Call of Duty®: Warzone - Verdansk Air Trailer

Call of Duty
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Pack your bags and call your squad-you're about to go on the vacation of a lifetime. #WelcomeToWarzone
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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Hzuki 6 days ago
Captain price, never dies
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
Mast chf
Mast chf Month ago
Fix the R90
Nafis Muname
Nafis Muname Month ago
Everyone gangsta till captain price hopped in
Travis Scott
Travis Scott Month ago
Make sure you thank price
Rost Srybnov
Rost Srybnov Month ago
What the song?
Aboody Gaming
Aboody Gaming 2 months ago
0:36 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cpt. John Price
Cpt. John Price 2 months ago
Terrell The Great
Terrell The Great 2 months ago
0:37 Right up main street Didnt see the comment so i thought id drop it here.
Jeoffrey Moraga
Jeoffrey Moraga 2 months ago
2 captain price?
nightflambo 2 months ago
You know that if there is blues sacareno music, it's going to be an awesome trailer.
Slay3r_marksman 2 months ago
it looks like ghost was social distancing
sketchy Irishman
sketchy Irishman 2 months ago
The verdansk air logo on the thumbnail should be an emblem in-game
Marcelo Augusto
Marcelo Augusto 3 months ago
Johnson Of The What
Johnson Of The What 3 months ago
aim goin tu it dis ramboorgerrs. hmm itis horibel
Shinobi 3 months ago
Price: keep out the gulag PTSD I guess.
INTV'fantastic camer herotoho
Abi türk operatör ne zaman gelicek
Rey Lee-Llacer
Rey Lee-Llacer 3 months ago
If Price is on the ramp, who’s flying the plane?
D Cisco
D Cisco 3 months ago
This would have been soo much better if the guy that voiced the pilot in this trailer is the OG voice actor for captain price, like in the embassy mission
Dar Memos
Dar Memos 3 months ago
wait was price out at the time when it became free?
EvgashaBeamStream 3 months ago
Хорошая игра, но хуй пойми как в неё научиться нагибать, сколько часов же надо отыграть
Haidi Arreola
Haidi Arreola 3 months ago
0:56 the classic team
lugoBloX [dzner]
lugoBloX [dzner] 3 months ago
this game will be look more and more real...
Ronald Jack Mc.G
Ronald Jack Mc.G 3 months ago
0:56, Ghost be watching that 6 Feet Distancing.
tahmid hasan
tahmid hasan 3 months ago
bravo 6 going dark
TayTayOkocha 3 months ago
Cpt price: you got that turbulence Squad: yea- wait who’s flying cpt price: I don’t know text me if you make tho
Nice Dude
Nice Dude 3 months ago
0:37 my *** but in game no one can throw rock to his face.
Pawel Bernales
Pawel Bernales 3 months ago
it wouldve been awesome if price said this line "And as always, Stay frosty"
StarwindAmada1 4 months ago
Can't wait for MW2. As in the reboot timeline, not the one with Ramirez.
joe mama
joe mama 4 months ago
Bruh real fisher price
Bread503 4 months ago
the CGI when i saw price is drastically better and different...
Jester DEWIT
Jester DEWIT 4 months ago
where is soop?
ggs man kitlas
ggs man kitlas 4 months ago
he looks so badass
Jayden Dicritan
Jayden Dicritan 4 months ago
0:28 mudagun appears mdamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamuda
Killer Saint
Killer Saint 4 months ago
I think they should play this before every game
super manki TV
super manki TV 4 months ago
Ok captain price im 16 and I will listen to you
Look casagramad lab video
Private_ Alex
Private_ Alex 4 months ago
Everyone gangsta till price crashes the plane
Spooky_ lxix_UwU
Spooky_ lxix_UwU 4 months ago
"stay out of gulag" Me who play all the call of duty MW series: what about that one mission
Spooky_ lxix_UwU
Spooky_ lxix_UwU 4 months ago
"stay out of gulag" Me: I can't live without gulag
Dramey 4 months ago
“I here it’s lovely this time of the year”
gaming chair
gaming chair 4 months ago
Can I have a ticket
Denise serrato
Denise serrato 5 months ago
youtubers out here tryna figure out black ops cold war while me just tryna find out who’s actually driving the cargo plane
IRL Captain Price (Real price Actor)
Ryan Chernis
Ryan Chernis 5 months ago
Untied airlines is worse
Scp Dudes
Scp Dudes 5 months ago
Captain price doesnt need cgi *the cgi needs him*
valebrad 5 months ago
What Is the name of the music ?
blackmann -777-
blackmann -777- 5 months ago
Hellraiser -blues saraceno
Y_P_One 5 months ago
I love this trailer
Daniel Sabin
Daniel Sabin 5 months ago
When he said don’t get into the gulag. But I have to win 4 games in the gulag :/
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
Arena Local Gamer
Arena Local Gamer 5 months ago
Call of duty Mobile está um liiiixooooo
-Spartazomb_YT 5 months ago
Can we make this the sound before you drop?
Luca vlogs and gaming
I know, barry Sloane is no billy murray but I respect him, he grew up with the mw trilogy like all of us and he gives a new side to price and of course he will never be billy murray but he does his own version and its great
Buttbuddha 5 months ago
Peaky blinders would make a great feature
Данил Епифанцев
what is the average age of commentators?
M Ayan Khan
M Ayan Khan 5 months ago
M Ayan Khan
M Ayan Khan 5 months ago
Call of duty ❤️
PyroPlazma 5 months ago
Who was flying the plane after he jumped out?
Nev Flanagan
Nev Flanagan 5 months ago
Modern camping sim sometimes warfare hey here's an idea make some operators that aren't mongaloids
Joogle 5 months ago
*when i equip the ghost skin* Price: Hey one last thing *soldier* Ghost: DO I LOOK LIKE AN ORDINARY SOLDIER?????????
シ //
シ // 5 months ago
captain price kinda hot ngl😳😳😳
Christian roZas Cabello
song´s name?
Joan Czołakow
Joan Czołakow 4 months ago
Blue saraceno - hellraiser
Z DROPS 5 months ago
At least we know who actually rides the plane...
Polint Talu
Polint Talu 5 months ago
Just make the whole Verdansk a Rumble map
x9inety6ix 5 months ago
That pilot would make a great vpice actor for captain price in modern warfare 2019 😀👍
Timothy Geneston
Timothy Geneston 5 months ago
Captain Price: We're flying into my world! Me: you mean war crimes and disobeying rules
possumduke 5 months ago
Can someone tell me the song because in bops
Joan Czołakow
Joan Czołakow 4 months ago
Blue saraceno,- hellraiser
BloxLogic 5 months ago
The characters that still alive: 1.Alex 2.Captain Price 3.Kyle / Gaz 4.Ghost???
Low-Budge Fudge
Low-Budge Fudge 5 months ago
We're missing Soap
i Dolchi
i Dolchi 5 months ago
everybody until season 3: im ghost everybody in season 4: im price
Moon 5 months ago
Would be nice for custom warzone matches....but that's never gonna happen
Jonso Tbh
Jonso Tbh 5 months ago
br games don't even look like this but wowwww
Victor Janssen
Victor Janssen 5 months ago
Dear COD Team how can COD Mobile add streak and you can't? You added streaks to Infinite Warfare so please get a streaks team together or patch the Thunder Run so it's just like COD Ghost version. Seriously it be perfect and better then Battlefield 4 if Modern Warfare had this. So one team to patch the Thunder Run so it's like the COD Ghost version.
Hk 4lyfe
Hk 4lyfe 5 months ago
Plunder games are too short. They end in like 6-7 minutes. Honestly thinking about quitting over this because by the time I really get into the game it goes into overtime. I love plunder but with games this short its just not fun anymore :/
ابو نـ يـٓفـ 511
مستوى مستوى
Phat 5 months ago
When will you start to ban aim cheaters? There's no way to recieve satisfaction from the game for the fair players. It seems that at least half of the players have aimbots.
Alma Marcela gozo
Alma Marcela gozo 5 months ago
in bo3 it tells me that I can't join because of different nat
Raccoon Dragon LOVER
How do you buy dlcs for bo4 thats what i really want
ItsCloudyy 5 months ago
The game would be way more fun if people actually play like they do in the trailers
El norteño Feliz Mx
Spoopy Soup
Spoopy Soup 5 months ago
This game is trash, fortnite is better
Hgg hGhg
Hgg hGhg 5 months ago
Angel Yam
Angel Yam 5 months ago
Well infinity war will make call of duty ghost 2 2021?
Potato Monster
Potato Monster 5 months ago
Do a crossover with fortnite
anoug us amd I am sus
I hat svivol mod
anoug us amd I am sus
Fix mw
ATOMSK 5 months ago
I want my money back.
Muffaso Codma
Muffaso Codma 5 months ago
I like how price smile.
EnzoXblack 6 months ago
Take a look on my last warzone compilation
K E Berry
K E Berry 6 months ago
0:56 ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh that one 141 shot hits different
lov 6 months ago
Eisfotze Sch
Eisfotze Sch 6 months ago
0:40 how is the plane still going if there’s no driver
Humberto Rodriguez Cruz
Call of duty can you add second player in the next warzone update please.
Vicent Puche Trivino
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 6 months ago
Cod agricultural warfare
Erica Thomas
Erica Thomas 6 months ago
Price what so gaz their
HJC UKA1 6 months ago
MW2R multiplayer???
ninjamestree 6 months ago
Anuncia logo o novo jogo tá demorando demais pra quê isso?
Iss Huugo
Iss Huugo 6 months ago
That’s great and all but it’s this just looks like normal Warzone. Idek what this updates about. A machine gun and a brick?
Tixian2010_ Twitch
Tixian2010_ Twitch 6 months ago
And the mode zombies?????
Tixian2010_ Twitch
Tixian2010_ Twitch 5 months ago
@Elite Commando yo tampoco
Elite Commando
Elite Commando 5 months ago
Otaku 777 yo no se si va a poner el mode zombies
Tixian2010_ Twitch
Tixian2010_ Twitch 5 months ago
@Elite Commando a ahora sí xd si no tiene modo zombie nose si decir si es un call of duty
Elite Commando
Elite Commando 5 months ago
Otaku 777 yo no se si ay el mode zombies
Tixian2010_ Twitch
Tixian2010_ Twitch 5 months ago
Hablo español si sabes español dime lo que dijiste porque todavía no se al 100% ingles xd
쵸코우유 6 months ago
0:20 Damascus strela-p????
SSSEREGA 6 months ago
last update dev error 6065 i cant play, can you fix that???
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