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This video is more chill than usual because we recorded it early morning. We wanted to try something different where we weren't shouting the entire video, I hope that's okay. Thanks again for sticking around for our weird adventures, and I hope you stay tuned for what we have in store for the future!
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Mar 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Terraria Helper
Terraria Helper 2 days ago
brother saturn
brother saturn 2 days ago
0:54 like fall apart ? Huuuh? Was this you "DANS PLAN" HIMMMMMMMM?
Harmonee Wang
Harmonee Wang 3 days ago
I just realize all three of them have brothers
Nhi Nguyen
Nhi Nguyen 3 days ago
Them:yay😒 me:yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥳
Artymist 024
Artymist 024 3 days ago
stephen the hippopotamus that eats a lot of meat
Error Sans {female version}
i would leave because nobody likes me on earth anyway so why not?
Gabriel Vili
Gabriel Vili 3 days ago
Isaac Harris
Isaac Harris 4 days ago
Danyel, you asshole. You made Steven quit!!!!!!!
Addison McFadden
Addison McFadden 5 days ago
Hosuh: I'm very self conscious. Me: *never took a photo and kept it cause I don't want people to see my face*
Rose 1Nonly
Rose 1Nonly 5 days ago
Hosuh: oh Stephen, so you dont want my gift? Steph: OH NONONONONonono yes I want it :>
Chaz Mitchell
Chaz Mitchell 6 days ago
7:15 ha ha Steven got tf'ed
Chaz Mitchell
Chaz Mitchell 6 days ago
7:03 a cat
Chaz Mitchell
Chaz Mitchell 6 days ago
4:56 I would go, especially if they are anthropomorphic creatures. If that's the case I might get a alien wife.
Chaz Mitchell
Chaz Mitchell 6 days ago
2:50 r/whooooooooooooooooooooooooosh for Steven
Cameron None of your business
6 pm us early?
Megan Green
Megan Green 7 days ago
Hippos are omnivores
-*Night Rose*-
-*Night Rose*- 7 days ago
did they go to Disneyland before the depart:"
Reed Bois
Reed Bois 8 days ago
It sounds like they use the last of us main theme in the background
Eklypsis 9 days ago
By the way, can you survive facing your phobia(s)?
Kitsune Chiu
Kitsune Chiu 9 days ago
I am seeing this in 2020, and I thought they were reacting to the shipping because of the thumbnail and their faces ;-;
QS - 06FM - Allan Drive MS (1468)
dat intro tho
hope I can talk with them in discord
Christopher Kinard
Christopher Kinard 10 days ago
crap meant stephen
Christopher Kinard
Christopher Kinard 10 days ago
is the steven thing true :(
Tornado Taylor
Tornado Taylor 10 days ago
Stephen hippos do eat meat And eat eachother #cannibalism
Ferry Muhammad Nur
Ferry Muhammad Nur 10 days ago
It's funny that Stephen that for me such a "jerk" became cute as hippocampus :v
Lacey White
Lacey White 10 days ago
{\__/} ( >.🧻
Lacey White
Lacey White 10 days ago
Didn’t Stephen quit :/ I saw the video
MangoEnchilado 11 days ago
I know im late but cmon Steven and hosuh you can do it
xxshadowxspadexx 12 days ago
umm what does "by, the way can hosuh fit in a dress" mean? like what does the joke mean?
lol boi123
lol boi123 12 days ago
Who wants to see a picture of hosuh i have one
LadLax Media
LadLax Media 12 days ago
Steven's hippo-Sonia
Lainey Burris
Lainey Burris 13 days ago
Hippos eat plants and meat, right?
Conor Flynn
Conor Flynn 14 days ago
If y’all bully hosuh for liking bacon then no u
TheNDarkendWolf 14 days ago
Hippos are Omnivores.
RealisticBanana 16 days ago
*_ 4:21 _**_ I’d be more worried about the step before that.._*
Cyber Land
Cyber Land 16 days ago
Those bunch of ideas shattered after the fight 😢😢
toastymyktoast yt
toastymyktoast yt 17 days ago
4:47 is a rick and Morty reference I was sure it was
Mitsuha 17 days ago
0:02 Asahi?
The crazy Joker
The crazy Joker 19 days ago
It was all Stephen
BlueLetus 20 days ago
DP means Dude Perfect 😂😂😂
BK K 20 days ago
The strat works
Christopher Welch
Christopher Welch 22 days ago
You’re welcome Stephen.
Christopher Welch
Christopher Welch 22 days ago
Stephen is the best
NightFlight Studios
Dan: You could be anything Me: DRAGON
I am Fanime
I am Fanime 22 days ago
“Vegan challenge.” 2 min later “Bacon party.” *Seems legit*
J Go
J Go 23 days ago
This is really sad now that it’s all gone because they all split up and most of us are rewatching episodes 😢
Aby Rosales
Aby Rosales 23 days ago
Is hosuh gay?ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Funny Bunny Toons
I hope :v
Haru- H
Haru- H 23 days ago
This was going to be the top tiers channel in general but because of the drama we couldn’t see anymore 😭
Andre Wasabi
Andre Wasabi 25 days ago
Thier discord died
Babies Stuffs
Babies Stuffs 25 days ago
bruh this video was post on my birthday :D
dreaming_ lee
dreaming_ lee 25 days ago
I want a face reveal of hosuh please
Gacha Kat
Gacha Kat 25 days ago
"what if everyone was just like tentacles" tentacle Hentai watchers: SIGN ME UP
Tara M
Tara M 26 days ago
so bout that slapping skit, that is some dumb ad from NZ. trust me it was on the tv like 5 times. it was for a bbq I think
Kier Pelpz
Kier Pelpz 26 days ago
this was posted on my bday
cloudy tears
cloudy tears 26 days ago
Big Fat Chungus
Big Fat Chungus 26 days ago
brokenthumbs 34
brokenthumbs 34 26 days ago
Vegetarian this minute for me but to 70 feet challenge
Xiao Kratos
Xiao Kratos 27 days ago
Seven day vegan challenge normal SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS theodds1out mde
trevor green
trevor green 27 days ago
Dan:and a bunch of things you never asked for Me: like Stephen and hoshu leaving
Michael Obrien
Michael Obrien 28 days ago
hippos can eat meat, in fact they eat the stomachs of died hippos
Andrew Nickel
Andrew Nickel 28 days ago
Don't be Hosuh I'd love to see your beautiful face
cloudy tears
cloudy tears 29 days ago
Lejamin 29 days ago
Stephen is the best
yuee ghhyhshsusys
This video is before the tragedy
Maya Younis
Maya Younis Month ago
I'll miss that "by the way"
Wolfuy 1.0
Wolfuy 1.0 Month ago
The slap
Natalie Artist
Natalie Artist Month ago
Dan:What if alien look really weird? Husoh:are you judging people by appearance! Me:uhh husoh there ALIENS not people's...😅
gabriel jones
gabriel jones Month ago
look out for 2020 corona vireos
Munny Azam
Munny Azam Month ago
Physon ,
Physon , Month ago
Stephen is the best i have the same mind as him. :3
CrazeVerse Month ago
Physon , I don’t think that something to be proud of
My epic is kidgetrekt27
Little did he know Stephens not in danplan anymore
My epic is kidgetrekt27
I know
Ascogyr Month ago
Stephen leaved Danplan 2 months ago this bids is older
• Shyliiee •
Tabby Month ago
I love the beginning
happy crappy
happy crappy Month ago
Imagine everyone that liked the video just liked it to annoy Stephen
Anonynously Annonymous
Stephen threatening others into a healthy lifestyle
Christina Merritt
Hippos are omnivours.
Ferrel Malute
Ferrel Malute Month ago
Guys i need help why i can't enter danplan discord
Ferrel Malute
Ferrel Malute Month ago
@Bailey callahan that would be great
Bailey callahan
Bailey callahan Month ago
It was closed down for a bit. I can send you the link if you’d like
Raccon Lord
Raccon Lord Month ago
Alien Dan is back!!!!!!!!!
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