Calling Harden a better scorer than MJ is absurd - Will Cain rips Daryl Morey | First Take

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Will Cain and Domonique Foxworth reject Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey's claim that James Harden is a better scorer than Michael Jordan.
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Published on


Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 3 198
rmtjr237 5 days ago
Goofballs believe shooting 3s makes you a better scorer🤦‍♂️
verriberri2.0 2 months ago
harden is better to me
Weather Light
Weather Light 2 months ago
flop dunk beach please harden
Rex L
Rex L 2 months ago
Only because MJ also plays defense.
Nasri Jumaidi
Nasri Jumaidi 2 months ago
Because the fact is harden is better 3 pts shooter than mj, the fact is harden is better free throw shooter than mj, the fact is harden is most fouled than mj, the fact is harden is strong to do that kind of job everynight, the fact is james harden is better passer than mj, its simple harden is better offensively than MJ.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 2 months ago
just because you have a beard doesn't mean you're the goat
Arctic Wanderer
Arctic Wanderer 2 months ago
Benty Baroon
Benty Baroon 4 months ago
Harden is a dumbfuk.
宁宁 4 months ago
MOREY I just can't believe you guys believe in what the mobs said in Hongkong. They are not pro-democracy,They beat people randomly. They beat the cops,burned and are burning the buildings,blocked the airport,smashed the subways,they brainwashed those10-15 years old kids to do something suicide attack,they are free for killing and beating,not fighting for freedom but the money the CIA gave them. They were trained and funded by CIA,It is terrorism in HONGKONG.Are U idiot or fool?The honeymoon of chinese- Houston Rockets has been buried by you.
Jordan Aguero
Jordan Aguero 4 months ago
In Stephen A Smith voice: Stay Off The WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!
Jordan Aguero
Jordan Aguero 4 months ago
Charly Arnolt 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Terry Y
Terry Y 5 months ago
Did he high on weed when he said that?
Damien Hernandez
Damien Hernandez 5 months ago
Morey is a certifiable retard
Don Don
Don Don 5 months ago
U measure by chips
massoux ttg
massoux ttg 5 months ago
William Crew
William Crew 5 months ago
Jordan scored, played defense, and is a proven winner. Harden can score, plays no defense and has yet to get a ring. Moral of the story, Jordan would shut Harden down
William Crew
William Crew 5 months ago
@Colby Campbell And I elaborated so what is your point?
Colby Campbell
Colby Campbell 5 months ago
We're not talking about anything else. Just scoring
ブラック 5 months ago
GOCHUPUNCH 5 months ago
Daryl Morey is absolutely right as proven by the Rockets' recent success and championship rings. Oh wait...
Nehemiah Stewart
Nehemiah Stewart 5 months ago
James is better scorer. He's not a WINNER like Jordan.
ryan esg
ryan esg 5 months ago
Dat guy praising harden is poor lap dog
jomark palacio
jomark palacio 5 months ago
How many points harden has in finals?
Adrian Mikels
Adrian Mikels 5 months ago
Man, all these dumb debates. Michael has NO WEAKNESS OFFENSIVELY & HE DIDN'T FLOP!
Adrian Mikels
Adrian Mikels 5 months ago
That fat piece of shit has no idea what he's talking about.
Nate Lewis
Nate Lewis 5 months ago
Disrespectful. Tracey mCGrady, KD, Kobe, Lebron James, Melo are all better scorers than James Harden. Hell gimme iso joe.
Nate Lewis
Nate Lewis 5 months ago
ブラック prove me wrong. You’re the fool.
ブラック 5 months ago
Nate Lewis u fool
Sayed El Amin
Sayed El Amin 5 months ago
Luv my boi Harden, but MJ was not only a better ball player overall but he was a much better scorer. Jordan was more elusive, had way more moves, was just as good of if not a better shooter, smarter (that’s saying a lot bc Harden’s bball iq is off the charts) and was able to demoralize anyone defending him bc you could play perfect defense and he’d still score rather effortlessly. Cain is obnoxious but he also makes a very good point in that MJ scored when it was a lot harder to score.
Jacob Ferreira
Jacob Ferreira 5 months ago
Whether you like it or not, you can’t debate the fact that hardens a top 5 scorer of all time. Kobe, kd, harden, mj and the fifth player is up to debate imo.
Jacob Ferreira
Jacob Ferreira 5 months ago
AwakenedDryBones 777 ik i’m just saying i think all four of them have an argument for best scorer of all time
AwakenedDryBones 777
That's not the argument here fam
FruitPunch Samurai
FruitPunch Samurai 5 months ago
Jordan relies on his talent and winning attitude. Harde relies on the refs
Lanky Lanxx
Lanky Lanxx 5 months ago
The only player EVER to rival Jordan in scoring is Kevin Durant and this is coming from a Lebron fan, looking at Jordan, KD, and Harden’s ppg is cool but when you begin to look at all 3 of their fg% Harden is not up to par especially when you factor the percentage of his points come from the free throw line and how he gets to the free throw line it’s just not on the same range as the other two 🤷🏾‍♂️
Calvin Scherbarth
Calvin Scherbarth 5 months ago
James Harden has more tools, is more creative, and can handle the ball much much better. He has reached a higher level offensively than Jordan has. That doesn't mean Jordan is not a better scorer, but we have to agree that James is much more talented offensively.
Kevin Kerr
Kevin Kerr 5 months ago
He is a better scorer tho. Look at the era they played in. Rookie AI crossed him up
AwakenedDryBones 777
Go back to sleep after smoking another whack ass blunt kid
AwakenedDryBones 777
Go back to sleep after that whack as blunt you just smoked kid
Thé Alliance
Thé Alliance 5 months ago
She's beautiful & not annoying like Molly.
Osas 5 months ago
Regular season yes but not overall, maybe a bit more efficient
Angry Bird
Angry Bird 5 months ago
Jordan played in an era where most people lacked the skill of basketball.. too many talents today , now anybody can shoot the three ball which makes it difficult to compete .
AwakenedDryBones 777
Are you saying the 90s was not a great era?
R3xClutch 5 months ago
Why is no one else talking but Cheryl I would dick her down no cap
Armagodu JR
Armagodu JR 5 months ago
MJ could not shoot 3's, stop it, he only had one good year from deep and it was in the one season where the NBA made the line shorter, MJ even went to one 3 point contest and his performance is still to this day one of the worst of all time
88smjls 5 months ago
James Harden plays in a league with no big man in the paint. If you beat your man you are at the rim. Plus Harden gets every call until the playoffs start. Jordan was also playing the best perimeter defense in the league.
Jerald Vincent Zumel
Mike was a scoring champ 10x, meaning nobody could stop him from scoring for 10 seasons. Let that sink in.
andrew wheeler
andrew wheeler 5 months ago
Has harden passed kobe?
SamYG 5 months ago
Mj wasn’t even good at 3s bruh but I do believe he would light up in scoring just not for 3s
AwakenedDryBones 777
He was good at them. He just didnt shoot them as much
Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz 5 months ago
ESPN running out of shit to talk about
Master Spade
Master Spade 5 months ago
Jordan is quickly becoming the most Underrated player Ever. Now even Harden is a better scorer than Jordan................................right? LOL!!! Let's look at the Facts - Scoring Titles: Jordan -10 vs harden - 2 kobe - 2 shaq - 2 westbrook - 2 lebron - 1 curry -1 So Jordan has as many Scoring Titles all by himself as all 6 of those players have COMBINED!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!
Fire Fist Ace
Fire Fist Ace 5 months ago
Master Spade that just shows how trash the competition was in MJ’s day... Harden would average 2000ppg if half the starters he played against were plumbers 😂
Adam Samuel
Adam Samuel 5 months ago
Amazing hoe Daryl said a man who hasn't made the NBA Finals as a leader can be better than a guy who led his team to 6 finals. Harden has lost to GS how many times now its hard to keep count.. Yes MJ lost to The Pistons but they eventually got past them. Rockets would still lose to the Current Warriors if they faced them in a seven game series. Harden is a regular season Star not Playoffs. Yes he gets some good numbers in the playoffs but as long as you don't have the right team or chemistry you wasting away your career. He will win MVP's and not rings.
Patinho 5 months ago
Different fking rules. Of course he gets more point now. Jeez
24surf 5 months ago
James harden very efficient in traveling, flopping, and freethrows. LMAO!
Lorenzo Bontorin
Lorenzo Bontorin 5 months ago
James Harden is the best of what a six man can ever be: just he won't be able to lead a team to the win because he lacks that "IT" that makes real superstars. I see in his eyes, still he seek approval instead of seeking and TAKING it, with the recognition he may should deserve, IF he would be able to do so. As Max said "if James Harden hits his shots when it mattered most". And he doesn't, because he is more interested in show how bad his eyes were, instead of playing through it and win, as Kobe did with his broken fingers, as MJ didi with his flu, as Hakeem did many times without having eat during Ramadan. He was seeking excuses while still in the game, ofc he is not able to win. No said for being better than Mike. Come on, don't joke, Mike was absurd, as scorer and as clutch scorer.
T I M O 5 months ago
calling harden a superstar is absurd.. getting away with tons of steps to score..
LebronBlew5Finals#NotTop5 #Needs2AllStarsToWin
Jordan is probably a better defender than James harden is on offense Jordan averaged 37ppg over 50% That's all I need to say
Pan Desheng
Pan Desheng 5 months ago
If James ever wins a title he's gonna be in the 🐐 discussion. I saw this coming ESPN.
jp3813 5 months ago
Last year, Harden averaged 30+ points in the playoffs for the first time in his career at 31.6 ppg (.413 fg%). MJ averages 33.4 ppg (.487 fg%) for his entire postseason career, only missing the 30+ mark during his rookie year by a few decimals.
Ush Yamamoto
Ush Yamamoto 5 months ago
Mj was one of those players you had to be around the era to understand.
First to Infinity
First to Infinity 5 months ago
MJ played against defenses, harden doesn’t
Celldweller Fangirl
Celldweller Fangirl 5 months ago
The guy that said that needs to stop with the hard drugs. No one is better than MJ period.
Zerrow Zell
Zerrow Zell 5 months ago
Mj aint have to be the pg to score 45
JsMs Rawr
JsMs Rawr 5 months ago
James Harden is a better flopper, 50% of his scores comes from the free throw line.
Jesse Castillo
Jesse Castillo 5 months ago
Now some fool is trying to compare harden to MJ..holly lord! Can't even give this dumb ass statment any validity with a comment!
Eric Duncan
Eric Duncan 5 months ago
Now we’re comparing harden to MJ. Hahaha this is a farther comparison than lebron James compared to MJ. Y’all need to stop with trying to compare ANY player to MJ. It’s not even close. MJ is the GOAT. He always will be.
mankitsu524 5 months ago
316 dumb millennials who never played physical basketball disliked
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews 5 months ago
Mj got 37 ppg off 2s. James harden got 36 ppg off 3s and free throws...
MaruLaTrey x Ubaid
MaruLaTrey x Ubaid 5 months ago
So many Jordan dick riders
jocriss 5 months ago
So many idiots like you. And before you try responding, watch FULL GAMES of the Bulls first from the 80s up to MJ's last shot. Now shut the fuck up.
Humberto Salinas
Humberto Salinas 5 months ago
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