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Jul 11, 2019

modern warfare multiplayer gameplaycall of duty modern warfarecod mw 2019modern warfare gameplaymultiplayer cod 2019




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Comments 5 209
JerzeYxKinG 18 hours ago
do dey have stick and stones and gun game
Mcaine Mould
Mcaine Mould 19 hours ago
Best call of duty game yet✌🏻
Dianne Morris
Dianne Morris 6 days ago
I am so glad i started on MW2. *TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING*
Deven T
Deven T 6 days ago
I’ve been sayin “Kobe” since MW3 lol 😂
Junio San Nicolas
What’s in homeboys drink?
Eric Santiago
Eric Santiago 7 days ago
I started on modern warfare 4 for xbox360 and this deffinitely is a buying on my list
Gaming with London McDonald
Could use some more levels that you’re looking exactly right 😐😑
iitscxm 11 days ago
thought this game would focus on spec ops and tactical movements lol. this looks like COD Ghosts reskinned
iitscxm 11 days ago
whoa an execute? halo's had this since forever
wes jones
wes jones 11 days ago
If it’s a cross between r6 and cod then then left stick and b are how you lean
wes jones
wes jones 11 days ago
While aiming
Lorenzo Salinas
Lorenzo Salinas 12 days ago
If you compare to other modern warfare i guess its fine but like i said why is it so hard to make a game that is just amazing.
Lorenzo Salinas
Lorenzo Salinas 12 days ago
I've started since the very beginning. Nah i like reload animation but nah this one aint ut chief
Lynxford Schroeder
Lynxford Schroeder 12 days ago
What is this an asmr
trGhuul 12 days ago
I started with MW1 and BO1 and got to Ghosts (my fav dk why) but aw (i got too) fucked me up, so i stopped playing cod but this gives me chills. i want to play it...
ExcitY 12 days ago
Looks like rainbow six siege 😂
nemat rahmanov
nemat rahmanov 12 days ago
52 сякнм
water Lee
water Lee 13 days ago
I don't think it looks that great and I started in mw2 but the gameplay looks good.
Wyatt Bender
Wyatt Bender 14 days ago
I thought he said "and my boi La Croix" 1:47
magmaster4 14 days ago
Parker Scholl
Parker Scholl 15 days ago
Modern battlefieldfare
Parker Scholl
Parker Scholl 15 days ago
Cod modern rainbow sixfare
Bogdan Marcu
Bogdan Marcu 16 days ago
First i saw the release trailers. I said wau, looks like one CoD i need to play. Then i saw this video. Dafuq... don't wanna be a hater, but i think even BF3 is better than this... I will stick to BF4 & 5.
Elena Ravasz
Elena Ravasz 16 days ago
I star COD with campange MW2 and multi with BO1
CR 1987
CR 1987 17 days ago
Well I like it. Made for men and not kids. Although, that sniper shot missed, yet killed.
spriggan oscar
spriggan oscar 17 days ago
That youtuber on the right why do you scream so much? Do you have mental retardation?
elguitarTom 18 days ago
Get rid of the x-ray vision and tracers then I might buy it.
Be Good
Be Good 19 days ago
Jake kinda sucks lol
joby reeves
joby reeves 19 days ago
They couldn’t just make it look and feel like mw 2 :/
oxvenomousxo 19 days ago
Are you TRYING to be funny? Im out
Rah Dracula
Rah Dracula 19 days ago
This isnt gnna be the only mode right?
eirik røen
eirik røen 19 days ago
eirik røen
eirik røen 19 days ago
Levi Melton
Levi Melton 19 days ago
Does anyone like the Modern Warfare series more than the Black Ops series. Also I know this new one is a reboot.
Nick Elj
Nick Elj 19 days ago
Explosive graphics are horrible
jaedin hound man
jaedin hound man 19 days ago
Courage kinda slow not gonna lie
Benny Bryant
Benny Bryant 19 days ago
Good pumped first cod modern ware fare
14Honks Honk
14Honks Honk 19 days ago
Is that nade? He has put the weight on.
parkadiy 19 days ago
чему все радуются? игра посредсвенная как не знаю что, карты просто морально устарели в плане размеров, как CS GO
Flux_Time 19 days ago
As I'm playing csgo 1v1 servers, this pleases me
lance gaming
lance gaming 20 days ago
I’m Crooked Man
I’m Crooked Man 20 days ago
It doesn’t look like cod. People really to use to advance warfare and the newer cods 🤦‍♂️
I’m Crooked Man
I’m Crooked Man 20 days ago
Sensr Yt urmm yes it does. Never played a og cod that’s why. The colour scheme and the roughness of the game just shouts og cod
Sensr Yt
Sensr Yt 20 days ago
It does look like cod
Jurk 20 days ago
That guy should really limit his red bull intake, damn.
mrpimpinwhiteguy 17 days ago
He’ll be fine, when I used to game hardcore I’d go through an 8ball in a night (:
Master of Gaming
Master of Gaming 20 days ago
Ooky Lukey
Ooky Lukey 20 days ago
>Has social medias in description >Still plasters it on the video effectively covering the lower left hand corner every 5 seconds
GameVibes PTw
GameVibes PTw 20 days ago
Can not wait to upload this game I am gunna boss just hope it live up to it
roberto84ita 20 days ago
gruppo facebook italia modern warfare @t
roberto84ita 20 days ago
gruppo facebook italia modern warfare @t
Ali Rashed
Ali Rashed 20 days ago
Mw2 or this ?
TWISTED CHI 20 days ago
We're in 2019 step the graphics game up or do COD VR
K3ueger Gaming
K3ueger Gaming 20 days ago
Are you autistic? i was annoyed after 10 seconds of your lame video
Defaultie boi
Defaultie boi 20 days ago
This is lit, cod modern warfare 2 or 4 (sorry can't remember 😭)
It’sYaBoi Breezy
It’sYaBoi Breezy 20 days ago
Why is everyone hating on this I actually like the animations and the sniper gameplay
thelukos 20 days ago
Omg I want to watch the gameplay but the guy at the top right is a douche!!
Cosmic Vizor
Cosmic Vizor 20 days ago
But I started playing during cod 2 and this has to the best it’s ever looked. I HOPE TO GOD they don’t mess this up like they did with ww2 (in my opinion)
Cosmic Vizor
Cosmic Vizor 20 days ago
I thought Noah was actually in the game with Jack 😂
Donfred Charles
Donfred Charles 20 days ago
That 52:00 game play was hot
Jonathan Ortiz
Jonathan Ortiz 20 days ago
Stim to regenerate health ? Whoa. So innovative
xiidarkiix 20 days ago
Cornballs man.
Mr.foxtrop3 000
Mr.foxtrop3 000 21 day ago
Is there a campaign
skywalker 3112
skywalker 3112 21 day ago
Am I the only one who got excited when he pulled the bolt back lol
Rafael Lopez
Rafael Lopez 21 day ago
Call of duty: 3 first ever cod and this looks f-ing dope
Kane Fuelling
Kane Fuelling 21 day ago
reminds me of a more realistic Cod and less realistic Siege combined
VPN-_- Ballz
VPN-_- Ballz 21 day ago
Stim seems limited, maybe a perk where it recharges, basically unlimited or a limit like Extra Tac?
Leunam Kairus
Leunam Kairus 21 day ago
Hmmm interesting, I may get it when it comes out
Jasmine Marie
Jasmine Marie 21 day ago
Call Of Duty 3-This Year Fun Infinite Warfare- I know right Modern Warfare 4-Hold my honey bun I meant cuz bo3 and infinite warfare are futuristic and mw4 isnt.
Wiiliam Whaley
Wiiliam Whaley 21 day ago
I guess I'm the only one who likes iw
JRascal94 21 day ago
Looks like a broken Medal Gear Solid
Kenan 21 day ago
24:34 aimbot
Fogtrain 21 day ago
que mancos
Offside Moss
Offside Moss 21 day ago
54:25 perfect example of a cod hit box i’m honestly really excited for this game
MkRanger28 21 day ago
they changed the engine it’s ran on. something they should have done years ago in my opinion
Toddy Kwest
Toddy Kwest 21 day ago
My favorite thing in cod is knife kills, so executions are gonna be dope. Just no gun speed running like a mad man is so funny.
shagadelic3000 21 day ago
The dude playing reinforces the stereotyping that COD players have.
Lewis Saunders
Lewis Saunders 22 days ago
Mw1 Waw Mw2 Bo1 Mw3 Bo2 Ghosts Aw Bo3 Iw Ww2 Bo4 Mw
tifozi ll
tifozi ll 22 days ago
54:20 hitboxeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
i Yikes
i Yikes 22 days ago
I’m really looking forward to it but I really hope it’s not slow like rainbow I’ll be happy if the Movement is like bo2 or mw3 cods like that
TechnicBee 22 days ago
Map looks like The Pit off of halo
Clive hamilton
Clive hamilton 22 days ago
This game does not look like a regular call of duty it looks more like six siege in my opinion but it still looks good- I started on bo1
harry dixson
harry dixson 22 days ago
Damn that dude is obnoxious.
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