Caesar's Great Roman Civil War - How it all started - DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals restart their animated historical documentary series on the life of Gaius Julius Caesar. After the first season dedicated to the Gallic Wars, second season will cover the Great Roman Civil War, starting with an episode on the political situation in the Roman Republic while the Gallic Wars were raging and immediately after them. How Caesar and Pompey became enemies? What other political players did to stop the war from happening? Why did Caesar's Civil War start?
Previous episode on Caesar's conquest of Gaul: ruvid.net/video/video-LRV185XaMIM.html
Roman Politics before Caesar - conflict between Marius and Sulla: ruvid.net/video/video-o-FjyEpspyw.html
Evolution of the Roman Armies: ruvid.net/video/video-i9A3CWw15lQ.html
Roman history: ruvid.net/group/PLaBYW76inbX6WrNCeL_AdR36ZIODiGNzq
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The video was made by our friend Oğuz Tunç bit.ly/2H6oRjw while the script was researched and written by Peter Voller. This video was narrated by Officially Devin (ruvid.net/u-OfficiallyDevin)
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May 28, 2020




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Comments 80
Kings and Generals
Caesar is back and on a world tour again, baby: bit.ly/2PX5A4n
brei lin
brei lin 28 days ago
Please put subtitulo in Spanish
Carla Underhill
Carla Underhill Month ago
no, i hate subtitles
brei lin
brei lin Month ago
Please put subtitulo in Spanish to the documentari
Furious Sherman
Furious Sherman Month ago
18:08 I already love Roman history and politics, and when you combine it with such legendary lines it's just... **insert Pleased Sully meme here**
Reina Camp
Reina Camp Month ago
Why and How Rome managed to survive all these wars and odds? Or did only the name survive?
n543576 7 days ago
Wow......They definitely never talked about this in history class. I think this shows the weakness in the Roman Republic's system in that all it took to cause a Civil War (and this is just as a Republic not even an Empire yet) was a strong willed and intelligent general who was just as capable of out politicking the politicians to the point they empower another strong willed and intelligent general because they couldn't control the other one.
777peacelove 7 days ago
I will always admire Julius Caesar because of his courage!
IceMan 8 days ago
Wow Ceaser a Legend I never knew About this Thanks man 🤘
Stefan Jopek
Stefan Jopek 9 days ago
MF Bobyle
MF Bobyle 10 days ago
I hope it works out for this Caesar guy
Alec Misra
Alec Misra 10 days ago
Caesar was the vanguard of the proletariat.
Ahm3d yusuf
Ahm3d yusuf 10 days ago
Tribune Aquila endorses historia civilis.
Stannis 'The Mannis' Baratheon
Snow’s always melt
Daymon Klotz
Daymon Klotz 13 days ago
King vs God
WHOChi 20
WHOChi 20 15 days ago
a father, marries his daughter? wtf.
CandyWolf 14 days ago
when did that happen?
Subtle Nature
Subtle Nature 16 days ago
What have the Roman's ever done for us?
The CrimsonZeke
The CrimsonZeke 17 days ago
Bruh Caesar looks like President Duterte
Mike signs
Mike signs 19 days ago
I had been searching for this kind of video for so long before it came out
Brandon Boggs
Brandon Boggs 19 days ago
I just like watching the Roman women getting pounded in the movies
Topcliffe 22 days ago
08:18 - Caesar looks like a member of Joy Division lol ;)
Matt Kneeshaw
Matt Kneeshaw 22 days ago
Pump the fucking brakes you just said you can use the VPN even in countries where it's banned you could be executed for doing such things you could be called a spy. I can't remember the man's name in American was jailed for very long time for taking radio equipment that was banned into Cuba radio equipment you're extensively telling people it's okay to do the same thing will you cover their bail their lawyer their death will you pay for that think about what you're saying man for god sakes you just told people it is okay to break laws
John Tatva
John Tatva 23 days ago
You use new kind of illustrations and animations. Very beautiful!
Alex Domanovic
Alex Domanovic 24 days ago
hmm. nothing seems to have changed
Girl: I only date boys who are 6feet *caesar looking at his 10 legs * Ohh no
Smith Peter
Smith Peter 25 days ago
Was ist ein "red square"?
Earthen Jadis
Earthen Jadis 26 days ago
Americans should take lessons from this to see how their own Republic can fall. It doesn't collapse overnight, it rots over time. Instead of blaming Republicans or Democrats, I think you need to be ensuring all your checks and balances don't get eroded away. What happens when you leave your front door with your rifle but there is a goon squad with automatic weapons and APCs waiting for you? By then it's too late - you should have protected your system instead of thinking your were safe at home with a few rifles and pistols while your democracy was subverted.
Lemsch 26 days ago
Great video, as always- but do I spot the Coliseum on the map of Rome?
#ashu sinha
#ashu sinha 29 days ago
I am an indian viewer and please make a documentry on maratha empire
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 29 days ago
We're is the translation
Alex S
Alex S 29 days ago
I wonder what Rome would have been like if Pompey won instead of Caesar.
Joseph Zimmerman
Joseph Zimmerman 29 days ago
I am uncomfortable with how many of the underlying social and political dynamics have direct parallels with America today. For example, entrenched class differences with growing inequality, complete gridlock in the Senate, and a misguided belief that the Republic will last indefinitely. I'm deeply worried that Trump is our Sulla.
Adino1 29 days ago
I don't know who does the artwork for your videos but you better hold on to that person.
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 29 days ago
We will :-) all the names are in the credits
Devin McLaughlin
Devin McLaughlin 29 days ago
This episode was absolutely phenomenal! I've always wanted to support you guys directly, but this sealed the deal. Perfect. I love it!
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 29 days ago
We appreciate it!
Darth Nox
Darth Nox Month ago
I’ll name my future son after Caesar. I find him inspiring
Admiral Talax
Admiral Talax Month ago
What happened to the Imjin war vids? Every historical channel has done this civil war to death
Lee Finateese
Lee Finateese Month ago
3:00 if that ain't some historical parallel with the current state of the usa, I don't know what is, and seems very apt timing for this video haha
McKenna Richard
McKenna Richard Month ago
if yall need some notes here are ten random notes 1. Since the mid-2nd century BC the Roman Republic had started fracturing with the assassination of the Gracchi brothers. 2.Caesar, at 41 years old, was the youngest and least established of the 3. 3.In response, Pompey allowed another tribune, Milo, an Optimate, to raise his own gangs to counter Clodius’. 4.The Senate awarded Pompey with an extended term of governance of Hispania, as well as powers similar to those that Caesar held in Gaul. 5.Caesar had grown his army to around 10 Legions, approximately 50,000 men, 6.With Pompey and Caesar already positioned to confront each other as the two most powerful men in Rome 7.In December 50BC, Pompey himself offered to resign his command if Caesar would first. The Caesareans vehemently opposed this, insisting that Pompey be first to resign. 8.The Senate had expected as much and passed the Senatus Consultum Ultimum, the Final Act, an un-vetoable act that suspended all laws and gave all powers to the Consuls, effectively declaring a national emergency, and they declared Caesar an enemy of the state. 9.all their powers to Pompey, effectively giving Pompey full control of the Roman Republic. That same night, Caesar’s allies in Rome fled to Ravenna to join him. 10.After almost a day’s deliberation, Caesar made his choice. Alea iacta est - the die is cast. The Great Roman Civil War had begun. (hope i helped a little)
Rustem Zholdybalin
4:00 why does Caesar look like old Freddy Mercury?
j12torts Month ago
The ad ruined the video
Gery A
Gery A Month ago
The 2020's were a time of great men in DC... OH WAIT!
Vinsee Panwar
Vinsee Panwar Month ago
9:19 Roman map looks like a dragon with the hump 🙄
Matthew Selimas
Matthew Selimas Month ago
2020 homework online
Vendura Month ago
The Die is Cast
Grizzly BƎAR
Grizzly BƎAR Month ago
Caesar was basically _a god_ in his lifetime.
Aidan Flaherty
Aidan Flaherty Month ago
Everybody gangsta till the traders start gangin'
José Neto
José Neto Month ago
Cesar! Cesar! Cesar!
T M Month ago
this channel gives money to terrorists
History Profile
History Profile Month ago
Caesar: No! You can’t just kill the dictator of Rome! Brutus: haha! Knife go brrrr
Hitsujikai Amari
Now this is good animation, not pictures spamming,,,
Robert R
Robert R Month ago
I think it's a bit of a simplification to call Cicero an Optimas
Miguel Teixeira
Miguel Teixeira Month ago
Can someone give me the names of the soundtrack plzzz? Hey Kings and Generals, i really enjoy your work, thanks for this!!!!
Anti Status Quo
Anti Status Quo Month ago
They say history doesn't repeat itself,so just looks at the American news, it mirrors this to a T, so I'm waiting to see who I'll fight for in this civil war...Pompey or Ceaser this November.
Jonathan Williams
Clodius sounds like George Soros and his Gangs like Antifa and the BLM rioters
Robyn Gecht
Robyn Gecht Month ago
Christopher Glen
Your best one yet. Exposes some flaws in my much-loved series, HBO’s “Rome”.
Amirreza Salehi
Amirreza Salehi Month ago
if I didn't live in Iran and if I had access to Services like PayPal or visa or master card BTW they are blocked in Iran because of sanctions. I would've supported you for thousands of dollars because your content is just so great and so perfect. Thank You
Frederik Month ago
I think I spot an error from 5:08 to 5:40. A building that should not be there yet...
σğυz тυиç
you spotted wrong since it is a ROUND/CIRCULAR standard ROMAN AMPITEATRE, not the COLESSUEM (which is ELIPTICAL and one of it's kind).
Guilherme SSTrüeb
Sadly, movies and series just pay atention to old Caesar, but his early life is amazing too. F! every important lady in the city, playing politics in a genius way, creating fashion and killing some pirates... At his 40th birthday, watching a statue of the Great Alexander he cried that his life was without archivements, after that he conquered the Republic and became a God and a month.
Vlad Cirus
Vlad Cirus Month ago
Is that the Colosseum I see in 1st century BC Rome???
σğυz тυиç
nope, it is a standard CIRCULAR ampitearte, not the ELIPTICAL colosseum.
Nelson Wilson
Nelson Wilson Month ago
Your background music needs to be in the background. the music at times overwhelms the narration.
Michael Li
Michael Li Month ago
Cicero was a "new man", meaning that he was the first-ever of his family to become a consul. He was not a well-established aristocrat but a man who worked his way up the curses honorum with pure skills. He supported the Pompeians solely because he believed that they would be more merciful and lenient to the Republican system than the Caesareans.
Hello there
Hello there Month ago
Alexander Jürgen
I came, I came, I came -Me
Carlo 1995
Carlo 1995 Month ago
Is Cicero a supporter of Caesar? That is an optimate? Which side does he really belong?
Yun Fu
Yun Fu Month ago
Sounds like America now seems like it’s gonna be more and more state of emergencies .....
Frost Caramto
Frost Caramto Month ago
This video was sponsored by the Capitoline Brotherhood of Millers. True Roman Bread for True Romans.
alan headrick
alan headrick Month ago
I seem to remember a guy named Bigest Dikus, but he wasn't mentioned.
Dr Hade
Dr Hade Month ago
if it like this. the usa will become empire? more than a republic? TRUMP!
tunnar79 Month ago
Current day USA is busy being back in the 1960s. Riots, race wars and mass division.Not exactly empire building material.
jarezlem Month ago
I didnt know that Julius Caesar was Javier Bardem in no country for old men..Pompey this is your lucky denari dont mix it with the others
Jezal dan Luthar
Some things never change...
Harry Anap
Harry Anap Month ago
To any lovers of quotes: The Latin iacta ālea est, a grammatically, and thereby semantically, incorrect translation by Suetonius, 121 CE,[1] is the translation of the Ancient Greek phrase of Menander ἀνερρίφθω κύβος (anerrhíphthō kúbos), which Caesar quoted in Greek (not Latin). It was a line from a theatrical play (can't remember now) which in Greek translates rather as “let the die be cast!”, or “let the game be ventured!” We know that Caesar said his famous phrase in Greek and not in Latin, it was quite common for the elite or educated in Ancient Rome to speak fluent Greek. Similarly most of the theatrical plays were performed in Greek.
AlexNOSAM Month ago
Your pronunciation of "Optimates" is painful to hear. I think it's best not to use the English way to say it.
John Pepper
John Pepper Month ago
6:53 So basically Clodius is Ernst Röhm and Milo is the head of the SS.
Jupiter Knight
Jupiter Knight Month ago
I place 90% of the Roman Civil War on Cato’s head and it’s his albatross around the neck. I will give him credit for committing seppuku before it was made cool by the Samurai.
Hoàng Văn Đoàn
Cato was the archetype of a conservative and arrogant elite politician who opposed and blocked any attempt to improve social conditions. He adored the Senate to a point of obsession even though it had been the cause of social decaying. I don’t why he was praised so much in history.
Titus Vespasianus
great video,love the roman videos
Phoenia's Productions
Pompey: You are a threat to the Republic! The Senate will decide your fate! Caesar: I am the Senate! Pompey: Not yet! Caesar: It's treason then...
D2attemp Month ago
Just scrolling through the comment section looking for Historia Civilis references
mena seven
mena seven Month ago
The Roman Republic didn't work because politicians were fighting for power and social classes were fighting for power.
Swiss Militis Christi LXXII
8:40 LOL
nikolai bahtin
nikolai bahtin Month ago
5:38 wasn't the coliseum constructed 150 year's later by emperor Vespasian
σğυz тυиç
I am tired of writing this answer, what you see in the video is circular, coliseum is eliptical. Circular arenas were called ampitheatres and were usual among roman cities. Coliseum was a special bigger more advanced version one of its kind. Got it?
TY THE TRUTH Month ago
Cheers like always great vid. We need a Sulla nowadays.
max mustermann
max mustermann Month ago
i know this isnt about cicero, but he had a bigger role in this than this video credited him...
Οχι-και-τοσο-γλυκουλης Χρηστος
Sometimes I am stunned at how prejudiced and sycophantic these videos can be. In which contemporary source is it recorded that Caesar said "ALEA IACTA EST" before crossing the river Rubicon? We only know, which is also very likely, that he said "ΑΝΕΡΡΙΦΘΩ Ο ΚΥΒΟΣ" (aneriftho o kyvos). I thought you were credible but you are not. And ancient Roman and Greek polititians are not "Hollywood stars", 'K&G' gentlemen...you fail to catch the real spirit of the ancient world. "Alea iacta est"...why not say the Greek words? And don't play innocent. It's very obvious why you didn't I have seen in other videos how you defend the crusaders and give bad image and blame to the Romans you call "Byzantines" (which is yet another sycophantic term). You should be and would be ashamed if you were rational and honest, but you aren't and if you were you wouldn't have done this. In your videos you just reproduce that blasphemous, prejudiced, "pro-catholic" historiography of the west which is absolutely false and sycophantic. Barbarians ,obviously, do not care for virtues, every dirty notion is absolutely fine with them. That tells a lot about the past of western countries, I shouldn't even be surprized. If you were really proud and confident of your history you wouldn't resort to lies and sycophant the others. That tells me that you are not very satisfied with what you read and try to "rewrite" history in a more convinient way for you.
smitty voller
smitty voller Month ago
Caesar saying "Alea iacta est" is recorded in Suetonius. In Plutarch's account, he has Caesar say the line in Greek. Both wrote around the same time, and there is no way of knowing for sure which Caesar said, if either. Maybe he didn't say anything, maybe he said it in Latin, maybe he said it in Greek. The point is, no one knows for sure, but it is wholly justifiable to make the claim that Caesar said "Alea iacta est" based on Suetonius.
σğυz тυиç
Nobody gave a bad image to Romans we call Byzantines. Greeks were Roman or Romans were Greek? Nope. Did Byzantines speak Latin or Greek? Greek. Did Byzantine matters consisted of Blakans, Anatolia and Middleeast? Yep. So it was Roman Empire yet not exactly the Latin Roman Empire right? Yep. That is why historians called it Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman Empire. Get good with it. To rewrite history we should be academics, researchers and such. Yet we are not. We are a bunch of people watching YT documentaries talking about common knowledge not the debates about history. There are videos in the channel about Latin crusades that created havoc on the Orthodox Cristian Greek Byzantine population. Nobidy defending anything. But under those videos there are commenters like you, making your defence in the name of Catholics against your Greek people. So your anger and problems are mutual among you and who you claim to be problematic even sycophantic.
illerac84 Month ago
4:00, we're too old for this shit.
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