By the way, Can You Survive a Horror Island?

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Do you think you can survive an island full of horrors and mysteries?
Main Animator: Izzy - too cool for links
Pau - twitter.com/suzukiPCArt
Rei - twitter.com/reikenma_
Featuring Jocat: ruvid.net/show-UCRDVE5L1LTWhmPAKKbUBGtg
Detective Daniel is investigating a strange case in a mysterious island. 5 kids have gone to this horror island and have never been found again... Jay, Joe, Stephen, Hosuh and Daniel embark on a trip to a horrifying island covered in mist. Will they be able to survive the mystery that unfolds in this journey, or meet their inevitable impending doom?

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Jun 22, 2019




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Comments 20 528
Avi Xanny
Avi Xanny 3 hours ago
I looooooove u guysssss
Drape Nailed Talaoha
*" I'll stick with joe, he seems to be the most stable."* also Joe: **Holding back axiety and panic*
Drape Nailed Talaoha
*"EVERYONE LAUGH OR ILL MURDER YOU..."* such a Stephen thing to say...
wildfirewolf jemma
wildfirewolf jemma 8 hours ago
Steven: every one laugh or ILL murder you Me: (has a real laugh from the joke) I like the joke
Ella Barnes
Ella Barnes 17 hours ago
Jay in the coloured animation looks like Bakugo :P
Shinyumbreon372 17 hours ago
Your descriptions make feel like y’all are tying to tell us something...
Blueberry Xo
Blueberry Xo 18 hours ago
Llamafartz Vs The World
Steven is a a psychopath
Armin Arlert
Armin Arlert 19 hours ago
Error Ink
Error Ink 20 hours ago
Ayrionna Watmough
Ayrionna Watmough 22 hours ago
0:25 tsu is that you?
Dubstep 23 hours ago
Stephen Damn his laugh Why is it so pure for a psycho? xD
Savage Hippie
Savage Hippie 23 hours ago
Stephan is violate Lmfaoooo
Bacon Gamez
Bacon Gamez 23 hours ago
8:20 look at the painting
Bluebell Gamer
I love the rusty lake (Easter eggs?) around the place. One of my favorite games!!
Leslie's STUDIO
Hosuh a pervert?? Nah yeah right! Right? RIGHT???
Steven Borrall
Joe is amazing.
Doodlefish fish
Stephens laugh is the best
e-thot Day ago
jay is probably worse then steven
Chloe Playz!
Chloe Playz! Day ago
am i the only one thinking after watching this a million times that the detective is the old man >:o
James Coughlan
Stephen: can I pay with a song and dance? Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂
Melon Cat
Melon Cat Day ago
6:25 Jay doing random noises is cute
Melon Cat
Melon Cat Day ago
2:34 why is no one talking about Jay falling off the boat???
James Coughlan
5:57 you can see the detective in the crack.
toyangle and freinds
Thomas The Dank Engine
5:11 *quietly smoking a lollipop in the corner*
Weird ROBLOX Gamer
At 7:00 the old man says lock your doors but he comes in later that doesn’t make sense
limited Levi
limited Levi Day ago
Peoples, if you're obsessed with Stephen, here's the timestamp where he's shouting to JoCat , (8:26)
420j Z
420j Z Day ago
1:18 me in a horor movie
Ari Mations
Ari Mations Day ago
Daniel : what are you a pu*dolphin noises*sy? Jo: *yes?* Me: **wheeze** Daniel: The mist is so thick that we can't see very far ahead Jo: oh... Also Jo: *thicc* with five Cs Me: *thicc*
Kalisto PLAY'S
The arms of the operation are Jay and Stephen because THEY ARE CRAZY LIKE FOR RELL I spelled real wrong cause that's how crazy they are
SalemX Gamer
SalemX Gamer Day ago
I laughed at that pun
Heart Stone
Heart Stone Day ago
did any one notice that when the man saying change of plans the birdman head moved
FnafLady Catz
Jays hair looks like bakugo
6:04 that sky reminds me of some of that Kimi no na wa anime PC Background Pictures....
Emonie Jaudon
I get it Steven 😂😂😂😂
Creative 8D
Creative 8D 2 days ago
Daniel is starting to be brave JUST like Steven Steven : 😈
Melissa Etter
Melissa Etter 2 days ago
I’m scared I had a Sesame Street ad for this video
ArrogantNova 89
ArrogantNova 89 2 days ago
ArrogantNova 89
ArrogantNova 89 2 days ago
"Steven:zzzzzzzzzzzzz" Yeah I agree with Steven just sleep and not listen to the plan 😴😴😴😴😂
Nightflight The Nightwing Animus
My eyes are dead, they show no emotion
Lucca McWilliams
Lucca McWilliams 2 days ago
Picture for vid: they are mineta, deku, and bakugo.
Zero The Assassin
You should do: By the way, can you survive oxenfree
The GoofballMonkey Vlogs
who else noticed to moving paintings
I love u like Minhyuk love cucumbers
2:19 Uczechlo-Ukrania is very pretty country
Wisterya X____
Wisterya X____ 3 days ago
ι'м ғeelιng ѕo вad ғor jay, leт'ѕ мaĸe a cнarιтy ғor нιм.
Wisterya X____
Wisterya X____ 12 hours ago
@Ayrionna Watmough Ik right! Kkumri, the artist, it's one of my favorite, you should search her works, it's amazing!
Ayrionna Watmough
Ayrionna Watmough 22 hours ago
Omg live ur todoroki pic
Apgal Galaxy
Apgal Galaxy 3 days ago
i see rusty lake references
Retflexo 3 days ago
play can you survive the forest
King Deku
King Deku 3 days ago
Thiccccc With five C's Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
s͆hibu̽i 3 days ago
poor hosuh
Mr Wingwong
Mr Wingwong 3 days ago
**9 months later** Im not gna stop waiting daniel
Gacha Weirdo
Gacha Weirdo 4 days ago
Talking pug
Talking pug 4 days ago
How thick is the mist almost as thick as ma dick so thick enough to need an anti-tank rifle
GalaxyNights XD
GalaxyNights XD 4 days ago
Joe and Hosuh are a great duo, prove me wrong.
TAMI television
TAMI television 2 days ago
I aaagree
CmanerCZE Gamer
CmanerCZE Gamer 4 days ago
nice ripoff of dragon city
Alice Zhu
Alice Zhu 4 days ago
After the 20th time watching this, I finally get it... Joe ‘Jocat’, an absolute pussy. Huh.
Gabija Kišonaitė
Why is nobody talking about the fact that the paintings in the inn are cube escape And the fact that the paintings move and change
knives r too informal
listen to jo's scream at 8:23 in 0.25x speed- edit: OMG LISTEN TO STEPHEN AT 2:47 IM DYING
blurry boi
blurry boi 4 days ago
joe mamma
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