Braddy 20 hours ago
People trying to type young thugs lyrics be like:mhhhwheigmmmya
Dolphin Muffin
Dolphin Muffin 21 hour ago
Ahisha Omer
Ahisha Omer 21 hour ago
Is that lele Pons
Paul Daniel Castillejo
1:14 Lol flip flaps. Filipinos can relate
D1EGØ TV 21 hour ago
That girl is beautiful I love her😍
CG Prxmethxzeen
CG Prxmethxzeen 21 hour ago
why did the "o na na na na na" soung like the minions lol
Taylor Wallace
Taylor Wallace 22 hours ago
Bella looks like Lele Pons!
Day Hernandez
Day Hernandez 22 hours ago
Hebe Garay
Hebe Garay 23 hours ago
no mames pleno 2020 y recién me doy cuenta que sale noah centineo en el video 👁👄👁
Lady Lis
Lady Lis 23 hours ago
yo como camila es cubano-estadounidense
Maria jose Acosta Arboleda
nadien: absolutamente nadien: yo: che una abuela perriadora :D
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 23 hours ago
JAJAJA abuelta: bella quieres una chancleta :v
Min suga
Min suga 23 hours ago
2020 y apenas me doy cuenta que noah estaba en el video :0
Raven Foster
Raven Foster Day ago
arte lele
irene amber
irene amber Day ago
bella:being rude grandma:dont make me use the flip flop bella:sits down politely
Madison Hill
Madison Hill Day ago
Bella:Halleluijah Me:The song or the fact that your a tiny bit jealous?
Anyone gonna talk about young thug ?
Fidha Day ago
see y'all when this hits 1 Billion...
Nancy Rodriguez
I love LeJuan!
Arely jazmin Tellez mendoza
eres la mejor
Laid Bedani
Laid Bedani Day ago
Best moment 3:50
Panchal Mit
Panchal Mit Day ago
Ye ye This is edit
Vanessa Bernal
How the rosa de Guadalupe
Félix Caja Rojas
Me encanta 😎👌💖💖
javier gonzalez torres
soy Latinoamericano, la verdad eso si pasa en las Novelas, Bueno al menos en Mexico
Dwaine B
Dwaine B Day ago
She looks like maritiza from oitnb
Valeria Davila
Camila y Lele AHH ambas partes latinas, la mejor combinación
Karina B
Karina B Day ago
I love lele Pons
Ester Leng
Ester Leng 23 hours ago
Oh honey noooooo
Karimi stella Nyamu
He enterd the closet to put on clothes because he was also 😜😜
Johann Pieler
Marina Arruda Mello
This is the best music of the world! Essa é a melhor música do mundo!
Perla Brisa
Perla Brisa Day ago
i love you
IDK Ok Day ago
I love the line "she was born being extra" because so was lele pons
Anna Guimarães
O vídeo começa em 2:29
Lizette Magana
I never realized that Bella was lele pons😂
Out of the closet you say...
Butterfly Day ago
Не слова не понимаю , но мне очень нравится этот клип и песня ♥️😽😅
Ana Sofia Bejarano Morales
la hermana es lele pons verdad
Cristina López
Hablas español 🤣 pero que bueno
Inola Srt
Inola Srt Day ago
Gaming with frosty
who here from 2020 Lol we need to stop and i wait for 1B veiws
RAZ RAXZ Day ago
Bruh i like this music
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