By the way, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (ft. Youtubers)

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Are you smarter than a 5th grader was a great show, and we decided to basically copy them. The quiz show will be based on 5th grade level questions and every question you answer, you earn $1000 for charity!
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Nov 16, 2019




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Comments 13 494
the gaming dragon
the gaming dragon 30 minutes ago
yay 2 other fellow canaidiens
ltk1mrixxzy gg
Dan's diarrhea
Dan's diarrhea 3 hours ago
Why do you always put *by the way* in your title?
April Keller
April Keller 3 hours ago
The earth is 14.4 or 16.4 billion
LaggyMe 3 hours ago
You guys are like koshi, daichi and ryunosuke from haikyu and Jay is kei
Klien Monje
Klien Monje 5 hours ago
9:38 u will here mouse clicking noises
hardcore PLAYZ
hardcore PLAYZ 6 hours ago
I wish i could join danplan someday..
Gacha SherbertXx
Gacha SherbertXx 8 hours ago
2:59 if stephen had a child he'd kill it like no joke
Krystal Del Duca
Krystal Del Duca 8 hours ago
I'm in fifth grade and they do teach us about plasma... So...... yeah.
Dionirose Landas
Dionirose Landas 11 hours ago
Poops for charity 😅✌️ HAHAHA got my funny bone
Melanie Martinez is Q U E E N
OMG YOU HAVE LAZY EULE AS ONE OF YOUR ANIMATORS OMG I USE TO WATCH THEM- btw,i’m a 6th grader and i literally failed at this
Aiden Bissol
Aiden Bissol 12 hours ago
the f did you take before animating the 2nd half
Dominique Charron
Dominique Charron 14 hours ago
Mr Counterfeit
Mr Counterfeit 14 hours ago
I don´t know who the new animator is but: Loved your work and I´m sorry to ask, could you add a little pupil? It makes me nervous ...
*Eɢɢᴏ Wᴀғғʟᴇs*
7:30 WELL YOU CAN SUCK A D*CK SIR, YOU CAN SUCK A D*CK XD I fricking love this, I can't even...
Random Person
John: Ima buy a salid goald toilat Dan: it'll be donated to charity John: oh so no solid gold toilet :(
Danijel Prosenik
Dan:*says 1500 dollars* Animator: You mean 15000 dollars?
Danijel Prosenik
Quiz starts at 4:10 😂😂😂
RuruRian Kun
RuruRian Kun Day ago
Black Rose
Black Rose Day ago
5:20 The laugh tho
Silja Sipuli
Silja Sipuli 17 hours ago
Ye :D
Dr. Deagle
Dr. Deagle Day ago
I'm stuck on the comment section untill the discord links works ,😑
Ho Ngoc Khanh Dang
I'm a 5th grader
RC Black 7767
Everyone in the video : *wondering what is the thinest layer of earth* Me: CRUST! CRUST! CRUST!!!!! Edit: Imma 7th grader
Sheila Mae Llanto
Love that he said 1500 then drawn 15000. 😂
Kim Jhazrel De Mesa
Can I just say that, I absolutely love the art in this vid
Linny H
Linny H Day ago
Nicole Youn
Nicole Youn Day ago
I'm starting to love the art even more now
Nugget Day ago
Am I the only one who thinks that Stephen in the second art style is even more attractive with the sharp teeth and floofy-ass hair???
Silja Sipuli
Silja Sipuli 17 hours ago
Stephen is the bestt! :D
Man Among Men
the animation...gets strange...
Is that cartman on the thumbnailllll
ch a ins
ch a ins Day ago
is that south park in the thumbnail
Møød night
Møød night Day ago
7:30 when the teacher puts you with a idiot (when I mean idiot I mean me and my best friend or we are called dumb and dumber)
this video is so fun bcs of a lot more people haha
stephen: is secretly a psychopath stephen's laugh: oh hell naw
Mango Lassi95
NO NO NO NO NO, the Earth is exactly 4.7 Billion years old, Google is wow and thanks to shirt
I am a 5th grader.
Jason Deres
Jason Deres Day ago
they didn't bring jay on cuz he's to smart and would of destroyed everyone
requit 4432
requit 4432 Day ago
That says 15000
Rosalyn Brand
Dom: John.... you're on your own John: *cries* Just like high schooool! Me: *cries* Just like colleeeeege
Sophia’s Creative place
I am in 5th grade and I learned all 4 states of matter
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