Cam Newton should get healthy and leave the Panthers - Stephen A. | First Take

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ros goldFirst Take debates Philip Rivers' future too: ruvid.net/video/video-8xbB20DhpPQ.html
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Keyshawn Johnson debate whether Cam Newton should stay with the Carolina Panthers and new head coach Matt Rhule.
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Comments 80
Russel Mack
Russel Mack 3 months ago
LOL .. Cammy can't "quit" when the Panthers have already put his pink slip in the bundle they set on the curb after cleaning out his locker
Cam Newtown is my favorite QB
Zoom X
Zoom X 3 months ago
CaM stays here in Carolina
MR. FRIEND and Company
I think Cam is the man. However, due to his health issues... Cam should consider retirement after this year. He has potential but is it worth your health? He should play hard this year, take us to the Superbowl and retire. When he's on fire, he's on fire!
Razzy1312 4 months ago
As a Panthers fan I'd be happy to see him leave. He hasn't got much left in the tank and if you take away his athleticism he was never a great passing QB. Cam is on the decline and will stay on the decline until he retires in a few years. If the Panthers tried to trade Cam today what do you think he would fetch? A 3rd rounder? A 2nd rounder at best? If he was truly a great QB, teams would be breaking down the door to offer the Panthers a top 1st round pick for him.
Rell Dogg
Rell Dogg 4 months ago
Tom telesco needs tew call them asap still get a qb in the draft but not with pick 6 get Simmons the next derwin james then draft a qb 2nd round and trade our 3rd this year and 3rd next year to the Panthers for cam and have superman come save the chargers and bring all the Panthers fans to the chargers cam got that swagg that the chargers already had we got the slayer in Keenan Allen my favorite wr and mike will made it hunter Hennessey(Henry) mel hold out gordan lol and BIG AE mighty mouse and the d is already a true DT AND CB away from ruling the nfl on the defensive side offense we need cam Conklin and slot wr away from being great i cant wait tew 👀 what tom teloscope have ☝ his sleeve they got cap space and extended coach Lynn to a 1 year deal so i think we might go all out this year
Jeff Zhou
Jeff Zhou 4 months ago
Cam should have dived on that fumble in the Super Bowl. It was probably the best chance for him to win it. Now, he's a shell of his former self.
Wacn Wacn
Wacn Wacn 4 months ago
I hope he will get back to the old Cam. But, he just need a good offensive line and weapons.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 4 months ago
It’s clearly CMC’s team now
john KnowsSports
john KnowsSports 4 months ago
At least Cam has Wine 🍷 and Cigars Oh, and Cam also has a 🎩
john smith
john smith 4 months ago
CAM leave the me me life, and put your brain on QB and take over, keep quiet and PLAY !
Jamaal Booker
Jamaal Booker 4 months ago
People act like Cam has had weapons...Panthers have not used a number one draft pick on any lineman. They have only had one Pro-bowl WR( other than Smith for 1 season at the end of his career...Cam's rookie year) Every time he was injured it was due to lack of protection....NOT from running. And why cant he restructure his deal?
John Lopez
John Lopez 4 months ago
finally someone who isn’t bashing cam THANK YOU MAX
Javon Green
Javon Green 4 months ago
Cam should go to the Chargers, The Titans or the Jaguar's or the Colts
Daniel 4 months ago
Cam should go to Chicago
james aaron
james aaron 4 months ago
I don’t want him to go but the panthers organization has treated him like trash. Yeah cam did mess himself up by lying but it was the medical staff’s fault too.
Joseph Jakubec
Joseph Jakubec 4 months ago
Cam is done. Healthy or unhealthy. Move on. Chicago don't want him, we have a Cam.
Jo S.
Jo S. 4 months ago
I find it funny, when Cam was healthy and dominant, fans and media were calling him Scam Newton. Now, if he's not healthy enough for the Panthers to take a risk on him in the future, everybody wants him. Interesting on how that works.
Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson 4 months ago
The owner already said that Cam is here to stay. Rhule said he wants to coach Cam. CMC said he wants to be here. Stop it Stephen A.
NorthernBoii 973
NorthernBoii 973 4 months ago
The Steelers is a great fit for Cam Newton
Jakaris Garcia
Jakaris Garcia 4 months ago
Cam Newton need to give up that vegan diet and start back eatimg meat. Ever since he become vegan he can't stay healthy. When he was eating meat he was Heisman,mvp, runner up in Superbowl
Jakaris Garcia
Jakaris Garcia 4 months ago
And u see the drop off in his production. Remember Arian foster?. Look how often he was hurt when became vegan. Then eventually retired.
Bryan G
Bryan G 4 months ago
He's going to the Patriots lol.
Futurestar 4 months ago
Killa Cam should go to the bears or chargers
rahraider 4 months ago
Maybe Stephen A needs to leave
Desmond Barthelemy
Desmond Barthelemy 4 months ago
Cam to the saints once brees retire
George sherman
George sherman 4 months ago
New England Patriots is the only team Cam should play for bill bilichick would get the best of him period him and bill would be a threat to the chiefs the ravens the Texans
George sherman
George sherman 4 months ago
Cam should go play for the patriots with greatest coach of all time bill will show him the way
James Winchester
James Winchester 4 months ago
I’ve been a Panthers fan my entire life and I hope Cam Newton does leave because he’s a scrub everyone wants to talk about how great he is but ignores the fact that he celebrates first downs like touchdowns he’s had one season of more than 27 touchdowns in the air and his defense won him that in MVP, so keep thinking he’s good but he’s not, he is by far the most overrated QB that was considered elite.
Rex Smith
Rex Smith 4 months ago
@James Winchester They were the #1 offense. That's a fact.. He won an MVP, that's a fact. You can throw out cheap insults, but again if you think Cam only won an MVP b/c of the defense, i can't help you.
James Winchester
James Winchester 4 months ago
Rex Smith Everything you said is false please don’t have children because you will turn them in the morons just like yourself how does it feel to be truly worthless?
Rex Smith
Rex Smith 4 months ago
Yet, they had the #1 offense the year he won the MVP with Jerricho Cotchery and Devin Funchess as his top WRs. They did not have the #1 defense. Again you can think he's overrated, but no his defense did not win him the MVP. You're the one who needs to stop man.
John 4 months ago
Cam Newton in Chicago would be SCARY. Big, Superman, Cam and a strong running game, and that Defense. Forget about it.
Rod Gossett
Rod Gossett 4 months ago
No Cam Newton should leave NFL football an acquire a team of psychiatrist, sound thing mentally is not right with him.
Don Won
Don Won 4 months ago
Get back healthy from carrying this team on your back for so long. All the way to an MVP and Superbowl bid. Von Miller was on a mission and I don't care who they played the Broncos defense beats everyone that year. How about surrounding me with weapons so I don't have to rely on read option soo much. N maybe an O line so my shoulder doesn't get ripped out the socket when im trying to make a throw.
King SavageE
King SavageE 4 months ago
I been said that
Trying 2 Get Right
Trying 2 Get Right 4 months ago
Im a saints fan in Lsu fan I'll be glad when he leave I been dealing with cam since his college days at auburn dats Lsu rival just for him to get drafted to my NFL team rival leave cam leave
Kingman Highborn
Kingman Highborn 4 months ago
If Carolina parts ways it better be in a trade for a 1st round draft pick. Anything less, you keep him.
Steely Mike
Steely Mike 4 months ago
Cam is a loser!!! Overrated
Nicolas 4 months ago
His vision is definitely impaired. He can’t see open receivers on the field or recognize a bad hair style in the mirror 🤦‍♂️
Zeke D.
Zeke D. 4 months ago
I think Cam would do great in Tampa.
ToNarrow 4You
ToNarrow 4You 4 months ago
Cam go to Chicago😭
Andrew Hayes
Andrew Hayes 4 months ago
Leave Cam there will be blacked out games once again
AgentWho? 4 months ago
Healthy n cut that hair already he looks homeless 💀
Lee’s Ollie
Lee’s Ollie 4 months ago
And a haircut
jons1850 4 months ago
Cam for dak??
Joshua Ivery
Joshua Ivery 4 months ago
Cam Newton needs to get back healthy again, and leave Carolina Panthers.
Diversified Vibes
Diversified Vibes 4 months ago
Steelers 👀
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 4 months ago
fire is allyougit
fire is allyougit 4 months ago
If we get Cam (Bears) we making it to the super bowl
Cali Cliff Sports Talk
Keashwan is 100% correct in this one cam should look at LA they are a QB away from being really good but they are in a tough division so winning will be earned every Sunday no soft schedules will be handed out but they could be the most physical offense in the afc with him running and throwing and Melvin Gordon is running it too and those big WR omg they can be scary oh and they got a defense when healthy is top ten so cam should go to the Chargers if he is smart
DG 4 months ago
Bruh. He is the greatest QB in panthers franchise history. He don’t need to go anywhere he need to stay
mrpzpdx 4 months ago
Hope he comes back but I think he’s physically done..
Juice 423
Juice 423 4 months ago
Chris Pierre
Chris Pierre 4 months ago
Cam to Indy
Kevin Lawrence
Kevin Lawrence 4 months ago
All Cam needs to do is get healthy. Put him on a team that's legitimately only "a QB away" and they'll wind up in the playoffs. If we face the facts....all Carolina has right now is a freak RB who's also their best reciever. That's it. They still need to put an O line together. Need to get two legit WRs. Having two short and extremely fast guys as wideouts is not the business if they dont have Steve Smith's athleticism. D line was Golden til they got hurt. Need some depth there. Need a CB. Need a deep safety. And need to figure out how their current LBs are gonna function without Luke calling out the plays for them. IMO that's way too much to gamble on for a 30yo QB coming off of injuries who needs to get his mojo back. Go to a team that literally only needs a QB to 1) not turn the ball over. 2) manage the game and 3) be clutch when needed
DomDragonfire 4 months ago
Cam Newton should get healthy and retire and live a great life with his family
loadz03 4 months ago
Cam will be out of the NFL soon. Vegan diet and broken.
Still I Rise4485
Still I Rise4485 4 months ago
60 million dollas from Tamper
Deshaun Glenn
Deshaun Glenn 4 months ago
First Cut The BS Off His Head Then Sign With The Bucs and Torch The Panthers
Still I Rise4485
Still I Rise4485 4 months ago
Did Cam get by Vontez Burfect too?
Trav Bro
Trav Bro 4 months ago
Come home cam 😫.... ATL for those who dont know
Snag TF
Snag TF 4 months ago
Max deserves a pay raise
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77
The Carolina Panthers & Atlanta Falcons should swap QBs.
J eff Patchell
J eff Patchell 4 months ago
He's washed up!
Hustler Blood
Hustler Blood 4 months ago
Cam should go the browns that will be crazy 🤎🧡🟤🟠🟫🟧🤯😤
Jimmy Kuhn
Jimmy Kuhn 4 months ago
People are not in a rush to move past Cam, all the talking heads looking for headlines and talking points are talking about moving on from Cam. The fans still want him here because it is the best decision for the team. Who ya gonna get?
k c
k c 4 months ago
Phins should get him
junior auguste
junior auguste 4 months ago
I believe cam has it in him . When healthy top 7 QB . By the way my favorite player. I lost 1500$ when they went to the final . If he wants to win not in Carolina .
justasportsfan 101
justasportsfan 101 4 months ago
Cam Newton should just retire. This dude is garbage.
Travis D
Travis D 4 months ago
Cam used to be scary but the last few years man this dude can’t stay on the field or just plained out sucked!!
Tiko evans
Tiko evans 4 months ago
Miami division wide open if Tom leave
Alonzo Jenkins
Alonzo Jenkins 4 months ago
Cam to Tampa Bay 2020 lets go Bucks
Cali G
Cali G 4 months ago
cam come to the cowboys. dak is just a generic brand cam anyways
Director Isaiah
Director Isaiah 4 months ago
Cam to the titan here me out. Brown Cam and Henry is scary I’m out
Kendal Hayes
Kendal Hayes 4 months ago
Director Isaiah as a Texans fan, especially if he mobile like 70% of what he used to be, man
Noah Ferrell
Noah Ferrell 4 months ago
BillyBobAngus 4 months ago
Get healthy and come to the Steelers. Perfect fit. Exactly what the Steelers need
Thomas Zouki
Thomas Zouki 4 months ago
dude is so right, chargers is where he should go
Steel 4 months ago
Cam would be a great fit for the Jaguars
johnyyboinc98003 4 months ago
lol It's not McCaffrey's team, it only looked that way because Newton wasn't healthy and we fed him the ball 30 times a game. We could get rid of CMC before he holds out and save enough money to buy a superbowl team. After not having to resign Kuechly or Olsen, we're looking pretty good on cap space. And if Newton's healthy we have a former MVP at QB. CMC is good at putting up numbers, but he has trouble getting that one yard when we need him to. We lost 5 or 6 games on the one yard line this year, put in a healthy Newton (arguably the best player in the league from the 1 yard line) and our year starts to look a lot different. Our defense has needed to be re-build for years at this point, and Olsen hasn't been good for 3 years.
A Rich
A Rich 4 months ago
Loose for Lawrence
Maleek Hall
Maleek Hall 4 months ago
Oriental Smith
Oriental Smith 4 months ago
I live in NC and I’m a Patriots fan. This organization only has 2 SuperBowl appearances in 25 or 26 seasons. It’s not like they have a chance to compete every year. Let’s see how well Allen plays for a entire season. I guarantee you his potential of winning is a not good. Stick with Cam and hopefully he can restore this one hit wonder organization.
Steel Chin
Steel Chin 4 months ago
Money Mike Productions
Cam is in the final year of his deal. If he was smart... and he's a baller and he's going to want to play but he should ask for his release so he can choose his next team himself, and if the Panthers don't grant him that then sit out the year IF the Panthers don't grant his release. Then enter free agency next year as the top QB Free Agent and let the teams come to him and choose what team he wants to go to rather the team chooses for him.
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