Buying my puppy EVERYTHING she touches!!

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In today's video, Lizzy Sharer takes Milli (our favorite puppy) to the Dollar store to buy her everything she touches! Milli walks around and looks at all her options and picks out her favorite toys and things. Lizzy then reviews all the items that Milli picked out at the store and goes through them at home.
▶︎ Do puppies prefer raw or cooked meat??
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.


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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 100
Lizzy Capri
Lizzy Capri Year ago
Yay milli!!!!
Daffy channel
Daffy channel 8 days ago
He's in Virginia
Jeremi Vazquez
Jeremi Vazquez 25 days ago
Milli cute
Rachel Dixon
Rachel Dixon 25 days ago
I love z
Vincent Scott
Vincent Scott Month ago
Nayvee Znayvee
Nayvee Znayvee Month ago
Lizzy Capri hi I know you broke up with carter I love you and your vids
Janice Ochoa
Janice Ochoa 4 days ago
So cute
savannah and her puppy
Milli : touches the entire store. Also milli: BYE IT
Padma K
Padma K 6 days ago
She is soo cute
Mynika Crews
Mynika Crews 6 days ago
Yay Mill u are do
Preston Hinds
Preston Hinds 11 days ago
Hey Milli
jean ladion
jean ladion 15 days ago
i love mili shes cute though
Sara Ebner
Sara Ebner 17 days ago
Love you milli🥰😍😘😻💋
John vincent Domingo
Wait. Um. Lizzy. Um. I. Think. Your. Puppy. Millie. Just. Got. The. Rong. Thing. Was. The. Glasses. You. Have. To. Put. It. Back. Puppys. Dont. Wear. Glasses
tatiana vinueza
tatiana vinueza 20 days ago
The bone
Iman Siblini
Iman Siblini 25 days ago
Ignacio Lopez
Ignacio Lopez 27 days ago
I am new and i like your Dog she,s so cute i love you mili
walid koussa
walid koussa 27 days ago
She is so cute
Francesco Abela
Francesco Abela 29 days ago
Rc car
Ramona Buzdugan
Ramona Buzdugan Month ago
Tiffany Littrell
Hi Liz can you come to my house please it’s 590 Shady Grove Road
Jennifer Saliba
Jennifer Saliba Month ago
Isaiah Taylor
Isaiah Taylor Month ago
If I were there I would be your dog sitter so I could play with Millie when ever I'm there.
Fox ninja
Fox ninja Month ago
Milly is the cutest puppy I've ever seen
Ainslee Demshar
Ainslee Demshar Month ago
So cute
Joycie Wu
Joycie Wu Month ago
milli's touching the ground so you can buy her the ground
Trev Wong
Trev Wong Month ago
Lizzy! carter lie to you.
Beth Manubay
Beth Manubay Month ago
I love milli and lizzy
Nizohni R
Nizohni R Month ago
Earlier in the vid: Liz: we are at the dollar store.. 1:51 1.99 Me: oh
Michael Obrien
Michael Obrien Month ago
Millie is so cute and Millie is amazing I love Millie Millie is one of my favourite dogs on RUvid from Angel O’Brien I love the share femme I love youLizzie sheila to
Devendra Rajgor
Devendra Rajgor Month ago
Milli is so cute 🤗🤗
Laura Hemmings-willott
Legend says that if u like lizzy channle she will eat u
Nicole Pysher
Nicole Pysher Month ago
She's the cutest dog I've ever seen 😍
Maribel Vazquez
Maribel Vazquez Month ago
samuel brian lim
Milli looks cute
Angela Rodriguez
Kalpana S
Kalpana S Month ago
Milli is so cute!
Dwight Shrute
Dwight Shrute 2 months ago
That dog food is for dogs that have problems with their stomachs
Space panda 838 Panda
Say whatttttttttttttt
rebecca ayala
rebecca ayala 2 months ago
I love The 🐶
Linda Seip
Linda Seip 2 months ago
This to have any can't I'm coming over your house yes
Linda Seip
Linda Seip 2 months ago
Please where's corridor
Linda Seip
Linda Seip 2 months ago
Crystal Hi Millie I live so nice to meet you guys
SALAH ALJERI 2 months ago
Yaaaay mili
Millies Slime world
Millies Slime world 2 months ago
My name is Millie to but spelt a bit differently
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen 2 months ago
Milli why did you buy hot sruse
yohann Ilunga
yohann Ilunga 2 months ago
Get a dog when can it go with milli
Kaley Manzo
Kaley Manzo 2 months ago
Yeah soooooo cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sarinas Channel
Sarinas Channel 2 months ago
Kayla Huerta
Kayla Huerta 2 months ago
Where did you get miili
Tanya Rouse
Tanya Rouse 2 months ago
armando torres
armando torres 2 months ago
if i met you witch is Lizzy and Milli i will give what ever you both want!! i will
Madeleine Macaluso
Madeleine Macaluso 2 months ago
Kashmere Garcia
Kashmere Garcia 2 months ago
Oh cute
Caitlyn Isaiah
Caitlyn Isaiah 2 months ago
I love mimi
Caitlyn Isaiah
Caitlyn Isaiah 2 months ago
Joanne Dalton
Joanne Dalton 2 months ago
Luckily milli
Chloe Wang
Chloe Wang 2 months ago
Millie is so cute and funny 😂 and adorable
Red Moon
Red Moon 2 months ago
Gorjana Manigoda
Gorjana Manigoda 2 months ago
Hi mili
Jasy Hibbard
Jasy Hibbard 2 months ago
So. Cute
ElenasMom10910 Pendergrass
I love you guys you guys mean the world to me
Joylene Paris
Joylene Paris 2 months ago
So cute
Izzy Brotherton
Izzy Brotherton 2 months ago
Hi I am a big fan
klyde Quintos
klyde Quintos 2 months ago
Help Blog n
Nelson Alvarado
Nelson Alvarado 2 months ago
You crazy in the video
Nelson Alvarado
Nelson Alvarado 2 months ago
Everyone want to buy the dogs wants one
Zach Nelson
Zach Nelson 2 months ago
Zach Nelson
Margarette Salas
Margarette Salas 2 months ago
Jennifer McDowell-Coston
I love dogs 🐕 ♥
Sonic T
Sonic T 2 months ago
Andres 2 months ago
Ayaan Ahmed
Ayaan Ahmed 2 months ago
She so cute
Stacey Plews
Stacey Plews 2 months ago
It is going to be extremely expensive
Tyler Coleman
Tyler Coleman 2 months ago
She is so cut
Polly Smith
Polly Smith 2 months ago
Aww milly is such a cutie pie
Taylor Leddingham
Taylor Leddingham 2 months ago
I love Millie she’s cute
Paige K
Paige K 2 months ago
Iantonio24 2 months ago
Jonalieh Kadusale
Jonalieh Kadusale 2 months ago
Mliy is cute and liz call her mliy cuz she is sitll a baby♡♡and i ya
MarleyJ Fennell
MarleyJ Fennell 2 months ago
You didn't buy the floor
Mckenzie Clausen
Mckenzie Clausen 2 months ago
Why did you take her there if it's not a dog store
Agatha Scrivens
Agatha Scrivens 2 months ago
Hi millie she's so cute
Marlaina Bovee
Marlaina Bovee 2 months ago
Awww so cute such a cute puppy
Lacie Hinterscher
Lacie Hinterscher 2 months ago
Millie is so cute
Rickson Semes
Rickson Semes 2 months ago
If you think lizzy dog is cute And hit that blue button 👇
Sis vs Sis
Sis vs Sis 2 months ago
Yah millie ❤❤❤❤
Kristy Moher
Kristy Moher 2 months ago
THE Burger buns LOL
Kristy Moher
Kristy Moher 2 months ago
Lin Ke
Lin Ke 2 months ago
Lizziey I have something really curious about CookieSwirlC the more videos she makes the more richer she may have money she can get rich the more she makes videos
Lin Ke
Lin Ke 2 months ago
She was so cute
Abel gonzalez
Abel gonzalez 2 months ago
Abel gonzalez
Abel gonzalez 2 months ago
Evangelina Hall
Evangelina Hall 2 months ago
Destiny Palacio
Destiny Palacio 2 months ago
Amir Ghazi
Amir Ghazi 2 months ago
Milli is so cool 😎
Amir Ghazi
Amir Ghazi 2 months ago
Dab for milli
taliah Getejanc
taliah Getejanc 2 months ago
Well list this is the saddest thing I ever said to anyone my dog died some car when over it on purpose
Joye Peterson
Joye Peterson 2 months ago
LIZ: ItS yOuR luCky DaY gIrL! MILLIE: Me GaNnA mAkE mOmMy BrOkE! ME: YaSsSsSsSS
Karla Espinoza
Karla Espinoza 2 months ago
Hi I’m a big fan
keiran hughes
keiran hughes 2 months ago
Jared Dobbs
Jared Dobbs 2 months ago
Millie is so cute
evelyne kiumo
evelyne kiumo 2 months ago
Lizzy l Love you
evelyne kiumo
evelyne kiumo 2 months ago
Mike Morin
Mike Morin 2 months ago
I have a 🐕 name Chico
Leng HanYi
Leng HanYi 3 months ago
Milli is so cute
Eliza the Best
Eliza the Best 3 months ago
Verna Ponce
Verna Ponce 3 months ago
What kind of dog is milli
Savana Plays
Savana Plays 3 months ago
When she run off with her bone the person that was vloging ever time he brought the cram to her face she with
Savana Plays
Savana Plays 3 months ago
When she run off with her bone the person that was vloging ever time he brought the cram to her face she with stop
Amit Rawat
Amit Rawat 3 months ago
That's the worst thing ever
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