Buying a $1000 Mystery Box!

Garrett Watts
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Check out Shane's video: ruvid.net/video/video-hxKPwJaqkIU.html
My friend Shane Dawson and I wanted to do this Mystery Box trend... but with a twist! Instead of buying it from Ebay, I purchased everything in the box myself and surprised him with it! Basically, this is the journey of me spending 1000 dollars in the most absurd ways possible.
If you're reading this I love you and thank you for watching the things I make.
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Oct 26, 2017




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Comments 80
Garrett Watts
Garrett Watts 2 years ago
I am really happy to have my first sponsored video because of Quidd :.-) go check out their app because they were cool enough to get behind me. Lol, Here is a link to the app: bit.ly/2yKPM0a I love you guys and thanks for watching! AHHH! Also I love October. A lot. Just wanted to say that. Ok, again, love you
elena koceva
elena koceva Month ago
Subway is great tho .
Irezz Emili
Irezz Emili 2 months ago
tweenquarantine.wordpress.com/ My website if anyone wants to check it out lol
Julia Tirados
Julia Tirados 2 months ago
Ooooh october its my birthday
Rubber Duckling
Rubber Duckling 3 months ago
Paula Easter
Paula Easter 3 months ago
Hey 😅😅
dank watermelon memes
4:15 *me being to lazy to edit out the lisence plate*
Tara Stanković
8:38 he actually did it omg 🤣🤣
Leandro Da Collector
It’s June
BBY CHANEL 3 days ago
I love the singing part 🤣❤️
Layla Kay
Layla Kay 4 days ago
Awweee I love when he kicked the boooook
Space Lover
Space Lover 5 days ago
I’ve finally found someone as hufflepuff as me!!
Baby Char
Baby Char 5 days ago
Baby Char
Baby Char 5 days ago
Y’all excited bout the last of us 2?
kuromi_kinnie 5 days ago
hey garret I thought I was the only one who had an underbite literally everyone I know has an overbite. However, I refuse to get braces because my dog also has an underbite and when we are in photos together we look identical and I love him my dog is so precious his name is Teddy and he loves eating orange segments he also hates walking and exercising just like me. It would mean the world to him if you could read this comment and he will always love you. Thanks. And also don't let anyone tell you that your lobster shirt is bad because I LOVE lobsters and I really LOVE your lobster shirt
Luiza Douglas
Luiza Douglas 6 days ago
I dont think Garrett realized that Eli was on the original Broadway show Hamilton.
Nameless Creature
I feel bad because Garrett thought a lot about what Shane would like and Shane ended up throwing it all on the wall
Zoei Ward
Zoei Ward 8 days ago
Garrett should make spooky merch
Kelly Chan
Kelly Chan 10 days ago
什麼鬼我在凌晨12點在家裏爆笑!🤣🤣🤣 你實在太可愛了✨✨✨
Alexis Butler
Alexis Butler 10 days ago
7:38 I'm dead XD
MIKE_WASOSKY . 12 days ago
Izzie S
Izzie S 13 days ago
i’m currently watching this during a pandemic but i really want to be a plague doctor for halloween this year 🥺
Elisabeth Schmitgen
Last night I thought I found my car and it was a stranger car........
Jaydin Faust
Jaydin Faust 14 days ago
2018 witch 2020 now a scary cat
Jaydin Faust
Jaydin Faust 14 days ago
Kaitlyn plays Roblox
I like music man
II MrBlueSky
II MrBlueSky 16 days ago
The woman didn't even want it lol
Here's Chica
Here's Chica 17 days ago
It's people like Garrett that deserve to have a lot more subs as well as have a lot more money.
Courtenay Ferguson
Courtenay Ferguson 17 days ago
pennywise halloween 2020
Kayleigh Majchrzak
Kayleigh Majchrzak 20 days ago
Mari’s World
Mari’s World 21 day ago
Kendal Hoard
Kendal Hoard 21 day ago
This is when Clair was born😂😂😂
The_Bernardo_ Family
Literally the sweetest guy ever
Autumn Leigers
Autumn Leigers 23 days ago
I was expecting him to buy a dog...
Delilah W
Delilah W 24 days ago
The girl in target got me BIG MAD cuz she was like sure🙄 when he asked about the flowers ....... LIKE BE NICE TO HIM HE IS THE PUREST PERSON IN THE WORLD
abbie B
abbie B 2 days ago
i scrolled through hundreds of comments looking for someone who commented about that. she was so rude!
Mr Random
Mr Random 24 days ago
Water 💧
Kubrick Campsall
Kubrick Campsall 25 days ago
Ya its may
LittleDemonQueen 27 days ago
omg that guy is sooooooooooooooo good how did u just find a guy in a thrift store who sings good.... HOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Tara Time
Tara Time 28 days ago
Garrett’s videos are friggin hilarious 😂
Annette Koehler
Annette Koehler 28 days ago
i was a devil last year
L i l C h i n c h i l l a
“The cool 90’s one” what’s wrong with the new ones
Baka Boiiiee
Baka Boiiiee Month ago
Why do I low key want the dissection book 1
Lilith Month ago
Garett has to be the best creation from god I swear he’s to pure and kind!!
Caeley McCormick
Happy Corona time for me 😢
Katsuki Bakugou飛話お
Jesus that guys singing was soooo good omg
sydney gillum
sydney gillum Month ago
Garrett: I'm a gross boy. Me too fam. Lol
Skylar Steele
Skylar Steele Month ago
You forgot morgen
Juliana daggett
Juliana daggett Month ago
"do you guys know im a trenta boy?"
Arianna Month ago
heeheheh i was the 13k th like on this comment and 500 th reply hehhehe
Maria Vaghani
Maria Vaghani Month ago
Hey!!! If you are bored during quarantine and you want to spice up your Garrett binge.... maybe you could check out my content.... 🙄🥺 Here is the link to my video ruvid.net/video/video-mY6sVTF5U3w.html
Emily Pollard
Emily Pollard Month ago
Is no one gonna talk abt how garret showed someone’s license plate😂😅
Donald Handlang
Donald Handlang Month ago
You talk a lot
RXX VODKA R.R Month ago
why did u not just buy Shane food and that’s it
BroadwayLoves Kat
Garrett is the most Huffle of puffs
Viviana N
Viviana N Month ago
Garrett!! Your videos make me so happy!! Right now I'm struggling but you brighten my day up!! Please male more videos! We love you!!
Meredith Patterson
Kyle Reedholm
Kyle Reedholm Month ago
I not gonna be any thing
Andrew Dawson
Andrew Dawson Month ago
Kyle Reedholm óø
Alana M
Alana M Month ago
BAHAHAHAH ya that poor girl I thought he said, “eh no fatass” and im like GARRRET NOOO
Jadalei Marie
Jadalei Marie Month ago
garret: happy October me: happy quarantine
Andrew Dawson
Andrew Dawson Month ago
Jadalei Marie õk bøòmër
Autumn Marshall
Autumn Marshall Month ago
Why was there a whole coffin
Valery Sharpe
Valery Sharpe Month ago
Brooo I played the singing telegram in my school play and I will never have a better role again
Chapstick Addict
I work at a grocery store that is a COOP , I appreciate that you buy from local places not owned by corporations. My store is community owned! Look up Coops!
Abby Williams
Abby Williams Month ago
Nikkie Month ago
“Umm... thats when I wake up on Monday and remember I have depression” made me choke laugh
Dafanne Tayún
Dafanne Tayún Month ago
Who is watching this in 2020 😋✌✋
Glaceon God
Glaceon God Month ago
Lol the one that only speaker Spanish
olivia stooped._.907
Whose watching this in 2020?
Hermione Weasley
13:01 That noise was phenomenal
Sophia Alexa
Sophia Alexa Month ago
Some of the best Garrett quotes in this video include: " Spooky time ALWAYS " " You bet your little asses I'm going to ask to pet that dog " " OH look Judge Judy! " " Be quiet I'm listening to Missy Elliott, this is MY time! " " Ehe, she's about to dab, look at her " " So now you can send your friends and family stickers of that guy who killed that little boy in episode 51, if thats what you want to do " Garrett is seriously the best, he's so sweet and funny. Spooky time always, boys. (and girls and friends)
Aurora Jewel Basilan
ceo of "pet that dog"
Mr Random
Mr Random Month ago
Doughnut 🍩
Natalie Hallisch
You did not spend $1,000 Shane said he would give it to you
Sara Wegmiller
Sara Wegmiller Month ago
"me when I wake up Monday morning and remember I have depression" *RELATABLE*
Jasmine Weston
Jasmine Weston Month ago
It’s Easter for me
Rianna Latham
Rianna Latham Month ago
I love Garrett, he’s so genuine and the kindest person ever. Such a pure soul🥺❤️
Ellie the temmie
Garrett is so excited
gracie barton
gracie barton Month ago
*im literally following a hot guy in my car, like a creep* *he even drives a hot guy car! i drive a prius,,, i feel like that makes sense*
Megan Dean
Megan Dean Month ago
I'm guessing Garrett ended up keeping most of the stuff
Mercii Month ago
Women: "is it a pumpkin or what?"
vibinq.albert 0
vibinq.albert 0 Month ago
10:52 that was Spanish, she said “ are you gonna give me the pumpkin or what?!?”
Isobel Billingham
Isobel Billingham 2 months ago
For me it's happy quarantine 😷
Lexi Vlogs
Lexi Vlogs 2 months ago
I am watching this 2 years later lol
Nadia Kitchens
Nadia Kitchens 2 months ago
I love Missy soooooo munch
Grace Roedel
Grace Roedel 2 months ago
You were on my favourite show TBD reacts
Conor Ruotolo
Conor Ruotolo 2 months ago
Fun fact the guy singing is now a performer on broadway in Hamilton
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