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This video is more chill than usual because we recorded it early morning. We wanted to try something different where we weren't shouting the entire video, I hope that's okay. Thanks again for sticking around for our weird adventures, and I hope you stay tuned for what we have in store for the future!
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Mar 15, 2019




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Comments 12 380
NekoNicoNii Productions
Umm..the discord link expired and idk what to do now...help
Rose Echoes
Rose Echoes Hour ago
Though their teeth are well suited for vegetation, hippos are omnivorous. But they mostly prefer vegetarian lifestyle and rarely eat meat.
Nova Knight56
Nova Knight56 Hour ago
8:15 "I'm very... self-conscious" Me and you both Hosah. Oooohhhh so when dat Disney land trip happening?
Seleste doesn't even care
Actually, even though many sources say hippos don't eat meat, they do. There is photo and video evidence. Yes, they MAINLY eat plants but when it comes down to it, they have their fair share.
Milo Anims
Milo Anims 2 hours ago
Hippos area omnivores
Mason Mccormack
Mason Mccormack 2 hours ago
Accually mosquitos are the most deadly animal XD
my memory channel
my memory channel 2 hours ago
Doessteven really have a “LUXURIOUS MOWHAK”
Hachi 3 hours ago
Stephen: Bloodlust bean Dan: Narrator bean Hosuh: best smol bean
Anime Gandalf
Anime Gandalf 6 hours ago
Well the orgins of santa Claus is old. But the modern and typical american one is from coca-cola
Roshyra Young
Roshyra Young 11 hours ago
I don't get the joke that flew 😕
PhoSam 12 hours ago
Finally Australia you’ve done it. THE MEME WAS FROM AUS YESS
Ley Lah
Ley Lah 14 hours ago
GamersDaily 15 hours ago
r u brothers?
Lee Zhengyu lee
Lee Zhengyu lee 17 hours ago
All:yay..... "Hosuh in the background without tideing up her hair
Bonnie Sim
Bonnie Sim Hour ago
Hosuh is a girl???
GasMaskGamer 19 hours ago
Smol bean is self conscious sad times
GP-5 bitch
GP-5 bitch 21 hour ago
hipos are actually onivores and are know for canibilizing
GP-5 bitch
GP-5 bitch 12 hours ago
@Black Cat yeye that,i mixed up the 2 names
Black Cat
Black Cat 19 hours ago
They're omnivores
fakediamond 3999
fakediamond 3999 22 hours ago
jammiejasminejessie cabarrus
I have Discord.... Here's my stuff..... aorcsphere12#9008
Folium Viride
Stephen: I get 8 to 9 hours of sleep Same to me 😂😂 and I often get late to school 😂
PewDiePi e
PewDiePi e Day ago
me comment
Clara Ortega
Clara Ortega Day ago
Ok, but the invitation to the discord expired and I want to enter ;-; (happy b-day Stephen!)
xXDangerkas ???
xXDangerkas ???
Xio ArtZ
Xio ArtZ Day ago
When are chu guys doing face reveals TwT sorry if chu already did it or they dont want it cause Idk i am new to your guys channel the only thing I know is I love your guys videos so much
Casey Iddings
*COUGH* Im vegan/vegetarian *COUGH*
MasterMax D
MasterMax D Day ago
yall know that hippos dont only eat meat the eat each other so yall just dumb
ShmolKid 2 days ago
I admired Stephen until the moment he said “I don’t look at memes”
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 2 days ago
The discord code said its invalid or expired.
aiza gonzalez
aiza gonzalez 2 days ago
Stephen is the best
KJ Dubs
KJ Dubs 2 days ago
Grinch Stephen is something I never thought I needed
•Querty Quail•
*metal door being banged*fbi open up
Sleepy Pigeon{眠い鳩}
I just ate 15 blue pixy stix while watching this... I have issues
Reee 2 days ago
Sorry I don’t want to be a negative Nancy but hippopotamus are carnivores
the wither crew twc
3:49 that's from @Odd1sout
Just A Backup
Just A Backup 2 days ago
Can you do another dare video? If you can, my dare is: Hey Hosuh and Stephen: do a face reveal (Hosuh don't worry we all are self conscious except dan XD sorry lol)
Cheese Wheel
Cheese Wheel 2 days ago
Hippos are omnivores
dynamite 620
dynamite 620 2 days ago
Awesome Fritz
Awesome Fritz 2 days ago
He didn't show where he slaps the kids haha
butter botanimates
ur discord link is invalid btw.
Burty Thomas
Burty Thomas 2 days ago
I’m surprised that Stephen isn’t communist i am so why not him 3:16
Skidah 2 days ago
I laughed so hard at ginch steven that i got a huge cramp in my side ;-; its literally so funny it hurts
Im still a piece of garbage
Smol bean Hosuh UwU
COBRUH 3 days ago
xCameronx 3 days ago
Its from the video "Slap 2". I knew i saw it before.
Sherlock 3 days ago
btw I’m 5 months you will go to Disneyland I’m from da footcher
Planet trenity
Planet trenity 3 days ago
If you reach 2million you should do a face reveal of all of you.😫please!
Jef Ledgley
Jef Ledgley 3 days ago
I’ve just started watching this channel, and I confirm that Hosuh is my child. Such a sweet, smart, innocent child. ówò
lampwithoutabulb 4 days ago
Um I think I WILL like and I WILL subscribe and I WILL comment. Can't tell me what to do.
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores 4 days ago
7:52 that doesn't look right...
hashtagmate 4 days ago
fallen angel 12
fallen angel 12 4 days ago
i so want to see hosuh and stephns face~ but i dont want to make them feel bad sooo do whatever
Clare Simon
Clare Simon 4 days ago
hippos are omnivores
Yin 4 days ago
Hello from 1.69 million subscribers!
David Mackey
David Mackey 4 days ago
Invite me to your discord (I can't figure it out Username:Alberto the best
Souraya El Khalfioui
I love Stephan 😂
Nouf Alhosani
Nouf Alhosani 4 days ago
1.69 subs Nice
The Idiot
The Idiot 4 days ago
4:40 is the plot of 20,000 leagues under the sea
star potato
star potato 5 days ago
No Hosuh we will love you no matter what i will also love stephen no matter what dont be self consios
Paranoia 5 days ago
Getting killed by a knife ain’t the same with getting killed by bacon, Stephen. XD Get it right!
ichiro nomoiya
ichiro nomoiya 5 days ago
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