C-Bo - Body 4 Body (Mozzy Diss) - [Official Music Video]

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Aug 20, 2017




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Comments 80
Elijah Wan
Elijah Wan 2 days ago
Real South Sac Iraq Shit
LAMAR Williams
LAMAR Williams 3 days ago
They still not fucking with no locc
Darrell Christian
That powder got that boy looking bad
S.B.F The Great
S.B.F The Great 3 days ago
The 👑 the 🐐💯❗️💯💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Catherine AckersonFields
He Rob me because he didn't love me and my family betrayed me and yes I'm Micheal Jackson's daughter says the spirit.Im Catrina Rene Ackerson now known as Catherine R Fields.I think Lucifer is just good at lieing he married me and I made him my twin husband as God then he had me Rob and attacked by his devil's one week after I married him as God of heaven.Im rich Cbo but he's making me destroy myself as Mrs.Jehovah Jireh of course I'm a black woman only.Lucifer didn't respect me for saving him from the lake of fire.
Zillionaire Da vinciii
💯 👁👁 Do anybody know why C-bo beefin with Whoopi Goldberg?
Maryanne Crisafulli
😈 skicanchairian going?
cash money
cash money 6 days ago
CBO told me in 94 to ride on these busters so I know that's what he gone do
Frontline 612
Frontline 612 6 days ago
Real shyt #frontline612 #cityapolis #minnesota #weupnorf
49ers559 9 days ago
Weak ass diss he took the L mozzy with the W
back to Nature
back to Nature 17 days ago
If yo fuck with 2pac pattern you definitely loose
Koi Matai
Koi Matai 19 days ago
Ormond Mccullough
Bo loc. Whatchu niggaz thought
Lil Rd daloc
Lil Rd daloc 24 days ago
Nigga old ass style weak n I'm a real loc on the set he thrash
Mr. Balls Jangles
Mr. Balls Jangles 25 days ago
Waco tx finest!!
Temecka Goyer
Temecka Goyer 25 days ago
I like Mozzy, but he done brought my guy C Bo out of retirement .
Mr Fedy
Mr Fedy 28 days ago
Grew up listening to bo locc and lynch but CML is the king 👑 of Sacramento up now fuck next 🔥
Bino Tapia
Bino Tapia 28 days ago
C-Bo a Real Sacramento King 91Sicc fukk Mozzy zilla
Nalgaz Smaker
Nalgaz Smaker Month ago
Who the fuck is mossy????
Alex Bernal
Alex Bernal Month ago
Realer then real take notes!! One life to live !! The bald head nut, Gangsta at his finest !! Respect !!
Alex Bernal
Alex Bernal Month ago
Real G shit !! If u dont feel this u don't got anytrace of gansta in ur dna what !! 114% to fullest big homie !!
twiggs favorite
twiggs favorite Month ago
love it
Kash Rendon
Kash Rendon Month ago
You like 60 year old beefing wit mozzy he gone step on you bluhd you weak asfk smh.
Ceed 3D
Ceed 3D Month ago
It's smoke still coming off this track. Nigga that's like BBQ charcoals that kept going after ya'll Q'd /ate /smoked /left /crashed out. Next morning coals still letting off mesquite smoke nigga... Recognize
Kenneth Young
Kenneth Young Month ago
Cbo has been the real deal.i like mozzy too but mozzy don't want to get into it with cbo.
Faziel Hansildaar
Faziel Hansildaar
Mind yo bizz
Faziel Hansildaar
Shit ta Lk
Faziel Hansildaar
Faziel Hansildaar
Faziel Hansildaar
Faziel Hansildaar
Faziel Hansildaar
Buddys talks
Devon Jr Lee
Devon Jr Lee Month ago
C-bo u GARBAGE asf nigga.
Faziel Hansildaar
Faziel Hansildaar
Faziel Hansildaar
Senna .m.f.
Shaun Bomb
Shaun Bomb Month ago
sweetiezm Month ago
Robbie Blue
Robbie Blue Month ago
Damn, these bars are just flame, this that real shit
Fetty Wop
Fetty Wop Month ago
Living like a peasant
Crystal Whaters
Crystal Whaters Month ago
johnny v
johnny v Month ago
I’m rocking with the Og cuzz ✊🏽
Temecka Goyer
Temecka Goyer Month ago
Always my guy!! They’re idolizing Snitches!! Gansta with Class from the 90’s
Temecka Goyer
Temecka Goyer Month ago
Give Credit where Credit is due! Bo paved the way, giving my bro his props and move on, we on some 69 trolling these days, but last time I checked, A snitch was a snitch no matter what
Zac Zamora
Zac Zamora Month ago
Wait why he hating on mozzarella that’s good cheese mane.
Jake Hersey
Jake Hersey 2 months ago
Now I fucks with mozzy's music the bro got game, I'm feeling him.Being from west Oakland I don't know any of them but this c-no cut go crazy.he bodying my dude on here
LAMAR Williams
LAMAR Williams 2 months ago
CBO still gangsta Sacramento at its finest
Pretty Mainey
Pretty Mainey 2 months ago
He get respect he a vet but he got bodied bodied on the track his he groovn
e l
e l 2 months ago
Cbo and philthy destroyed tiny tim
BOSS LADY 2 months ago
I promise this is so hard cuhh... body 4 body yehhhh
Frontline 612
Frontline 612 2 months ago
#frontline612 #cityapolis612 #minnesota #weupnorf Arizona was good?
Frontline 612
Frontline 612 2 months ago
Frontline 612
Frontline 612 2 months ago
Frontline 612
Frontline 612 2 months ago
My shiit n a level of respect we tha OGs
s t
s t 2 months ago
Xraided cbo lynch the hardest from Sacramento
CASSIUS CLAY 2 months ago
James Vasquez
James Vasquez 2 months ago
Cyber been bugging me too much.
R4F43L LG Ryda
R4F43L LG Ryda 2 months ago
Bllllaaaat goon squad nigga MOZZYGANGGANG NIGGA WHAT BLAAAT
s t
s t 2 months ago
Tiny tim
R4F43L LG Ryda
R4F43L LG Ryda 2 months ago
Get bodies
Musashi Miyamoto
Musashi Miyamoto 2 months ago
old ass man still thinking he crippin.. lmfao yall old head ass fans need a life bruh hashahaha
Heat Pete
Heat Pete 2 months ago
He still capable of pulling a trigger rather be a old head than a meth head yall young muthafuckaz all dope fiends 😄
Playa R
Playa R 2 months ago
Mozzy who ?
Tcd Ninja
Tcd Ninja 2 months ago
He roasted him alive
Kimora Simone
Kimora Simone 2 months ago
ASSSSS! hell gang
Ebk dj
Ebk dj 2 months ago
Robert Ervin
Robert Ervin 2 months ago
CBO is the hardest period
Yung Stylez 859
Yung Stylez 859 3 months ago
s t
s t 2 months ago
Blacks created crips
Yung Stylez 859
Yung Stylez 859 2 months ago
Dont matter
Sloan Jackson
Sloan Jackson 3 months ago
all these 90s and early 2000s babies claiming mozzy the new king of sacramento. i understand why c-bo made this track. these new school niggas trying to rewrite history.
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson 3 months ago
They must not heard of all c bo's songs and plus enemy of the state first song. I am willing to bet 9 times out of 10. C bo will shoot you.
Marco Landeros
Marco Landeros 3 months ago
Mozzy all day 4th Avenue for eva 4 fanga bangin
s t
s t 2 months ago
4th ave ain't even active gentrification took over that whole area
Anthony Looez
Anthony Looez 3 months ago
Cbo is ur favorite rappers,favorite rapper.
Travis Hill
Travis Hill 3 months ago
Remember when 50 try to get cbo. Cbo shut that down.
Travis Hill
Travis Hill 3 months ago
619 OG
619 OG 3 months ago
Who’s mozzy > ? Exactly
Homie G
Homie G 3 months ago
This nigga got a whole rack of beef and ain't filet one ahh
GGNINER 3 months ago
James Burton
James Burton 3 months ago
That beat is bananas!! Str8 Mob ish!!
Randy Scroggins
Randy Scroggins 3 months ago
D Gotti
D Gotti 4 months ago
C-BO the bald head Nut
Izo Brazy
Izo Brazy 4 months ago
C-BO on top
Arin Lewis
Arin Lewis 4 months ago
I still bang str8 killa till this day 4ever a fan much luv from Tx💪🏿💯
Jay Flowz
Jay Flowz 4 months ago
thuis shit is trash 🗑
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