Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - The Story So Far

Call of Duty
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This story is far from over.
Season 4 kicks off June 3.
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May 27, 2020




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Comments 80
Time Bandit
Time Bandit 2 days ago
Isn't it amazing we have all the snow camo dlc in the store but no snow maps to use them on, the devs must be crayon chewers and window lickers.
Meep 3 days ago
Chills 0:52
Alejandro Cardenas
what is the hype about cod red dead is better nrdz
Leonardo 7 days ago
I can't wait for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Don Holbert
Don Holbert 7 days ago
Incels are loving these female skins.
black plasma
black plasma 10 days ago
What is the song called btw?
ĀÑØŃ 10 days ago
For those of you who want to know where is Imran Zakhaev, in this reboot he died in 2011. His son, Victor is the enemy.
Not Sufyan
Not Sufyan 11 days ago
Girls sleep over , hahaha , boys sleep over : bravo six , going dark ........
B.A. O
B.A. O 13 days ago
Sadaf Niaz
Sadaf Niaz 14 days ago
Is the campaign updated
merc 24
merc 24 15 days ago
0:25 when ur homie on the other team in dodgeball
renakles 17 days ago
Does this mean there will be new single player missions?
Filipe Mota
Filipe Mota 17 days ago
COD make sure you have the option to filter the platforms, whoever plays on the computer has a lot of advantage over the consoles and ends up being unfair! (Brasil)
League Staff
League Staff 18 days ago
Hey could you please fix ME servers. Multiplayer maps are not playable on PlayStation after season 4 update 🤷‍♂️
budapesteBR2012 18 days ago
The servers are trash. Dont connect
Ghost 66
Ghost 66 18 days ago
Coloquem o modo terceira pessoa
CallBall139 19 days ago
Pls no my storage can’t handle this
Youtube Guy
Youtube Guy 20 days ago
the comments on this video are disgusting, half of the people complaining about the delay and the other half are making unoriginal storage jokes
Sergey Kozlov
Sergey Kozlov 21 day ago
Где кровавые деньги???
M8tEy 21 day ago
Prices face in the trailer looks nothing like him in the game
BRAIN CREW 22 days ago
If I use this video will u give copyright on it
Mohammed Odeh
Mohammed Odeh 22 days ago
We need update this game is f...
Gamewhat 24 days ago
The best FPS game ever!!
Gone2Fly 24 days ago
Somehow the gas went to Cod Mobile...
Jake 24 days ago
I cant believe nobody noticed the vector and the galil
FranklinThe1 23 days ago
junge junge
junge junge 25 days ago
Activision, I had like 1800 cod points and since the new update I’m back to 900 without even purchasing anything?? Is this your way to make me purchase another 1200 points to get the new season pass because I’m lacking a 100 points to the 1000 required? If that’s the case I’ll deinstall immediately
FranklinThe1 23 days ago
deinstall lol
Francisco Barbieri
Francisco Barbieri 25 days ago
Me regalan el juego
dziwek lachocki
dziwek lachocki 25 days ago
TY for GROM operator ;D
Lorenzo Flores
Lorenzo Flores 25 days ago
Please keep warzone rumble in the list it's the best thing that ever happen to cod!
Filip Svoboda
Filip Svoboda 25 days ago
Activisionu please ak12, ak15
Itsyourboydevon 1
Itsyourboydevon 1 25 days ago
How come gaz isnt in the battlepass?
El Rexside
El Rexside 25 days ago
Boring update
absolute gamer
absolute gamer 25 days ago
It looks like a movie tralier
kezzy 25 days ago
Who's here after the new update just dropped
Kingboo2009 N
Kingboo2009 N 25 days ago
Imagine call of duty the movie
am i the only one that thinks that’s there gonna be another part in the story
Jacob Bullard
Jacob Bullard 25 days ago
I cannot lie his "going dark" quote at the end made me cringe.
Corey Golden
Corey Golden 25 days ago
Whose here after they announced the actual release date after 9 days of unnecessary delaying?
Mr Muffin
Mr Muffin 25 days ago
X-Play MPS
X-Play MPS 25 days ago
Anybody looking for one more for quads?
T-Pose Steve
T-Pose Steve 25 days ago
I am going to see price die
The Youtube Police
The Youtube Police 25 days ago
Season 4 June 11th PS5 Event June 11th Rumors that cod 2020 will be revealed at the ps5 event It's all coming together
Landon Ricketts
Landon Ricketts 25 days ago
"Exactly as i planned."
Juyx 25 days ago
Idk why but why does the guy all the way to the left look so innocent lol 😎
173TOP / 049-CRINGE
0:54 the one at the far right looks like soap
Spartan 360434
Spartan 360434 25 days ago
its potato face iskra
QuiQuil 26 days ago
Are they really copying mortal kombat 11 aftermath
epic gibi
epic gibi 26 days ago
New wepon vector
epic gibi
epic gibi 26 days ago
Oh yeah
Sovieti_exe D-c 142.
Add the barret 50. Cal
Ghost 28
Ghost 28 26 days ago
We want Season 4
Rocco 26 days ago
i hate the delay but this trailer game on point
Pedro Vinícius
Pedro Vinícius 26 days ago
Joshua Arce
Joshua Arce 26 days ago
No hate your game is one of the greatest but what is happening with season 4 🤔
Leonardo Bravo
Leonardo Bravo 26 days ago
So when are you gonna drop the season 4?
Landon Ricketts
Landon Ricketts 26 days ago
Tomorrow 7am UK Time.
22 hex
22 hex 26 days ago
Was looking at the comments not even the black want the delay lol
Underlying effect Zero
Shame on you ! Claiming to support BLM while you are the most racist esport game !
XxInphaseOwlxX _
XxInphaseOwlxX _ 26 days ago
You guys been taking too long...
PH Static
PH Static 26 days ago
Ya Boi Jules
Ya Boi Jules 26 days ago
We've had this season delayed twice now. You're hurting more people than helping, just release it already.
Freestailo777 26 days ago
11. JUNE
Brotha Mar
Brotha Mar 26 days ago
Infinity Ward: "Bravo Six, going dark." *Literally*
Brotha Mar
Brotha Mar 25 days ago
@Skoopy Memes Thanks for the heads up 👍
Skoopy Memes
Skoopy Memes 26 days ago
Well now It Is official It releases today pacific time so tomorrow for Europe and Usa
RICHARD ARIAS 26 days ago
May you please launch the update.
Angry Trooper
Angry Trooper 26 days ago
They delayed the game not to stand with the community after a death but because everyone is out protesting means less money for them.
Bombes K
Bombes K 26 days ago
Donuts eater
Donuts eater 26 days ago
Ight im from the future....2021....theres still no season 4...it keeps getting delayed
kade andersen
kade andersen 26 days ago
Can’t wait for them to add the update so I can wait 3 days for it to download
Olsonek 26 days ago
Alex Jongeneelen
Alex Jongeneelen 26 days ago
Respect your players and give us a date!!
Victor Kotaki
Victor Kotaki 26 days ago
Release the uptade to season 4!!
mega gamer
mega gamer 26 days ago
You really want for people to forget about your game and use their money on other one don't you?
chris amd
chris amd 26 days ago
release season 4 you ruin the game people wait for it
Aydan Lopez
Aydan Lopez 26 days ago
It’s 4am and I’m still waiting
SαßerƬoo†h 26 days ago
I miss nvg gunfight 😂😂
Archie Campbell
Archie Campbell 26 days ago
Please add a character creator
marco tomio
marco tomio 26 days ago
Ci siamo rotti il cazzo di aspettare sta stagione 4. Fatela uscire. Svegliaaaaaaa
iyad2446 26 days ago
Bella zi, hai ragione
O. a o
O. a o 26 days ago
the game is old, nothing new is coming. The main thing is that the shop is always open and they make money. finally brings out seasion4 and would rather donate money against racism. the players are your financiers and the boss. you get the monthly salary from us so work too.
Blue Nautica
Blue Nautica 26 days ago
Season 4 was sent to gulag and didn’t make it boys.
Cathal McCabe
Cathal McCabe 26 days ago
Anyone notice the vector in gazs hand on 0:55
Obsidian Shard
Obsidian Shard 26 days ago
I'm pretty sure it's delayed again. There would've been a trailer by now for season 4
Harvey Wayne
Harvey Wayne 26 days ago
Wheres season 4
Hector Perez
Hector Perez 26 days ago
Elias Ercan
Elias Ercan 26 days ago
They dont even give us a nother release date for season 4, its a mess.
Oscar martinez
Oscar martinez 26 days ago
Is it delayed again :-/
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