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the highlight pen i use: amzn.to/2x1Vx6q

FTC: Some of the links above are Amazon Affiliate links. If you buys something using that link, I will get a very small commission, which always helps me out!
a huge shoutout to jessie for helping me film:
her art instagram: @wolfienerdism_
her art channel:

drawing art artist
The reference/study photos were from iStock.com
the prince photo was hard to find the original source
but here is where i got it



1 фев 2019

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Michaela Gladwell
Michaela Gladwell 2 часа назад
What's with the gum
SalemThe Cat 111111111
SalemThe Cat 111111111 3 часа назад
.... Isn't that a correction pen?
Amna Almaddah
Amna Almaddah 4 часа назад
She was cheating
Gabby Jackie
Gabby Jackie 5 часов назад
Why does ur mom not post anymore 😕
Gabby Jackie
Gabby Jackie 5 часов назад
OMG YES!!!! Love u
Blovesa Foster
Blovesa Foster 8 часов назад
were you using watercolor paper or regular drawing paper?
Devils Blood
Devils Blood 8 часов назад
Your at hobby lobby
Hey it's abi
Hey it's abi 9 часов назад
At 7:29 that’s a tipx pen (or “white out”) I don’t think that is a really an ‘art’ product because you can’t really take it off if you make a mistake, but if it works, it works NO HATE 💕 xx
xxxrosa_chanxxx oof
xxxrosa_chanxxx oof 9 часов назад
Skip all the way to the end and there will be no more adds. Ur welcome.
Sir Sidewalk
Sir Sidewalk 11 часов назад
Can we have some gum too please?
o gonz
o gonz 11 часов назад
Your supposed to dip the color pencils in water in order for them to work
antique pearl
antique pearl 11 часов назад
where are you shopping at?
Sketching with Ana
Sketching with Ana 12 часов назад
For me gelly roll sucks
sooner.or. later
sooner.or. later 12 часов назад
I really need to know this cuz I might drawing myself and I'm trying to become better what store do you go to please reply so I can know or anyone I need to improve my drawing set it's been awhile
Sophia Brakvatne
Sophia Brakvatne 13 часов назад
I love the SpongeBob music
Arleni Pujols
Arleni Pujols 13 часов назад
U soo good
Cate, Cassie, And Ryne
Cate, Cassie, And Ryne 14 часов назад
She spent like 115
Kiwi Kitty
Kiwi Kitty 14 часов назад
Are you left handed?
Louisa Cooper
Louisa Cooper 15 часов назад
Don’t mean to be rude but the white ‘pen’ you’re using is a correction pen, which you’re comparing with a regular white pen, they’re different things 🤦‍♀️
Brian Baxter
Brian Baxter 15 часов назад
Where is that store
Olivia Galluzzo
Olivia Galluzzo 15 часов назад
You remind me of Moriah Elizabeth
Guerrero Squad
Guerrero Squad 15 часов назад
Omgosh I have never found another RUvidr who writes with their left hand
Richard Hosein
Richard Hosein 15 часов назад
when she dropped the erasor, she looked like velma from scooby doo when she lost her glasses.
AvaandBlake Vlogs
AvaandBlake Vlogs 17 часов назад
Jocelyne Lessard
Jocelyne Lessard 18 часов назад
everyone is saying white out its wite out!
Starlight Shadow
Starlight Shadow 18 часов назад
Next time please don’t chew gum in a vid... Its gross
Maru chn
Maru chn 19 часов назад
It's funny how englisch people pronounce "Faber-Castel " xD
Saleem Moon
Saleem Moon 20 часов назад
Your videos are so amazing and awesome
Saleem Moon
Saleem Moon 20 часов назад
I am a girl this is my dad id
Hey it's abi
Hey it's abi День назад
“I haven’t studied the coloured pencils or anything...” a few seconds later “I kind of have these memorised...” 😂
Sprinkley Penguin
Sprinkley Penguin День назад
You forgot the feet
Herrin Hantoro
Herrin Hantoro День назад
I love your channel is so cool
papa6877 День назад
You can buy the same fiber castle pencils for 10 ruppes
Rabbit Girl
Rabbit Girl День назад
6:58 You: My dog hair. Me: YOUR dog hair? Don't you mean YOUR dogs hair? XD
Happy-girl12345678910 Always-be-happy
From 0:00 ---15:27 is superRaeDizzle
Stargazer B.D.
Stargazer B.D. День назад
Lol. This is my first video of yours that Im watching. I like how at one point, some random person got in the shot and you censored their face with a cowboy emoji 😂😂😂
Jade VlogsStuff
Jade VlogsStuff День назад
7:55 how are pencils 699$????????? YOU CAN BUY A MAC BOOK WITH THAT WTH IS THIS A JOKE???
Ayden Parks
Ayden Parks День назад
9:34 she's Gucci that's what she is😘
shreks coochie
shreks coochie День назад
What store is she at?
Pinkalooo :3
Pinkalooo :3 День назад
You see the thing about gelly rolls, I only have them because they’re the in between priced ones, I have 3 different tips, .5, .8 and .10, and MOST DEFINITELY, over anything with a wax like base, .8 and .10 are the best because unlike .5 and under, you don’t have to press down on the paper to get it to work, the fine tip ones don’t come out until they make direct contact with paper. Where as the *thicc* tipped ones you just barely have to touch the page and it comes out, if you press down, you clog it and have to scribble on another piece of paper until it clears. I won’t say they’re the easiest to work with, but for me they get the job done.
Havanna Zavala
Havanna Zavala День назад
Buruh you are so cheap
Quiet Ducks
Quiet Ducks День назад
Phatima Bowens
Phatima Bowens День назад
GREAT Prince drawing!!!!
Marlee Vestal
Marlee Vestal День назад
hayden harder
hayden harder День назад
You are so good at drawing
mUSh_ r00M
mUSh_ r00M День назад
lol what is the difference of anything? that’s how u know I can’t even draw a stick man : (
Masky Illusion
Masky Illusion День назад
As a cartoon artist, it’s really interesting watching a realistic style artist
Allison Suhm
Allison Suhm День назад
For the water color pencils your supposed to dip them in water before you use them then they actually work pretty well, at least the ones I use do
Gisell Galban
Gisell Galban День назад
Gabi Wakes
Gabi Wakes День назад
YOU HAPPY RECOMMEND!??? I finally watched this video! Now stop recommending it‼️🚫
Laila V
Laila V День назад
How did you become so good I know you’ll say practice but what inspired you and what can I do to make my skills better? 🥰
Bianca Pop
Bianca Pop День назад
What has entertainment come to. Time to start launching the rockets, and start a fall out
cutie pie
cutie pie День назад
#moriahelizabith style
Marvelous Mackenzie
Marvelous Mackenzie День назад
You draw better than me
StrawberryRose День назад
you can returned the water color pencil if you not used or open it yet.
Zunaira Rizwan
Zunaira Rizwan День назад
Does anyone think she looks like natalies outlet
Zunaira Rizwan
Zunaira Rizwan День назад
And I commented for the same reason
Zunaira Rizwan
Zunaira Rizwan День назад
I like my own comment because now one will
Noria Hovden
Noria Hovden 2 дня назад
I usually like your content Rae, but this vid just wasn’t it. You can’t shit on supplies when *you* press too hard. Also, you did not just compare gelly rolls and whiteout lmao. Also, you do not know ho to use watercolor pencils.
LalaLlama 2 дня назад
The gel-pens are more accurate than the white-out
KawaiiUnicorn Squad
KawaiiUnicorn Squad 2 дня назад
I’m sorry but she is trying to be like Emma chamberlain just more artsy but love the vids
Jhopay Acosta
Jhopay Acosta 2 дня назад
7:36 lol thats a correction fluid
Sara Treasurer
Sara Treasurer 2 дня назад
om gurl u r soo talented you trump anybody i know with your art skills you remember that youre good and the world will seem soo much better
Gabriella Lovitt
Gabriella Lovitt 2 дня назад
Where is she at
Joyce Porter
Joyce Porter 2 дня назад
Excited to see you use these. I got a hobby lobby gift card that I'm itching to spend but I go in so overwhelmed not knowing what I want to buy or if the quality of the product is going to be any good. Just because its expensive doesn't mean its a great quality medium. Thank you for this.
Mia Palomino
Mia Palomino 2 дня назад
are faber castel pencils erasable??? Sombody please update me...
Tik Tok I’m tracer Hit or miss?
This is the point in my life I realize I should learn to read Brail lol
Rose & Gloria
Rose & Gloria 2 дня назад
rabbitrachel 2 дня назад
NEW SUBSCRIBER also my nickname is ray
joey mkittrick
joey mkittrick 2 дня назад
I hate your chanle
Abrakadeborah 2 дня назад
The white Pens you bought are fine tip. Maybe you would do better with a thicker type white pens.
MintyWooWoo 2 дня назад
Look at her white gel pen ''Thats Whiteout dear''
East Zone
East Zone 2 дня назад
I thought at first that the pencils were worth $699!
Stacey  Saga
Stacey Saga 2 дня назад
the editing cracks me up big time!
Gaming with Faryar
Gaming with Faryar 3 дня назад
U Spelled Thicc it’s thiqq
Victoria Riley
Victoria Riley 3 дня назад
We are like the exact same person, we hate people, we are potatos/lazy, we LOVE art and filming.
Holly James
Holly James 3 дня назад
AAAAA PRINCE Wtf did you do to him
Rouge Timmy
Rouge Timmy 3 дня назад
Wow I would not have the guts to go into a shop and film ( without permission!!!!) and talk to a camera and then be blindfolded and walk around really clumsily!!!!!!😵😵😵
Ebony Turner
Ebony Turner 3 дня назад
Mari: A-ADRIEN! Adrien: M-MARI!
Elyssa N
Elyssa N 3 дня назад
At the very start what is behind you on the back seat.....
Yoda Kaiko
Yoda Kaiko 3 дня назад
What you gonna do.... When I come come through with that that uhh uhhuh Where my BlackPink fans at !
Anime Is BAK
Anime Is BAK 3 дня назад
So expensive, yet so nasty and unworthy of 59.99
Dragon Gamer
Dragon Gamer 3 дня назад
woow youdraw so well XD be my art teacher...my art is...like...siriously.....horible😊lol
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 3 дня назад
Is there anyone else who was annoyed that her blindfold was coming off her face
Droopy McCool
Droopy McCool 3 дня назад
"First of all: i hate people" -quote of the day
Gacha Videos_Girl
Gacha Videos_Girl 3 дня назад
Crawfrick Thicc
Crawfrick Thicc 3 дня назад
Man if only they played sweet victory at the super bowl
Luner Sky The Wolf
Luner Sky The Wolf 3 дня назад
Women 6.99 is just 7.00 with tax
Alercorn wolf Flyer
Alercorn wolf Flyer 3 дня назад
*dog hair* ur a dog? I want u 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Noah Watkins
Noah Watkins 3 дня назад
She thinks that that is bad yet you should see my art
Anime4842 3 дня назад
the first time I went to Hobby Lobby I bought a watercolor paint set but when I got home I realized the paint brushes was missing
Savana Abdoun
Savana Abdoun 3 дня назад
Okay woman. Dissipate. Vacancy. Gratification. Deep pocketed (probably). This video was a real waste. First of all the rest, you had moved the blind fold from in front of your eyes a few times. Isn't the video titled "BUYING MY ART SUPPLIES BLINDFOLDED?" You even capitalized all the letters. Second of all, when do you have the time to waste money when you should have a REAL JOB (not a You Tuber)? Third of all, it's just sad that you "randomly" picked out bad art supplies instead of rich art supplies. Also, I don't like your nail color. It doesn't fit you. Maybe a light peach/pick/some dark color would fit correctly. Overall, good job with the 1.5 million views. People must really like your videos.
Savana Abdoun
Savana Abdoun 3 дня назад
but I don't don't
Mina Benzerga
Mina Benzerga 3 дня назад
You didn't forget about the jelly role... But I did
Funny kids Films
Funny kids Films 3 дня назад
. ;)
Miley Pearl
Miley Pearl 3 дня назад
Man your good for a left hander.fantastic art
Elli Cat
Elli Cat 3 дня назад
wait faber castell has special pencils in austria those are the rather common ones..... i am surprised but like faber castell is great!!
Chanyeol’s red hair
Chanyeol’s red hair 3 дня назад
What store is that look 👀 at all those art supplies
Kristen wilson
Kristen wilson 3 дня назад
You just said you didn’t know where the colored pencils are and you didn’t memorize it... then 5 sec later you said you did memorize it
Dior wright
Dior wright 3 дня назад
Didn’t you pick up 2 sketch books? Your drawings were still nice btw 🤷🏽‍♀️.
Never_Ending_Studio kkswani
Never_Ending_Studio kkswani 3 дня назад
Hopefully you used the 40% weekly coupon!
Mateo Munoz
Mateo Munoz 4 дня назад
uses in fact a Mechanical pencil with led "tHeSe ArE vErY SiMilar tO eVeRy dAy PeNciL"
Never_Ending_Studio kkswani
Never_Ending_Studio kkswani 4 дня назад
Hahahaha I hate people too!
muskndusk 4 дня назад
I wish we had big art shops in the UK.
beef jerky
beef jerky 4 дня назад
I can't agree more! It's so frustrating
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