Céline Dion Carpool Karaoke

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden heads to Las Vegas for a Carpool Karaoke made for CBS primetime and calls on Céline Dion to help him get through town. In addition to singing her classics, Céline proves she has a song for any moment, James teaches Céline "Baby Shark" and the two give away pairs of Céline's precious shoes. And stay for a Titanic-sized end to their afternoon together.


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May 21, 2019

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Comments 38 930
Kathryn Bryant
Kathryn Bryant 35 minutes ago
Why does she look like a shriveled up caramel square?
Emmanuel Memphis
Emmanuel Memphis 36 minutes ago
Wow I just realized I being crying after watching the Titanic scene
Andrew Versace
Andrew Versace 40 minutes ago
if a male artist kissed a female driving a car, there would be headlines and rage and feminists protesting rape and all kinds of B.S but because Celine Dion is a woman who kissed a James Corden who is a man without consent somehow it doesn't matter and it's no big deal, i fucking hate this world where equality only happens for women but not for men.
G Honda
G Honda 55 minutes ago
She can't be 70 yet! Oh crap she's 51? Where did the time go?
Rudi Muchtar
Rudi Muchtar Hour ago
In arena: Celine Dion In carpool: Celine Desu
Djama Gamzatova
this is something incredible !!! So much charisma in her .It's unique. It's just a pleasure to listen to her and look at her.
Natalia Roma
Natalia Roma Hour ago
Lovely!!! James, please invite A-ha to the carpool karaoke!!
새롱 Hour ago
2:23 ♥️
buzbee 2 hours ago
It's 2019 Can we PLEASE get Celine Dion the Reality show she deserves?!
Diana Vilches
Diana Vilches 2 hours ago
i almost choked on my gum with that fountain scene !!! hilarious!!
Buster Cottrill
Buster Cottrill 2 hours ago
Had to watch it twice because I was laughing so hard the 1st time
Sabine Kreuz
Sabine Kreuz 3 hours ago
she is so lovely and she has the biggest sense of Humor that a Woman in the Show biz can ever have. She is gorgeous.
Princess Niloo
Princess Niloo 3 hours ago
The last scene is beyond hilarious .....
Abyga Official
Abyga Official 3 hours ago
11:00 what's the name of the song?
Jeferson Ramos
Jeferson Ramos 3 hours ago
Amazing, beautiful, incredible!!!! My Divahhhh
pizza is good yayy
pizza is good yayy 3 hours ago
ayoub da
ayoub da 4 hours ago
she is really crazy i love her 😍
Saira Naveed
Saira Naveed 4 hours ago
I love Celine Dion,, 😚😚😚😚
mohammad refaat
mohammad refaat 4 hours ago
necklace : here we go again
MAX 1981
MAX 1981 4 hours ago
as Simple as that , She is great
Somia S
Somia S 4 hours ago
Please invite Enrique Iglesias too!!!!
Fatin Ammarah
Fatin Ammarah 4 hours ago
If u guys can see in her eyes...Deeply...I can saw the tears in her eyes...May god always bless her with happiness n blessing...Love u celine
Julie Erasmus
Julie Erasmus 5 hours ago
Brendon Urie next please 😊
As Sibty
As Sibty 5 hours ago
jeon jk
jeon jk 5 hours ago
James you gotta do a BTS one, but.you're gonna need a bigger car.
Angelica Anchieta
Angelica Anchieta 5 hours ago
OMG!!! This cracked me up, LOL!!! I LOVE HER!!
Yudi Luqmanul Hakim
Hahaha so funny
VeryPoorGuy 6 hours ago
how much i wonder pair of her shoes selling on Ebay
LittleMissSunshine 6 hours ago
What is the song they're singing after she tells the heartbreaking story about the birth of her first child? I've been searching for it for ages. 😕
fampezfamwb kaitetoia
fampezfamwb kaitetoia 23 minutes ago
Hasn't been released yet
Amber Clark
Amber Clark 6 hours ago
That baby shark song that she sang was hilarious omg
Olga Temir
Olga Temir 6 hours ago
I: I need money Celine: Work work work work work
BlueberrySweetie 7 hours ago
She should be a comedian too 😂
Deb Bond
Deb Bond 7 hours ago
I love Celine and was lucky to see her live but i’m very concerned about how thin she is xx
sweet corn
sweet corn 7 hours ago
I love u celine :*
Budi Mulyawan
Budi Mulyawan 7 hours ago
What is the song name 'you can take this from me..... '
Злой Руся
Злой Руся 7 hours ago
В конце выпуска у меня текли слезы. Я мужчина, мне 31 год .
M B 7 hours ago
The Best, the classic Celine!!!
Karolina Butter
Karolina Butter 7 hours ago
Lol 😂
Jushua Castro
Jushua Castro 8 hours ago
1 month ago and it already had 16m views 🙄 such an underappreciated Carpool Karaoke segment 😔😁
#All About Music
#All About Music 8 hours ago
plz do with Taylor swift
Sarah S.
Sarah S. 9 hours ago
Ich liebe 💕 Celin Dion🥰🌹
조민식 9 hours ago
11:37 I'm very like this part
Lennox 9 hours ago
Baby shark lmao 😂😂😂😂
Celeste .S
Celeste .S 9 hours ago
Finally someone who does what i do in conversation there is a song for everything 😂😂
Syed Musa
Syed Musa 9 hours ago
She is timeless legend . Beautiful tone her voice more higher than before.. the best carpool so far
Jemarie Avendaño
Jemarie Avendaño 11 hours ago
Quinn He
Quinn He 11 hours ago
Plz invite Avril Lavigne!!!!!
Like my comment
Like my comment 11 hours ago
Imagine her singing in a karaoke This is how many points she will get | V
Mikko Argonza
Mikko Argonza 11 hours ago
Brooke Lynn Hytes is shaking. Hahaha. CELINE IS FUNNYYYYYY
Fabian  Ramirez Robayo
Dian Pramita
Dian Pramita 11 hours ago
The man in red shirt (13:15 ) seems like "who the hell are they? Why so many people here excited to the couple on the boat?"
Andrej Gregus
Andrej Gregus 13 hours ago
She's cool asf! what an episode
Stephen Vargas
Stephen Vargas 13 hours ago
One of the best carpool karaokes hands down...what memories
Alexis De Los Santos
She is awezome... Love her
Elisha Mendoza
Elisha Mendoza 13 hours ago
Satrya Sulaiman
Satrya Sulaiman 14 hours ago
saipul jamil ini , apa2 di lagu in
이세상 텐션이 아니얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes 16 hours ago
I was really hoping she’d toss a pair of shoes into the fountain instead of the necklace 😂
Dxddy.kenzie 21
Dxddy.kenzie 21 16 hours ago
Omg you should bring Billie Eilish I’m here
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes 16 hours ago
8:22 “Did that feel good? Are you ok?” “I need alcohol” 😂😂😂
Courtney Gordon
Courtney Gordon 16 hours ago
That is. So. Funny
Dwi Utomo Prabowo
Dwi Utomo Prabowo 16 hours ago
amazing show.....
Paty Gotardo
Paty Gotardo 17 hours ago
Oque houve com a Celine, está envelhecida...meu Deus!!!
Esie Kecil
Esie Kecil 17 hours ago
Favorite aku bgt nih Celine Dion
bentul23 17 hours ago
they should enter into water fall.... so more dramatic. I love them both. it's crazy entertaining
Ihce Charm
Ihce Charm 18 hours ago
the Titanic scene hahahaha...epic
Tim Kurschner
Tim Kurschner 18 hours ago
I think someone spent a lot of time with Ryan Reynolds
SJ47668 18 hours ago
I had no idea there were such pretty areas of Vegas. I’ve always said I didn’t fancy visiting, but maybe I’ll give it a go.
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes 16 hours ago
It seems small but there is so much more with all of the light and all of the colour. Brightest place on all of earth
Marielle Antonio
Marielle Antonio 19 hours ago
I cried!!!
Walid Elsawi
Walid Elsawi 19 hours ago
i do love this version of my heart will go on though, it's the actual one, so melancholic, i don't understand why is it so underrated, i hate it when everyone is using the other version, i hate it so fuckin' much, it doesn't sound like the movie at all...
Cian O Connor
Cian O Connor 19 hours ago
Jacob Elyachar
Jacob Elyachar 20 hours ago
I loved this Carpool Karaoke!! Céline is a hoot!!
Yoga Nanta
Yoga Nanta 20 hours ago
She so funny 💜💜💜
sherry Little
sherry Little 20 hours ago
The best Carpool Karaoke EVER, I was not a huge Celine fan (love her music but never really seen her personality) BUT I really like her after seeing this and as always James was amazing!!
jake jakeevich
jake jakeevich 20 hours ago
09:08 I drove all night
Leoloni Eisenberger
Leoloni Eisenberger 20 hours ago
6:00 i couldn’t help myself
Minhaz Hridoy
Minhaz Hridoy 23 hours ago
this is best
WackyWings 203
WackyWings 203 23 hours ago
Celine Dione is like your hip grandma u wish u had
DeathFromBelow 11
DeathFromBelow 11 21 hour ago
Never say that to her lmao
buitenzorg86 23 hours ago
She's adorable, God's gave her a gift, her voice
Nephsara Belizaire
Nephsara Belizaire 23 hours ago
Please Do nicky manaj next.
Titch 'x
Titch 'x 23 hours ago
I LOVE THIS!! My Nan loved her and I followed her passion her songs are what kept me going when I lost her ❤️
The lone musician
Most fun karaoke!
Annie Day ago
So you're telling me James Corden sat in a car with Celine Dion and they didn't sing Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi?! EUROPEANS ARE SHOOK
bilsamils Day ago
Ros Dg
Ros Dg Day ago
Niki Plamenova
Celine Dion is the best 😍🤗🤗
BLOKWear Urban Collectioms
Waoo} cuanto talento en una sola persona.. CELINE DION.. amazin
David Bowman
David Bowman Day ago
Sarka Farka
Sarka Farka Day ago
momo zye
momo zye Day ago
2:07 🤣🤣🤣2:29
gbettina Day ago
I absolutely adore her, but I'm a little worried about her kilos! She seemed very slim to me, while her skin color didn't emit health! My humble impression!
Maverick Sonis
Pls do little mix
Maverick Sonis
Jules B
Jules B Day ago
Very talented and funny but, as an observation, for her own health, she seriously needs to gain some weight.
Лилия Хабипова
love her voice
Yoanita Bria
Yoanita Bria Day ago
Amazing ❤
Greg Robinson
MisVideosABA Day ago
Awesome and so funny
Nichole Marie
Please do a bon jovi car pool karokee
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