Cabin Crew/Air hostess travel to Manchester UK -Mamta Sachdeva

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Cabin Crew Salary:ruvid.net/video/video-v6ktfLzh7E8.html
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Dubai/Abu Dhabi Vlogs: ruvid.net/video/video-s3yEMjrlslM.html
Dubai Travel Vlogs :ruvid.net/video/video-fAcXUjjhb7c.html I am Mamta Sachdeva, I traveled around the world as Cabin Crew Manager and Traveller, To watch Airports, Travel, Hotels and Cabin Crew Life Video's, Please Subscribe to this channel now, Do not forget to Press the Bell icon for latest video notifications & never miss a Video from TravelwithMamta
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Jul 14, 2018




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Saif Ullah
Saif Ullah 11 days ago
Hi mam your smile so nice lovely
Deepak Mehta
Deepak Mehta 11 days ago
It's Nice you r Vegetarian
Travel with Mudassar wadkar
nice video
Shajidur Rahman
Shajidur Rahman 26 days ago
you are very hto
P.K RAJ 27 days ago
Hello mam, you are very beautiful, l like you
very nice trip ALLAH apko kush rakhy bht mza aaya
prince tv
prince tv Month ago
Atul modgil
Atul modgil Month ago
Easy on eye 👌👌👌 all tckryself it was awesome video 😀😀
Ruful Uddin
Ruful Uddin Month ago
Nice ma'am
rahul rathod
rahul rathod Month ago
hemant Surti
hemant Surti Month ago
most useful video
Prakashbhai Cheharabhai
काजोल राणा
Plz mam reply 😫😫😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😢
Nadeem Akbar508
Nadeem Akbar508 2 months ago
You are so cute god bless you
official Shubham Panday
So very nice
Vishal Thakur
Vishal Thakur 2 months ago
Haath me bottle, daaru totel . Kudi nu chakle lejake 🏨 hotel.
chips and chocolates
That second girl has so attitude she's not speaking
Saniya Ubheemaun
Saniya Ubheemaun 2 months ago
Yeh crips mauritius mai bhi milta hai ...
👍🍴🍅🍋🍉🍑🍒🍓 Health
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 2 months ago
Very nice didi
Ramesh-bansi Rb-ghavri
RB GHAVRI from karachi pakistan
Amisha Rathod
Amisha Rathod 2 months ago
Pura effort daal diya.. Good job
Lalit Kumat
Lalit Kumat 2 months ago
कास हमारे देश मै भी कही पे भी 🍷🍾🍸🥂🥃 सुरु हो जाते
Pankaj Pritam
Pankaj Pritam 2 months ago
Love u so much Mamta ji... really great heart.
The Informatix
The Informatix 2 months ago
Lovely trip
Jatinder K
Jatinder K 2 months ago
Dear ur foundation is not good. Uneven. Its giving caky look on face...
rakesh gupta
rakesh gupta 2 months ago
Tatoo is awesome
rakesh gupta
rakesh gupta 2 months ago
rakesh gupta
rakesh gupta 2 months ago
Glamorous look tatoo on hand is awesome
Sk Ayesh
Sk Ayesh 2 months ago
हाँ दिदि साइ बला 👌
sukhwinder singh
sukhwinder singh 3 months ago
I like ur videos. Specially.
sukhwinder singh
sukhwinder singh 3 months ago
Where r u from in India? Mamta, mam, can I k ow this.
Jameel Ahmad
Jameel Ahmad 3 months ago
Just only come castle tik Tok over the charcoal video footage of on video transsexual gonna nier automata
Randhir Singh
Randhir Singh 3 months ago
*_5:24_** se **_7:24_** tak **_bra_** ki **_strip_** **_utri_** rahi. Please **_be_** **_carefull_** in **_next_** **_videos_** .*
energetic mahs
energetic mahs 3 months ago
U r d best
energetic mahs
energetic mahs 3 months ago
Lov frm pak
imam saheb
imam saheb 3 months ago
February is longer than January
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar 3 months ago
Sitaram Baghel
Sitaram Baghel 3 months ago
jasbir kaur
jasbir kaur 3 months ago
I also enjoyed with you
Santosh Bhatt
Santosh Bhatt 3 months ago
Beautiful video
M I R 3 months ago
Great job
Suryakant Dixit
Suryakant Dixit 3 months ago
Do German milte h to German mein bat karte hai ....Chinese milte hai chinese mei bat karte hai😂
Navjot Kumari
Navjot Kumari 3 months ago
My brother live there
Nisha Shaikh
Nisha Shaikh 3 months ago
Aap bahut acchi ho
Haresh Kharva
Haresh Kharva 3 months ago
Hi mem i m also vegeterian
Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar 3 months ago
You are beautiful
Mushtaq 121
Mushtaq 121 3 months ago
Naziya Khan
Naziya Khan 3 months ago
Waiting to go Manchester waiting for flights to resume.
Uday Mukhia
Uday Mukhia 3 months ago
Thanks for ur vidieos
Arif Hussain
Arif Hussain 3 months ago
Mamta u r cutiee
Altamash Khan
Altamash Khan 3 months ago
Hello mam I need your help please help me
Shouki sial
Shouki sial 3 months ago
Hi mam,Apki vlogs ki sbse bari khubsorti yeh hy k ap urdu ya hindi mein bt krti ho...i love your smiles...Lots of Love from Dubai 😍❤😍
LIFE WITH RAMSHA 3 months ago
I love ur vlog luv from Pakistan
Magar Bal
Magar Bal 3 months ago
Very nice
Yasmin Pukhtana
Yasmin Pukhtana 3 months ago
When u coming to Birmingham?
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 3 months ago
apna khyal rakhna
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 3 months ago
maash allha
Mehvish Haddadi
Mehvish Haddadi 3 months ago
Very nice
Agrawaasi pawan
Agrawaasi pawan 3 months ago
Mam me to aapko hi dekhta rehta hu
yasir shah
yasir shah 3 months ago
Mama mar giy hai sun lo sab
Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar 3 months ago
murad ahmed
murad ahmed 3 months ago
Dress sahi Nahi aapka Pls watch carefully pls
murad ahmed
murad ahmed 3 months ago
Aap log bahut enjoy karte ho ha
sadaf gill
sadaf gill 3 months ago
i love your video's maam
Angad Kumar
Angad Kumar 3 months ago
Jindagi ho to aap jayesa mam
brahmanand nowni
brahmanand nowni 3 months ago
Hi ur good girl yes Iam Indian chef cook in Hyderabad form India I want Indian cooking job You help me plz I want cooking job Cooking visa plz My WhatsApp number 8919698605
Wave Academics
Wave Academics 4 months ago
Very cheerful, positive, and confident... Keep it up...
VIJAY YADAV 4 months ago
ममता जी आप इंडिया किस स्टेट से हैं आपकी मुस्कान हमें बहुत सुंदर लगती है
Lightning gamers
Lightning gamers 4 months ago
You are so preety and your voice is so sweet
Abdulwahid Wahid
Abdulwahid Wahid 4 months ago
uk ka visa cahia
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar 4 months ago
Brilliant and sweet voice and very natural speech good luck mamta G
Hafeez Alain
Hafeez Alain 4 months ago
Ali sayed Shaikh
Ali sayed Shaikh 5 months ago
U R our international didi
shameer ibrahim
shameer ibrahim 5 months ago
mahato Raja
mahato Raja 5 months ago
Oowoo so nice I like that 😉
Arshad Arshad
Arshad Arshad 5 months ago
Mashaallah,,mam mamta jii,,,,bahut khushi hui hai,,,,aap ne bahut achchah entertainment diya hai UK ka ,,,,aap ki yeh video clip dekhkar bahut achchah laga,,,,God bless you🤲🤲🤲🤲,,,mam,,🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪👌👌👌👍👍🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Maham Choudhry Offical
Wow lovely fowary😊😊😊😄😄😄😄😄😄
SAVE AS KABIR 5 months ago
Aap kafi khubsurat ho
Nena Ram
Nena Ram 5 months ago
Dear mamta sister your every video's amazing ..I so happy . like your every video's aapke saath hum bhi gum lete h out of India me thnxx sister 😍
Hassan Mohammad
Hassan Mohammad 5 months ago
Awesome very beautiful .
Mohammad zafar
Mohammad zafar 5 months ago
कहा कहा घूमती रहती है
Shoban Bathnasi
Shoban Bathnasi 5 months ago
Md. Shareeq
Md. Shareeq 5 months ago
Hii madam
Asen Asen
Asen Asen 5 months ago
omer riaz
omer riaz 5 months ago
1 pond ka samosas woo bhee aloo Wala. Come on lady. Ghoost insaanoo ka liya hee paida Kiya gaya haa. Halal karda cheezo Koo bilawajah apna uoaar Haram Kiya howa haa.
Priyanka Das
Priyanka Das 5 months ago
So cute
Kamal Khadelwal
Kamal Khadelwal 5 months ago
Thanks Mamta for your lovely videos. Thanks a lot.
Sanjit Das
Sanjit Das 5 months ago
wow very nice voice & looks 😊
RAJESH KUMAR 5 months ago
Mam you are very honest. Love you ❤️💜🧡
Peace Love KSA
Peace Love KSA 5 months ago
Ye Aurat Had sey Zayada Acting Kerti hai. Nafsiyati lady
arYaN ALi
arYaN ALi 5 months ago
over acting fail i see u.r 10 videos but im not enjoy i dislike you
Kit Kashyap
Kit Kashyap 5 months ago
What ur job work madam ji if u need helper pa it my contract no mam 8218944936
pratik Singh
pratik Singh 6 months ago
Why u make your hand tatoo
Arhan Khan
Arhan Khan 6 months ago
Mane itne sundar sundar larkiya deekhi, koi ksese ko ni deekh rha h or yha to ghoor ghoor ke he kha jate h larkiyo ko
Vijay Khatri
Vijay Khatri 6 months ago
Bahut acche didi Aap Sindhi caste ki he
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma 6 months ago
If college is necessary what course do you have to do Which will be the most beneficial course?
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma 6 months ago
Is college necessary?
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma 6 months ago
What course DO YOU HAVE TO DO before going for an Emirates interview
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