By the way, Can You Survive a Horror Island?

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Do you think you can survive an island full of horrors and mysteries?
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Detective Daniel is investigating a strange case in a mysterious island. 5 kids have gone to this horror island and have never been found again... Jay, Joe, Stephen, Hosuh and Daniel embark on a trip to a horrifying island covered in mist. Will they be able to survive the mystery that unfolds in this journey, or meet their inevitable impending doom?

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Jun 22, 2019




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Comments 100
milxywayz 3 hours ago
6:25 my exact thoughts every day
____ 17 hours ago
Gabriela The Nobody
Gabriela The Nobody 23 hours ago
Oh no, Jay,Dan, that's so sad... 😢
Charlie The random gachatuber
I really miss jay
Saucysuprimeruler flapjack
Man this was why i loved this channelm the main gang. Now theres no bang
Nikeisha Koul
Nikeisha Koul 2 days ago
Hosuh so sassay😎😎
Nikeisha Koul
Nikeisha Koul 2 days ago
😂😂 when I was wondering if you have any further videos I watched this
Ishika Joseph
Ishika Joseph 3 days ago
I love Stephen
StudioGames-Zero 3 days ago
why are your parents in my fucking country?
Miyuki Nagasaki ツ
4:11, 8:22 Joe : **screams either cutely or in a funny way**
Sintia Lhein
Sintia Lhein 3 days ago
3:36 I smell a ship XD
Jonel Ramos
Jonel Ramos 4 days ago
Is this came from a real movie? I want to know the title pls
Jaeger_Shot 4 days ago
Jay looks like Kaminari Denki form My Hero Academia. Except without the black stripe in his hair.
Rafał Radzik
Rafał Radzik 5 days ago
From a mist, a shape a ship is taking form And the silence of the seas about to drift into a storm...
Nintendocat 64
Nintendocat 64 5 days ago
Can we get dan and Stephen to just make up and go back to the good old days and all the new stuff put in a second channel
Aki月光 Day ago
Yes pls
Kristian Noble
Kristian Noble 6 days ago
Everything I like ends in the worst possible scenerio tsk.
2:47 I CANT BELIVE WE MIST THIS HAHAHAH laugh or I’ll murder you.. *everyone laughing akawardly*
Anisha Han
Anisha Han 6 days ago
Is it bad that I have a crush on Steven and Jay 😂💜
mira 2 days ago
no, It's not bad I like them too. 😭 (especially jay)
Sun Flower’z
Sun Flower’z 6 days ago
At 2:24 they look like they are from BMHA XD
thought s
thought s 6 days ago
Does jay have a RUvid channel
I can't😂Stephen just keeps killing me "How did we "mist" this, hehehe. Everyone laugh or I'll murder you
Gemmariah Beadle
Gemmariah Beadle 8 days ago
Stephen and Jay are the fun ones I'ld like to hang out with them
Gemmariah Beadle
Gemmariah Beadle 8 days ago
Zee 013
Zee 013 8 days ago
6:50 hey I notice that Cube Escape Reference there
Antonette 9 days ago
Dan: What are you a pussy???! Joe: yes...
Mattera Family
Mattera Family 9 days ago
Annabelle or cannabelle
Lexi Aizawa
Lexi Aizawa 9 days ago
Why do I relate too steven soo much??? iM a mix of jay and steven both murders I jumped at the creepy disfigured face like twenty feet in the air also I would punch it too. "Aww the poor girl dosnt have any shoes" Jay: " Exactly lets shoot her in the face." why did I think of that too??
No_imnotcrazy 10 days ago
The caption author is one of us
Gacha life Me
Gacha life Me 10 days ago
“As you do hear a Creek” “EEEEEE” Me:That’s hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Kason Caruthers
Kason Caruthers 10 days ago
If there 23 how did his parents leave 25 years ago
tamir lavi
tamir lavi 11 days ago
I want to see a horror movie starring you guys
Tobias Pause
Tobias Pause 11 days ago
Why is nobody interrigating the old man?
Koral 11 days ago
"Don't look Daniel.. _what are you_ ᵈᵒᶦⁿᵍ⁻"
P Gautam
P Gautam 12 days ago
Nobody is talking about rusty lake painting in the room
rose anne reroma
rose anne reroma 12 days ago
Zzzzzz huh covid is hereeeee oh heckkkk
catgrl !
catgrl ! 12 days ago
is there any by the way can you survive trypophobia? i want it
Amanda Zubyk
Amanda Zubyk 12 days ago
This was the episode that first brought me into this channel the first episode I watched of this channel 😃
Ella Scott
Ella Scott 12 days ago
No one: Not even the comments: Captions: I SHIP EVERYTHING
CYY the boss
CYY the boss 13 days ago
8:35 i just realised that Stephen was implying that Daniel had a disfigured face XD
Elenoua Tre
Elenoua Tre 13 days ago
The rusty lake vibes 😍
mache 25
mache 25 13 days ago
When we had the og crew
Ima Person
Ima Person 13 days ago
Stephen sounds like a anime character I know but I just can't tell which one!! And it's driving me crazy!!!
Emily Elahie
Emily Elahie 13 days ago
so we not gone talk bout the cube escape reference
MissBlade xoxo
MissBlade xoxo 13 days ago
Its kinda sad to watch this. Remembering how much fun they had together and now seeing that they split is just sad. Stephen,Hosuh and Daniel were friends and they really had unique ways to express themselves. It was the biggest shook when I heard what happend of course I did not come here to blame anyone I just came to watch some of old Danplan. Unfortunately I came to Danplan a bit late.When I found this channel they have already split.The last thing I wanna say is that I and most of the fans know that Danplan will never be the same without Stephen and Hosuh.....
Henri Scalzi
Henri Scalzi 13 days ago
When J said to shoot the girl in the face I was thinking the exact same thing
Bread boy Clapsiken
The monster is the bodily form of corona
Liz Reyes
Liz Reyes 14 days ago
Jay: *pushes dan off bed* Dan: *obnoxious snore*
Liz Reyes
Liz Reyes 14 days ago
Nobody: Stephen: OH NO! How didd we MIST this? * girly laughs * Also Stephen: *laugh or I’ll kill you* News: DAN PLAN HAS BEEN FOUND DEAD! there was a piece of purple hair at the scene- Me: WE FOUND OUR MURDER
Liz Reyes
Liz Reyes 14 days ago
Jay: I was adopted! Some man: this one is FREE Sleeping bean version with messy cookie face: . . . Woman: um- his skin-
TrashyHarumida 14 days ago
I was gonna scream where Hosah is bcuz *theres no such thing as Stephen without him*
Ryder Beaupre
Ryder Beaupre 14 days ago
Okay God damn it who fed the energy drinks to the monster that thing's going to hit 88 mph if he doesn't stop drinking all those energy drinks and stop giving him g fuel!
Steve Kurtyka
Steve Kurtyka 14 days ago
Anyone watch old videos
Aniseh Fatheme
Aniseh Fatheme 15 days ago
Dan if your reading this im so disappointed you told Stephen he's just an employee he literally Made your channel go popular he was the best part see the other comments they miss Stephen too pls be friends again
Zombie Bobarian
Zombie Bobarian 15 days ago
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 15 days ago
idk why but contrary to everything i stand for and my taste in whatever hosuh is the one i find most attractive and i dont know how to feel about it.i like this pushover, utopic, kinda wimpy, soft voiced snowflake whats wrong w me he's definitely that guy in anime that uses the "boku"pronoun and im getting such bottom vibes xhdhhdgfhd i thought id be more into the smart charismatic ice breaker kind like stephen BUT GOSH DARN IT HOSUHS CUTE
Little_ Zoe_Royal
Little_ Zoe_Royal 15 days ago
Omg Stephen's joke about mist and his laugh has me crying🤣
• L i t t l e R e a p e r •
6:52 Nice reference to cube escape which made me paranoid for at least a week. I seriously couldnt sleep well because of that stupid game XD ( it wasnt stupid tho. its an amazing horror game so go check it out. and its a series of games )
TheSlippyGoo 16 days ago
My dad went for gas 25 years ago dan said that they were 23
Natalya Johnson
Natalya Johnson 16 days ago
Stephen: "How did wE MIST ThiS?? HAHAHHAAHAHAHHH " *everyone laugh or I'll murder you* " Everyone: *nervous laughing* OML IM DYING XDXDDDD
dasindu 1527
dasindu 1527 16 days ago
the bird pic and the deer lookin thing
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 17 days ago
this video was made the same day as my birthday lol
Althea Lex
Althea Lex 17 days ago
5:51 the way Stephen literally just made a threat that he'd kill somebody
myself 18 days ago
"what are you, a pussy?" "yes?"
The Environmentalist Club
Wait y’all yeemos hosuh wrote bussy are we getting the point
TehJeh Maldonado
TehJeh Maldonado 18 days ago
i hate u dan
sebastian gridin
sebastian gridin 18 days ago
they realy from ukrain
CryingPlatypus 18 days ago
why does the other person sound like bethany frye
꧁Mickey -Chan꧂
꧁Mickey -Chan꧂ 19 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed that the bird picture keep on changing positions or is it just me
Narancia Ghirga
Narancia Ghirga 19 days ago
who else here for the nostalgia
Kasai Eien No
Kasai Eien No 17 days ago
LIM JUN YI student
LIM JUN YI student 19 days ago
The golden days
Namaria L
Namaria L 19 days ago
Jay lightning ROBLOX
Poor girl does it have any shoes. yeah exactly rest of her face
Jay lightning ROBLOX
Jay and Steven are the perfect duo
CJ Dequena
CJ Dequena 20 days ago
the girl in the vidoe is tsuyu asui from mha
Hello kitty plushy with Monster energy drink
Hosta is babbbyyyy ooommmmggggg ILHSMMMM
Maduka Eneje
Maduka Eneje 20 days ago
8:20 eeeeeeee
Roman White
Roman White 20 days ago
Dan: The old mans old Me: WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT!
Flabby Gabby
Flabby Gabby 20 days ago
4:49 captions. . We love them
:3 20 days ago
"oh no, how did we MIST thiss? aHaAHHAHahAhhhaha- everyone laugh or i'll murder you." that was really straight forward xd
:3 20 days ago
plot twist: daniels parents went to get milk instead of gas 25 years ago
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
Well the little girl died love that guy said "let's kill her with a gun"
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
Stap with the monster hes fucking dumb he keeps doing the picture the dear man is black now >:(
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
Did Anyone know the picture of a bird man his head was move
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
Thats tentative period you will go to jail and someone will fix the issue of the monster and the monster is the guy is old
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
It still dosent work
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
Did anyone see the old man have weird eyes 7:10
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
Wait qt
Virginia Rivera
Virginia Rivera 20 days ago
Me: wha- what happened to someone hands at -6:25
ItzAsh UwU
ItzAsh UwU 21 day ago
They can be really gay sometimes
james appenzeller
Cheers to nightmares
Arry Leoncio
Arry Leoncio 21 day ago
Can I have Joe? Flamingo who the fuck is Joe🤣☺️☺️
DeathHasArrivedTo _KillYou
Me, who had captions on: **Sees this:** (Jocat X Stephen? Might work..) |Jophen? how's that for a ship name Also me: - collapses and starts wheezing badly while getting shivers (the shivers were random, I kept getting them since checking out my fav Bnha ship) -
Suna's Wife
Suna's Wife 21 day ago
"It is 5pm somewhere" ...I- wow you got the time right
simona s
simona s 21 day ago
Do y'all have an instagram account
Cyril Pogoy
Cyril Pogoy 22 days ago
I could literally survive any test besides the group tear down 😟😢
Kid_Ninja_ 29
Kid_Ninja_ 29 22 days ago
Dan: This is the perfect stuff to tell to our grandkids Me: Not if you don’t live long enough to have grandkids
Rahma Huubow
Rahma Huubow 22 days ago
Am I the only one who saw the bird picture move?
Barajas Sisters
Barajas Sisters 22 days ago
2:24 my parents went to get the gas and never came back Deku: mY dAd Is GeTtInG mIlK!
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