By the way, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (ft. Youtubers)

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Nov 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Me, a 6th grader trying to see if I should be a 5th grader still: 👁️👄👁️
3:36 Best moment of the video.
wIErD0cat 21 hour ago
I was the kid that was smarter than the teacher.... haha
Elumina_ moon
Elumina_ moon 23 hours ago
I'm a fifth grade student and I knew this all except for the history since I only learnt Thai history
IsFiDo 113
IsFiDo 113 Day ago
AUSTRALIA IS A CONTINENT? I think Australia is in Oceania...
Milk and Cookies
mhm, yeah, we were all just pretending that plasma didn't exist in fifth grade because no one wanted to put I the effort and sound like that smartass Also, TvT are we all just gonna let Dan get away with insulting our lovely Australia by calling it an island? O-O it's a country and a continent, not an ISLAND...Okay, I've finished ranting -___-;
Everyone Is Here
Easy answer no
Umbregamer 360
I remember when I was in 5th grade... I probably didn't even learn about history :P
Джекоб Жако
The earth is 4.54 billion years old
WalkOnMilk 2 days ago
makenna shuter
makenna shuter 2 days ago
They are Canadian. I am Canadian. As such I KNOW that Quebec question was in no way a 5th grade question. Thats a 2nd or 3rd grade question at best. 3rd grade provincial studies coming in hard. My boy, Prince Edward Islands got my back.
Teva Wynter
Teva Wynter 2 days ago
Did anyone notice that the thumbnail look a lot like Eric Cartman from South Park?
Nawi Animations
Nawi Animations 2 days ago
I like the art style
Death Giver9000
Death Giver9000 2 days ago
Hey I am a 5th grader (JK)
Nitox 2 days ago
French and nan sans dec il nous insulté la
zara Roseth
zara Roseth 2 days ago
I'm a sixth grader and I still don't know any of those except for one what are the three states of matter
That person Of random
4:27 I mean in America we have the most school shootings soooo yea
Aesthetic_Fander VA
I’ll tell you what my 5th grade me Is definitely smarter then me today-
Dough - Nox
Dough - Nox 3 days ago
One word, *no*
Landon Denison
Landon Denison 3 days ago
The Earth is at least 10,000 years old not 1 billion years old
Erick Plays
Erick Plays 3 days ago
Guess what he didn’t laugh bc he quit and he is in a fight with daniel
Devilish Angel
Devilish Angel 3 days ago
my class in 5th grade: WHAT ABOUT PLASMA? my teacher: you will learn that later...
Temujin Norris
Temujin Norris 4 days ago
am i the only one who loves the sound of hosuh's voice?
Alberth Palma
Alberth Palma 5 days ago
Oh man
Alberth Palma
Alberth Palma 5 days ago
Oh i am wromg
Alberth Palma
Alberth Palma 5 days ago
7:23 to 7:25 4 weeks to eat all the halloween candy
Joshua Reyes
Joshua Reyes 5 days ago
I'm a JR. higher so of course I'm smarter
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 6 days ago
So kinda like sword art online and my hero academia
Random bs bc I’m bored
I love when me as a child gets all these questions right while these teens who are older than me fail
Sugar sweet
Sugar sweet 6 days ago
V: There are 5 states of matter xd (Einsteins wuthever is the fifth ) i didnt pay that much attention tho XDD
Landon Sears
Landon Sears 6 days ago
Im not
Mea Saxon-Joseph
Mea Saxon-Joseph 6 days ago
Depending on who’s class in fifth grade you are in there is four or three I got the four class
Noah James
Noah James 6 days ago
Yeah, totally 1,500$, not 15,000
MrDagoose103 6 days ago
Dan's logic: If you haven't learnt it it doesn't exist
Chleba _
Chleba _ 7 days ago
Stephen 11:05 : "Oh sh- he is- , WAIT HE IS ON MY TEAM GG GET REKT " XDDDDD
OMentoR Playz
OMentoR Playz 7 days ago
Oh wow. Im actually from D.R
Kayleigh Gano
Kayleigh Gano 7 days ago
Im in sixth grade and I never got math questions like that. The shape one is too easy and the candy one is also to easy
flo-kam 7 days ago
dan skipped “Stephen and his son” the second round .o.
Galaxy Films
Galaxy Films 7 days ago
The thickest
Galaxy Films
Galaxy Films 7 days ago
I love how the picture of a spider has four legs on each side so I’m laughing my head off about that
Galaxy Films
Galaxy Films 7 days ago
Stephen congratulations you have a child
golden hands
golden hands 8 days ago
i learn plasma in fith grade
Minocorp 8 days ago
Stephen's dangerous personality and incredibly high IQ gives him the ability to rub it all in Hosuh's face
Astral_ Skies
Astral_ Skies 8 days ago
0:16 Captions: *“hole-saw”*
Luffy 8 days ago
8:20 Stephen argues there are 4 states of matter People who know about Bose-Einstein constant
Star Io
Star Io 8 days ago
Richard Larsson
Richard Larsson 8 days ago
This a swedish show lol
NachoCheez 9 days ago
iibrieii 9 days ago
I'm so sad that this broke apart ... I would've loved to watch these with Stephen in em ... he seems awesome
Skittles the Fox
Skittles the Fox 9 days ago
Did no one realize that the title picture has Cartman on it from South Park 🤣😂
JustA_NormalPerson 10 days ago
Me being a 7th grader and still to knowing any of these: Alright time to go back to kindergarten ;-;
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔLola Bearʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Yes, and I’m 4th-
Angelika Knapik
Angelika Knapik 10 days ago
The universe was created 4.6b. years ago, right?
Katherine Livingston
I'm a 5th grader
Kannedeen 11 days ago
Stephen was hinting so much. There were so many little things that he'd say and now knowing what actually happened puts it into perspective.
Deivid Sanchez
Deivid Sanchez 11 days ago
I am a dominican/soy dominicano
JohnPro Bercero
JohnPro Bercero 11 days ago
11:10 one thousand five hundred $..$15,000.?
Shrek Johnson
Shrek Johnson 11 days ago
Are you smarter than a 5th grader Me:I am a 5th grader
Undertail NARWALS!!
Me being in 5th grade and hearing what are the things: screams: “MATTER!! GAS!! LUIGID!!!
song song
song song 11 days ago
Hosuh is a boy?
Rahmi Halaby
Rahmi Halaby 12 days ago
I’m in 5th grade and a hexagon actually has 121 corners im serious and bad at math.
Katia Del Leon
Katia Del Leon 12 days ago
GG get rekt
Sofia Gagliardi
Sofia Gagliardi 12 days ago
Eli and Ann r so cute together!!!
Lorenzo Tumpang
Lorenzo Tumpang 13 days ago
There's five because bose einstein condescend
Japanese symbol for beginner
Wow, fortnite really is dying Minecrafts still the best
Adam Xei
Adam Xei 13 days ago
There's five states of matter actually. Solid liquid gas plasma and bosen Einstein condensate.
TheSteakDrake 13 days ago
Laughs in 5th grader
Claudiu Mitrache
Claudiu Mitrache 13 days ago
No thx
jake fish
jake fish 14 days ago
Once it hits 6:00 i dont know any answers and im going to 8th hrade now
magikarp dab
magikarp dab 14 days ago
*gg get rekt*
Legend Dab
Legend Dab 14 days ago
I learned what plasma was in 5th grade and I was dumb.
Acer_best boi
Acer_best boi 14 days ago
Gg get rect
Rauf Khalid
Rauf Khalid 14 days ago
No I'm a 5th grader
JustBilly 15 days ago
I'm in 6th grade going to 7th so pbht
Grill's Gameplay
Grill's Gameplay 15 days ago
Anyone gonna talk about him saying they raised 1500 but 15000 was on the screen?
luigi king
luigi king 16 days ago
SpIdErS hAvE sIx LeGs
Victoria’s Pixels
8:09 As a 3rd grader I can tell you that you don’t learn about plasma but I think it’s dumb why you don’t learn about it
George Fraser
George Fraser 17 days ago
Ther are 5 states of matter 1.solid 2.liquid 3.gas 4.plasma 5.bose-Einstein condensate
Felicity Haggerty
Felicity Haggerty 17 days ago
Wait I learned in 3rd grade that there was 4 states of matter-
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