Calling Scammers by their real names

Jim Browning
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This group of popup scammers got a little more than they bargained for after I called them.
The fake company names are:
The real name of the company is: Artico Media Sky. This is the company registration:
You will be able to see the full details of the company director in that website.
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Jun 27, 2020




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Comments 100
aien jamir
aien jamir Minute ago
They are speaking in Nagamese 😂😂I can understand what they are talking about😂
BlobheadPlayz 22 minutes ago
Jim : is that how the scam works? The technision fee? Scammer.:...... *mhmm*
The BrainSaurus
The BrainSaurus 24 minutes ago
That stupid shitty Archit has Lord Buddha as his DP. He has no right to ise the that picture of the world most purest man's pic as his DP
NEPAL KO GAMER 27 minutes ago
Scammer was indian
critical tinks
critical tinks 29 minutes ago
I think I'm ur 2mill sub I just subed
Rodney Roberson
Rodney Roberson 31 minute ago
Fujoshiii_ bea
Fujoshiii_ bea 34 minutes ago
This is so funny...I just love how pissed they become lmao
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh 37 minutes ago
India is the worst shot hole
CynicalArsalan 46 minutes ago
The hero we need but don't Deserve
Bag on ya Head
King of the REVERSE CARD😂
memecourt coolrat
fbi:FBI OPEN UP jim:yeah? whats poppin FBI:we need you to hack scammers:/ jim:for how much money a week fbi:10000000 jim:ima quit youtube rq
Arun s.o
Arun s.o Hour ago
Hi guys I'm Indian and on behalf of all my countrymen I like to say apologize to the people who are scammed by these scammers all most of all of them are from the North and North east parts(UP and Bihar) where Law and Order is not good.. Murders, Gang activities and Corruption are high (nurtured by local leader) These Scammers are now somewhat targeted by the the authorities Again we are Sorry
Lori P
Lori P Hour ago
You sir make me smile. These scammers try to ruin people’s life’s.
KingMAC Hour ago
I was told I was $5,000 in debt with my credit card... at 5 yrs old
Sync Edits
Sync Edits Hour ago
Broooo I love ur videos soo much
Chris Tian
Chris Tian Hour ago
Man dammit, if I have a billion, I'll gladly support this man
Gyvavaizdis Hour ago
Very well done sir! Very well done
Chris Ortiz
Chris Ortiz Hour ago
You Sr are a real Hero
PCDYYD Hour ago
Good stuff, keep it coming!
XEsclipse Hour ago
Me: (calling support over the phone for my A order Indian guy : Ello customer support Me:.............. Indian guy : Can I get your social security number Me:......
Mystic1400 Hour ago
Mystic1400 Hour ago
Mystic1400 Hour ago
ItzDexity Hour ago
Damn watch dogs 4
unkle kc
unkle kc Hour ago
I looked up his Facebook. Last name is Yanthan
UserMouther 2 hours ago
Uno reverse card on the scammers
gue gue
gue gue 2 hours ago
You a hero
Endou Gaming
Endou Gaming 2 hours ago
That guy is indian 😭😭
Gryffindor Equestrian Girl
Anon Anon
Anon Anon 2 hours ago
Anon Anon
Anon Anon 2 hours ago
this was so cool😭😭 wow
allah 2 hours ago
"is this how the scam works?" *mmhm*
Piggly Wiggly
Piggly Wiggly 2 hours ago
ArchitWRLD 2 hours ago
bruh my name is archit lmao
Val Grossi
Val Grossi 3 hours ago
These videos are just a step by step guide to become a scammer and not mess up
Stephen2846 3 hours ago
This sounds like BigClive. Is it?
ivan lara
ivan lara 3 hours ago
not all hero's wear capes
Solid Coal
Solid Coal 3 hours ago
in the future someone: the bank told me its a scam the scammer : no no you can look at the reviews there all 5 star reviews theres no way we can be a scam someone: ummm heres no reviews there the scammer: well fu- -- Call Ended --
hunter godwin
hunter godwin 3 hours ago
I live in NC that kinda crazy but I live I Pinehurst NC
Intoxicating Beauty
I have a very particular set of skills
Dankrupt 3 hours ago
Why are they always Indian
NachoFreckle 3 hours ago
Timestamp please
Nirvaar Kaur
Nirvaar Kaur 3 hours ago
Also I swear I get this calls all the time and I mess with them soo bad it’s pretty funny honestly
Nirvaar Kaur
Nirvaar Kaur 3 hours ago
Ok archit is Indian he’s speaking in Hindi saying to discontent his internet
VenusProductions 3 hours ago
Plot Twist: He was an innocent man the whole time
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson 4 hours ago
Just wait till one of these scam-hunters shows up PERSONALLY to confront these scammers!
Ashanti 4 hours ago
"Is that how the scam works? The technician fee?" "Mhm." He really just exposed himself-
Joshua Hissom
Joshua Hissom 4 hours ago
I would like to buy this guy a beer
MusingsofaJay♡ 5 hours ago
His voice reminds me of that line from Taken
Nicholas Bowen
Nicholas Bowen 5 hours ago
how do i go from workout videos to this
Detective Inspector
Jim Browning 💯 Digital Batman💯
De' Drycell
De' Drycell 5 hours ago
Tutorial please
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 6 hours ago
Not the hero we need or want. But, the hero we deserve.
Bean Pan
Bean Pan 6 hours ago
His name is Shanlamo Yanthan
yair raudales
yair raudales 6 hours ago
Me: I love democracy
leo axendra
leo axendra 6 hours ago
12:00 that silence is ✨c r i s p y ✨
Dilafrose Bashir
Dilafrose Bashir 6 hours ago
You sir, are an absolute legend.
Globgore? 6 hours ago
Lmao watching this stresses me out I'm so tense 😂😂
Ainz 6 hours ago
full counter
ΠΩҜZ LҜR 7 hours ago
I am from Nagaland and I can understand them😂
Cindy M
Cindy M 7 hours ago
Ragerplays70 7 hours ago
13:31 Is that how this scam works:Jim Scammer: Mhm as in yes
Kelmer Bueno
Kelmer Bueno 7 hours ago
You’re a fucking beast !!!!!! Keep it up !!! GET THEM ALL
Dilafrose Bashir
Dilafrose Bashir 7 hours ago
Indian call centres..
PARTICLE Represed 7 hours ago
I want to shoot these scammers in the face with a shotgun and tbag them.
Anonymous Coder
Anonymous Coder 7 hours ago
Delamiro 7 hours ago
I find it so entertaining how you tell them everything about them
Nvable 7 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Loving the calm voice.
Marco 7 hours ago
You Are A HERO
Papu Texas
Papu Texas 8 hours ago
Pranav Rai
Pranav Rai 8 hours ago
I can translate what they were taking in their native language
Mc kevin lee Tan
Mc kevin lee Tan 8 hours ago
Please dont blur this idiots facess show them to the masses. Feel bad about thoseee who get scammed no this no life scamming rats lives n sewage
Jannien Leonardo
Jannien Leonardo 8 hours ago
This was pretty Bad-Ass tho
deshpremi 8 hours ago
Next time use Gurgaon for Gurugram. It's pronounced as Gudgaun. This is gonna trigger them more.
minecraft ASMR
minecraft ASMR 8 hours ago
This dude would be scary if he was a hacker
Marquis de Lafayette
R u from Belfast
kid nt107
kid nt107 9 hours ago
u are iq
Leo_kilo_612 9 hours ago
Damn im the 2 million subscriber
LBoy Thomas
LBoy Thomas 9 hours ago
i didn’t ask to see this but i’m glad i did
Kaiyotah 9 hours ago
“Is that how the scam works?” Him: “mhm”
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 9 hours ago
Hey bro I will help u out from this scammer I am from India And I know Hindi If u need any help regarding any language i will help u out
Scammers are Noobs
Danielle Walsh
Danielle Walsh 10 hours ago
Me and my cousin got scammed on eBay trying to. buy a phone then I tried contacting eBay but COVID so no customer service. These people are disgusting.
Danielle Walsh
Danielle Walsh 8 hours ago
Radi0active yeah honestly eBay used to be cheaper then amazon but now Amazon beats eBay by like $5 on most things and then there’s Wish. eBay is dying
Radi0active 9 hours ago
thats why i dont trust ebay anymore
RJ The qt
RJ The qt 10 hours ago
It said your address
manic waters
manic waters 10 hours ago
Bruh you just blew up that mans whole fb page
Daniel Yates
Daniel Yates 10 hours ago
so err how did you learn to do this? for research purposes obviously...
Vader Nation
Vader Nation 10 hours ago
This man is a better Liam neeson than Liam neeson
mabz zaman
mabz zaman 11 hours ago
He was talking Indian and not Bangla.. If you come across any scammers doing it from Bangladesh, if you can provide the location I can get the place burnt down.
Malcolm Phillips
Malcolm Phillips 11 hours ago
Can i link his Facebook?
Damian Woodward
Damian Woodward 11 hours ago
We need people like you bro well done.
Pablo Bessone
Pablo Bessone 11 hours ago
Sandeep Debnath
Sandeep Debnath 11 hours ago
I am from Nagaland too....and they were not speaking "bangla" or whatever you said it was..... They were speaking in Nagamese. That was a good job you did there buddy😉
Ferginthebooth Jenkins
def jus got new laptops and phones and wifi
Dilan Phaomei XD 36 6210
Did someone notice that the scammer is Indian because he was speaking Hindi. I am ashamed as I am myself Indian and watching them scamming people breaks my heart. But please don't think wrong about Indians as most of them are kind. Love from India.
ripgut 11 hours ago
Jim. you terrify me.
RemusDark 11 hours ago
get 2Mil pls
Kislay Ray
Kislay Ray 11 hours ago
All the scammers are from India maybe 🇮🇳
username not availble here
They speak nagamis
Yaseen’s PC
Yaseen’s PC 12 hours ago
You should have kept in the bangle, I would have translated it in the comments.
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