Calling Scammers by their real names

Jim Browning
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This group of popup scammers got a little more than they bargained for after I called them.
The fake company names are:
The real name of the company is: Artico Media Sky. This is the company registration:
You will be able to see the full details of the company director in that website.
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Jun 27, 2020




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Comments 100
ULTRA GAMING 5 minutes ago
Bro amazing job ur the best ur doing the best thing in the world but reporting the police was futile because police in India are corrupt asses just throw money on their faces and they go aways assholes they are
Addi_ Rose
Addi_ Rose 11 minutes ago
Tintin kinda sounding like my boyfriend ngl. -panik mode-
TheRealZukeGG 27 minutes ago
He should work for the FBI. Scammers deserve to fail.
Jimmy Screech
Jimmy Screech 52 minutes ago
I got a scam phone call after watching one of these videos. The dude had a strong Indian accent... I couldn't stop laughing, he hung up:)
iBosko 58 minutes ago
He could say my name is a random Indian name and I would believe him
lucid sound.
lucid sound. Hour ago
I enjoy this soooo much lmao 😈I do I learn to do this lmao
Concrete Jungle75
Concrete Jungle75 2 hours ago
You have a very particular set of skills. Great work, great video.
Erika Xu
Erika Xu 2 hours ago
If I had your superpower, I would have just call them and post their Skype conversation and selfies as your background for your computer.
Lemon Tiel
Lemon Tiel 2 hours ago
4:02 is an Indian guy, being an Indian makes me embarrassed
Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith 2 hours ago
The tired memory classically whine because toenail strikingly coach like a rough wish. vague, boorish age
Gxp 3 hours ago
Larry mac
Larry mac 3 hours ago
Good work fella!
Allie Laforest
Allie Laforest 3 hours ago
Jim:boo Scammers:A A A A A A
Nina Chang
Nina Chang 3 hours ago
Last time I got a scam call and they told me I hadn’t payed for something and the police is coming I was like miss I’m 9 I don’t owe anyone money
Mark Angelo Garcia
Mark Angelo Garcia 3 hours ago
So sad these scammers give Indians a bad impression.
Adrian Ellis
Adrian Ellis 3 hours ago
Great work
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson 4 hours ago
this man needs to work for FBI
Ash Mascarenhas
Ash Mascarenhas 4 hours ago
Indian accents
Jaman Islam
Jaman Islam 4 hours ago
I am a bangladeshi i can translate for u quite easily
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos 4 hours ago
It's like they don't have ears, you can say anything that they don't listen and keep reading the script like their life depends on it lmao, you can throw all facts at their face and they still don't break character I find that so hilarious.
A commendable job Jim. I knew they were south east Asians when they started speaking in Hindi. But when you revealed the exact address I was surprised, that's my home city. Really ashamed of such people trying to scam other random people from around the world and heaps would've been their prey who are not as aware and educated. Idk how they even sleep at night. But great job Jim, hopefully more will be able to not get trapped by such scammers after watching this vid. P.S. - I also don't understand bangla, the were most probably migrants from east India seemingly.
Jean Jacques Rousseau
haha the techsupport unable to start a skype conference. :D
Smo Som
Smo Som 5 hours ago
Omg you are so amazing !!! How he panikd was insane xD haha Awesome video :D
Ms Forest
Ms Forest 5 hours ago
Oh lord, this is brilliant. Thank you for your service.
Danial M
Danial M 6 hours ago
17:07 - thanks me later
Gamers Institution
Gamers Institution 6 hours ago
Hey, just a suggestion, but you can have a Google forms page, where people can share their stories or experiences, where they were scammed or were about to be scammed and possibly provide you with the phone numbers they used to contact with the scammers or some other useful information, that can help you in tracking these bastards
Sexual Fruitfly
Sexual Fruitfly 6 hours ago
You are a legend
THE ROCK 7 hours ago
I think he's more technical then any technical support could ever be. I watched it like a suspense story, but the villains weren't cool.. Although hero (you) was..
Malek 7 hours ago
Scammer meets Hacker
Earthmotherdragon 7 hours ago
Just love this!!!! the calmness you do this with is astounding, I would have told them to go F themselves.....you just stay calm so to the extent they don't even realise, at first, what you are saying, about you tracking scammers.......Soooooo wish governing bodies would do same with online crime, but guess it doesn't serve them. Jim, you are a hero. Love it. x
Jar Ray
Jar Ray 7 hours ago
all the people who disliked this are scammers
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma 7 hours ago
I once got a scam call on my xiomi handset and was told to pay in order to secure the data. I paid and lost the data as well. Don't know whether it was xiomi or the scammer or it was xiomi the scammer.
TezlaTower 23
TezlaTower 23 8 hours ago
The last time *I* got a scam call was of course about a car accident. I told them that I hadn't been in an accident yet, but I would be in 10 minutes and that they would need a backup computer to file it. They immediately hung up.
Arya Aditya Dash
Arya Aditya Dash 8 hours ago
Hey that Archit was speaking in Hindi and i can understand that....... Is rooted to India....lol Fact : Archit was scared as he thought the operator connected to other scammer
Sanagul Niazi
Sanagul Niazi 8 hours ago
They are Indians...Gurugram n Nagaland situated in India
CritiqueMoKo 8 hours ago
Oh my, so this proves me right, i knew it... I used to work in a call center before, of course they made us believe they're legit but I had a feeling it was not. I love what you're doing by the way, if only i know how to do it I will have fun scamming those scammers.
Mac 8 hours ago
These poor excuses of human beings don't deserve anonymity. Should publish everything about them
Mohib Qureshi
Mohib Qureshi 9 hours ago
That was hindi !!!!!!!at the end....OMG......i can translate....!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: 20:05
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
*Bruh this is satisfying*
Reeticulous 9 hours ago
The first scammer is Indian. His name most probably isn't even Jay or Jayden, its probably Ajay .......
Jimmy 9 hours ago
RowdyDemon70 9 hours ago
Great work here Jim it's really awesome how you can do this. I'd love to know how you get into the scammers system (the reverse connection you refer to)... A 'how to' video would be amazing! Also it's a shame you don't wipe or encrypt their files to destroy their operation, that would be gold.
ZCD 696
ZCD 696 9 hours ago
Sir!Heres is my support!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😀
patrol head
patrol head 9 hours ago
The 11K dislikes are given by scammers.
prakash ranjan
prakash ranjan 10 hours ago
11:26 the answer for this question is 14000 per month
prakash ranjan
prakash ranjan 10 hours ago
I once unknowingly worked at a call centre running scams related with talk talk company... It took me 1 week to understand and quit the job... 😂😂😂 I got the same fake accent 😂😂
kim jaenicke
kim jaenicke 10 hours ago
fucking brilliant, thanks alot
Márcio Fernandes
Márcio Fernandes 11 hours ago
Thank you for this action Jim Browing
Tannan 11 hours ago
I think I'll refer to this madlad as Mr Browning in the future.
Mai Xun
Mai Xun 11 hours ago
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment
Wonder Of U
Wonder Of U 12 hours ago
I think I need this for research.
DarkScorpion46 12 hours ago
I love the monotone and calm voice Jim uses when talking to them. You can tell they were shitting their pants.
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar 12 hours ago
Holy shit
Shiv C Kushawah
Shiv C Kushawah 12 hours ago
Digital literacy is better way to deal with this filthy scammers.
Shiftey Greig
Shiftey Greig 12 hours ago
Wow, how does one even learn how to mess with the scammers like this? In awe!
Rafid Rahat
Rafid Rahat 13 hours ago
Bro they were taking in Hindi those were Indians not Bangla.
kumasan727 13 hours ago
Love the wallpaper!!!
Hassan Hamed
Hassan Hamed 14 hours ago
You sir, are my hero
Nathan Loon
Nathan Loon 14 hours ago
That was like sitting beside Internet Batman and him showing you all his moves in real time while he does his thing.
Lara P
Lara P 14 hours ago
4:03 Danny DeVito??
memes memes
memes memes 14 hours ago
The minion wallpaper pulls it all together
SCP 173
SCP 173 14 hours ago
all fun and games till he gets access to intercontinental ballistic missiles.
Hayden Pearson
Hayden Pearson 15 hours ago
Bruh you're a flipping genius
Kirby Robinson
Kirby Robinson 15 hours ago
So cool you are saving alot of us from fraud ...thank you
ProbablyWorth 15 hours ago
This dude: speaks english Scammer: he is watching our screens, delete our conversations. Oh btw lets speak mostly in english
Horsehead 15 hours ago
8:15 that line made me smile so big. Felt like a Liam Neeson line right before he puts a bullet in someone.
Justwantahover 15 hours ago
They will just start up again under another name. Great work though. Hack the hackers.
thedarkjedi 15 hours ago
you sir got a subscribe from me. but im not entirely sure if this is all staged so ill just take it with a grain of salt.
Unfairkibbles3 15 hours ago
How do THEY even understand each other.
Pe We
Pe We 16 hours ago
you a badass bro
Adam Thoma
Adam Thoma 16 hours ago
If I may ask, how exactly do you do this? I'm a bit of a geek and quite curious about computers, programming, everything.
Harambe Inc.
Harambe Inc. 16 hours ago
who even disliked
Jesse Skariah
Jesse Skariah 16 hours ago
Haha those guys are indians trying American accents!
watermelonthefox 1
watermelonthefox 1 16 hours ago
the minions in the background is all i was paying attion to
Rico Baca
Rico Baca 17 hours ago
Probably had the vm for two years. 😅
Ben McAndrew
Ben McAndrew 17 hours ago
I hope you get paid millions of pounds for what you do mate.
StarLord0728 17 hours ago
The 11K dislikes are definitely scammers. This man is doing great work looking out for the people in need
stilgottheblues 17 hours ago
Jim should have said, yeah i am terrorizing a scammer.
Singh Amaninder
Singh Amaninder 18 hours ago
Hey Sir, I'm near Wokha, so if you want to submit a formal complaint or confront "Jayden", lemme know. In vacations I come to Wokha and I live in South Delhi. So I can meet him at both place, confront, or file a complaint.
10k 18 hours ago
Jim : So is that how the scam work? scammer : uhum, yep
SYREN SNO 18 hours ago
My best friend lost $8K, (Craigslist overpay scam), for her g,gr,dads, antiques pipes.
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore 19 hours ago
Lol some guy tried to scam my brother a couple of days ago. But he outsmarted the scammer and the scammer ends up saying only ok then hangs up the phone
Sahima Khatun
Sahima Khatun 19 hours ago
I love this video! I could translate the Bangla for you, let me know 😊
AQF Hardwood Tile and stone
India has made Me Racist with this B.S.
PAQUITO 20 hours ago
Brilliant haha 😂🤣💯💥🔥
The Remixer
The Remixer 20 hours ago
This guy sounds like liam neeson and its awesome
Michael Stoyles
Michael Stoyles 20 hours ago
Lol guy doesn’t even notice, that’s greed at its best
Aaron Knight
Aaron Knight 21 hour ago
When he put the scammer address up I DIED😂😂💀
ZED Productions
ZED Productions 21 hour ago
ZED Productions
ZED Productions 21 hour ago
13:40 🤣😭😭😭 tooo funny
Mcpizza 21 hour ago
Underated video
Marcin Karwowski
Marcin Karwowski 21 hour ago
Hey , i van give some scam numbers , they calling me already for lat 3 years very often Let me know
Jason 22 hours ago
guys remember, VOIP means bwaaa
Rahul 23 hours ago
"Jim is SCAMMER"
Mr. Aldave
Mr. Aldave 23 hours ago
why they're always indian? :v
canela ramirez
canela ramirez 22 hours ago
because there is so many of them and they don’t get paid well enough over there
Rizwan Midhat
Rizwan Midhat 23 hours ago
Jim!! You are one rare smooth talking criminal! Your sophisticated moves and physiological war game made a fan of yours with all due respect that is!! Be blessed! An admirer from Pakistan!
bill bo
bill bo 23 hours ago
lol when you mentioned Gurugram his voice started to shake. Oh man you are a God.
Buwan Araw
Buwan Araw 23 hours ago
hahaha i love this
Kingdom Heir
Kingdom Heir 23 hours ago
Unfortunately this doesn't do anything...
Rajive Rajan
Rajive Rajan 23 hours ago
They are Indian and probably all of them from Nagaland. I am from Nagaland. Can definitely understand what they are saying. Apart from speaking in Hindi they are also speaking in Nagamese. Honestly I am ashamed of my country sometime.
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