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a huge shoutout to jessie for helping me film:
her art instagram: @wolfienerdism_
her art channel:

drawing art artist
The reference/study photos were from iStock.com
the prince photo was hard to find the original source
but here is where i got it

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Feb 1, 2019




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Comments 4 011
juul jesus
juul jesus 7 hours ago
*rays art talent had left the chat*
LittleGamer WolfieWolf
R.I.P WALLET like seriously you wasted all your money in your wallet
Amelie Rischmuller
Amelie Rischmuller 10 hours ago
Lol dude its called typex
dolly kitty
dolly kitty 10 hours ago
I don't like you rae
Abhay Jhavar
Abhay Jhavar 14 hours ago
Which shop is this...
Stephanie Phommyvong
Gurl was that Mozart I heard?
Jose Platero
Jose Platero 17 hours ago
This is the first video that I saw from this channel and you're drawings are AMAZING!
Lambo Racer
Lambo Racer 19 hours ago
Did she say She hates people
Jen Degnan
Jen Degnan 20 hours ago
LittleKittenPlayz 21 hour ago
9:31 how do you know it’s a she? XD
Tabby Lynn
Tabby Lynn 22 hours ago
Stoooppp banging the prismas on the table!!!!!!!!!!! Lol
Bendy Lover
Bendy Lover 22 hours ago
Debbie Everett
Art is the best I
The Unixorns
The Unixorns Day ago
Can you do a cola with safiya nygard
Differnt World
*Who is she?*
erin everhart
Put the pencils in water first and then draw
Strikey Mielle Revilla
The white ink pen that u have not bought looks like correction ink
Rahi games-roblox and more games!
Your white pen was a tipex
raigne aubrey25
6:14 to 6:22 samee
Christopher Battisto
thats crazy i know what its like when you can't make up your mind...its quite funny.
Cherifa Talaboulma
That is a whiteout
Liaaan Enrile
Liaaan Enrile 2 days ago
"1st of all I don't like people, second I dont like them staring at me" *Rae's pretty much the most relatable artist in youtube I've known*
Liaaan Enrile
Liaaan Enrile 2 days ago
Ur so funny HAHAHAHGA
Gauri Sharma
Gauri Sharma 2 days ago
I want to buy everything in the market
RHODA_IS_A_DOG 2 days ago
6:13 me to are you my long lost mother
kitten butter cream 1342535
Love it
Farah Elnaghy
Farah Elnaghy 2 days ago
Tel me ur stupid the one u got from amazon it’s cheap cuz it’s an corecter 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Trace lol
Trace lol 2 days ago
Why am i watching this I can’t draw stick man
Ami Xx
Ami Xx 3 days ago
I think your meant to dip the water color pencils into water and then use them xx
greenliongirl07 3 days ago
That is kinda scary. Probably a good thing they don't keep the 150 primas color pencil sets on the shelf and copic marker sets where I live. That bill would be scary.
Caitlin Pichardo
Caitlin Pichardo 3 days ago
i hate your shows
Gweenie 3 days ago
Holy crap I looK in the background and see the same layout as my hobby lobby in the 2 aisles
yarissa sosa
yarissa sosa 3 days ago
The face is not bad
Luckyzsa Pearl
Luckyzsa Pearl 3 days ago
All of the artists I know is left-handed... Wthhh
Cynthia Acosta
Cynthia Acosta 3 days ago
Pigwidgeon Weasley
I am drawing a simple one draws a complex hummingbird
Stacy Glazebrook
Stacy Glazebrook 3 days ago
i use the jelly role one and it’s just the like the jot one u use🤔
Bacon Eggs
Bacon Eggs 4 days ago
Teacher: what do you wanna be when you grow up? Student: I wanna be an astronaut! Another student: I want to be a teacher! Student: I wanna be like you teacher! Me: I wanna be a good artist like rae dizzle!
Lori Levert
Lori Levert 4 days ago
Where is that store and what is it called please tell me
Wiktoria K
Wiktoria K 4 days ago
How did she know she got prismacolour
murphy larson
murphy larson 4 days ago
this is so stupid because she is meant to be blindfolded but her friend is putting her hands where a certain thing is . its so annoying
Gaming Studios
Gaming Studios 4 days ago
WTF are they called graphite pencils when pencils are already made of graphite
Obsessed 4 days ago
Lmao what about the Copics?
New New
New New 4 days ago
What store is it? Please send me the please.plzzz
GalaticGacha -
GalaticGacha - 5 days ago
Fur Elise
Kazzawazzadodah Matthews
I love it
phire DZNS
phire DZNS 5 days ago
I seriously need to buy from this place
Jackson Walley
Jackson Walley 5 days ago
Her:I don’t like people staring at me creates RUvid channel where hundred of thousands people stare at her
RHODA_IS_A_DOG 2 days ago
Sh e means in real life mean duhh....
Hollynn Ragland
Hollynn Ragland 5 days ago
People might stare at you because you smack your gum in public idk tho look up misophonia :)
Hollynn Ragland
Hollynn Ragland 5 days ago
I don’t like the gum smacking cus of misophonia. But clever video idea I might do it!!
Natasha's Video4Fun
I got a whole pack of those like 6b 4b 2b and everything with erasers sharpens guide book and more for like $4.99 at Michaels
Elinga Jan
Elinga Jan 5 days ago
You kinda sound like billie eilish when you talk
Chad Dawkins
Chad Dawkins 5 days ago
Rae: I hate people E: you hate us😢😢I though you were meh friend 😢😢
Victoria Wrobel
Victoria Wrobel 6 days ago
i have a pencil that costs £7 alone just one ... all alone ....lonely... soo lonely
Cont Google
Cont Google 6 days ago
That's why we use our eyes when we buy things
Lynzee Hughes
Lynzee Hughes 6 days ago
That pin from dollar tree you showed us is actually a white out pen
LPS RosieTV 6 days ago
What store were you at, Rae!? Omg I have to go to that store!!!! Please reply!!!!! Oh lol 😂 nvm! You were at Hobby Lobby! 😂 I didn’t even watch the whole video! I was just like, “THERES COPIC COLOR PENCILS!!!??? I NEED SOME!!!!!!!!”
Gracies Art and Nature
Wow you are a GOOD person because you r wearing my fav band!!! And my dads fav
Hari Om
Hari Om 6 days ago
The thing that you said you got two for a dollar is a whitener or you can call a correction pen people and me use it in school to correct the mistakes written by pen.
I love Food
I love Food 6 days ago
14:22 look’s cute
lola rijsburg
lola rijsburg 7 days ago
girl isn't that 'white pen' just typex
Lori Delgado
Lori Delgado 7 days ago
Ummm that's a correction pen...😐
Lori Delgado
Lori Delgado 7 days ago
Ummm that's a correction pen...😐
Lori Delgado
Lori Delgado 7 days ago
Ummm that's a correction pen...😐
Mia Alvarez
Mia Alvarez 7 days ago
I'm gonna subscribe
Moonlight Grey
Moonlight Grey 7 days ago
Thank you for inspiring me to draw I really loved your drawing skills 😍😊
Gabrielle Lopez
Gabrielle Lopez 7 days ago
pause at 20 seconds-she looks insane lol
Natalie Eller
Natalie Eller 7 days ago
she spent 80 dollars hell no
Сеня Дрыгин
Im ordering essays there _BUY ES SAY. GQ_ (without spaces) for 2 years, their service is wonderfull!
TronicaLL 8 days ago
Im ordering essays there _BUY ES SAY. GQ_ (without spaces) for 2 years, their service is wonderfull!
unicorn MoMo
unicorn MoMo 8 days ago
First of all she said she hates people 😡👿and second one that White PEN isn't a white pen it's Whitner that is used for mistakes girl learn something 😌
Hannah Griggs
Hannah Griggs 8 days ago
Shes like...."i didn't memorise it".....5 seconds later....i kinda memorised it so i know where the black is"........i mean Then shes like....."these pencils are special and darker because theyre faber castell".........and im like.....its because theyre a 8b not because theyre special🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Keeley Maynez
Keeley Maynez 8 days ago
This sucks. You literally glanced at everything you were going to buy before blindfolding yourself and your friend answered your questions about colors. You should've walked in blindfolded, grabbed the items, then had your friend pay while you waited outside. That way we could've gotten your true reaction on camera instead of this mess. Thumbs down and sadly, this is my 2nd time watching so I don't think I'll be continuing.
Val Playz
Val Playz 8 days ago
If u want watercolor it u have to dip the colored pencil Into water
lidia love
lidia love 8 days ago
you guys are cheating and you are not supposed to tell the other person where they are and you're not supposed to lead the person so no offense but I give this video a thumbs down
Patrick Doe
Patrick Doe 9 days ago
You did the birds box challenge
Deea 9 days ago
I like ur tee❤️❤️❤️
Tutorial maker 1234
hola eres la chica mas bonita del mundo
meera jangid
meera jangid 9 days ago
In India that white liquid pen are known as correction pen in India I use them to correct my mistakes in my notes
Scarlett Games
Scarlett Games 9 days ago
But people stare at you for like 20 minutes on RUvid
Raabia Sagheer nono
I can't even make thqt
FadedShadow19 #Whatever I feel like doing
Where is this store?iI want to go there
Jelly Poof
Jelly Poof 10 days ago
Da sad truth we all got to buy art supplies sometime ya know as an artist I can relate
Pankti Patel
Pankti Patel 10 days ago
, ..
Nicole Corder
Nicole Corder 10 days ago
You can dip the pencil in water and it will work if there water colors
RETARDED BAKA 10 days ago
the jelly roll is meant to be opaque and for single lines not swatches
gacha lover
gacha lover 10 days ago
I dont think i have a Hobby lobby near meh ugh
Davis Galvan
Davis Galvan 10 days ago
She says “First of all I don’t like people Second of all I don’t like people staring at me”, YET YOUR ON RUvid XD MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SEE U XD
Maddie Horspool
Maddie Horspool 10 days ago
It's not even a challenge because she just guided you throughout the whole thing
Gg Bames
Gg Bames 11 days ago
When she said if it’s close to white and when she said no I WAS SHOOKETH ALL THE COLORS IN THE RAINBOW ARE THE COLOR WHITE
Emily Brown
Emily Brown 11 days ago
She :says she likes the paper fick Me : i strait way say chunky
Alexa Mata
Alexa Mata 11 days ago
Are you at micheals
Maiyen Alloush
Maiyen Alloush 11 days ago
OMG you are sooooooo good at drawing and you have the best video❤️
Gabriella Laliberte
CIARA DAVIS 11 days ago
You are so pretty
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 12 days ago
That’s why we go to michels
Gachagirl 12 days ago
í cαll thє pєn típєх pєn
Katie Maloney
Katie Maloney 12 days ago
The jot white pen is tipex not a with pen you youse it to cover pen ink when you make a mistake
FireTheFall wassup
FireTheFall wassup 12 days ago
7:34 that is tipp - ex pen sweetie
PANDA LIFE!!! 12 days ago
Oh someone liked my comment Oh wait that was me 😄
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