By the way, What is Your LOVE LANGUAGE?

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The 5 love languages: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.
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The 5 love languages: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.
The book "5 love languages", written by Gary Chapman, is a methodology to improve your relationships. When you date people and fall in love, there are different ways you express that love towards the other person. This is helpful for college or high school kids who started dating need to know how to date or how to get a girl/boy to fall in love with them. This love language quiz is to test how you fall in love with or experiment with what type of love language you have. I mean I guess you could call this an animated book review of the 5 love languages but not really. The thumbnail was to copy the whole 40 vs 1 or whatever of finding my ideal type and speed dating videos Solfa and Jubilee made about a month ago. Are we typical youtubers yet?
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Jul 22, 2018




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Comments 80
Maximum Demon
Maximum Demon 2 hours ago
I rate everyone the same as Steven even the 1.5
Midnight Lycanroc
Midnight Lycanroc 5 hours ago
i choose number 5
Zachary Larson
Zachary Larson 7 hours ago
"what if I'm into guys" that's insensitive. What if I'm into red three toed sloths. Ultimate height of laziness. Rude
Romboutsjes & co
Romboutsjes & co 9 hours ago
1:3 2:5 3:2.5 4:5 5:1
Dadryon Velasquez
Dadryon Velasquez 13 hours ago
I need to be told that I am loved that’s the type of relationship I wanna have
Obt Playz
Obt Playz 15 hours ago
14:14 😂😂😂
ColdCoal TV
ColdCoal TV 20 hours ago
My love languages ranked: Quality Time: 5, Physical Touch: 4, Acts of Service: 4, Receiving Gifts: 3, Words of Affirmation: 3. My languages have changed over the years. I feel like even in conversation just a compliment (or many) doesn't really do it for me. Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that we can be stupid w/ each other and enjoy each other's company is an ideal trait in a relationship. Touch is my 2nd highest because I am a huger (even though I'm shy) and it's the best way to cheer me up. Hold me, hug me, snuggle me, pat/rub my head, take my hands into yours etc... The kiss on the cheek I would say needed my permission as that's too much affection for a 1st date. It's like I would've been ok if she went for the lips cuz I could just kiss back but on the cheek is more emotional to me? idk. Like a kiss on the lips just feels sexual like a treat. (Asking me for a kiss is top tier as it makes it more loving/caring.) Act's of service used to be the lowest or tied with gifts. Still I appreciate it but maybe instead of just doing things for me just out of the kindness of your heart maybe teach me how to do the thing or let me know how I could pay you back. Even if it's not monetary. Maybe a favor or a date or whatever. Constructive Criticism, when I ask for it/am ready to listen, can count. I think gifts are low more so because I never know what I want. I am big on food but NO ONE I know accepts that as a viable gift. I guess they want to give me something that lasts. Also I don't want to ask for a game unless it's on sale for cheap like $20 MAX. Now if you wanna woo me then go ahead but I'm not gonna assume you'll splurge for me.
ColdCoal TV
ColdCoal TV 20 hours ago
If any of them had to be less than 3 it'd be gifts. Mix quality time + snuggles + compliments and I'm all yours hehe. 😊
ColdCoal TV
ColdCoal TV 20 hours ago
I will say that Quality Time isn't the amount of time but time well spent. Like sure you might spend a lot of time with me but I'd recognize if someone always hung out with me after work/school or consistently hung out with me every Friday. It's like they're making time specifically for me or "us".
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 20 hours ago
The last one might be a Yandere
X_HolyTemplar_ X
X_HolyTemplar_ X 20 hours ago
Bro, o give that last girl a 15/5. I’m sorry, but simply showing affection wins me over
HowToBeNerd101 23 hours ago
I feel like I'm a mix of all of these girls 😂😂😂😂😂
Carlos Alvarado
Your rude Daniel!
Flurbi Animates
Yea i might get a girlfreind or maby not BECAUSE IM BUSEXUAL B*TCH
Overseer Day ago
5 all da way
Miles Gwatidzo
My little pony is the best show yeah
Mang Dadibee
Mang Dadibee Day ago
this is were the meme belongs.
Yihan He
Yihan He Day ago
I want a yandere
WitherBoss 9000
14:14 that made me laugh hard on just how he said it and the face and cause it went from emotional to this XD
Trevor Sitepu
i think most of the dislikes are from people who were offended by the comment near the end
Yukiø_Čhåñ Xxx
Me: **watches this video about girls** Me: “Huh, *Im gay now* “
KK_GAMER 117 2 days ago
meg_andcheese 2 days ago
I absolutely LOVE the doki doki literature club reference!! Idk why I’m so giddy, but it’s just one of my favorite games out there. If you didn’t catch it...when Stephen is hung upside down in a room, the bedroom is Sayori’s room (and I kinda see how they’re putting two and two together). It’s at about 8:11
SheepBow 2 days ago
HmMmMmM Sister vibes? Try getting beat up by a tiktoker
Anonymous 5
Anonymous 5 2 days ago
Ha I won’t get a gf cuz I’m gay
Uriel GAMING PH 2nd
Not me...........
Gabriel Youngblood
If I had to do this A: -5 B: -5 C: -5 D: -5 E: -5 This is not a joke, I am destined to be alone.
tom official
tom official 3 days ago
Stephen is surprisingly well informed about relationship, but it could be a tactic to stab more people.
Sunnystone201 3 days ago
Househ And Steven i wan't a refund with my were going to diney land for 500 dan me how about a refund with you murder spirtit steven
Link Yellow
Link Yellow 3 days ago
Only a physco can smell a physco Steven smells D
river _wolf
river _wolf 3 days ago
4/5 5/5 2/5 4/5 1/5
Gaming_with_7yty 3 days ago
Hosuh we have very similar tastes and I would pick D though cause it is more of a childhood friend vibe and I would love that
Jasmine George
Jasmine George 4 days ago
2059: By the way, are you UGLY???
Ryan McGrath
Ryan McGrath 4 days ago
I don’t think I’ll have a girlfriend
Lazy Koala
Lazy Koala 5 days ago
I’m forever alone 🥺 At least I hav a bed that I can be lazy on :3
Vic [Color Wheel]
A m o r
Hi girl
Hi girl 5 days ago
I like this kind girl🖤Im a girl too
Chael Blinya
Chael Blinya 6 days ago
Wyatt Miller
Wyatt Miller 7 days ago
Who hasn't snuck cady in a movie
Kyoka Jiro
Kyoka Jiro 7 days ago
I am one if those kinda um..Like uh I like those kinds of cuddly, kind, ay let's hang out with our friends, and more upfront people I guess i am a mix of quality time and physical touch because I am a person that feels most loved when I get a hug from someone, im one if those steal your hoodies, gives you random hugs, and gentle kind of people who knows what they want but is okay with not always getting it, so definitely physical and quality time
Tímea Boros
Tímea Boros 7 days ago
I'm love boys and girls too. A pick 2. girl first and 5. girl second💜💜💜
Tímea Boros
Tímea Boros 7 days ago
*I can love
6avk 22
6avk 22 7 days ago
I’m a mix between 2 and 5 I cannot live without either one
Gianni Vela
Gianni Vela 7 days ago
8:10 i recognize this room, Hang Up Baby
Max Carmichael
Max Carmichael 8 days ago
I think the funny part is when dad says the the girl,"I like physical touch" idk why, but I just found that funny
Mahalia Rogers Lee
I Just Want Food
Shadow Hunter_227
Would you rather? Date stephen or hosuh *or* daniel
Dante Fischer
Dante Fischer 9 days ago
Number for 10 out of 5.
Lit E
Lit E 10 days ago
Doesnt it all depend on the circumstance, quality time and gift giving would be a great first date, while words of affirmation would help when you need the push, as well as getting physical somewhere along the way and act of service during the relationship. Might as well be loved on all fronts lol
TARIK MOH 10 days ago
10:52 light yagami’s laugh
Fam Gamingwolves
Fam Gamingwolves 11 days ago
The 4th girl reminded me of myself , when I was in a park one day I saw a kid cry guz he wanted a candy from his sister so I gave em half of my bag of candy xD
Simple Toons
Simple Toons 11 days ago
A:3 B:3 C:2 D:5 E:5
Covid chara Age:19
Covid chara Age:19 12 days ago
I can not love I am merely a virus
Joshua L
Joshua L 12 days ago
Two or four
Tab -w-
Tab -w- 12 days ago
So how do you rate girl B Hosuh? Hosuh: *Yes*
CIK FIЯΛ 03 13 days ago
Hi Single!
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 13 days ago
I'm the last of the Real Ones - cause i like Huggs.
MaiCat 13 days ago
7:23 - 7:39 you cant see her eye color PLUS she kept her eyes closed
VERASTRUCT 13 days ago
Our needs are so hard to explain sometimes and they often change. Like when you’re quarantined, for instance. We talk about our experience with changing needs in quarantine here: ruvid.net/video/video-jmsfubE8EAc.html
Victoria North
Victoria North 13 days ago
No tomboys? Ouch.
Clarence Stillman
Clarence Stillman 13 days ago
B and D
Ark-asa 14 days ago
Uh... ,,When people do anything for me i fell like I need to repay them´´ yikes that did not age well with the recent contravercy daniel
Redcy -G
Redcy -G 14 days ago
1st: 3.5 2nd: 3 3rd: 2 4th: 4 5th: 5 I want
M Kaurin
M Kaurin 14 days ago
To be real, I can't work with any of these type's.
Arthur Carrell
Arthur Carrell 15 days ago
8:13 sayoris room in ddlc...
Gigi heart
Gigi heart 15 days ago
I'am dying frome laughing 😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is hilarious 😂
Ash Fire
Ash Fire 16 days ago
Hugs.... I am the orange slime.....
IroHana 16 days ago
8:10 Stephen: I feel like If I broke up with her I would walking up be hanging upside down in her room Me: You weren't the only one hanging in that room Who remembers who's room that is. Look Closely at the picture
sue_ 17 days ago
Am I the only one that was watching Psych2go and then thought this video was by Psych2go?
chill chill
chill chill 17 days ago
Dan fight stevene
Aria Shaw
Aria Shaw 18 days ago
housuh gives the best love advice
Lil S
Lil S 18 days ago
*Me, a demiheterosexual girl watching this:* _"I highly doubt you'll ever get a girlfriend"_ *Has broken hearts before* _"PeaSeAnTs"_
Zalia Haron
Zalia Haron 18 days ago
Me:..... Also me: Im lEsBiaN
Niall Dodd
Niall Dodd 18 days ago
Hosuh as a pokemon: GO HOSUH ENEMY USED COMPLIMENTS* Hosuh fainted
Baby Kookie
Baby Kookie 18 days ago
Me and hosuh are the same. We both get flustered with compliments and hate drinking coffee
Tadeo Ramon
Tadeo Ramon 19 days ago
I’m kinda into the last one actually
Noah Cole
Noah Cole 19 days ago
I keep forgetting Hosuh isn't a girl
Elara Nova
Elara Nova 19 days ago
“Let’s say Stephen and I **sees mistake** let’s say Stephen and someone else was in a relationship”
Edidiong Ansa
Edidiong Ansa 19 days ago
"Is she an escort?"
Magic Weaver
Magic Weaver 20 days ago
What happens if you like all of them?
Emma Raye
Emma Raye 20 days ago
I wanted them to pick eachother
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